Mar. 31st, 2015 10:47 pm
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Who: Aaron + Liam
What: Getting horses in London
When: After the hair shows up, before things get too chatotic.
Where: London!

"We're going to investigate the subways, aren't we?" asks Aaron, as he keeps pace with Liam down a London street. The past few weeks have been fantastic, honestly -- Aaron doesn't know when he's been so content. Being out of doors, seeing places he's never seen, being in good company, the future only a vague worry, it's all been good for him. Not even that one wolpertinger they had stumbled across put a damper on it.He's a little worried that he wasn't able to detect any underground creatures, and their existence is still a nagging fear, but this extended camping trip is what has made Aaron finally feel ready to take on the real world and its mysteries again. There's a spring in his step and confidence in his voice.
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[ Arnold looks thoughtful, and Benedict his dopple can be seen huddled in an emo corner behind him ]

Hey... network. Your echoes, or pulses, or whatever... do they... normally make sense? Because all of mine seem... I dunno. Very disjointed. This most recent one is like... just a poem! Or something. A very, very depressing one.

[ And then there's a glow on the screen and he looks down, stares, and screeches, flailing, and a glowing rock goes sailing across the room as he tips backwards off his chair to land on the floor. Benedict jumps to his feet with a startled yelp spinning and brandishing a letter opener in his hand before blinking in confusion ]


'M fine.
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 [Gabriel's flat is in unusual disarray, a bag out on the bed which he's shoving clothes into, half out of sight of the camera.  He continues packing as he speaks, short and terse, unusually dishevelled and obviously anxious.]

London lit up.  I have to go home.  My parents are there.  [And, for those who don't remember how old Gabriel really is, his parents are in their early 80s.]

If anyone needs somewhere to stay, I might be able to set you onto somewhere.  Let me know.

[And that's that; he cuts the feed.  Replies will come later and from a very different place: the flat above his parent's house in London.]


Feb. 23rd, 2015 04:10 pm
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Who: Liam and Gabriel
What: Returning Jack to his rightful owner and leaving the mountain
Where: Erebor
When: Saturday
Warnings: Liam is a warning of his own

there and back again )
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Where can I find a good steak house in Neuschwanstein? Do they have a Texas Longhorn's here? I feel like going out to eat. I admit it's kind of strange to go eat out by yourself and I'd rather not draw attention, so if anyone wants to come with me that's fine. Just pay for your own meal.

Also, I'm heading back to Vegas later tonight to take care of some things. I've decided I like not having Jack around. Does anybody want a corgi? He's friendly and house-trained and all, but I just can't be bothered anymore. I can pick him up while I'm over there.

-Liam B. Benedict
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[Video - network]
[He didn't really want to do a video but. He feels like he owes it to everyone to do one. So here is the face of one (1) Jovan Burzek, looking unusually shy and awkward.]

Hi, everybody. Um, I guess I just...wanted to apologise for all the things I've said. And--and done, to everyone here since getting on the network. It was really rude, and uncalled for, and...if I ever actually hurt anyone's feelings, I didn't really mean to. Sorry.

And, uh...if there's anything I can do to make it up to you, I'll do my best. So...if anyone needs me, I'll be around Locke, trying to move back in with my dad.

action - locke )

action - germany )
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Who: Julien and OPEN
What: Morose giant bird lets himself be approached.
Where: Various non-crowded places in Locke, Vegas, and Neuschwainstein; in the air, in parks, in large yards. Your character may have gotten in contact with him and arranged to meet, or just encountered him.
When: Vague points in the last few days of January.

In a world on its way to getting better? )
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Who: Fil, Liam and Aaron
What: Fil dragging Liam off to Aaron's clinic in Locke to get him some REAL medical attention
Where: The clinic
When: Around 1/17?
Warnings: Nothing.
Fil was trying, he really was. )
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[Liam is off screen coughing for a moment before he leans his face back into view with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders tightly. He looks and sounds decidedly unwell., but also a bit panicked.]

Guys, this is like, really important you gotta listen to me. I think I might have bird flu. That's really dangerous right? So--

[He turns away to cough.]

So we should like, quarantine the mountain! And if you've been near me or Julien you should stay at home for a while so it doesn't spread.

[He reaches out from under the blanket and hold the laptop by the monitor, as if taking someone's shoulders, and looks into the camera seriously with red rimmed eyes.]

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about I'm a prince.


Jan. 10th, 2015 11:33 am
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[The view is from the floor, of the ceiling of Julien's room in the hotel, which has a poem taped to it. You can hear the sound of his very deep breathing, noisier and more labored than usual.]

I can't get up. There was a pulse - something's gonna - [A white wing is briefly visible, flapping. It's another moment before he says anything.]

It hurts.
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Who: Thorir and you!
What: Goldsick dwarf king on his pile of gold having issues with people trying to talk sense into him, or generally existing on his pile of gold, depending on how he knows them.
When: Christmas Day until mid-January
Where: Las Vegas, inside the mountain
Warnings: Fantasy mental illness

So much for 'I will not become like my grandfather and father' )
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[Today Liam is sporting an organic, knit green point hat with a bell at the end.]

Okay guys, I leave to head home in a few hours, so I'll be losing the ears. Go ahead and get the Elf jokes out of your system.

[Liam gestures with open arms, and feigns bracing himself for the impact with a deep breath.]

...Lay it on me.


Dec. 15th, 2014 05:46 pm
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Who: Julien, Gabriel, and Liam
Where: Germany, some woodsy mountainous campsite
When: Dec 15
What: Julien's preincarnation led a bonfire cult once. How better to poke at that echo than by hanging out roasting marshmallows?

Sacrificial bonfire must burn/Burn up the old/Bring in the new )


Dec. 12th, 2014 06:24 pm
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[Fil's voice sounds tired; it's been a long week for him, especially with the mafia attack. And then there as the personal news he's announcing now.]

Okay, this is late about a week but I figured most people was occupied with mafia stuff I didn't want to bring it up.

I'm sorry to say that my cousin Killian is no longer among the Numbered. He's going to stay permanently in Vegas and he still knows about us but his actual echoes are gone.

If you're his friend I'm sure he won't mind a few people dropping by occasionally.



Dec. 5th, 2014 12:39 pm
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[In Thorir's background, one can see what looks half like a tunnel, half like a normal street with houses on either side, many adorned with geometrical patterns. They are lit by lamps that just seem a bit out of place, hanging under the roof of the street like streetlamps, and a few houses on the street have signs on the door or otherwise look lived-in. It's all very clean and well-kept, though empty.]

As some of you know, there is a numbered colony inside the mountain that has risen under Las Vegas. The entrance is hidden, and we want to keep it that way so that it can remain a safe place for those numbered that don't want to leave America. Everyone is welcome to claim a house or room, there are plenty. A lot of the mountain isn't yet explored and might be unsafe, but there seem to be no monsters hiding in it like in the catacombs in Locke City, and the area that has electricity, wi-fi and mobile signal is safe. We also have running water.

...We'll just have to hope that they don't dig too deeply while building all the things on the mountain.

[He pauses to make it clear that he's changing the topic - it's also announced by his factual manner gaining a dangerous glint.]

I will be participating in the attack on the Mafia. I already talked to Hjalti and he's coming with me. If anyone else from Vegas wants to join us, we'll go to Locke a few hours early so he can pick up some weapons at my store.

That said, if anyone needs firearms, a sword, and axe or daggers for this, contact me and I will set you up with it.
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[ It's a rather posh set up, like this was some professional solemn news broadcast or something. Though, to be fair, John does think it's very important. He's seated at his desk, arms folded in front of him, and a furrow to his brow. ]

There is a matter I wish to discuss with you.

People have been losing their jobs, been suspended from schools, and hunted down simply for being numbered. It's more than enough that in any other case you could bring it to court but, likely, the law is not entirely sure what to make of us. In the fine print, I suppose we aren't exactly covered.

[ But if you ask him, that's honestly absurd, and that's clear in his tone.

He takes a break to grab a cup of tea and take a sip. There's a shift in his eyes, into something exhausted. He's tired. There's a lot going on and he's not entirely sure what to do. ]

We tend to take the law into our own hands, but I think perhaps it's worth actually trying to work with it. If anyone else would like to try, I would be glad to have some help.

Any inputs or thoughts are welcome. I'd love to hear them.

[ And he cuts the feed. ]


Nov. 10th, 2014 09:13 pm
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Suil, network. Minor question, but I figure I know enough people who can answer it! [he's teasing. More seriously:] What are some of the things you start to notice, getting older?

[he's not telling people about his potential lifespan, there's a safer reason to share]

I looked at some selfies from a couple years ago and some today. My skin's changed, it's thinner now. Not as oily. So that might be it. But I think there's more of a hint of, um, lines around my eyes. [With laughing complaint] I'm twenty-five, this is way too early! And like half-Japanese, that's supposed to set them back more.
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[Killian is...not a happy camper, which is why the post is voice only]

Anyone who knew my dad--Hjalti--he's gone off Network. He'll still be in Vegas and he's an ally, but...yeah. Happy fucking birthday to me. Last year it was just bombs! Now it's...

[There's quiet before something smashes against a wall somewhere]

Fuck this shit, man. People are dying because their family's Numbered, people are being killed because they're Numbered, families are breaking apart, people are having to leave their homes, giant freaky monsters appear wherever we go, my girlfriend is still in the hospital from the last one, the world is literally falling apart and I can't even fucking drink. Apparently he could, though, he was seventy-seven which was still basically immature young adult for Dwarves so, y'know. That's a thing.

[More silence, another broken glass something, and the feed cuts off.

Anyone in Erebor will find him on the floor in the room he claimed for himself, two broken glass statues nearby.]


Oct. 21st, 2014 07:15 pm
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[Still adjusting to his new super-sight, Liam is wearing glasses when he shows up on the screen. A hint of general anxiety is shown by some fidgeting.]

Okay so... things are bad in Locke, right? I haven't been back in a while. People are talking about moving, and I don't want to move. It's like a second home to me, you know?

[He'd spent a lot of time feeling like he wanted to get away from Locke when his sea-longing first kicked in, but now...]

My family has had property there since I was a kid... I mean I get that the property won't go anywhere, but I'm kind of attached to it.

[Liam takes a deep breath then sits back from the camera. When he speaks again, he's less somber.]

Okay, distraction time. So, a lot of people I know have names for their past lives or old selves or whatever - is that pretty common? I figured I should get one too, if that's the case. Don't want to be left out. Any ideas?


...Okay nobody say "butthead" or something.


Oct. 12th, 2014 07:40 pm
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[Liam's looking rather excited and shocked today when he turns on the laptop in his hotel room. It's apparent that he wants to look at the camera to speak to the network, but he's also unable to take his eyes off of whatever it outside the window to the side... which in this case is everything.]

Guys, guys... you will not believe this! I can see like... forever!
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I just want you all to know that the thing with THE GIGANTIC LOBSTERCRAB was NOT MY FAULT!

[Honestly! Really! Would this face lie to you?]


[So maybe everyone else had the right idea in getting him to leave it alone when he found it. Imagine that.]

And when it DID wake up, I COULDN'T TALK TO IT! I TRIED to see what it wanted and to see if I could get it to CALM DOWN, but I had ABSOLUTELY NO LUCK!

[He's pretty saddened by that, actually.]

I mean, I KIND OF got through, but all I got was that it was REALLY SCARED and it was like A BUNCH OF LITTLE VOICES going ON AND ON AND ON and I couldn't really make much SENSE of it all, except that maybe it just wanted to SURVIVE but it was like I was TALKING TO A WALL or maybe a REALLY DENSE SEA CUCUMBER THAT HAD BEEN OUT DRINKING ALL NIGHT ONLY NOT JUST ONE CUCUMBER BUT A BUNCH OF THEM!

[There's a sad sigh.]

And there was a LOT of other destruction, no doubt about that...EVERYONE was running scared at some with all THAT in mind, I thought I'd SHARE something with you all!

[He takes a deep breath.]


[And he starts making whale noises. Sad whale noises. These whale noises are very loud and full of SORROW...even if they're still just loud whale noises and the "sorrow" part of the equation is likely to be lost on most of the listeners.]


Sep. 25th, 2014 07:00 pm
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[Today's video is coming to you live from inside Erebor! Killian is looking pretty dusty, and behind him you can see a sort of blockade. Beyond the blockade looks dark and dangerous, but where Killian is there's a lot of space, it's clean, and there's some lights set up]

So! We can't get in the front door of the mountain just yet, we'd need way too much machinery to break through that mess. But we did find another way in [read: they made their own damn side door] and it's pretty secure in here. If anyone needs a safe place for a while, just let one of us know and we can get you in here. Still trying to figure out how to get wifi and cell service in a mountain, but hey, it's safe here. I'm pretty not even a giant crab could get in here.

[Just saying. Also his cat starts climbing on his shoulders as he speaks. Killian just ignores her]

There's only a few rooms that are safe for people to stay in right now, but we're trying to get more before we head back to Locke for a while. [To himself as he goes to kill the feed:] Hopefully we'll find a kitchen soon, too.
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Today is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." I feel like I ought to do something for that. On the other hand, all those "pirate" trappings are completely ridiculous. Hook hands make for very poor penmanship, for instance.


Sep. 11th, 2014 12:33 am
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I guess the last week sort of gave me the answers I was looking for before, didn't it?

[ It is perhaps one reason she's just doing this by voice this time. A touch of paranoia makes her not want to share where she is at the moment. ]

They would hurt children, or endanger them. Who or what's involved doesn't matter otherwise to these people, does it? I can't endanger my students. [ That last part is t remotely questioning in tone; it's firm. ] So I won't.

I've taken an extended leave of absence from my school. I explained it as some family problems but I figure that won't hold up for very long. I have family outside the barriers I could go to, just forget all about this... It's tempting, really.

But... I don't think I can just do that. If I ever came back to remember things, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I'll be going to Vegas for however long I need to, and... I know there are kids, or even just teenagers, who will be having to abandon their schools for awhile thanks to all this.

If anyone needs it, I'd like to help. I might have only just taught elementary, but I should still be able to tutor people in subjects. It... might not be much, but it's something, I hope.
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Who: The Thorssons and extended family/close friends
what: Road trip!
Where: Overland, on the way from Locke to... look, with Vegas sitting on it it's not really lonely, is it? The Mountain of Sin?
When: Backdated somewhat - maybe the eighth to the 12th?

Stay with me, go places/Once more for the ages )


Sep. 2nd, 2014 08:00 pm
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Who: Liam & Ariel
What: Liam tries to fix things
When: September 1st, Evening
Where: Ariel's condo

Insert angsty song lyrics here only not really. )


Sep. 1st, 2014 01:16 pm
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[Well, somebody has a nice tan... well, maybe a bit of a burn too, but hey that's the price to pay for a nice vacation. ]

So I got this hat. Do you think it hides my ears okay, guys? I'm hoping it will last until I can start with winter hats.

[adjusts the hat on his head to demonstrate.]

Also I've been out of town for a bit, so I'm sort of out of the loop... what I miss?

image under cut )
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[Gabriel stands on his patio in a loose white shirt. Those who have been to his house before might have noticed that he's moved some of the plants to make a space. Those who haven't might notice the bucket that he's placed beside him.

That's right. He got tagged. It's time for the ice bucket challenge.

He tuts, flicking his hair in mock annoyance, although he's unable to erase the smile that twitches the corner of his lips.

And here I was thinking I'd get away without being tagged. Thanks for nothing, Ellen. [The mention of one of his off-network friends might be enough to tell some people that he's recording this to post across social media as well as across the Network.

Taking a step back, he picks up the bucket, takes a breath and grits his teeth, and then dumps it over himself completing the challenge.
] Fuck oh fuck me. [With the wet shirt contest that he's just started some people might be inclined to take him up on the invitation... he hops about for a moment, trying not to over react, but at the same time] Fuck that's cold!

Aah, ah, right, who was I going to tag, who hasn't been tagged yet. [He had actually thought about this before hand but he's somewhat distracted now.] Right, Nicola, Sam and Beki, and Thorir and Julien. Oh, and Geoff Benwick, Badri Barkley and Meredith Chownyk.

[Yes he did just challenge the aliens alongside a few of his friends, off network and on.  No he's not sure what the consequence will be, but why not?  It's all for a good cause after all.  He gives a slightly shaky smirk and a wave, and then ends the video so he can go and change.]


Aug. 17th, 2014 01:04 am
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Who: Isabela and You!
Where: Bookstore in the Locke City Business District
What: Under her nom de plume of Naishe Rivera, Isabela is doing a book signing in honor of her newest release!
When: Sunday, August 17th, afternoon.
Warnings: None yet? Unless you count the romance novels themselves... 'Cause, y'know. Romance novels.

Pirate purple prose! )


Aug. 17th, 2014 08:50 pm
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[The young woman in the feed, though dressed neatly, looks a bit disshelved, like someone who has been running around for a while - and also absolutely furious (she's not, she's worried, but that's what her face and body language like to do to most of her emotional states. Make her look angry and like she wants to kill someone).]

Has someone seen Floweregg?

White, fluffy puppy. Looks about three months. Missing since this morning. [Her English is suffering a bit from her mental state, the words coming out much flatter and graver than they would normally.

...what else?]
Can talk. [That is probably important.]

[ooc: Floweregg is in Las Vegas, but people might have seen her around Locke in the morning until roughly 10:30, or in the Espresso Yourself shortly after - or as she left the pool in Las Vegas and headed out of the hotel afterwards around 11. Someone used the teleporter to go see a friend. There is a thread for logging with her while she is in Vegas here!]


Aug. 15th, 2014 11:44 pm
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All right, so... Short notice, but my publisher has me doing a book signing this weekend for my latest release.

If anyone decides to show up, do me a favor and remember to call me "Naishe" while you're there.


Aug. 14th, 2014 02:20 am
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[Helen had thought, at first, that the feeling would pass. She must have read something or heard something that gave her the tools she needed to help those people, some memory drawn to the surface. But there was a distinct wrongness to it. As if the knowledge had been her own, but not quite.

And that didn’t explain the numbers.

The whole thing made her uneasy. Nothing had changed, yet it felt as though her life was no longer her own. It was all slipping out of her control again.

Finally, when she could no longer ignore it, she picked up her phone, dialing the apparently unforgettable series of numbers.

She didn’t know what she was expecting, but when the network popped up on screen, she pulled back in alarm, dropping her phone as if it had burned her. Silently berating herself, she picked it back up off the table and scrolled through the most recent entries.

A few moments later, she typed simply,

I’m not certain I understand.


Aug. 12th, 2014 03:08 pm
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[Liam's not looking well when his face shows up on the mirror. The deep bags under his eyes suggest that he hasn't been sleeping, and when he speaks he sounds a bit... cranky.]

So guys... I'm lost here. I need like, a news update or something. My brain is fried. What's going on? Crazy machine making people disappear, mafia stuff... what am I missing?

[He runs a hand through his hair and lets out a tired breath.]

Is everybody okay now? You know, sort of?

[A pause.]

Also anybody got any tips on getting some sleep? Or... nightmares?
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first thing first, what's the date and time?


so much trauma. and near death by drowning.

BEFORE I FORGET SOMEONE NEEDS TO CALL THE COPS; THERE'S A DEAD BODY IN THE POOL. damnit i think i recognize that face too. it's the guy who was screaming about cultists getting him a couple days ago.

thunder corp owes me a new phone, pretty sure mine is dead. ALSO BY DROWNING.
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[Killian is on his phone, leaning against the motorcycle his dad got him and not happy. Panicked, really. Behind him, you can see Espresso Yourself.]

For the record? Nobody touch that fucking Project Hop or whatever. I get in there with the next delivery of jewelery for L and what do I see?

[He runs a hand through his already messy hair]

My brother punching buttons on it like a goddamn idiot and then fucking disappearing like he was never there. [For the record, he means Fil.] Fuck--I'm the one who does stupid shit! He's the smart one! My girlfriend has stitches thanks to the fucking mob, my dad got the shit beat out of him by the fucking mob, Espresso Yourself got attacked by the fucking mob, the radio's insulting everyone and their brother, the government is doing fuck all, and now my brother's gone and literally fucking vanished in midair!

[Killian swears a lot when he's panicky, sorry.]

I'm not blaming anybody except Thunder Corp and the mob, obviously, but this is some epic grade A bullshit. No one touch that machine.

[He goes to hang up before remembering]

Anyone needs me, try Ariel's and don't bother looking at the stables. Had to quit.

[And cut]