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Who: An alien and you! [This post is also open to returnees!
What: Watching the sky
When: First day of the invasion (29th of April)
Where: Anywhere!

There is a strange phenomenon in the skies, and a large serpent's body has broken through the clouds multiple times today, crashing into the earth and wrecking havoc or into the sea and causing tsunamis or earthquakes.

The air is full with chatter and everyone is trying and failing to explain what is going on. Some say it must be rapture, others speak of aliens. Some say it is a new super weapon of the USA or Russia or North Korea or some other country, others claim that the Illuminati are finally showing their true face. Most of all, though, people are scared and insecure. No airplanes are taking off today.

And here, in the middle of the street or park or wherever you are walking, stands or sits someone and looks at the sky.

Geoff can be found in Lapland, Santarem, London and the Neuschwanstein Area. He holds a notebook and is writing things down in a script that few will be able to read - it's Old Assyrian cuneiform. If approached, he will shut his book and nod at the new arrival.
Badri can be found in Tokyo, London, Locke and the Galapagos Islands. He is sitting on a blanket on the ground and is having a picnic that mostly consists of the local incarnation of popcorn and some sugary drink or the other. He's offering popcorn to all passers-by.
Meredith can be found in Las Vegas and Christmas Island. He leans against a wall and watches the sky, shaking his head in exasperation every once in a while.
Maryann Young can be found in all echo boundaries. She is walking briskly and with determination, yet will stop and greet any numbered that she encounters. She somehow knows who the numbered are so even if you've never met her, she will do this.
The siblings Zhang can be found in every zoo that lies within an echo boundary. They look at the sky every once in a while, but they seem more interested in the animals. They do however not step into any buildings.

When commenting, please put your location and if you have a preference re: whom to meet into the subject line.

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Who: Tony & Richard & their wolpertinger, Badri
What: A brief meeting
Where: A street in Locke
When: 27th of February
Warnings: Talk about death

A little bird told me a tale.... )


Dec. 19th, 2014 02:48 pm
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Who: John and Badri
What: Library shenanigans. Libnanigans.
When: NOW
Where: A library, where else
Warnings: DOUBTFUL

Libraries are, as everyone knows, supposed to be silent places. Places of quiet introspection. Places to leave the turmoil of the real world and escape into a book.

That's not the case in this particular library today. One of the visitors seems to be making an awful racket - an assortment of noises coming from the children's section are echoing throughout the building. Giggles, gasps, the occasional anxious noise... And then:


The voice should be familiar to anyone with even the slightest familiarity with Locke's aliens, since it belongs to resident oddball Badri Barkley. He's sitting alone amidst a pile of Harry Potter books and empty Happy Meal boxes, and looks rather like he's about to explode from the shock of this particular plot revelation.

Someone should. Probably prevent that.

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Who: EVERYBODY. That means you. Especially you.
What: Ice bucket challenging. YEAH!
When: Anytime, really. Consider this a catch-all! Start your own threads - in-person, on the network, off the network... It's all good!
Where: Wherever buckets filled with ice water can be found.

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[Gabriel stands on his patio in a loose white shirt. Those who have been to his house before might have noticed that he's moved some of the plants to make a space. Those who haven't might notice the bucket that he's placed beside him.

That's right. He got tagged. It's time for the ice bucket challenge.

He tuts, flicking his hair in mock annoyance, although he's unable to erase the smile that twitches the corner of his lips.

And here I was thinking I'd get away without being tagged. Thanks for nothing, Ellen. [The mention of one of his off-network friends might be enough to tell some people that he's recording this to post across social media as well as across the Network.

Taking a step back, he picks up the bucket, takes a breath and grits his teeth, and then dumps it over himself completing the challenge.
] Fuck oh fuck me. [With the wet shirt contest that he's just started some people might be inclined to take him up on the invitation... he hops about for a moment, trying not to over react, but at the same time] Fuck that's cold!

Aah, ah, right, who was I going to tag, who hasn't been tagged yet. [He had actually thought about this before hand but he's somewhat distracted now.] Right, Nicola, Sam and Beki, and Thorir and Julien. Oh, and Geoff Benwick, Badri Barkley and Meredith Chownyk.

[Yes he did just challenge the aliens alongside a few of his friends, off network and on.  No he's not sure what the consequence will be, but why not?  It's all for a good cause after all.  He gives a slightly shaky smirk and a wave, and then ends the video so he can go and change.]
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Who: Cultists, an alien, and YOU, the (un-)invited numbered!
What: Gossipping. Weird lobster worship. Speeches. Fingerfood and other snacks. Dealing with cultists in general. The beginning of the geographical changes in Las Vegas and appropriate PANIC.
When: 22nd
Where: Thomas & Mack Center; The University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Warnings: People from the ranks of the cultists have committed murder and other crimes in the past; those deeds will, if mentioned, be treated in a glorifying manner or at least be condoned.

But don't put water in your dessert, that's gross. )
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Who: Badri (NPC) & Ellie
When: Saturday, April 19th, evening
Where: Thunder Corp's compound in the Dead District
What: An alien offers a titan fast food.
Warnings: None atm!

In typical tourist fashion, Badri enjoys slipping away from the compound every now and then to explore what Locke City has to offer. Yesterday, he discovered fast food.

Tonight, he's making the rounds with a large cardboard box full of McDonald's in his arms. To each of the graveyard shift security guards he tilts the box down (just a little to avoid spilling the drinks, mind!) and gives them free choice of a cheeseburger or chicken McNuggets Happy Meal.


Ellie happens to be the last security guard he approaches. By now, his Happy Meal supply has been reduced to one of each option. With a bounce to his step, he greets her with an amiable, "Howdy, partner! Cheeseburger or chicken McNuggets?"