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 [Gabriel's flat is in unusual disarray, a bag out on the bed which he's shoving clothes into, half out of sight of the camera.  He continues packing as he speaks, short and terse, unusually dishevelled and obviously anxious.]

London lit up.  I have to go home.  My parents are there.  [And, for those who don't remember how old Gabriel really is, his parents are in their early 80s.]

If anyone needs somewhere to stay, I might be able to set you onto somewhere.  Let me know.

[And that's that; he cuts the feed.  Replies will come later and from a very different place: the flat above his parent's house in London.]


Feb. 23rd, 2015 04:10 pm
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Who: Liam and Gabriel
What: Returning Jack to his rightful owner and leaving the mountain
Where: Erebor
When: Saturday
Warnings: Liam is a warning of his own

there and back again )
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Who: Aaron and Gabriel
What: Congratulation Aaron on enduring Liam.  Someone's got to do it.
Where: The clinic
When: End of January

Mae govannen! )


Jan. 10th, 2015 11:33 am
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[The view is from the floor, of the ceiling of Julien's room in the hotel, which has a poem taped to it. You can hear the sound of his very deep breathing, noisier and more labored than usual.]

I can't get up. There was a pulse - something's gonna - [A white wing is briefly visible, flapping. It's another moment before he says anything.]

It hurts.
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Who: Thorir and you!
What: Goldsick dwarf king on his pile of gold having issues with people trying to talk sense into him, or generally existing on his pile of gold, depending on how he knows them.
When: Christmas Day until mid-January
Where: Las Vegas, inside the mountain
Warnings: Fantasy mental illness

So much for 'I will not become like my grandfather and father' )


Dec. 15th, 2014 05:46 pm
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Who: Julien, Gabriel, and Liam
Where: Germany, some woodsy mountainous campsite
When: Dec 15
What: Julien's preincarnation led a bonfire cult once. How better to poke at that echo than by hanging out roasting marshmallows?

Sacrificial bonfire must burn/Burn up the old/Bring in the new )


Dec. 5th, 2014 12:39 pm
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[In Thorir's background, one can see what looks half like a tunnel, half like a normal street with houses on either side, many adorned with geometrical patterns. They are lit by lamps that just seem a bit out of place, hanging under the roof of the street like streetlamps, and a few houses on the street have signs on the door or otherwise look lived-in. It's all very clean and well-kept, though empty.]

As some of you know, there is a numbered colony inside the mountain that has risen under Las Vegas. The entrance is hidden, and we want to keep it that way so that it can remain a safe place for those numbered that don't want to leave America. Everyone is welcome to claim a house or room, there are plenty. A lot of the mountain isn't yet explored and might be unsafe, but there seem to be no monsters hiding in it like in the catacombs in Locke City, and the area that has electricity, wi-fi and mobile signal is safe. We also have running water.

...We'll just have to hope that they don't dig too deeply while building all the things on the mountain.

[He pauses to make it clear that he's changing the topic - it's also announced by his factual manner gaining a dangerous glint.]

I will be participating in the attack on the Mafia. I already talked to Hjalti and he's coming with me. If anyone else from Vegas wants to join us, we'll go to Locke a few hours early so he can pick up some weapons at my store.

That said, if anyone needs firearms, a sword, and axe or daggers for this, contact me and I will set you up with it.


Oct. 16th, 2014 03:23 am
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[Saretha appears, looking calm as ever. There is something a bit different about her expression, however. A type of concern that is unexpected from her - any at all, and it is genuine. Whether you are the sort of person to pick up on that, however... well. That is another matter.]

Greetings. I trust most of you are rested from both the recent battle in Las Vegas and our unexpected travel plans.

With the new barrier area open to us, that provides us many new opportunities, and as many threats. I am sure most of you don't have to be told that, but... it is good, for the time being, that we have a place in which we can act from without being potentially gunned at, for now.

On that topic... Albero. The mafia. Clearly, this has to stop. I needn't say that, either. However...

As it stands, we cannot expect the authorities to handle this in our stead. Action must be taken, but... I know since the attacks started in the summer, a number of us have advocated drastic means towards combating them.

Such a thing would be nothing short of suicide for the whole lot of us. No matter how many mafia grunts are killed, even if you're able to lop the head off the snake, more will take their place. Attacks will be twisted against us, just as Albero now twists the media in Locke City to portray us as monsters, vigilantes, and things which people need to be protected against.

Do not give him and his allies even further ammunition, because that is all directed violence against them will cause. It will make it that much harder for us to attain any sort of legitimacy in the public eye, near impossible if dead bodies start turning up with our names and faces attached to them on the nightly news.

We can, however, still fight him. We have vast and powerful tools at our disposal that make us even more dangerous to him than simple brute force. We have people with powers good for more than just killing. We have this Network, which has been utilized against us by him, and... I say it is high time we took its usefulness back in that regard. The ability to communicate in this manner is invaluable, and something he cannot hope to replicate. If anything, I would be shocked if he was not afraid of it.

If we can root out evidence of his connections or crimes, any means of discrediting him in the public eye... then, and only then, can we truly overcome all he is setting against us, which goes beyond even the violence and the crimes against us.

Otherwise, all we continue to do is play into what he wants, and come out looking like the villains he claims us to be.

I will henceforth be putting whatever resources I can into this endeavor. If you wish to lend assistance, by all means - I am seeking your hands towards that end.


Sep. 1st, 2014 01:16 pm
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[Well, somebody has a nice tan... well, maybe a bit of a burn too, but hey that's the price to pay for a nice vacation. ]

So I got this hat. Do you think it hides my ears okay, guys? I'm hoping it will last until I can start with winter hats.

[adjusts the hat on his head to demonstrate.]

Also I've been out of town for a bit, so I'm sort of out of the loop... what I miss?

image under cut )
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[Gabriel stands on his patio in a loose white shirt. Those who have been to his house before might have noticed that he's moved some of the plants to make a space. Those who haven't might notice the bucket that he's placed beside him.

That's right. He got tagged. It's time for the ice bucket challenge.

He tuts, flicking his hair in mock annoyance, although he's unable to erase the smile that twitches the corner of his lips.

And here I was thinking I'd get away without being tagged. Thanks for nothing, Ellen. [The mention of one of his off-network friends might be enough to tell some people that he's recording this to post across social media as well as across the Network.

Taking a step back, he picks up the bucket, takes a breath and grits his teeth, and then dumps it over himself completing the challenge.
] Fuck oh fuck me. [With the wet shirt contest that he's just started some people might be inclined to take him up on the invitation... he hops about for a moment, trying not to over react, but at the same time] Fuck that's cold!

Aah, ah, right, who was I going to tag, who hasn't been tagged yet. [He had actually thought about this before hand but he's somewhat distracted now.] Right, Nicola, Sam and Beki, and Thorir and Julien. Oh, and Geoff Benwick, Badri Barkley and Meredith Chownyk.

[Yes he did just challenge the aliens alongside a few of his friends, off network and on.  No he's not sure what the consequence will be, but why not?  It's all for a good cause after all.  He gives a slightly shaky smirk and a wave, and then ends the video so he can go and change.]
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Lyall here. I'm very sorry to all my students expecting to see me at the high school this week, but I've been informed I no longer work there. I'll still be happy to tutor if anyone needs it, and the substitute will have all of my lesson plans and labs.

[And a personal text to Nick, sent shortly before the network one:]

They fired me.


Aug. 25th, 2014 08:45 pm
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Ariel appears on the network through the video feed of her laptop looking fairly worried but also a little annoyed.]

Has anyone seen or heard from Liam over the weekend? I know hes been having some troubles lately, but he usually keeps in touch with me. Except he stopped doing that Saturday. [Only she hadn't noticed until Monday because of reasons.] His last text was pretty normal for him so now I'm worried that he might have been kidnapped.

Before anyone asks, yes I've been to his house and no he isn't there and Jack seems to be gone too. I am really worried about him though, Like seriously worried. Anyone who has known him for five minutes will know why.


Aug. 24th, 2014 01:06 pm
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[He looks angry when the feed comes on - frustrated, yes, tired as well, but it has been sitting for long enough to boil down to anger and harsh contempt, with a ferocity that he didn't think he'd be capable of. ...The impression is somewhat tampered with that he has a baby sleeping on his arm, legs and feet dangling down and head in his hand. It strengthens the impression that something with his proportions is off - arms and hands thicker and larger than they should be in relation to their length, and the same goes for the rest of his body.]

Henry will not return to our house, or Locke in general. We've been battling the administration for his custody for nearly a month now, and they will not return him into our foster care no matter what we do. [His frown deepens for a moment as his voice becomes steel.] I spoke to some ...friends and acquaintances, and it seems that they now will take all measures that are not illegal to keep numbered from fostering children, even and especially if they're numbered themselves. ...And will try to remove numbered children in the system from the boundaries in which echoes are retained. Maybe it's only the department that was responsible in our case, but we've also been advised that complaints to higher levels will only affect him and our cause negatively, so that doesn't help us.

In the same line, none of our complaints regarding the vandalism against our storefronts seem to be leading anyway. Either they are not processed at all or we're told that there is no way to catch those that committed them anyway, so they'll not waste their time looking into it further.

[The baby stirs and he goes quiet for a moment to rock it, and when he speaks again he has tried to soften his voice to not wake the baby boy from his sleep.] That said, if anyone needs a bed and room to stay for a while because of them kicked out of their homes for being numbered, we now have a free ones. [And he doesn't sound happy about that, either.] My sons will not return to Locke for their safety, nor will my parents.

On a less serious note, it seems that I pulsed back a number of tattoos a few days ago. I assume that I won't have to treat them like new ones, as they already seem fully healed, but has someone else experience with echoed tattoos?


Jul. 25th, 2014 11:32 pm
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Well, I've gone and had a modelling milestone I should've seen coming. While I wrap my head around it, here's a game you shouldn't play unless you're prepared for awfulness: google yourself, what you're known by to the public, or just someone network-famous plus porn. How bad are your results? Can you top mine?

Oh, and I have uncovered an old safehouse. A very nice old safehouse. It's got two pools, hot and cold running roombas, and goddamn twelve cats. A beach party's not really feasible right now, but this should be different. I want people to come see and hang out! Send me a private message.
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This is late news, but everyone, be careful.

[Hjalti does not sound well. Hell, Hjalti doesn't look well, either, and there's a reason for that: he's "broadcasting" from a hospital room, one of the small ones off the ER that patients are put into after a doctor's seen them while they wait for assignment to a full room. He's got a bruise spreading over the left side of his face and the little that can be seen of him is not wearing his normal work coveralls or beat-up comfortable shirts, but a hospital gown. He looks pretty annoyed, but actually wounded for the first time in a long time. Which he doesn't like.]

These bastards... figured out I'm your brother, Þór. Yeah, guess that was pretty obvious, and with me losing a foot in height over a couple months it was obvious I was in it too, but god. They followed me to my complex and tried to threaten me.

[He gives a grim smile, and even though he winces he doesn't seem to care about causing himself further pain.]

I made them rethink that. Got a pulse in all the confusion, started throwing them around like they wanted to do to me, then they pulled out a knife and a couple of pipes. Some of the Numbered stuff is good, but christ, even being a fighter in that past life can't give you all the skills right away. Don't think they were prepared for me to shrug off a pipe to the face, though.

[Obviously that still did something to him, since he blinks and closes his eyes for a moment, getting stabilization back, but most people would've crashed to the ground, possibly with a split skull. Thank god for durability.]

Anybody sees anyone coming up to them with pointed teeth or... what was... their eyes, their eyes glowed, run. Scream for help, find a public spot, something. A couple of my neighbors came out and they ran off to lick their wounds and Kevin called the ambulance, but we've got people on here who aren't fighters. And next time they might bring something more than a knife and a pipe. And I'm never going anywhere without weapons again.
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[All the usual. Usual poor lighting. Usual wall and ceiling colors. Usual voice out of no-longer-in-tact vocal chords.

Anthony himself, however, is entirely out of sight. On his own end, he's leaning forward to rest and focus.

He is very husky. Yet high. And hesitant. But steady. He's - perhaps not practiced, but mulled over what he's going to say, at least.


-- It's Anthony Janvier. They're --

...We're talking. About -- what we have to do. Since - they're... talk - talking about us. More and more.

A - a while ago I asked if -- we should, um. Collect -- information about -- "mutants". On the network. A couple of times, to help - anyone else who's - going through extreme changes.

May -- perhaps if - we start. Uhmm. Discussing it now, we could - release, um. Some of the information to -- um, outside the network. So people will know what - to expect from us, don't expect anything that -- isn't true. So it'll be safer for them, and -- for us, to... start -- showing ourselves.

If, um. If everyone who's - not human could respond - describe ev - everything they know about what they are -- that-that-that they're comfortable with sharing, it -- would be... It could be helpful.

For -- for everyone. Not just me. You can -- discuss things amongst yourselves. Uh -- please don't - use text; I -- would rather be able to know what's going on.

[By all means use text if 'tisn't meant for him to hear.]

If you -- have to talk anymore -- to anyone, maybe they -- maybe we could - leave our Numbers. If that's all right. Or -- just keep talking here -- later I'll...

[He really can't say he will do anything. Or will be able to do anything, can't make any promises, and so he unceremoniously cuts it there to proceed.]

[Private to Alex K.]

[It doesn't so much as go through. He doesn't stop to bother with the idea of confirming, as it isn't as if it's doing any harm if it isn't. Muttering.]

Alex -- it's uhm. A-Anthony; I -- sent a message to the network. -- Need your help with it too, uhmm -- 'ss -- been a month, just - please say something. If you get this. Here or on the network, umm...

[And "cut".]

((OOC: In other words? A "tell me about your species"/"mutant type" sharing post! Anthony will be responding, but consider this a free-for-all post - if anyone says anything your character can tag, take it and/or threadjack at will.))
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Who: Gabriel, Liam and Ariel
What: Gabriel is now the oldest elf and he needs to at least try and be responsible or something
When: Monday 21st, evening
Where: Some hippy restaurant on the outskirts of the city

seek the sunlight and the day )


Jul. 11th, 2014 04:26 pm
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[Julien presents the network with a winning smile. The camera's in tight enough that his wings aren't really visible, just some feathering on his bared shoulders.]

Galu, network. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. I've got friends with ink, I know about the complications and so on, I know if I stay on-network it might not be permanent, and if I went off-network I'm sure I'd be very confused. Still! I have ideas. And I did go and re-pierce my ear, see?

[He turns his head and shakes a lock of dyed hairlike feathers out of the way - there's a gold stud in one earlobe, the skin furious red around it.]

Anyway. There's a concern with my skin, it may look normal to you but it's a whole lot thinner than yours now. Insert a joke about my sensitivity here! And there's less to work with, and I don't know if most artists would work on me. [Julien smiles again.] What do you think?


Jul. 1st, 2014 02:10 pm
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[When Liam's face appears, there's rather angry looking claw marks raked from under his left eye and over this nose. He also looks just about at his wit's end.]

Hey, guys, small emergency. Anybody good with cats? Well, I left the door to the balcony open for some air, right? and then--

[Suddenly there's a sound of a dog barking in the background. Liam looks up with an expression of horror, then tosses his iPad aside onto the couch so you have a nice view of the ceiling.]

Shit! Jack NO!

[More barking, and some angry hissing as well. There's a scuffle, and a slammed door. Afterwards the barking is muted sounding, and Liam is back into view.]

Okay, so, long story short, Naya's out on the ledge and I can't reach her.

[Now he holds the iPad straight in front of him with a hand on either side, as if holding the viewer's shoulders in earnest.]

I am no good with cats you gotta help me. It's like thirty floors up, no joke.
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So, I thought, with a certain pair having run off on their little jaunt to Vegas, I'd surprise them with a gift when they got back. Nothing much, just a drabble or two of friend-fiction.

But I could use some beta readers. Any volunteers?
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[Ariel pops up using the video feature of her laptop. She is apparently sitting on her bed with an expression that is a combination of bemused and slightly worried. In one hand she seems to be spinning a long knife or one sided dagger in her hands.]

Given everything that has been going on lately, rampaging cars, pulse generating blackouts, glowing light thingies, it really shouldn't seem too odd to suddenly find a pair of daggers under my pillow on my bed... Really. But it is. Want to know what is even more fun? Saturday I couldn't even use a sword to save my life. Today I'm suddenly a knife-dagger master. Or at least I think I am. It's the same sort of knowing that I had when I found my bow at the second hand store.


Jun. 14th, 2014 10:12 am
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Who: Julien and Gabriel
When: Blackout time, June 11.
Where: Sketchy areas of the city
What: Julien's on a deserted street in the dark, and there are things. Halp?

Those born with the fire within, burning bright/Are inspired by moonglow, so cool in the night )
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Who: Characters in Locke, most pertinently the characters chosen for the takedown, and Geoff Benwick
When: May 31st, Saturday, around 4PM
Where: The streets of Locke City's urban areas
What: A car monster is on the loose in Locke, rampaging the streets, destroying property - and showing no further consideration for the citizens of the city.
Warnings: Violence, death.

[ OOC: For an overview, please see this plot post. Evan's player is organizing a failed takedown attempt here for anyone interested! Remember that there are two human casualties as a result of the car's rampage, including Network teenager Kaworu Nagisa.

The car monster is rampaging without concern for damage, either to itself or to anything around it, but it is avoiding damage that will take it out of action. Ramming property, causing car accidents, and leaving the road entirely to continue its race along the streets are all kosher. Geoff Benwick is in aerial pursuit, attempting to coordinate with reincarnates and law enforcement alike.
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Who: Floweregg (plus eventually Siiri) and YOU!
When: All week
Where: The university, the coffee shop where Siiri works, and general other locations.
What: Floweregg wants to talk about silly humans and immortality. But she's also just a little puppy being nosey, and just looking for people that she can talk to.

Bellyrubs work, but sausages are nicer. )
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[Something had been bothering her for awhile now and recently it had started to weigh even more heavily on her mind. It was to the point now that she thought about it almost constantly. She had enough time to do so each day with her two hour commute to and from work each day. But no matter how much she thought about it, there were no easy answers for her. So late one night after an exhausting trip home, Ariel pulled out a pen and paper and began to write a little story to the network.]

Once upon a time... )


May. 12th, 2014 04:26 pm
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[Liam turns on the video on his laptop and makes sure it's working before speaking.]

Hey guys, what's up? Question. Who still has buildings in the business district that need to repairs?

I'm working down there with Rain Industries, and I figured it would probably be cool of me to ask all you guys if you needed to get it done quicker or something. I also thought some of you might have weird echo-y stuff there as well, and maybe you'd like to keep that discrete.

[He looks off to the side for a second, and yells at Jack to get off the couch before turning back.]

And another question. Any other vegans? I need to find some good places for food, like a specialty store. There's only so much I can find the grocery store that's both vegan and organic. I'm kind of tired of eating the same food all the time, you know?


May. 10th, 2014 02:34 pm
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[Julien is being so careful to keep his voice light, but someone sensitive might pick up the sheathed edge. He's irritated.]

Okay, I hate asking this, but can I completely take over anyone's hot tub or like... small pool? Something not chlorinated. Or would help me set up and fill one of those largish inflatable pools on their property somewhere.

[Pause. Yeah, he probably should provide a reason.]

It looks like I'm molting. It's - annoying.
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Here )


[After a shower, a lecture, and a good few tears, Killian gets on his laptop]

Uh. I’ve been found. I’m back. No need to look for me anymore.

[No apology for leaving since really, he’s not sure who cares beyond his family]


May. 6th, 2014 10:31 pm
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[The feed comes on to the plaza before the entrance hall of Locke airport, for a moment only showing general scenery before focusing on the fountain that is located there. And on a certain blond man who seems to just have been thrown into it, as he's currently sitting up from a position that he clearly did not get into voluntarily, face down in the rather shallow and gross water.

The voice that speaks up is Thorir's, impatience, threat and disdain mingling into a tone of touchy annoyance. Thorin might not have cared about being short, but Thorir has always been tall and comes from a culture that has an issue with short males. Plus he has lived fifty years without having to learn how to not be the tallest/one of the tallest people in any given group of peers.]

In case any of you feels the need to point out any physical changes about myself in the future, I request you to simply keep such thoughts to yourself.

[He breathes. This was only a side point, all things considered, but one that he wanted to make. The camera now turns towards himself. He looks tired, weary, not so much from lack of actual sleep but from family trouble and now the vanishing of the younger of his nephews, and the worry connected with it. This only made the family trouble more complicated, really.

Curiously, no physical change is actually visible on him, at least not on screen.]

That said, I'm back in the city now. If anyone has seen Killian since my brother inquired about him, or should see him in the future, it would be helpful if they could request either of us, or Fil or Gabriel. I doubt that he has left the city, and since his contacts either mainly exist within the confinements of the network, past and present...

Should whoever is offering him a place to hide right now see this, it would be helpful to both him and his family, as we worry about him, if you could facilitate contact between us - even if it is just through emails. We won't force him into anything, and if he wants to keep a distance for the next few months, that can be talked about as well. But a solution would definitely best be found together, as family.

[He seems to want to say more, but then the camera suddenly sways and his mobile phone clatters to the ground, and a loud splash can be heard. Someone stood too close to the fountain that he just kicked his bff into.]
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Who: Gabriel ([personal profile] thebalrogslayer ) and Thorir ([personal profile] disdainfully )
When: Afternoon of 6th May
Where: At the airport
What: Picking Thorir up
Warnings: two shining examples of maturity

Of course, Gabriel didn't bother with a sign.  He might have gotten a little younger since Thorir saw him last, but it would take more than that to make him unrecognisable.  He looks tired, but that's constant lately, and looking for Killian hardly helped.  It doesn't keep him from smiling as he lounges against the barrier, keeping an eye out for his old friend in the slow stream of people filtering out.  He has one eye on his phone, though, waiting for news at the same time.
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[It's the first time Hjalti's ever used the network with a video post, but he's getting desperate. It's also the first time he's accessed the network from a device that's not his phone or his laptop - he's on one of the computers in Thorir's house, and it's got a webcam and he's activated it because he's pretty damn serious about this. Whatever's going on, he's obviously tense, probably worried, a little angry, but definitely has a purpose in mind with this.]

Anyone out there, if you, uh, if you know Killian Ryan - he was supposed to meet me today, but he didn't show and he didn't call. I came over to the house and it- [Pause. Things are gonna be okay, things are gonna be okay...] Something happened, his phone is still here, and so's his cat, but some of his stuff is missing. With everything that's been going on lately-

[Yeah, he probably doesn't need to continue that, does he? Deaths and the police and the media and just the usual madness of being numbered, it's enough to make anyone worried.]

We're trying to find him. He needs to be here, with... his family.

[Please send his son back to him.]

[After that's done, though, it's time to call his brother. There's definitely going to be problems with this.]


Apr. 24th, 2014 09:19 pm
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Who: Julien and OPEN to anyone in Locke! Mingling's encouraged!
When: Friday the 25th, all day!
Where: Locke City's Pine Maple Park - away from Locke's heart but well within the boundary.
What: It's Julien's birthday!

I know it gets rough/But you gotta let the sunshine in just a smidgen )
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Okay, question.

[No wait, he pauses, before saying "aw, to hell with it," and turns on the video instead. He's done trying to be anonymous to even the other number club members.

This is someone some people from LCHS or Thunder Corp or just from somewhere may know, except... different. Aside from the deeper voice, Miles' face is more angular, his bones slightly more prominent than before. Basically, he looks like an older teen instead of someone who's just fifteen.]

Okay, now's the question.

What kind of physical changes did these echoes, pulses, whatever-you-call-them give you? As in you personally, and not what you've seen so far on the network. Hair, eye color, that kind of thing. I know some people are turning into robots and we've got a guy with feathers and wings now. It doesn't have to be as big as those changes. Even little ones, as long as they're from echoes.

... Let's just call this scientific curiosity. I'm not about to sell anyone out to some crazy lab or our so-called enemies. I just want to know.

[[ ooc: And here is a thing for context! ]]
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[Guess who isn't amused? That's right, her. The reason for her rather annoyed look is because she is now sporting a set of pointed ears that are slightly bigger than her former human ears. Even if she got creative with her hair, its almost certain the tips would peak out.]

Okay not amused. Gabriel this is all your fault! First you rock up with pointy ears and now look! Ears like yours!

[She turns her head so that her ears are more prominently displayed.]

What am I going to do?

[The last question is more rhetorical and is muttered to herself. She might be starting to freak out. Then suddenly looking up she furrows her brows slightly.]

I guess the better question is how do you tell you're family you're different?

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[Although Gabriel’s been aware of the network since november and posting on it since the new year, he's been weary of showing his face to those that he doesn't know off it up to now. Sometimes a little bit of anonymity is needed, but unfortunately it seems he no longer has a choice.

Some people might recognise him as the c list celebrity always shoving his charities in people’s faces, others might recognise him from the university, and a few might recognise from the peak of his modelling days. Those who do will notice that he doesn’t look as old as he did (or for those who recognise him from when he was younger that he looks much younger than he should). Assuming that most people won’t know it, though, he opens his post by explaining his problem with a wry smile.

I appear to be growing young again and it’s a problem. [He’s aware that most people would be pretty happy with the cards he’s been dealt but when there’s recent photographic evidence of how old you looked last month and you’re trying to stay under cover it’s a pain in the arse.] I think this has gone beyond the point where I can claim I’ve had surgery now, especially with these. [He tucks his hair behind his ears, revealing that like his friends', his are now also elongated into elegant points.] As long as I stop before I become a teenager again! Dealing with that once was bad enough. [He laughs. It’s a serious problem, but that doesn’t mean that he has to deal with it seriously.]

I had been hoping to stay in work a while longer, but it’s not going to be possible to work and stay under cover like this. I have the choice of revealing myself and doing what I can to direct the media to paint us with a more positive light or retiring. And I'm not sure that I'm ready to retire! But talking about this openly - or as openly as is safe - affects more than just me, which is why I wanted to ask if anyone had any objections.

I was also wondering, for those of you who also have echoes that mean that you can’t be out and about, what do you do to keep yourself busy and amused?

[Private to the known Tolkiens and Julien]

[He's come prepared! Once he has all of their numbers put in and a private line set up, he holds up a piece of paper with twelve crests on, each named underneath. One of them is recognisable as the crest on Thorir's sword, labeled as 'Fountain'.]

I remembered these. Does anyone else recognise them?
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There's a lot of us on this thing, and I'm sure some people would rather not let out that they are part of... all of this. [There's a moment where he turns away and says something behind him, the words coming through muted and garbled because he put his hand over the built-in mic, before he gets back to it.] We're getting a lot more attention than a lot of people are comfortable with, and it's spreading across the country, but for here in Locke- Hættu, nei. Nei.

Sorry. What sort of professionals do we have in Locke who are part of this mess and are willing to see and help others? The family knows a doctor, but is there a dentist, or a lawyer, or any other sort of medical or profe-

[He's interrupted by a series of short barks, not all that high-pitched so likely not from a small dog. So much for good behavior for a couple of minutes.]

-Namely a vet.

[He hasn't started physical changes yet, at least not obvious ones, but he knows something's coming at some point, so he wants to be prepared.]

I should probably put my money where my mouth is - I'm a mechanic that specializes in European cars, but I know American and Japanese ones, too. I've also at least prodded at a lot of other motors, so I'm less likely to lose a finger or something than someone who's never opened a machine before. If you need any work done like that, drop by the Auto Tech on Whitmore and ask for Hjalti, and I'll take you.


Apr. 8th, 2014 09:23 am
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[Probably the first thing you notice about Fred is that he's got no hair.

The second thing might be his expression (seriously irritated) or perhaps the cloth that seems to be wrapped around his neck.

He runs a hand over his head.]
You guys know about the giant brush thing, right? It just... found me. I did some damage with my rocks, but it looked like eating my hair healed it.

[long pause] I think... I should start carrying my sword around. Which means letting people know what I am. [His mouth twitches briefly. The feed zooms out to reveal that the neck-cloth is in fact a cape, which he plucks at.] This'll probably help with that.

So, um. Anyone know how I could get a scabbard?
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[ It's been a few weeks now since Teagan has made a video post to the network. At least since the incident that destroyed half of the city, as far as he can remember. He's been busy and more anti-social than normal. He comes onto the screen though, looking good. Very good, as if he had been photo-shopped to seem almost ideal. He's using that to his advantage, keeping his ear tips hidden as best he can manage, but it can't hide that his eyes are most definitely deeply and utterly tired.

He sighs through his nose, pouring himself a glass of wine as he speaks. ]

My nephew, it seems, has decided that now is a good time to move back to Locke. If you ask me, he's looking for an excuse to find adventure in destruction, as young men are want to do. We all have to learn on our own that helping others isn't about adventure and excitement but about doing the right thing for those in need, he might as well learn now.

[ He sips his wine, thinking, before he continues. ]

The question remains, though, how to keep all of this from him. He doesn't need to know any of it, and he'll be better off that way. As he wants to stay in my cabin, I'm open to suggestions.