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[the video, showing two people who haven't been seen on the network for some time: namely, Natalie Tamura and Fuyuka Terasawa. In the latter's case, she appears slightly different, in that she now wears a pair of glasses when before she had none. Bardiche hangs around her neck.

It's Fuyuka who speaks first]

Ah... hello everyone. It's been some time, hasn't it? For those of you who don't know me, my name is Fuyuka Terasawa, and this is my good friend, Natalie Tamura. Several months ago, well... we forgot our echoes, and it seemed our time together was at an end. But it appears destiny had other ideas.

[despite it all, Fuyuka smiles slightly, hand coming up to the pendant hanging around her neck] Bardiche returned to me several weeks ago, and the same was true for Natalie's device. I'm... eager to find out what's progressed in our absence. It seems a great deal is looming on the horizon...

[Thats when Natalie pipes up, practically shoving her face in the camera.] That's why we want to do whatever we can to help! I- well, I wasn't able to do as much as I would have liked, or maybe not as much as I could before... I want to fix that, now that I've been given another chance. With all the people who could be in danger, that has to be our responsibility, right?

[Fuyuka nods in turn to that, smiling at Natalie as she tries to get her to sit back down]

My sentiments exactly, Natalie... it's really great to be back amongst you all.

[ooc - as this is a joint post, feel free to address either woman or both at the same time. Both will be replying to tags, in any case!]


Dec. 29th, 2014 05:02 pm
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[there's a pause as the recording begins, with some... uncomfortable murmuring that indicates the speaker is nervous about saying this. Finally, however, she speaks]

This past month has been... well, it has been quite busy for us all. Personally speaking, I've had a significant case that I finished, I observed the battle with the mafia, and there were the riots in Locke.

There are still things I want to inquire upon. Like the way things that are being handled in the wake of said riots, but...

[there's a long, audible sigh]

I feel as though it's time I tried to relax. Unfortunately, that's not an area in which I'm particularly versed. Some might call me a workaholic... and that feeds into a vice that I'm trying to distance myself from.

So, then. Would... anyone have any suggestions for leisure activities in accordance with the New Year? I would prefer suggestions that do not involve excessive amounts of alcohol.
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[Jovan's face is lit only by the light from his phone. The background is mostly pitch black, but it's clear that he's sitting in a pile of something shiny.]

Alright, not being funny here, I need a rescue mission right the fuck now before a dragon comes out of here somewhere and eats me! SOS, SOS, send down those rescuers who got the Chilean miners out! I'm inside that new mountain that popped up in Vegas!

[He swings the phone around to give the network a view of his surroundings. Not much is visible, but Jovan clicks on his flashlight and illuminates at least a small portion of the area--he is sitting on a giant pile of golden coins, trinkets, jewels, and the like. The full scale is not really visible from the flashlight's view, but one thing is clear: it's BIG.]

Send your best cave dwellers before I die down here!
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Hello, everyone. By now, you're all more than likely aware of what's happening in Locke. Suffice it to say, it's pretty obvious certain parties are attempting to fill the void left by Albero. Others I'm certain are opportunists.

I'm certain at least some of you would like to see something done. I don't think going for those vying for power is the answer at the moment, as certain powers will likely assume we are attempting to carve out a piece for ourselves. Rather, I think it best that anyone out there handle this on a case by case basis, and focus on protecting civilians. In most cases, it would be better to escape to safety; discretion being the better part of valor, as it were.

Remember, they're either those who want to replace Albero, or they're simply looters and thugs who were waiting for an excuse. If anyone would like to coordinate anything, I would be willing to assist.


[action thread for dealing with matters in Locke] )
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Who: Everyone joining the mafia attack
What: Attack on the mafia meeting
When: Monday night, December 8th
Where: mafia building

An hour before the meeting, everyone who wants to make a stand against the mafia - violent and potentially ill advised though it might be - gathers in a nearby location to make final plans. Nick’s original idea of Xander moving a small number of people through shadows into the meeting to take out Albero is still technically in effect, but only for those who are planning on gunning straight for the mafia boss himself. Or those who want to help take him out specifically, even if not to deliver the final blow themselves.

Thorir’s provided weapons from his shop, for any network members who know how to use them. L’d agreed to handle the coordination of getting everyone in the building to take out as many of the mafia members as they could, and to hopefully confine the chaos inside.

Because once they’re in and fighting, it’s… probably going to be at least a little chaos.

But hopefully, by the end of the night, it’ll at least be done.

[OOC: Linking one more time to the plotting post in case anyone needs it as the log goes on! I’ll post up a thread for those gunning for Albero so the mods can NPC him as needed, otherwise feel free to start your own threads to battle mafia goons!]
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Who: Saretha Kaiser ([personal profile] purestambition) + Fuyuka Terasawa ([personal profile] seed_of_memory) one day, + Kevin Steele ([personal profile] truthcharted) on another.
What: Saretha needs to talk to some folks.
Where: Las Vegas
When: November 17th, evening (w/ Fuyuka)
November 18th, afternoon (w/ Kevin)

[Two prompts incoming down below.]
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Who: Natalie and Fuyuka
What: A change of direction
Where: Their hotel room in Vegas
When: October 27th

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[Lily appears, looking a little nervous.]

Hi, everyone. You might have noticed Linda posting before about Winter and I sort of, ah. Getting eaten by a magic mirror.

Obviously, that sort of. Well. Didn't last. We're fine - Winter and I both came out without anything wrong with us. If anything, we're... better than ever, honestly.

[She smiles.]

Sorry if we worried anyone.

In the meantime, we're still feeling our way around here in Vegas and figuring out what to do. I don't think any of us know how "permanent" or not this is going to be, and... all of the schools here are shut down for the time being. [She shakes her head.] But... we're managing, and we've got problems here that need to be looked into just as much as Locke. Still... if anyone needs anything back home, do say something, okay? [Her vision diverts from the screen a little bit.] I'm worried about you guys, so... stay safe, as best you can.

[And with that, she clicks the video closed.]
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Who: Chuck, Fuyuka, Karl
What: Meetings about mafias and leaks, ooooh~
When: 9/22, why not
Where: probably somewhere desolate and isolated in Locke I dunno
Warnings: none that i can think of right now

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Sep. 14th, 2014 10:26 am
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Well, dropped my classes for the semester at Locke U. Lost all my scholarships in the process, though that barely matters now. Transferred the part of my funds that were in local banks to a couple national investment banks. And got a first-class ticket to Vegas. Loaded all my personal stuff into some nice checked bags.

Anyone who's in Vegas and wants to help me find a good condo in the Numbers-friendly zone, I'd appreciate it. Money's only loosely an object, but no overkill please.

[Locked to Natalie, Fuyuka, Winter, Robyn and a few others Britany might especially trust - ask if uncertain]

The penthouse is still mine, under an assumed name. I'm coming back once we've got a plan to deal with these creeps. Until then, I want anyone off-network or not verified trustworthy thinking I'm being a good little girl.

I... I don't like abandoning Robyn at a time like this, though. I really don't... Right now, though, the teleporter's our ace in the hole. Let them think I'm in Vegas until right before they're on fire, right?


Sep. 11th, 2014 12:33 am
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I guess the last week sort of gave me the answers I was looking for before, didn't it?

[ It is perhaps one reason she's just doing this by voice this time. A touch of paranoia makes her not want to share where she is at the moment. ]

They would hurt children, or endanger them. Who or what's involved doesn't matter otherwise to these people, does it? I can't endanger my students. [ That last part is t remotely questioning in tone; it's firm. ] So I won't.

I've taken an extended leave of absence from my school. I explained it as some family problems but I figure that won't hold up for very long. I have family outside the barriers I could go to, just forget all about this... It's tempting, really.

But... I don't think I can just do that. If I ever came back to remember things, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I'll be going to Vegas for however long I need to, and... I know there are kids, or even just teenagers, who will be having to abandon their schools for awhile thanks to all this.

If anyone needs it, I'd like to help. I might have only just taught elementary, but I should still be able to tutor people in subjects. It... might not be much, but it's something, I hope.


Aug. 24th, 2014 04:33 pm
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Hello everyone. The last time I spoke to you, many of you asked me to look into the situation involving the criminal attacks that have been plaguing our number. I'd already been acting to investigate this myself, but it is for that reason, and for the reason of our safety that I am speaking to you now.

There is someone leaking information about us to the mafia.

It cannot be doubted that this is the case. The people who have been attacked are all Numbered, or connected to someone who is. There is no way that anyone could have attacked that combination of people without someone feeding them information gleaned from the Network, as not all of the people affected by these attacks have their status known to the public.

We all need to be careful, but I would like to make something clear: Abandoning the use of the network is not the solution here. It is our one means of communication with one another, and whatever damage that can be done has already been done. If we divide ourselves and cease to communicate, we will be at a disadvantage to people who are clearly our enemies.

Of course, we cannot act as if nothing is wrong, either. Stay vigilant. Stay focused. Watch what information you give out and whom you share it with. And protect one another.
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[Today is your lucky day, network, because the mystery of the identity of Simon Fucking Edwards is finally solved. Broadcasting from the same number as all those panic-inducing posts in the past is this chump, in his first full face video broadcast on the network ever.

Too bad it's under less than favorable circumstances. The background of the video is dark and his face is pale, lit up only by his phone's screen as he speaks into it in frantic, whispered tones. The camera jostles every few moments and Jovan is looking around frantically.]

Help! Help me, I--shit--the cult freaks grabbed me and they're--I don't know what they're doing to me now, I don't know what they want from me!

[He looks distressed and...almost to the point of tears, even.]

Somebody fucking--find me and save me!

[That's where the video cuts out.]
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Who: Thunder Corp and anyone who wants to be involved in the machine theft!
Where: A little-used road in the middle of nowhere, heading towards the echo boundary
When: Nighttime, August 6th
What: Hijacking (and later, testing) Project Jump!
Warnings: Violence, most likely.

Boop de doop. )


Aug. 5th, 2014 08:39 pm
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[ Ellie isn't used to making big important announcements. Or posting to the network at large. Still, she's going to do her best! ]

They're moving Project Jump.

[ That probably needs more explanation, doesn't it. Ughhhhhh words ]

The machine they were hiding, I mean. Thunder Corp will be moving it outside the city tomorrow.
Somebody should probably think about stopping them. With the number of armed guards they're sending, it's obviously something important.

[ The message is still missing something. A friendly touch, perhaps? To show she can be trusted? ]




Aug. 3rd, 2014 12:22 pm
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Hello again, everyone. As you're all aware, we're facing a great degree of scrutiny and danger; maybe not in a necessarily greater manner, but enough to be concerning. And I know that many of us want to get to the bottom of it.

We've all faced our share of danger, and we've all dealt with the risks that come from going it alone or acting without experience. I personally had to learn that the hard way when I investigated the Thunder Corp compound. I could have easily lost my life. I... I have learned that I need to rely on other people.

So I would like to make a proposal. I am a private investigator. I have resources and knowledge that I can share with those of you who share my desire to shed light on the secrets surrounding us. I have already reached out to several of you as contacts, but... perhaps it is time I offered more.


There is also another matter I would like to discuss as well. I... I had an echo some time ago, and it concerns matters that I have been uncomfortable to discuss openly. At the same time, I realize many of you have dealt with the weight of our past lives longer than I have...

[Fuyuka pauses and takes a deep breath before continuing]

When I was a child, I lost both my parents. It was at an age where my memories of living with them have... faded with time. The echo I received recently... it involved my previous self's childhood with her mother. It was peaceful. Idyllic... they clearly cared about each other a great deal...

I am unsure of how to deal with it. I cannot feel if I feel jealousy or regret. What's more... my parents losing their lives were what drove me to enter law enforcement. Embracing these memories - memories that aren't even mine - it feels like I am betraying all of that.

I. I could use [her voice cracks] some advice.

Th-thank you for your time.
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[ John is carefully poised at the desk, fingers folded and elbows resting on the hard surface. He starts by clearing his throat. ]

As a previous post hinted, another clinic employee has lost their Echoes. That employee is Mordin Solus. But don't worry; it is still safe. He left notes for himself, and there is still at least me from the network working there. Should you for whatever reason prefer to have someone from the network present if you need to see us, I would be happy to do so at any time if at all possible.

Otherwise, I hope everyone is well out there. Things are turning ... even less favourable. Which makes me regret the fact that I bought plane tickets to go back to the UK from the seventh to the twenty-first, but I don't think I'll cancel them. It's rather important. More on that in a minute.

I have a few questions first. Three, to be exact. One.

[ While he opens a drawer and leans back to reach into it, he holds up a finger. ]

Does the name Gallifrey ring any bells for anyone? I think that's my home planet. My other self's home planet. But that's all I know about it for now.

[ Aside from remembering fleeing it, but he'll leave that bit out since he has no idea why he did, after all. Just knows it was fleeing. And that the time machine he has is probably stolen. Doesn't seem important, though.

He puts a paper down in front of him and turns back, holding up a device. ]

Two, does anyone know what this is? It doesn't work. There's a button, but pressing it does nothing.

And lastly, [ this time he holds up the paper; a drawing, ] does anyone recognise this? I drew it as well as I could. I'm inclined to say it's a robot. It talked like one, and looks the part. It had a sucker cup for an arm whatever reason, and the other arm is a weapon. It can paralyse people for as long as it likes, but if it can kill I don't know. Wouldn't surprise me.

[ He puts it down, and sighs. ]

I intend to tell my family. I have spent enough festive occasions without them. There is only one big problem.

I don't look like the same person anymore. And I really do mean that. For anyone who missed it, I used to look like this.

[ Cue holding up a photo. ]

I am not entirely sure how to go about it, so having some people with me who might be able to help reassure them would be helpful, or any suggestions you might have. I want-- I need this to work. That is also why I'm going back to the UK. My brother and parents are there. I'm aware of the Echo situation, of course, and I don't know what will happen but I would like to try.

[ There's a pause, and he nods. ]

I suppose that's that.

[ And he reaches out and cuts the feed. ]
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Rei Ikari, here to be publicly crucified.

This month I've seen a lot of people talking about run-ins with certain groups of people that have left them beaten, distressed, or otherwise roughed up. Continually, certain people find out that we're numbered. And when that happens, people get hurt or people get in trouble because you find yourselves in positions that make you something dangerous or to be feared. Something worth taking the time to stamp out.

We're in a position where we only have each other to rely on. And to be frank, I don't think we're very reliable.

[There's a smugness as she touches her hand to her chest.]

Of course I am in no such position. I have long since been relinquished into the care of our national officials. I have access to a safe, air tights government facility in which I can find total respite. I have demonstrated a usefulness to them, and therefore am allotted cooperation. Protection.

[She lifts up her bangs, running a finger along her forehead to make a point.]

And look at this. No scars where my brain was scooped out of my head and experimented on. I haven't had drills slid into my temple, no vivisections, no experimentation. No marks from injections in my arm. I've been treated perfectly reasonably aside from some bothersome monitoring. But I have nothing to hide. For the most part, I am allowed to do as I please.

When the day comes that we're all found out and deemed such a threat to society that cannot be controlled, and it isn't just select mafia groups and crooked cops throwing stones at us, I will not be one of the ones laying in a pool of my own blood. I will be alongside the government, being touted as one of the "good ones." I'll be able to live the rest of my life. It'll be in government hands, and as their tool from time to time, but at least I'll live.

I've made it clear to them that I wish them no harm and am very willing to cooperate. You all should start considering doing the same before you start running out of options.

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(ooc: backdated to July 26th,  around 12:30 AM) 

[After Jovan's post Cecil has been awkwardly touching a few cultists in Vegas and learning things. Petunia's daughter has asked him to share with the class, and so he does:]

The cultists plan a great sacrifice and cleansing tomorrow. I fear Mrs. Petunia Bonright's life is in grave danger. They see her as a corruptor of reincarnates. It is likely, though not certain, that the so-called sacrifice will involve water. Mrs. Bonright is a kind lady. Please, help her if you can.

If you are a minor or powerless, stay away. The cultists are not safe. For the same reason, under no circumstances try to date any of them.
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[The first part of this post is a screenshot of a text conversation on his phone--a pretty one-sided one at that. By which I mean, entirely one-sided. The 'conversation' is as follows:

abducted by cultists around 10pm
headed to either davie's apartment or "underground fountain"
names james, davie, chloe, 2 more
have guns, knives, 1 automatic gun
help HELP
call Eileen

After attaching the image, Jovan switches back to his usual text format.]

^^^ what the fuck is this supposed to be?! I just got sent this from that lady working at the hotel that's giving us free rooms, Bunbright or something. If this is a prank, it's a really shit one, I'll just say right now.

I have no fucking idea where Davie's apartment is. Or what this "underground fountain" is supposed to be, are those even a thing?!

and who the FUCK is Eileen

holy fuck, somebody do something, i am STARTING TO FREAK OUT A LITTLE over here!! what am I supposed to DO?!

EDIT: Oh my god I cannot BELIEVE I'm doing this but Eileen's this lady's daughter and she's letting us into her house to search it, and I am NOT going alone in there, no fucking way. Who wants to go on this fucked up cultist scavenger hunt?

((OOC: The edit is ICly made approx. an hour after the post initially goes up. Specify in your comment subject if you're responding post-edit or not!))


Jul. 17th, 2014 09:30 pm
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Hello everyone. My name is Fuyuka Terasawa, and I am a private investigator. While I cannot get into how I attained this information, I have some information for you all about the recent activities of Thunder Corp. However, I have elected to be transparent about my identity as a show of trust to the rest of you.

I have already uploaded the data I was given to a secure database, which you can all access here. It includes schematics for a device similar, but different from the one they are showing off above ground that they are referring to as being for the purposes of "clean energy". This one they are hiding in their basement, and they are calling it "Project Jump", and it is connected to the first somehow.

I have not been able to ascertain anything else about this technology of theirs, but I know for a fact that they are protecting this with the help of those Vermini creatures. Considering the timing coincides with the blackouts, I feel it is safe to say that they are up to something that warrants our further attention.

Addendum: The password to access the network is the day of the monstrous snake's attack on the city. 0309.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jul. 16th, 2014 05:52 pm
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[The open video feed is clearly underwater, though visibility at any sort of distance isn't great. Arthur himself is showing up quite well--he's easy to spot thanks to the fact that he's wearing his orange-and-green superhero suit and carrying a large gold trident.]

Looks like the network CAN transmit from underwater--I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before!

[Arthur is clearly proud of himself. So proud.]

ANYWAY, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm HOT ON THE TRAIL of WHATEVER OUTRAGEOUS GIANT LOBSTER CREATURE THING is ROAMING AROUND LAS VEGAS! I haven't found anything YET, but I'm SURE it's only a MATTER OF TIME!
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Looks like I got caught up in the case myself... I should have listened when they warned me, but no, of course I didn't listen.

In the interest of fair disclosure, I guess I'll introduce myself. My name's Kevin. Kevin Steele. I work for the FBI, and I'm assigned to keep an eye on the city and make sure nothing untoward happens. But now I'm part of everything, just the same as all of you. At least I'm not coming in totally blind, but... well, there's not a whole lot else to be said for it.

Don't mistake this for a truce - if something happens, I'm going to be on top of it immediately. And I'm not going to tolerate any idiocy in what is now my city. I just want to make sure that's clear now. Don't do anything crazy, and you won't have problems from me.

So, now that I've said that... I'm working my way through the backlog, but I'm certain there are things that weren't in the briefing that I need to know. Anyone have any ideas?
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Who: Lazarus and Fuyuka
When: July 10th
Where: Espresso Yourself
What: Fuyuka goes straight to the source and has some questions for a certain evasive proprietor.
Warnings: Mehhh? Will update if necessary

And since I'm on cliche terms, knowing is half the battle )


Jul. 7th, 2014 04:53 pm
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Who: Fil(bert), OPEN
When: 7/5
Where: Random bar in Locke
What: Fil's noticed he's finally stopped shrinking and has gone out to a bar to 'celebrate'. If he's talked to you more than once on the network and he knows you're legal, you probably got a message he's gone to so-and-so bar to have a drink or two, maybe three and you're all welcome to join him. He's open to having random passerby's join him as well, so drop on in!

There is an inn, a merry old inn beneath an old grey hill, And there they brew a beer so brown That the Man in the Moon himself came down One night to drink his fill. )
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Who: Fuyuka Terasawa, Natalie Tamura
What: Infiltration and Revelation
Where: ThunderCorp compound and Natalie's apartment
When: June 23rd

Fuyuka was lucky )

OOC: ((everything discovered here was discussed with and approved by a mod beforehand))
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Who: Natalie Tamura ([personal profile] starlightheart), OPEN
What: Blackout - Raising Heart Sets Up
Where: Downtown Locke
When: After 9:30PM, June 11th
Warnings: None, yet.

Natalie shouldn't have been out this late in the first place. )

[OOC - For whoever might respond, note that there will be an encounter with one of those glowing balls of light. ... Natalie and Raising Heart will both have a reaction to this.]
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Jun. 3rd, 2014 09:40 pm
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[This is the first time Chuck has ever shown his face on the network, so he's looking a little nervous when the video starts up. It doesn't help that, in the worst case scenario, he's about to open himself to potential murder here. Still, he forces a more or less casual expression as the video starts.]

So. I know you, but you don't me. I'm Chuck--moved into town about a year ago, and been on this network since January.

...I'm also a Blood Key. [Chuck grabs the neckline of his shirt and pulls it down to show the keyhole tattoo on camera.] Now, before any of you start sharpening your axes, I'm saying that to try and help--trust me, I think what's going on here is just as messed up as you do, and I have information I bet you guys could use.

So instead of trying to kill me, just...think of me as your man on the inside. [He puts on a confident grin, almost leaning into a smirk.] Deal?
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[Matt Abbot sits before you today in a spinny desk chair, illuminated by his laptop screen. If you thought Matt couldn’t get dumber, you were wrong. You were very wrong. He is making good on his threats of stupidity so over the top they’re impossible to believe. Today Matt is wearing a surprisingly well made masquerade-style eye mask, black with a diagonal cut of blue over his left eye. And he is also wearing a surprising well made collared cape, black with a blue lining. He is also just wearing generally nice clothing under it because you can totally dress like a supervillain and still be stylish.

He steeples his fingers, a sly(ish) smile on his face.]

Greetings, Numbered. As I have been recently freed from the mortal prison of mandatory education, I am now free to pursue any future I wish. … Until August because I have already paid my tuition deposit.

But until August, Locke City, you are being watched. I will be your worst nightmare. I will be a supervillain the likes of which none of you have ever seen before. Such dastardly deeds as speaking in a fake New Jersey accent, directing tourists to the wrong streets and ripping tags off mattresses will happen on the streets every day for as long as I remain in its borders. I will accomplish all my good deeds by questionable means, causing me to become a terrible menace who will puzzle philosophy majors because no one can tell if I'm actually being a bad person. [He leans back in his chair, doing his best to look mysterious and dangerous.]

My first dastardly deed will be a kidnapping. Next Monday, June 16th, I will be kidnapping one of your number, heroes, and taking him with me to Las Vegas. If you wish to guarantee his safety, there is room for two others to accompany us on our cross-country trip. If you wish to ensure his safe return to New Jersey, then you may contact me and we will discuss plans.

[And with that the video turns off. However, Matt is still going, typing. He’s posting a selfie, too, of him in graduation robes. He’s got the National Honor Society gold graduation stole and everything.]

Graduation’s next weekend, too. My parents and my aunt and uncle are the reason I can take the trip--the car’s a graduation thing. Being serious for a second, though, if you want to come, the car is big enough that it won’t be an awful trip. Leaving the 16th at 8AM. If you’re under 18, I need parental permission. I’ll text you my number.


May. 15th, 2014 10:56 pm
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[Lily doesn't know why she didn't notice it sooner. She should have, shouldn't she? Her mother probably would have on sight, given what was involved. She knew this sort of thing like the back of her hand. Yet... it seemed so obvious now that she'd had some time of being able to sit and think about things, to focus beyond the murder of someone she knew, and beyond her worry for her present loved ones. While she gives Winter a quick heads up before going into this, she then just does it - she wants as many thoughts on all of this as possible.]

I don't know how well it's been covered outside of Las Vegas, but before Angeline's death, there was another murder the week prior. I know it's been mentioned here and there - Dr. Solus did, and I've had a couple discussions since it happened. The Doctor thought it may be connected to supernatural events, and then... Well, I think we all became more than a little distracted by what happened to Angeline.

I've pointed it out to someone else, but... The fact that both bodies wound up in water, and Vermini appear around there should be an obvious enough connection, although with the homicide rate in big cities I can understand why some might still think its a coincidence.

However... In the wound of Frederick Abbott, there was a Heliconia clipping. Angeline was found on a raft made of lobsters and crabs. The Heliconia, in addition to meaning "great returns" - whether or not that has any actual relevance here - is also known as the "lobster-claw."

That's... far, far too much to be a coincidence at this point, isn't it? Given the mysterious circumstances of how Angeline's body just appeared where it did, there is obviously something going on beyond what's normal, even for Vegas. And they're connected.

I'll probably see if there's a way to pass this along to the local police, though I figure the connections have probably already been figured out on their end. It probably won't help them much, but I figure the offer is something, at least. On OUR end, it does raise a question... Beyond anyone targeting us, just who was this Frederick Abbott, and if they are connected... what does that even mean? Washington's on the other end of the country from Locke City. He couldn't have been Numbered. Right?

...I don't know. I don't have anything to offer beyond that. There's way too many connecting threads here, I just wonder if anyone else has any thoughts out there.
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Remember the guy who was kidnapped by the mafia and asking for help to get him out of there?

Well, he's gone now--they either took him somewhere else...or worse. I don't know for sure. Has anyone seen him on the network lately? We might still be able to help if he's around on here.

[and if he's not...Chuck doesn't want to entertain that thought.]
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Who: Winter and her companions
When: May 11, afternoon and evening
Where: Villa Precure
What: Reminiscing about things left behind. And mostly just... taking a breather. (And maybe dinner.)

She's a little bit homesick, even though almost everything came with her. There are... just a few missing pieces. )

[video (open) | May 12th, morning]

[That leads to a post the next morning; Winter's looking a little sheepish, but her cheer from last night hasn't really worn off yet.]

I made too much macaroni last night... does anyone want some? I don't t-think it'll keep long enough to bring some back to Locke City, but if anyone around here would like some, I don't mind sharing. I'd tell you where to come to, but... I s-suspect everyone already knows. I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day! I would like to hear what everyone did, if you don't mind.

[A pause.] I don't have any new information on our "investigation" just yet... we'll have to do a little more digging, I think. Right now, we're just taking a break, I think. It's been a long couple of weeks, and... even if we haven't found m-much yet, it's still tiring work roaming the city. If anyone knows anything new, I'd like to hear about it, too.

Um, that's everything I wanted to say today... [She waves before she cuts the feed.]
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Who: Fuyuka, Natalie
What: Taking stock
Where: Natalie's apartment
When: May 4th

Read more... )