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 [Gabriel's flat is in unusual disarray, a bag out on the bed which he's shoving clothes into, half out of sight of the camera.  He continues packing as he speaks, short and terse, unusually dishevelled and obviously anxious.]

London lit up.  I have to go home.  My parents are there.  [And, for those who don't remember how old Gabriel really is, his parents are in their early 80s.]

If anyone needs somewhere to stay, I might be able to set you onto somewhere.  Let me know.

[And that's that; he cuts the feed.  Replies will come later and from a very different place: the flat above his parent's house in London.]
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This is Aaron Strider. Some of you know me, and some of you who do know that I had a number that disappeared over a year ago. It's back.

I've caught up some on what's been happening with the new locations, the new animals, and the kidnapping - don't think I didn't see that, Toushirou. It's something I never thought I'd ask for a year ago, but if anyone's been updating Emmanuel's new-number guide or has put together one of their own, I'd appreciate a glance at that all the same.

Now, with my pulses back, I have a talent that I didn't put to its best use in 2013. I may be able to use it to pinpoint where the underground animals are, to find them while they're still dormant. I'm willing to do that for the new locations. Maybe the areas can be evacuated.

[Thank god this is text. To be completely honest, those animals scare him shitless, but over text, no one can tell.]

I have another question.

Has anyone else noticed physical effects from using the teleporter?

{001} Video

Feb. 1st, 2015 01:45 am
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Wow, a secret network! This whole story keeps getting more and more mysterious!

[She had never imagined finding something like this so soon after arriving in the States. Though nearly breathless with excitement, Misa attempts to keep herself in check and remain at least a little bit professional. Beaming at the discovery is impossible to cover up, but she manages to avoid blurting out the first question that comes to mind in favor of a thought-out response.]

Hello, my name is Misa Amane! I’m new here and I’d love to have a conversation with anyone who has been here a while, or has information about what’s been going on. The news has been pretty crazy, but if you want to share your stories then I’m here to listen!

[There, that sounded pretty good, right? She hopes that no one too weird answers, but at least with this number she doesn’t have to meet them face to face right away. Besides, an insider scoop is definitely worth the risks. This is going to get her name on the map for sure.]
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[What's up, Numbered? Have a little news from Lapland. As those who are investigating the child disappearances should be aware of, Toushirou and Dani wound up going missing. Well, here they are. Safe and sound . . . okay well. They're not hurt, anyway. And they have some information.]

Okay, first of all, we're fine; we got caught on purpose to find the kids.

[Toushirou, predictably, doesn't sound very apologetic. But when Dani speaks up? Yeah she kind of does.]

We also knew no one would let us but...

It was the quickest way to find them and it's done. We don't need any grief over it.

Yeah. We found the kids and other things. The kids say that this place is Mt Korvatunturi. Look it up or ask the other people.

There's also a giant block of ice they're trying really hard to melt, but I can take care of that. We can hold things until you get here.

[Dani nods firmly.] Don't worry, we have this covered! Don't worry about it too much until you get here.

[Aren't the children reassuring, folks?]
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Who: Fil, Liam and Aaron
What: Fil dragging Liam off to Aaron's clinic in Locke to get him some REAL medical attention
Where: The clinic
When: Around 1/17?
Warnings: Nothing.
Fil was trying, he really was. )
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[Liam is off screen coughing for a moment before he leans his face back into view with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders tightly. He looks and sounds decidedly unwell., but also a bit panicked.]

Guys, this is like, really important you gotta listen to me. I think I might have bird flu. That's really dangerous right? So--

[He turns away to cough.]

So we should like, quarantine the mountain! And if you've been near me or Julien you should stay at home for a while so it doesn't spread.

[He reaches out from under the blanket and hold the laptop by the monitor, as if taking someone's shoulders, and looks into the camera seriously with red rimmed eyes.]

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about I'm a prince.
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Who: Thorir and you!
What: Goldsick dwarf king on his pile of gold having issues with people trying to talk sense into him, or generally existing on his pile of gold, depending on how he knows them.
When: Christmas Day until mid-January
Where: Las Vegas, inside the mountain
Warnings: Fantasy mental illness

So much for 'I will not become like my grandfather and father' )
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[The video feed opens to show Torin standing in front of some large piece of machinery. It's too big to fit entirely in the frame, and what is visible looks like something bus-sized supported by huge legs.]

Ah...I hate to bother you all on the holiday, but I am in need of assistance.

[A large metal brachiosaur head stretches down in between Torin and whatever he's using for a camera. The dinosaur roars. Torin is now in possession of a large robot dinosaur, and he can't hide it in the garage forever.]

This is Bragigas. He's my Voltasaur partner. He's already fairly large now, and I know he will only get larger. He does not wish to hurt anyone, but I fear the military will not see it that way. I'm not sure what I should do with him, but I know it needs to be done quickly, before we draw too much attention to ourselves.
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[Today Liam is sporting an organic, knit green point hat with a bell at the end.]

Okay guys, I leave to head home in a few hours, so I'll be losing the ears. Go ahead and get the Elf jokes out of your system.

[Liam gestures with open arms, and feigns bracing himself for the impact with a deep breath.]

...Lay it on me.
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[Xander sounds tired as he addresses the network.]

As much as I dislike advertising on this, I'm in need of a roommate again. My only requirements that you are at least 18, with a job in Locke, able to clean up after yourself and can handle being around two short-haired cats. The apartment isn't too far from Locke University. If you're interested, please contact me over the network.

[He releases a sigh before it turns in to a weak chuckle. With everything that went down recently, he felt mentally exhausted. A concerned meow is heard in the background.]

...Maybe this is the lack of sleep talking, but does anyone else worry about suddenly loosing their 'pulses' and returning back to normal? I didn't think much of it at first, especially after I lost recollection of this whole thing about a year ago. Now? There's a good chance I might die from the injuries I've sustained or collapse from exhaustion. [Despite the grim subject, he's still chuckling.] Although, I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't cross many people's minds.


Dec. 12th, 2014 06:24 pm
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[Fil's voice sounds tired; it's been a long week for him, especially with the mafia attack. And then there as the personal news he's announcing now.]

Okay, this is late about a week but I figured most people was occupied with mafia stuff I didn't want to bring it up.

I'm sorry to say that my cousin Killian is no longer among the Numbered. He's going to stay permanently in Vegas and he still knows about us but his actual echoes are gone.

If you're his friend I'm sure he won't mind a few people dropping by occasionally.

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Who: Everyone joining the mafia attack
What: Attack on the mafia meeting
When: Monday night, December 8th
Where: mafia building

An hour before the meeting, everyone who wants to make a stand against the mafia - violent and potentially ill advised though it might be - gathers in a nearby location to make final plans. Nick’s original idea of Xander moving a small number of people through shadows into the meeting to take out Albero is still technically in effect, but only for those who are planning on gunning straight for the mafia boss himself. Or those who want to help take him out specifically, even if not to deliver the final blow themselves.

Thorir’s provided weapons from his shop, for any network members who know how to use them. L’d agreed to handle the coordination of getting everyone in the building to take out as many of the mafia members as they could, and to hopefully confine the chaos inside.

Because once they’re in and fighting, it’s… probably going to be at least a little chaos.

But hopefully, by the end of the night, it’ll at least be done.

[OOC: Linking one more time to the plotting post in case anyone needs it as the log goes on! I’ll post up a thread for those gunning for Albero so the mods can NPC him as needed, otherwise feel free to start your own threads to battle mafia goons!]


Dec. 5th, 2014 12:39 pm
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[In Thorir's background, one can see what looks half like a tunnel, half like a normal street with houses on either side, many adorned with geometrical patterns. They are lit by lamps that just seem a bit out of place, hanging under the roof of the street like streetlamps, and a few houses on the street have signs on the door or otherwise look lived-in. It's all very clean and well-kept, though empty.]

As some of you know, there is a numbered colony inside the mountain that has risen under Las Vegas. The entrance is hidden, and we want to keep it that way so that it can remain a safe place for those numbered that don't want to leave America. Everyone is welcome to claim a house or room, there are plenty. A lot of the mountain isn't yet explored and might be unsafe, but there seem to be no monsters hiding in it like in the catacombs in Locke City, and the area that has electricity, wi-fi and mobile signal is safe. We also have running water.

...We'll just have to hope that they don't dig too deeply while building all the things on the mountain.

[He pauses to make it clear that he's changing the topic - it's also announced by his factual manner gaining a dangerous glint.]

I will be participating in the attack on the Mafia. I already talked to Hjalti and he's coming with me. If anyone else from Vegas wants to join us, we'll go to Locke a few hours early so he can pick up some weapons at my store.

That said, if anyone needs firearms, a sword, and axe or daggers for this, contact me and I will set you up with it.
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[The man appearing onscreen this morning is haggard, somber, and distracted. Clearly, he's been awake all night, something he's been doing far too often lately, sitting curled in the middle of what appears to be a cleaned up but ancient school gymnasium's basketball court with his chin on his knees. A few feet away is a blue tarp hiding something sizable and lumpy.]

I know Albero's people are striking Espresso Yourself, early on the morning of Sunday, November 23, at 3:15 AM. They will be there to raze the building to the ground and they do not intend to take prisoners.

[He bites his lip, glancing away from the camera. The calmness he's affected since Anthony's death slips for a second, revealing something like fear. He swallows.]

I've been waiting for a pulse. I was hoping that maybe my other's experience and knowledge could help me, in this regard, but up to this point... it's been all quiet on that front.

[He rises slowly, moving towards the tarp and drawing it away from what it conceals. There are many pounds of dynamite stacked in the middle of his gym, along with several ominous looking canisters.]

I have dynamite and nitroglycerin. I think...

[He takes a deep, shuddering breath.]

I know we can kill a lot of them. Part of me really wants to, and I can't be the only one. But I know... I know that's not what we're fighting for, a criminal record of our own and another reason to be driven out of this city. So...

[He sits again, hard, on the floor, eyes and posture conveying a distinctly dazed quality.]

I think maybe it would be better to use this information to get the FBI on this and catch them in the act, with no blood shed. I'm prepared for both of these scenarios, but honestly... I don't know what's right. I'm so tired. I trust all of you, so... please help me make the right decision.

EDIT: I've been informed that Nick knows about another upcoming opportunity, a chance to hit the Mafia where it hurts. There's to be a meeting of higher-ups in the near future; further details are forthcoming.
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[The video starts with a shot of an apartment kitchen, with its counters filled with several containers of sweet and savory baked goods. Someone had gone on another baking spree after recent events, but chose to remain out of the picture. A black tail is seen at the bottom of the frame, swishing slightly as it brushes up against a lower cupboard before a meow is heard and the cat walks away.]

If you were around the last time I made a post like this, then you know what I'm about to offer. For those who don't, I've made a bit too much and I'm willing to share this to the network. I already gave a large portion of what I made to the people working on rebuilding Las Vegas a few days ago. But, I'm unable to leave Locke for the time being since the 'teleporter' is presently inaccessible. Sorry.
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[Karl had not only run to the scene of the crime as soon as the news reached him but then made a beeline for the hospital. Only once having confirmed Danny's status and possibly at the same time the media is starting to hone in on the story does he opt to update the Network.]

For those of you who have yet to hear the news, the Fenton family had been attacked in their own home today. Among the fatalities were two as of yet unknown gunmen and three members of the Fenton family. Danny is alive and in stable condition, apparently unharmed. He's presently at [insert name of some hospital plus the room number]. Should visiting hours be over, mention my name and you ought to be able to see him without much hassle. If anyone requires a lift, I can provide that, as well.

[It had been less painful to convince the doctors of that than expected. Between police orders to ensure the boy's mental stability and the sheer tragedy of what happened, no one wanted to refuse the idea.

Karl almost ends the post there but decides to add one final thing.]

Please, should you be even vaguely acquainted with him, come visit. You'll have my gratitude.

((ooc: details of what happened are here and danny's open hospital log is here!))


Oct. 21st, 2014 07:15 pm
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[Still adjusting to his new super-sight, Liam is wearing glasses when he shows up on the screen. A hint of general anxiety is shown by some fidgeting.]

Okay so... things are bad in Locke, right? I haven't been back in a while. People are talking about moving, and I don't want to move. It's like a second home to me, you know?

[He'd spent a lot of time feeling like he wanted to get away from Locke when his sea-longing first kicked in, but now...]

My family has had property there since I was a kid... I mean I get that the property won't go anywhere, but I'm kind of attached to it.

[Liam takes a deep breath then sits back from the camera. When he speaks again, he's less somber.]

Okay, distraction time. So, a lot of people I know have names for their past lives or old selves or whatever - is that pretty common? I figured I should get one too, if that's the case. Don't want to be left out. Any ideas?


...Okay nobody say "butthead" or something.
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[ Good day, network. It's yet another peaceful day in Las Vegas, or as peaceful as it can be while people are adjusting to the new landscape, weather and economy shifts. Life is okay to Eugen, that's it, until he broke into an argument with Karl over what to do with his sorry excuse of a knight uniform.

Or rather, for everyone's eyes to see, a seriously malfunctioned belt fetish piece of junk masquerading in the name of knight uniform.

Why Karl wouldn't let him use the industry scissors (and the shredder after) on it is beyond his comprehension. So, after a good twenty minutes of battling against the horrible uniform, Eugen turns on his laptop webcam and connects to the network for some much needed help, before he decides to get rid of Karl along with his fetish gear. ]

Will you stop fiddling with it? You'll just messed up what I've already undid.

[ So network, takes a good look at the uniform, which has become about fifteen percent undone from the shoulders (because that's the only part that can be easily taken off) and help the two guys out. ] It looks a lot easier than it actually is. If any of you can help me take this damn thing out, I'll send you a picture of him in whatever underwear he's wearing beneath or any picture of your choice. Cutting or damaging it any way is not an acceptable solution.

[ OOC: Expect reply from both Eugen and Karl! ]


Sep. 25th, 2014 07:00 pm
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[Today's video is coming to you live from inside Erebor! Killian is looking pretty dusty, and behind him you can see a sort of blockade. Beyond the blockade looks dark and dangerous, but where Killian is there's a lot of space, it's clean, and there's some lights set up]

So! We can't get in the front door of the mountain just yet, we'd need way too much machinery to break through that mess. But we did find another way in [read: they made their own damn side door] and it's pretty secure in here. If anyone needs a safe place for a while, just let one of us know and we can get you in here. Still trying to figure out how to get wifi and cell service in a mountain, but hey, it's safe here. I'm pretty not even a giant crab could get in here.

[Just saying. Also his cat starts climbing on his shoulders as he speaks. Killian just ignores her]

There's only a few rooms that are safe for people to stay in right now, but we're trying to get more before we head back to Locke for a while. [To himself as he goes to kill the feed:] Hopefully we'll find a kitchen soon, too.
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 Why do you stay here?  People in Locke mainly, but I suppose it goes out to people in Las Vegas too.

Especially people who weren't born here, those who don't have family here.  Having family here is a good reason!  Although I suppose you could try and move your family.

[It took her a while to work out what to say and she deleted a lot of personal information, but in the end decided that she wanted to see what people said without her guiding their answers.  Her family have been trying to convince her to come home, away from the danger again, and it's getting harder to convince them without admitting that she's caught up in everything.]
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Today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." I feel like I ought to do something for that. On the other hand, all those "pirate" trappings are completely ridiculous. Hook hands make for very poor penmanship, for instance.
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[So these two idiots have something to say...]

Hi everyone! Miria and Isaac here!

We know that we all want to be careful, so we thought we should set up a little warning for you all.

[They proceed to pull out a picture of Ladd Splot.]

See this guy? He is terrible.

The actual worst.

Like, however bad you think Tiny is? Worse.

He's totally a corrupt cop that somehow didn't get kicked off the force.

He's also Jacuzzi's dad! You remember Jacuzzi, right?

The best guy around!

He could do anything!

Including getting away from this guy and live happily ever after!

So, here's what you should do when you see him: insult him.

Insult him lots of times.

Particularly about how awful he is.

And much better everyone is than him.

Like Hitler. Hitler was better than him.

...Actually, was he blonde?

Might have been. Had blue eyes too...

Okay everyone! Ladd Splot is a nazi!

Please proceed hating him!

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Anyone who knows anything about magical stuff I need you to reply to this right now!!! We have aproblem! Lily had a magical mirror thing and it glowed and now both she and Winter are gone and wedont know how to get them back or whattdo andwhat if this thing starts eating otherpeople and...

[ That sure wasn't how Linda usually typed, but in the current circumstances who could blame her for having a ridiculous amount of smushed together words and typos. At this rate, she should make sure never to leave her house again for anything other than school. Bad stuff always seems to do that. But at the same time, maybe she should slow down enough to actually, you know, write coherently.]

Sorry. Sorry, little panicked here. Because we really have no idea what to do and we're lucky that Lily's sister hasn't broken the damn thing yet. Like I said, if anyone knows anything about magical mirrors, we can really use your help right now. Even if it's just a little bit of advice beyond "Don't touch the stupid thing anymore". Right now anything's better than the nothing we have right now.
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[This is a really difficult post to make. L clears his throat.]

Some of you are already aware of an unfortunate occurrence at my coffee shop through Twitter. #Espressoyourself, #freaksoflocke, and #hipstergate are all particularly active at present.

[A pause, and then firm, deliberate continuation.]

I am taking a leave of absence for several more weeks because I love Espresso Yourself and its mission too much to do them further harm. Business, upstairs and downstairs, should continue as usual thanks to Torin, Belle Goldman, and the rest of the shop's excellent staff. In the spirit of recovery and to make the most of my time off, I've scheduled an operation, but if anyone has powers or expertise in healing, and believes they could deal with an old injury, I would prefer this route. So if it wouldn't sap, weaken or kill you... please talk to me before Sunday.

That's really all I wanted to say, so... thank you for your time.
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[Okay, video feed from the number that typically belongs to Raye Satterfield. King of a weird angle being aimed straight up at the ceiling. Odd enough.

Oh, hey, there's her weird one-eyed sailor uniform popping into frame and looking at the feed. He waves one sleeve and then sets to work, setting up tiles from various word-based board games to spell out his message.]





[What do you do, network? WHAT DO YOU DO?]
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[Time for a phone selfie video! I hope you like this kinda-shaky view of Danny from the shoulders up as he sits on his bed.]

Okay, so I got asked to check out the new mountain that popped up in Vegas--see if anything's in there that we ought to know about. Well...the answer's no.

[The camera shakes for a moment and when it stabilizes, Danny has a hand pressed up against the side of his head and grimacing as though he's got a bad headache.]

The place is totally empty. I didn't find anything--except for a couple of old bodies, which, uh, ew. Anyway, I don't know how much that helps, but...there you go, I guess. If that matters to--[the video shifts and looks up at where the wall and ceiling of Danny's bedroom meet.]

Hang on, I don't--why am I--Ahh!!

[There's a dull thud noise, and then silence for a few moments. Danny's hand passes over the video a few times, trying to grasp at the phone but failing. When he talks, his voice suddenly sounds very far away.]

Okay, uhhh. Change of plans. Can somebody come over here and help me find myself?
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Who: The Thorssons and extended family/close friends
what: Road trip!
Where: Overland, on the way from Locke to... look, with Vegas sitting on it it's not really lonely, is it? The Mountain of Sin?
When: Backdated somewhat - maybe the eighth to the 12th?

Stay with me, go places/Once more for the ages )


Sep. 2nd, 2014 09:26 pm
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[There's this girl again, with her far too young, but steady voice.]

Robyn is my friend. When the message first started, I wanted to run to save her.

Until Albero made the promise.

I'm not saying fear him. I'm not saying we take his deal to leave town. All I care about is Robyn right now, the rest will come later.

The one who has the best chance of getting Robyn out of there unscathed is Cure Phantom and anyone with his power set. However, it's also known that the mob knows the powers that would do it and if they have even an inkling of belief he will be sneaky, they likely have a back up plan for it.

But this is the thing: Albero is a business man. He's not just some psychopath off the street, he runs an organization, an effective organization. That requires intelligence and the ability to manipulate.

Robyn is meant to manipulate us, but it's to manipulate us to his advantage. If we rush in and get her killed, that is a hit to our morale. A 'look, you tried OH so hard, and what do you get? A dead girl.' I know that won't break some, but it will break others, and that means the numbers who would go against him are down.

If no one rushes in, Robyn will not be hurt. If he hurts Robyn once we listen to him, then he's the only one at fault. Anyone who cares about Robyn, to anyone who cares about innocents, to anyone who just hates people doing what he does, will be against him, and with a personal vendetta. He loses if he breaks his promise. All he has to gain in killing Robyn is one dead Numbered who doesn't even have the truly terrifying powers.

If Robyn is let go, then there is a chance people will believe him. People will leave without thinking this is some trap to weed us out, that they'll be safe if they're gone. He wants this because if even some take this deal, that still means numbers are down, and he's winning. There is also the possibility he could find out unknown Numbered because they'll sure to tend to her, so be careful when you do go visit Robyn.

In the game of manipulation, you need the other side to be confident to trust you to act a certain way. Which means keeping your word until you can pull off a decisive win. He can't right now, so he is telling the truth.

The best chance Robyn has to get out relatively okay is to wait. Not because of fear, but because it's what's best for HER, and because it puts us in the best position to deal with him AFTER she's safe.


Sep. 1st, 2014 01:16 pm
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[Well, somebody has a nice tan... well, maybe a bit of a burn too, but hey that's the price to pay for a nice vacation. ]

So I got this hat. Do you think it hides my ears okay, guys? I'm hoping it will last until I can start with winter hats.

[adjusts the hat on his head to demonstrate.]

Also I've been out of town for a bit, so I'm sort of out of the loop... what I miss?

image under cut )
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[Gabriel stands on his patio in a loose white shirt. Those who have been to his house before might have noticed that he's moved some of the plants to make a space. Those who haven't might notice the bucket that he's placed beside him.

That's right. He got tagged. It's time for the ice bucket challenge.

He tuts, flicking his hair in mock annoyance, although he's unable to erase the smile that twitches the corner of his lips.

And here I was thinking I'd get away without being tagged. Thanks for nothing, Ellen. [The mention of one of his off-network friends might be enough to tell some people that he's recording this to post across social media as well as across the Network.

Taking a step back, he picks up the bucket, takes a breath and grits his teeth, and then dumps it over himself completing the challenge.
] Fuck oh fuck me. [With the wet shirt contest that he's just started some people might be inclined to take him up on the invitation... he hops about for a moment, trying not to over react, but at the same time] Fuck that's cold!

Aah, ah, right, who was I going to tag, who hasn't been tagged yet. [He had actually thought about this before hand but he's somewhat distracted now.] Right, Nicola, Sam and Beki, and Thorir and Julien. Oh, and Geoff Benwick, Badri Barkley and Meredith Chownyk.

[Yes he did just challenge the aliens alongside a few of his friends, off network and on.  No he's not sure what the consequence will be, but why not?  It's all for a good cause after all.  He gives a slightly shaky smirk and a wave, and then ends the video so he can go and change.]
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[When the video feed pops up, Mao isn't visible. His room behind his computer is, and the wall behind his battle station desk is lined with glass cases holding figurines lit up by the flourescents he'd wired into the casing to show off the collection. It's only part of his room, but at least it looks... clean? Surprisingly clean for the young boy who finally appears, sitting back down on his computer chair with a bag of snacks in hand. He sniffs, then realizes the camera's turned on.]

Finally! That weird code seemed to have worked.

[He eats a chip.] So this is the Network... I see.

[Mao looks thoughtful before he grins.]

Now I have another forum to keep up with! I've been so bored lately, this will do! [The blond wheezes.]

Do you guys like anime?
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[ For many of the Numbers, the changes that took place in Las Vegas since the 24th probably meant nothing to them other than a steady rise of infamy, no thanks to the press for blowing everything out of proportions. Having waited before making the post to the Network, Eugen along with other FBI Agents has been scouting the affected areas to make sure livelihood is not negatively influenced by the sudden raise of earth level.

But of course, trying to film the area without being bombarded by reporters was not an easy feat so instead, the Network gets a bunch of really cool pictures of the now mountainous casinos street (or rather mountain trails), theme parks, houses and buildings that has been perfectly fitted into the ledges, a pretty cool looking mountain top that may trigger echo to some members of the magical community and small forested areas that shouldn't be possible in the desert land of Las Vegas.

Also included are pictures of flooded streets and entire flooded lower area of Las Vegas. Once the pictures slide ended, Eugen address the Network from the safely of the hotel suite. ]

I'm sure everyone is sufficiently informed about what happened in Las Vegas. As you can see from the pictures, things are not as bad as reported by the press. Damages are rather minimal and most buildings were... magically fitted into the landscape without structure problems. It's probably safe to assume that the casinos aren't going to collapse anytime soon while you're gambling in there. It's also a lot cooler now that it's not a desert land.

We do have a rather big problem though, all the lower areas are flooded and rescue missions are being carried out in the affected areas. With all the incidents happening here being connected to water in one way or another, I'm honestly a little worried with the presence of such a large body of water. I think, it's also noteworthy to mention that it seem the echo boundaries has expanded... most likely encompassing all the areas affected by this change.

[ Pause. ] To those who attended the cultist conference, were there anything noteworthy to share among the community?
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I'm sorry if no one could contact me for the last two weeks.

And I have a question for the Network.

How common is it for people to temporarily lose all their echoes?

[For anyone who knows her in real life and might have paid attention, she was in the hospital for a good chunk of that time. Nothing like relapsing illnesses.]
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Lyall here. I'm very sorry to all my students expecting to see me at the high school this week, but I've been informed I no longer work there. I'll still be happy to tutor if anyone needs it, and the substitute will have all of my lesson plans and labs.

[And a personal text to Nick, sent shortly before the network one:]

They fired me.


Aug. 25th, 2014 08:45 pm
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Ariel appears on the network through the video feed of her laptop looking fairly worried but also a little annoyed.]

Has anyone seen or heard from Liam over the weekend? I know hes been having some troubles lately, but he usually keeps in touch with me. Except he stopped doing that Saturday. [Only she hadn't noticed until Monday because of reasons.] His last text was pretty normal for him so now I'm worried that he might have been kidnapped.

Before anyone asks, yes I've been to his house and no he isn't there and Jack seems to be gone too. I am really worried about him though, Like seriously worried. Anyone who has known him for five minutes will know why.


Aug. 24th, 2014 01:06 pm
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[He looks angry when the feed comes on - frustrated, yes, tired as well, but it has been sitting for long enough to boil down to anger and harsh contempt, with a ferocity that he didn't think he'd be capable of. ...The impression is somewhat tampered with that he has a baby sleeping on his arm, legs and feet dangling down and head in his hand. It strengthens the impression that something with his proportions is off - arms and hands thicker and larger than they should be in relation to their length, and the same goes for the rest of his body.]

Henry will not return to our house, or Locke in general. We've been battling the administration for his custody for nearly a month now, and they will not return him into our foster care no matter what we do. [His frown deepens for a moment as his voice becomes steel.] I spoke to some ...friends and acquaintances, and it seems that they now will take all measures that are not illegal to keep numbered from fostering children, even and especially if they're numbered themselves. ...And will try to remove numbered children in the system from the boundaries in which echoes are retained. Maybe it's only the department that was responsible in our case, but we've also been advised that complaints to higher levels will only affect him and our cause negatively, so that doesn't help us.

In the same line, none of our complaints regarding the vandalism against our storefronts seem to be leading anyway. Either they are not processed at all or we're told that there is no way to catch those that committed them anyway, so they'll not waste their time looking into it further.

[The baby stirs and he goes quiet for a moment to rock it, and when he speaks again he has tried to soften his voice to not wake the baby boy from his sleep.] That said, if anyone needs a bed and room to stay for a while because of them kicked out of their homes for being numbered, we now have a free ones. [And he doesn't sound happy about that, either.] My sons will not return to Locke for their safety, nor will my parents.

On a less serious note, it seems that I pulsed back a number of tattoos a few days ago. I assume that I won't have to treat them like new ones, as they already seem fully healed, but has someone else experience with echoed tattoos?
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[So the video feed opens, and there's...Elvis. The biggest, most muscular Elvis anyone's ever seen. He's stretching the seams of the rented white sequined jumpsuit. He's got a black pompadour that's quite obviously a wig, giant Elvis sunglasses...and a bright blonde beard. No points for guessing who THIS is. He looks a bit dejected.]

Those cultists didn't fall for my disguise so I could SNEAK IN to their NEFARIOUS CONFERENCE! Can you BELIEVE that?

I had a FAKE ID and everything!

[And he flashes the Network a somewhat crappy fake drivers' license with a picture of him in this getup and the name 'Nick Papageorgio.']

...not that I had much TIME to get a DECENT fake together...I think I should get my MONEY back from that guy!