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This is Marina Santana. Not the one you've known for a year and a half now, though. The other. A doppelganger, an evil clone, a shoddy piece of the Earth's attempt at defending itself, whatever you might want to call us.

Before you continue reading, fair warning that this is wordy and, if I may be honest, a bit depressing.
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Who: Saretha, Amy, Raye, and a robotic cheesepuff
What: A discovery
Where: The orbital elevator, Neuschwanstein
When: March 31st

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Who: Jasmine, Lily, Raye, Marina, Rakka, Winter, doppelgangers [potentially more later]
What: "Darkness Falls" - "Attack" on the Heart Tree
Where: las Vegas, location of the Heart Tree
When: March 27th

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Who: Rakka and Raye.
What: A couple tries to go on an actual date for once
Where: Locke City
When: March 23rd

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[On screen is Danny, shoulders squared and looking ready to make a huge announcement. Mostly because he is. He takes a breath.]

I...haven't been honest with you all. Not for a long time. The truth is, I've been keeping a lot of secrets.

I like to act like everything is all okay, but it's really not. I just act like it because I hope that if I pretend like I'm fine, then it means eventually I will be. Or even if I'm not, then at least I try to keep it to myself to keep others from worrying about me. Because that's supposed to be my duty as a "hero."

[Yes, Danny does actually use fingerquotes when he says the word hero. If you listen closely, you might also detect some annoyance in his tone.]

That's why I went missing for over a month without telling anyone except for leaving some notes behind, and why I act like I'm just some regular happy teenager who doesn't worry about--

[Danny turns to the left and leans warily but doesn't stop talking. His volume grows gradually until it's a full-blown scream while he braces himself.]

--about his whole family being dead, or about being homeless, or turning into a huge scary evil monster of destruction, or all the people he's ACCIDENTALLY KILLED, OR THE FACT THAT HE'S BEEN CLO--oof!

[Another Danny dives across the screen from the left and full-on tackles the first Danny. The camera shakes and lands on the floor, revealing one Danny pinning the other to the floor in Danny's now dusty and furnitureless old bedroom. The post ends abruptly.]
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[The feed comes on to two women: Maryann Young and, in the background and a bit off to the side, real!Rakka who is watching Mrs Young closely.

The alien gives the network a brief, polite business smile before speaking up, a crease of confusion between her eyes.]

Your kind is illogical. You worry for the well-being of one being yet do not hesitate to murder another being that is essentially of the same nature.
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Who: DoppelRaye, the magical girl squad and anybody else who answers the call.
What: Raye's Doppelganger has gotten tired of wasting time in Germany and wants to meet her other self's loved ones face-to-face.
When: March 1st to 2nd
Where: Las Vegas
Warnings: Probably violence. DoppelRaye being a monster. Possibly to be updated.

For a time, Raye had been content to spend her time in Germany simply observing the events surrounding her double and those around her. A few in particular had managed to catch her interest.

She ignores the human cattle milling through the streets of Las Vegas, gorging themselves on vice and sin. Senketsu gives a low growl under her black coat and she reaches up to pat the Kamui, recognizing his hunger. The creature's appetite was relentless and she'd soon have to feed him again, their partnership was one based on mutual benefit but counting on the loyalty of a hungry predator was its own level of foolishness.

Not just yet though. First, there's something she needs to do.

She made a beeline from the location of the city's teleporter to the hotel where the Precure had taken up residence. It was easy enough to get in. She was numbered after all, obviously a friend. Making her way up to the right floor, she finds herself outside the door of one Winter Adamas. Without any sort of announcement or preamble she reaches out and seizes the handle and twists. A crack rings out as the lock shatters and she pushes the door open, breaking through any kind of bolt with ease.

Smiling faintly, she steps inside.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

[Another time during her visit to Vegas, a post from her appears on the network with a photo of a Las Vegas street and a text message.]

I'm in Las Vegas and feeding time is quickly approaching. Fortunately, there's plenty of livestock around.

If anybody has an issue with this, please feel free to come and find me.
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[The video flickers to life, and it shows Rakka's face. She appears to be in Neuschwanstein. An odd sort of trend for people on the network recently, making posts while at the castle grounds. It was likely to not raise any particular warning signs, unless you know what this coincidence probably means.

Rakka brushed some hair from her face. It didn't help to improve her fairly disheveled look at all, and in fact might have made it worse. All in all, she didn't seem to be happy, or even smiling. Hey, was that a bruise?

Hey, it's Rakka. [There just wasn't as much energy in her tone as usual.] It seems like everyone around here's been losing their minds. Apparently it means that there's clones of all of us running around... but, maybe it just means that things are getting even worse. In a way, that would make sense, right?

[But, honestly, she wasn't sure what was happening. She'd been thinking about what Emi had said to her, about her apparently showing the vampire some kindness. She wouldn't lie about that, would she...? What would she even have to gain, except for a moment's confusion on the Haibane's part which could be a little funny for someone else...]

Dammit... [She whispered with a sigh, expression quickly turning frustrated.] I don't fucking know. It's not like anything in this world makes any sense anyways. It doesn't even matter, does it? [A question that seems to bother her.] I'm trying really hard to figure that out... but I can't.

[And she kills the feed.]
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It's me, Emi.

Something really weird's going on, I don't know what's causing it. Something's changing the way we're acting? What if it affects me too? It can't be echoes, can it? It doesn't sound like echoes.

I don't know what to do.

[Those that know Emilia, the real Emilia, should know by now that she usually prefers to use video or voice to communicate with the network. And she certainly doesn't sound so unsure of herself either, or scared. At any rate, at this moment she is at the castle, trying to look as unnoticeable as possible in the upper courtyard.]


Feb. 9th, 2015 04:53 pm
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[Reclining back, smirking at the camera is... Lily? It at least rather looks like Lily, but there are... distinct differences. Her hair is much looser than Lily's normally is, and a bit darker. She wears something quite unlike Lily as well - a form fitting black dress. Where has she gotten everything for this, much less the computer she's speaking from? Well, it may just so happen that she has a means of easily swiping stuff from places without anyone being any the wiser.]

Oooooh, there we go. Hello~ It's been a few days.

[She leans forward, propping her chin lazily on one hand, and chuckles.]

Aren't all of you miserable fucking losers just the cutest. You know what I'm tired of? Being one of those losers.

Scrambling around the globe for a bunch of ungrateful, snot nosed little brats... and for what? Just what has any of that gotten me, gotten any of us?!

I'm done with that bullshit. We have all of this power, and we just cower in the shadows!

[Her smirk turns sadistic, and she flashes her teeth.] It's high time we did something much, much more fun with our power...

What do you say~?

[OOC: Needless to say, this is Doppelganger Lily, who does not yet realize she isn't as such, especially since Lily herself hasn't posted to the Network since the Lapland rescue, since the doubles do not initially realize they're copies. As per the Plot Post, her Number is indistinguishable from Lily's own. The real Lily won't notice this immediately since she's busy hovering over Winter after her injuries in Lapland, but she WILL be along in this post... after I've had some fun, first.]
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )
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Who: Raye Satterfield and Open
What: In the wake of her berserker incident during the mafia battle, Raye has withdrawn and gone quiet while she tries to deal with the mistakes she's made.
Where: Locke City. Her old apartment.
When: Basically a catch-all for any day since the incident through the roughly the 20th.

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Who: Everyone joining the mafia attack
What: Attack on the mafia meeting
When: Monday night, December 8th
Where: mafia building

An hour before the meeting, everyone who wants to make a stand against the mafia - violent and potentially ill advised though it might be - gathers in a nearby location to make final plans. Nick’s original idea of Xander moving a small number of people through shadows into the meeting to take out Albero is still technically in effect, but only for those who are planning on gunning straight for the mafia boss himself. Or those who want to help take him out specifically, even if not to deliver the final blow themselves.

Thorir’s provided weapons from his shop, for any network members who know how to use them. L’d agreed to handle the coordination of getting everyone in the building to take out as many of the mafia members as they could, and to hopefully confine the chaos inside.

Because once they’re in and fighting, it’s… probably going to be at least a little chaos.

But hopefully, by the end of the night, it’ll at least be done.

[OOC: Linking one more time to the plotting post in case anyone needs it as the log goes on! I’ll post up a thread for those gunning for Albero so the mods can NPC him as needed, otherwise feel free to start your own threads to battle mafia goons!]
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This is Nick. I don't know how many of you are still on here that know me, but I'm going to cut right to the chase here: I've been working undercover with the mafia for months, trying to get their secrets for the network. And now I finally have something useful.

There's going to be a meeting soon. Albero will be there, along with a large number of high ranking mafia members. I know when, and where, and I know that if we hit it, we stand a good chance of taking them out and making a serious dent in their operation.

I know some of you are going to say that violence isn't the answer. For anyone who wants to try another road, I have a number of recordings of the mafia making plans to frame network members, and of some of the kidnappings that have happened, as well as the location of where the mafia members are getting their modifications. I'll pass them off to someone who wants them, but not until just before the meeting. It's obviously going to blow my cover pretty badly.

I'm going to that meeting. I don't want to do it alone, because I want to make this hurt, and I can't do that by myself. I know I'm not the only one who's been affected by what they've done, and if we want to stop them, to make it so they can't do it to anyone else - this is the best chance we've got.

We need to take it.

[OOC: A plotting post for this is up here!]
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[Notably, it's the first time L's put his face on the Network. It's composed and deliberate; he looks into the camera with a cold gaze that never falters or glances aside even for a moment as he speaks. His voice is similarly frigid, tone flat and emotionless.]

I'm sure many of you know this already, but Anthony Janvier was gunned down on Friday. He was at work, and it was a barbaric act of mob violence scarcely befitting such a gentle soul. He was brave and kind to his last moment, and I don't think I only speak for myself when I say I have lost a friend.

[He hasn't blinked yet; that stare could burn holes in liars and killers. It's a dare, a challenge to acknowledge futility and look away first.]

I'm not sentimental, or Catholic. Anthony was both. His funeral is tomorrow morning, because that's what people do: we mourn, we remember, and we mend. I understand that there are some who intend to picket the funeral; if you're afraid, don't bother coming, but if you're not... it's Friday, 10 AM at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

[[OOC: The funeral is up! Please feel free to use it as a mingle post and start your own prompts.]]
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Who: Raye, Lily and Winter
When: Foredated to the middle of the week. Wednesday night.
Where: The streets of Locke City.
What: Raye's out for blood and she's dragging two Precures along with her.
Warnings: This is gonna get violent. Definite death and likely torture for information as well.

And so am I. )


Oct. 10th, 2014 08:43 pm
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Who: Any teenagerly types enticed by Octavia's post
What: Searching for clues/giant pink birds during the day, camping out and being idiot teenagers at night. Also truth or dare and consumption of german beer. Oh em gee.
When: October 10th
Where: Around Füssen
Warnings: Alcohol? Will update if necessary!

[ If there's any better way of dealing with hard times than escapist shenaniganry, Octavia certainly doesn't know about it. Let's be real - the real motivation for this trip is the partying. And the lack of responsibility. And the drinks and snacks.

Still - finding the mystery bird monster ahead of time would be rad. In pursuit of this, anyone who meets up with octavia at the start of the day will be given an Awesome Adventurer's Kit (tm) - a small package consisting of a shitty two dollar compass, a notepad, a pen and a poorly-made swiss army knife.

Those things could be useful, okay. God.
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Who: Raye Satterfield and NPCs
What: It's her birthday and before anything else, she has to answer an unexpected call.
When: October 3rd during the day.
Warnings: Things go bad.

Sometimes warriors get hurt. )


Sep. 24th, 2014 08:14 pm
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Mn. I... I need to ask you guys something. I mean, this isn't about something that I haven't covered before. I get reminded I'm not my pre-incarnation all the time. I'm not a monster, I have people who love me. I have friends. I have a girlfriend.

But... has anyone else ever had a time when you look at everything, and even though you have every reason to be confident and rise above all the shitty stuff that comes and goes for us, you just feel... upset all over again? You get stuck repeating lessons you think you should have learned several times over.

I can't stop thinking about Dark Precure. I'm angry about having to leave my home. I'm scared of all the stuff lurking around us. I know someone'll come around and help me pick myself up, but...


It just gets exhausting, you know? You can rise above a challenge so many times, but a lot of them just keep coming back. And I just want to know if anyone else feels this way. I feel like a broken record.
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[Lily appears, looking a little nervous.]

Hi, everyone. You might have noticed Linda posting before about Winter and I sort of, ah. Getting eaten by a magic mirror.

Obviously, that sort of. Well. Didn't last. We're fine - Winter and I both came out without anything wrong with us. If anything, we're... better than ever, honestly.

[She smiles.]

Sorry if we worried anyone.

In the meantime, we're still feeling our way around here in Vegas and figuring out what to do. I don't think any of us know how "permanent" or not this is going to be, and... all of the schools here are shut down for the time being. [She shakes her head.] But... we're managing, and we've got problems here that need to be looked into just as much as Locke. Still... if anyone needs anything back home, do say something, okay? [Her vision diverts from the screen a little bit.] I'm worried about you guys, so... stay safe, as best you can.

[And with that, she clicks the video closed.]
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Who: Robyn, Danielle, PEOPLE
What: Robyn is rescued and in need of cheering up, so there's gonna be a bit party for her.
When: Backdated to September 13
Where: The home of company heiress Danielle Masters. So a huge mansion befitting the obscenely wealthy in a on the rich side of town.
Warnings: Shenanigans, cat videos, giant sized life jackets made of pool noodles? And whole aftermath of kidnappings maybe.

[Filtered to Personal Friends of Robyn, Danielle, and those who expressed concern on the Network during the kidnapping plot]

You are cordially invited to a party this Saturday at [address goes here.] Simply tell the guard at the gate for that address that you are here for the party for Robyn in the effort to cheer her up after her ordeal.

There will be food, music, cat videos, a pool, and if you believe Robyn will want you stay the night and are under the age of eighteen, a sleepover.

The staff are aware Seedlings may be in attendance. They do not, however, know this is a Seedling gathering, that I am one, or what Robyn needs cheering up for, just that the party is for her. Please do not inform them.

Sincerely, Danielle.

Party stuff under here )
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[The video turns on with a flicker, briefly obscured by a bright light. The light in question, which seemed to be from a desk lamp, is quickly moved away. Finally, the video shows an adult male, sitting at a desk and looking thoroughly unimpressed.

He's also dressed in a policeman's uniform, if that means anything.

Well, this is fantastic. [Ladd mutters in his vaguely Brooklyn accent, rubbing his chin.] First I get some really interesting memories I don't remember having, and now I got a password to a network I never wanted to subscribe to in the first place.

[He lets out a low laugh, almost sarcastic.] It's almost like it's karma or something. I'm guessing this is what the kid was talking about. Shame I kicked him out, he'd be almost useful right now. For once.

So! [He leans back in his chair, giving the viewer a smirk.] You guys are those super-humans I've heard so much about. The ones that helped destroy the business district almost a year ago, and get half the force arrested and taken away.

[A nod, polite.] Officer Ladd Splot, at your service.
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[What shows up on the network seems to be a mass of scribbles on a sheet of paper. It seems, by all counts, to be a letter of some sort.

There's a single word in the middle of the paper, circled several times:


[From there, it branches off into several lines, each line leading to another circle, and maybe another circle after that. Each one has a question or observation scribbled in them.]

Is it Latin? not Latin
Is this some kind of angel that can't fly?
why did we have wings and others didn't?
any angel powers? can't fly. Probably maybe no powers
am I an angel at all?
what am I

[Rakka has had some time to think about all this, it seems. And, directly below this mess, Rakka wrote in something to address the Network.]

Why does being a Numbered have to be so confusing?
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[It's been well over a week since Robyn last made an appearance on the network. She had needed some time to recover and sort herself out after the ordeal she had been through, she wasn't anywhere near one hundred percent but she was at least ready to make an attempt to show up in front of her friends again.

She was incredibly nervous about doing this, she knew there were a fair number of people that thought it would be best to wait for the mafia to release her... But that wasn't exactly how things had worked out. She knew there had been a lot of arguing over the situation. She had only seen a little of it during the short time she had access to the network, but it was enough to make her nervous of how people might be reacting to the fact that her rescuers had probably made the mafia really angry. She certainly couldn't bring herself to be mad at them, they had saved her plain and simple.]

[So the feed opens up with Robyn staring at the screen, chewing on her lower lip nervously. After a moment she'll raise her hand and wave nervously. She certainly looks to be a lot better than when she was being held by Albero, but there are dark bags under her eyes. It's pretty obvious she hasn't been sleeping well lately.]

Uhmm... Hey! Uh-Long time, no see?

I just wanted everyone to know I'm here and uhm-I'm fine.

So... You all don't have to worry anymore.

I-uh... Haven't really been checking here over the last little while and I kind of, sorta lost my cellphone during the-

[She frowns and decides against talking about what had happened and moves on.]

-The thing... But I just got a new one a couple days ago, so getting a hold of me shouldn't be a problem.

[She stares at the screen for a moment, completely unsure of what to say next. She feels like this may not have been the best idea.]

Well-I'm gonna go now. I just wanted to say well... Thank you and I-I'm sorry for everything that happened.
[She let's out a deep breath and shuts down the feed for now. She'll give herself a few minutes before she starts responding.]

[OOC: Hey! I know there are people that mentioned wanting to visit Robyn after the plot. If anyone still wants to do that feel free to start something here or let me know and I can get things going.]
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[Okay, video feed from the number that typically belongs to Raye Satterfield. King of a weird angle being aimed straight up at the ceiling. Odd enough.

Oh, hey, there's her weird one-eyed sailor uniform popping into frame and looking at the feed. He waves one sleeve and then sets to work, setting up tiles from various word-based board games to spell out his message.]





[What do you do, network? WHAT DO YOU DO?]
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Who: The Robyn Rescue Squad, the Rescue-Squad-Stop-That-Right-Now Squad, potentially Robyn and the mafia
What: Albero has Robyn. Several reincarnates want to take her back by force.
When: September 02
Where: Robyn is located in another warehouse. Boy, the mafia love those things. Rescuers will very likely be intercepted en route by the anti-rescue team!
Warnings: Potential violence, hostage situations, unpleasantness in general. (If anyone wants further CWs added, shoot us a PM!)

Hoooo boy. )
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[When the video feed pops up, Mao isn't visible. His room behind his computer is, and the wall behind his battle station desk is lined with glass cases holding figurines lit up by the flourescents he'd wired into the casing to show off the collection. It's only part of his room, but at least it looks... clean? Surprisingly clean for the young boy who finally appears, sitting back down on his computer chair with a bag of snacks in hand. He sniffs, then realizes the camera's turned on.]

Finally! That weird code seemed to have worked.

[He eats a chip.] So this is the Network... I see.

[Mao looks thoughtful before he grins.]

Now I have another forum to keep up with! I've been so bored lately, this will do! [The blond wheezes.]

Do you guys like anime?


Aug. 29th, 2014 06:08 pm
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[The video feed opens, and it's clearly underwater. There's a shot of a tunnel, one that looks like it's partially blocked by rock and sand, but then it quickly turns to face Arthur.]

Ahoy there! I'm sure you've seen on the news how Las Vegas FLOODED, and since I'VE been in Vegas, You know I had to check it out! And I found something OUTRAGEOUS!

[Arthur looks like he's about to burst with outrageous excitement. The video feed pans again, and that sure is a lobster. Or a crab. Some mix between the two. Whatever it is, it's on the ground there at the bottom of wherever the flooded area he's investigating is. It's also enormous, and it's about 300 meters long.]


[Really, he's looking way more excited than any man should look while underwater next to a giant crustacean. He's close enough to touch it now, and he turns the camera back to face both him and the lobster-thing behind him, like he's takling a selfie, giving himself a chance to smile and wave. He then turns it back to face the creature.]


[The creature actually stirs slightly at that yelling, though it does not wake. The camera feed shakes from the movement, as though the creature stirring is making the water a little choppy for Arthur. Anyone in Vegas in the vicinity of the flooded area may be aware that there was just a very slight tremor at that exact moment.

Someone should probably tell him not to do that again.]
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[Raye being in a sour mood on one of these network posts of hers isn't a rare sight by any stretch of the imagination, but this time she's not ranting or raving or looking even particularly grumpy, but she's definitely not happy as she stands out in the street, leaning against a wall. She definitely doesn't look good though and when she speaks up at least there's almost a tremor in her voice.]

Hey. So, uh, I was doing pretty good about keeping stuff under wraps around home and all but... I guess somebody picked up what I looked like when I was grabbing that teleporter thing. So, that... kinda just blew up.

[She blows out a breath and rubs the back of her arm across her eyes, shaking her head and growling a bit.]

Look, fuck the details but does anybody out there have a couch or something? Me and Senketsu are gonna need a place to crash for--

-- for awhile.
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[the video feed comes on, Jasmine's face close to the screen and giggling. She laughs for a few moments, before clearing her throat and continuing with her voice low, as though she doesn't want someone to hear what she's saying]

Oh my god. You guys have to see this. I'm over here at Raye's and she's... okay you just gotta see this.

[Jasmine moves her camera to show Raye sitting at her computer, playing a certain game.]

Read more... )

OOC: ((Bold is Raye, normal text is Jasmine. Beware, the link IS a horror game))
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Who: Rakka and friends (Raye, Robyn, and Jasmine)
Where: Dians house backyard, Locke City
What: Rakka is going to try and fly. This'll end well.
When: Now! (August 17th)
Warnings: Shenanigans

Fight or flight )
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Who: Thunder Corp and anyone who wants to be involved in the machine theft!
Where: A little-used road in the middle of nowhere, heading towards the echo boundary
When: Nighttime, August 6th
What: Hijacking (and later, testing) Project Jump!
Warnings: Violence, most likely.

Boop de doop. )
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Who: Rakka Yoshitoshi and Raye Satterfield/Later on, Isaac and Miria
Where: Random Alleyway, Locke City/The Dians residence
What: Rakka has a run in with the mafia and then she gets saved.
When: August 3rd
Warnings: General violence, mafia shenanigans.

Holding out for a hero )


Aug. 3rd, 2014 12:22 pm
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Hello again, everyone. As you're all aware, we're facing a great degree of scrutiny and danger; maybe not in a necessarily greater manner, but enough to be concerning. And I know that many of us want to get to the bottom of it.

We've all faced our share of danger, and we've all dealt with the risks that come from going it alone or acting without experience. I personally had to learn that the hard way when I investigated the Thunder Corp compound. I could have easily lost my life. I... I have learned that I need to rely on other people.

So I would like to make a proposal. I am a private investigator. I have resources and knowledge that I can share with those of you who share my desire to shed light on the secrets surrounding us. I have already reached out to several of you as contacts, but... perhaps it is time I offered more.


There is also another matter I would like to discuss as well. I... I had an echo some time ago, and it concerns matters that I have been uncomfortable to discuss openly. At the same time, I realize many of you have dealt with the weight of our past lives longer than I have...

[Fuyuka pauses and takes a deep breath before continuing]

When I was a child, I lost both my parents. It was at an age where my memories of living with them have... faded with time. The echo I received recently... it involved my previous self's childhood with her mother. It was peaceful. Idyllic... they clearly cared about each other a great deal...

I am unsure of how to deal with it. I cannot feel if I feel jealousy or regret. What's more... my parents losing their lives were what drove me to enter law enforcement. Embracing these memories - memories that aren't even mine - it feels like I am betraying all of that.

I. I could use [her voice cracks] some advice.

Th-thank you for your time.
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Rei Ikari, here to be publicly crucified.

This month I've seen a lot of people talking about run-ins with certain groups of people that have left them beaten, distressed, or otherwise roughed up. Continually, certain people find out that we're numbered. And when that happens, people get hurt or people get in trouble because you find yourselves in positions that make you something dangerous or to be feared. Something worth taking the time to stamp out.

We're in a position where we only have each other to rely on. And to be frank, I don't think we're very reliable.

[There's a smugness as she touches her hand to her chest.]

Of course I am in no such position. I have long since been relinquished into the care of our national officials. I have access to a safe, air tights government facility in which I can find total respite. I have demonstrated a usefulness to them, and therefore am allotted cooperation. Protection.

[She lifts up her bangs, running a finger along her forehead to make a point.]

And look at this. No scars where my brain was scooped out of my head and experimented on. I haven't had drills slid into my temple, no vivisections, no experimentation. No marks from injections in my arm. I've been treated perfectly reasonably aside from some bothersome monitoring. But I have nothing to hide. For the most part, I am allowed to do as I please.

When the day comes that we're all found out and deemed such a threat to society that cannot be controlled, and it isn't just select mafia groups and crooked cops throwing stones at us, I will not be one of the ones laying in a pool of my own blood. I will be alongside the government, being touted as one of the "good ones." I'll be able to live the rest of my life. It'll be in government hands, and as their tool from time to time, but at least I'll live.

I've made it clear to them that I wish them no harm and am very willing to cooperate. You all should start considering doing the same before you start running out of options.


Jul. 25th, 2014 11:32 pm
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Well, I've gone and had a modelling milestone I should've seen coming. While I wrap my head around it, here's a game you shouldn't play unless you're prepared for awfulness: google yourself, what you're known by to the public, or just someone network-famous plus porn. How bad are your results? Can you top mine?

Oh, and I have uncovered an old safehouse. A very nice old safehouse. It's got two pools, hot and cold running roombas, and goddamn twelve cats. A beach party's not really feasible right now, but this should be different. I want people to come see and hang out! Send me a private message.
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[Whoops hello everyone, someone's been mopey lately(dead significant others will do that to you) and boy does it show. Shinji's currently sitting on his bed hugging his knees with his laptop in front of him.]

So...if I told the FBI I didn't want anything to do with the robot I got back anymore, what do you guys think would happen?