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Hey everyone. I know things are really complex right now. We finally got past all that business in Lapland and it seems like a whole new problem has cropped up. Right now we're not even sure who is who or what's even going on, and I realize that's pretty stressful.

So, I was just wondering if anyone would be up for doing something to take the edge off together. I'm not saying we let our guards down or anything, and I know any of those doubles of us would be able to see this, but I don't think there's any harm in talking about things that help us relax, right?


It's funny, you know. I've been told I'm physically incapable of relaxing more than once, so I can imagine how weird this must feel coming from me. Buuut... I think it'd be helpful all the same. Even if we just talk about the small things, I think it'd be pretty helpful.
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Who: Siiri, Floweregg and you!
What: So the Dians gave Floweregg the idea to fake a Valentine's day card from Åsa to Siiri. Siiri, good at appropriate reactions as she is, takes Arnold up on his offer to help her out if she needs it and gets an engagement ring, then runs around city to gather flowers and whatever else might be necessary for a proposal, and in the evening finally proposes to Åsa.
Where: Locke City, Christmas Island
When: 14th of February
Warnings: Disproportionate reactions.

I. →Arnold Benedict )

II. OTA for both Siiri and Floweregg - also open to Doppels!

All day round, Siiri will be running around Locke, Floweregg on her heels, to gather things like flowers and maybe a card, ingredients for a very nice dinner and a travel guide for Christmas Island which she will devour in a seat in the mall just outside the bookstore, trying to find the nicest place on the island for a proposal.

Approach her while she stares in despair at the vegetable display in the supermarket or frantically tries to find the travel guide or the nicest flowers at a store (etc etc) - or while she carries home a way too large load of groceries with a little dog running around her legs-, or be approached by a bored dog that sneaks around the area while Siiri is preoccupied elsewhere?

III. →Åsa Oxenstierna )


Jan. 25th, 2015 02:15 pm
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So, I got to wondering.
I can understand wanting to get as far as fuck away from all this shit even if you don't remember any of it happening to you.
And wanting to keep the people you care about out of danger.

I've seen plenty of people talk about family and friends who dropped off the network.
How many of them are still around? Still in touch?
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )
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[Åsa is always cheerful but she seems just a bit more cheerful and bubbly than normal.  She actually got to go home for Christmas for the first time in years.  However, she's also dressed a little late for the season in an old fashioned santa outfit, the cape swinging around her shoulders a little as she kicks her feet as she talks to the camera on her pc.]  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great new year too!  I know everything got a bit exciting - but everything always gets a bit exciting around the holiday period, don't you think?  It's always a shame when it's all over, although it's nice to get things back to normal as well.  That would be a nice Christmas present, wouldn't it, everything going back to normal?  Oh!  What did everyone get for Christmas?  Did you get what you wanted?  And to spend time with loved ones!  That's always the best gift at Christmas!

Look what I got, though!  [And she tugs at the cape, before jumping up and jumping back a step so she can spin around and show off the outfit.]  And I'm pretty sure - no, I'm certain, I must be right!  I was Santa Claus!  I mean, before.  I had an echo of being in a sleigh and getting everyone's gifts to them!  I mean, I used to run a secret Santa when I was in school and in university, but a flying sleigh is a bit of a step up!  I'll have to try and get it back before next year so I can make sure that everyone's Christmas next year is absolutely wonderful!  A year doesn't seem like enough time to prepare!  Oh, it's going to be so much fun!
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What: Rose Bonbright has organized a bus and sent out invitations to all numbered that she has contact information of, asking them to inform everyone else about the trip to the Nuremberg Christmas Market that she's organizing. There was also a sign to the same end at the Hotel in Reutte where some numbered are staying. And today is the day! The bus leaves around 11am Central European Time (5am EST) and leaves Nuremberg late at night when the market closes down.
Where: Germany - on the bus and at the Christmas Market
When: 29th of November
How: Please just start your own threads and tag around, there's no top level comments this time!

Christmas has come to town )

[Please keep in mind that Nuremberg is outside of the echo boundaries and all echoes will thus be at 10%. Memories of the network will still be present but feel a bit unreal and kind of fuzzy. The network is not accessible from outside of the echo boundaries.

People don't have to take the bus back to the Neuschwanstein Area, they can also take the train if they want to afterparty or stay a few days.]
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[Killian is...not a happy camper, which is why the post is voice only]

Anyone who knew my dad--Hjalti--he's gone off Network. He'll still be in Vegas and he's an ally, but...yeah. Happy fucking birthday to me. Last year it was just bombs! Now it's...

[There's quiet before something smashes against a wall somewhere]

Fuck this shit, man. People are dying because their family's Numbered, people are being killed because they're Numbered, families are breaking apart, people are having to leave their homes, giant freaky monsters appear wherever we go, my girlfriend is still in the hospital from the last one, the world is literally falling apart and I can't even fucking drink. Apparently he could, though, he was seventy-seven which was still basically immature young adult for Dwarves so, y'know. That's a thing.

[More silence, another broken glass something, and the feed cuts off.

Anyone in Erebor will find him on the floor in the room he claimed for himself, two broken glass statues nearby.]
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 I know Locke is getting dangerous right now, so everyone who's staying here stay safe, okay?  So many people have got hurt already.  Or as safe as you can, anyway.

Um.  And with that in mind...  [She pauses and then leans closer to the camera so her eyes are more visible.]  I don't mind these so much and no one at work really commented but I've been thinking about getting coloured contacts for them just in case.  But I've never worn contacts of any kind before and I don't really want to go to the opticians, so does anyone have any tips for me?  I really have no idea where to start.


Oct. 21st, 2014 07:15 pm
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[Still adjusting to his new super-sight, Liam is wearing glasses when he shows up on the screen. A hint of general anxiety is shown by some fidgeting.]

Okay so... things are bad in Locke, right? I haven't been back in a while. People are talking about moving, and I don't want to move. It's like a second home to me, you know?

[He'd spent a lot of time feeling like he wanted to get away from Locke when his sea-longing first kicked in, but now...]

My family has had property there since I was a kid... I mean I get that the property won't go anywhere, but I'm kind of attached to it.

[Liam takes a deep breath then sits back from the camera. When he speaks again, he's less somber.]

Okay, distraction time. So, a lot of people I know have names for their past lives or old selves or whatever - is that pretty common? I figured I should get one too, if that's the case. Don't want to be left out. Any ideas?


...Okay nobody say "butthead" or something.


Oct. 5th, 2014 08:57 pm
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Who: Åsa and Siiri
What: Candlelit romantic dinner for two totally not a date at all what made you think that
When: Friday 3rd October
Warnings:  Two idiots.  Shouldn't be anything else.

two blondes walk into a seafood restaurant )
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 Why do you stay here?  People in Locke mainly, but I suppose it goes out to people in Las Vegas too.

Especially people who weren't born here, those who don't have family here.  Having family here is a good reason!  Although I suppose you could try and move your family.

[It took her a while to work out what to say and she deleted a lot of personal information, but in the end decided that she wanted to see what people said without her guiding their answers.  Her family have been trying to convince her to come home, away from the danger again, and it's getting harder to convince them without admitting that she's caught up in everything.]


Aug. 26th, 2014 02:12 am
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[ Appearing before you is a young woman someone may have seen a few times here and there replying to people, or perhaps running into on the street - but she's never posted her own entry before. She gives a small smile. ]

Hello, there. My name's Natalie - I've been... Numbered for quite awhile. Since the snake, really... and this whole time I've been sort of a coward. I've been afraid to come here, to... put myself out there at all.

With the mafia, and everything... you'd almost think that would be a good idea to keep up. However, I just... can't do that anymore.

[ She gives a long sigh, leaning back. ] The other night, I was attacked, but it wasn't by the mafia. It was... a monster, I guess is the only way I can think of to describe it? A friend of mine is also numbered, and she's encountered them before too... She told me its name.

A "Vermedi."

I was just waiting for a bus. They're... out there. I don't know if I was just unlucky, or if they're after us too, but... I thought people should know.

[ She frowns, looking down. ]

The other-me, the one who I'm getting memories and powers from. She was a lot stronger than I am. She knew what to do under pressure.

I'm just a teacher. I work with children. All I can think about then is... wondering if I should even be there, now. If I'm just a danger to them. I don't know what to do, and I don't expect anyone else to have the answers there, but... I know I can't run away from this anymore.


Jul. 25th, 2014 11:31 pm
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I'm bored, so I have questions for you.

What is the largest item, being or whatever else that you've ever pulsed back? Was it large from the beginning, or did it only grow  to its current size later on?

[She's of course asking completely out of boredom and nothing else, and her question is meant to be this broad - not because she's trying to draw out a very specific type of answers (the biggest living being that you have ever pulsed back, but that would be too obvious perhaps). ...And her claim to boredom is partly true at least. Too many long-distance flights with long waits in taxi as of late.

See, she even adds another question. Super not actually interested.]

And what is the longest that you've ever gone without pulses?

[Anonymous; locked to Alan]

You can shift. How?
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Who: Ariel, Åsa, Floweregg, Isabela and Liam
What: Ariel and Liam encounter friends during a surprise mafia attack
When: Thursday the 24th, afternoon going towards evening
Where: The seedier parts of  Locke

Ariel had agreed after some pestering to help Liam go out to a homeopathic shop located in the seedier part of town for him to acquire a natural remedy for sunburns, even though she had mentioned that aloe vera to him a few times before. She and Liam had just parked the car in a more dubious pay by the hour parking lot with a few other cars and were walking towards the shop when Ariel noticed that it looked like they were being followed. Since this had been an unplanned trip out, she had forgotten to grab a hat for herself so the points of her ears was sticking up through her hair. The silly mistake had her muttering a few choice cuss words as she  grabbed Liam by the arm and leaned over to whisper in his ear:

"I think we're being followed... "

At the very least she was armed, especially since the incident with Hjalti some days ago. She had the two daggers she had echoed back carefully hidden on her person beneath a somewhat baggy tunic shirt.
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Who: Siiri, Floweregg and Åsa.
When: Saturday 12th July
Where: The park and then Siiri's house
What: Killian gave Floweregg bad ideas and now she's going to enact them
Warnings: These two always need a warning for being obnoxiously cute.

...meet )

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Who: Åsa and Abby
When: Sometime at the end of May/start of June
Where: A coffeeshop
What: Last minute revision!

spend all of a lovely summer's day locked inside with algebra revision )
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Who: Characters in Locke, most pertinently the characters chosen for the takedown, and Geoff Benwick
When: May 31st, Saturday, around 4PM
Where: The streets of Locke City's urban areas
What: A car monster is on the loose in Locke, rampaging the streets, destroying property - and showing no further consideration for the citizens of the city.
Warnings: Violence, death.

[ OOC: For an overview, please see this plot post. Evan's player is organizing a failed takedown attempt here for anyone interested! Remember that there are two human casualties as a result of the car's rampage, including Network teenager Kaworu Nagisa.

The car monster is rampaging without concern for damage, either to itself or to anything around it, but it is avoiding damage that will take it out of action. Ramming property, causing car accidents, and leaving the road entirely to continue its race along the streets are all kosher. Geoff Benwick is in aerial pursuit, attempting to coordinate with reincarnates and law enforcement alike.
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All right, like... [Says a nasal, prepubescent voice into a speaker.

A couple of keys beep. They do nothing to the connection. The kid projects.]

So how long are you supposed to friggin' go without gettin' pulse shit?

It's been, like - two damn months since I got one. 'N I think I only got the one, and it did nothing.

Friggin' sucks.

[He doesn't sound actively angry about it - maybe passively-aggressively disappointed is closer to the mark. All in all the recording is pretty idle.]
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 [Late at night, in somewhat sloppy but very feminine cursive.]

If we're immortal, will we stay immortal when all this is over?  If it's not already - and then things have stayed the same.

Unless we leave the city, but that border's already changed.

[Because her most recent echo brought her back to Siiri's thought that they might have been immortal, and that (eventually) lead her to thinking about being immortal where her friends and family are mortal.

It's not a pleasant thought.
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[If you give some math homework to Abby, she's going to want some pencils. When you give her some pencils, she will ask for a sharper. When she finally sharpened them, she will want to get started on her homework. When she gets started on her homework, she will stare at the papers in front of her.

When she stares at the papers in front of her, Abby will probably want to scream. When she wants to scream and there's no other outlet, she decides to go to the network for help.]

Soooooo....this might sound like a weird request coming from me but anyone here who is really good at math? Like really really good at math? Or at least pretty decent in algebra? I hate to admit it but....is there anyone here who is willing to give me a crash course? Just enough where I could start reviewing the basics?

[She gave a nervous chuckle]

But don't worry! When you do help me out, I promise that you get the greatest prize ever! And what is that prize?

Singing lessons, of course! And trust me when I say singing lessons, I say that you definitely won't regret it!

[...Or at least just enough where she can pass on lessons she learned from her choir teacher.]
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[We interrupt your actually-Numbers-relevant posts with a frustrated talking cat.]

Nobody here knows "Japanese." I've had this weird paper for... [Ummm...] for a long time now, but I still don't know what it says!


I asked and asked and asked, but all the humans just said they were busy and I should use the In-ter-net, but I don't know what that is. [If you ever wondered if cats can sigh, there's a wonderful, gusty example here.]

Can anyone here read it?
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So it seems that humanity will meet a violent end.

Or somehow it has in the past. Judging by what I could recall, it seemed it was likely due to war. How utterly unsurprising.

History inevitably repeats itself.

Perhaps I should warn you not to let it.

[While it may not show through the text, Alan was considerably disturbed by this echo of humanity's destruction. He has no idea that he himself had been the cause, however.]
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[So it rained today. Killian happened to be out during the rain, heading home from the bus stop, and he found something.

That something is a two month old Maine Coon kitten. She's on Killian's laptop and pawing at the screen during most of this post and he just keeps picking her up and moving her off]

So would you believe there's no decent video of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" on YouTube? I was going to post one to celebrate Sherman's arrest. Oh well, either way.

[The kitten, bored of poking at the laptop, is now trying to climb on Killian. Again, he just keeps picking her up and putting her to the side]

And I picked up a stray cat today. I've already talked to my uncle so I'm keeping her, I know the basics of cat care so no one jump my ass for it, we've got a vet and I'm pretty sure I can afford cat food and stuff, but...anyone have any tips to keep her from attacking every little thing? And can anyone tell me what breed she is? I'm going to the vet tomorrow but I dunno if she'll be able to tell me or anything.
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Okay, question.

[No wait, he pauses, before saying "aw, to hell with it," and turns on the video instead. He's done trying to be anonymous to even the other number club members.

This is someone some people from LCHS or Thunder Corp or just from somewhere may know, except... different. Aside from the deeper voice, Miles' face is more angular, his bones slightly more prominent than before. Basically, he looks like an older teen instead of someone who's just fifteen.]

Okay, now's the question.

What kind of physical changes did these echoes, pulses, whatever-you-call-them give you? As in you personally, and not what you've seen so far on the network. Hair, eye color, that kind of thing. I know some people are turning into robots and we've got a guy with feathers and wings now. It doesn't have to be as big as those changes. Even little ones, as long as they're from echoes.

... Let's just call this scientific curiosity. I'm not about to sell anyone out to some crazy lab or our so-called enemies. I just want to know.

[[ ooc: And here is a thing for context! ]]
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[The number wasn't nearly as bad as the headache that came when Solana got her first echo. The image of a haunting and somehow familiar sun emblem. She tried to ignore it. Figured it to just be some random string of numbers. Finally, she types them into her computer, frowning and staring as she reads through the result. The network.]

So this is the network. This number club thing? Maybe now I've figured it out, I won't have it in my head all the time. It's good to know I'm not the only one at least. A lot has been going on lately. I mean, I thought this stuff was all just in stories. Not. You know, actually real. The whole super powers or whatever else that we apparently get. I haven't got anything like that. Not yet anyway. I feel sorry for those who are more obvious about theirs.

Anyway, my name is Solana, and I wanted to ask something. What I got was--hang on.

[The feed changes to video as she turns on the webcam, biting her lip and brushing some short brown locks from her face as she quickly sketches this sun emblem.]

This. I was painting like I always do, in my mother's studio when I painted a sun and saw this. Like it was on some sort of flag, with purple behind it. It probably doesn't mean anything to anyone, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask? I just can't stop thinking it is important somehow. Which is....crazy right? It's just a sun. But...I don't know. I just can't shake that feeling for some reason. If it seems familiar to anyone else? Let me know. I'd appreciate it.
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[When she starts up the message, Mimi looks Displeased. Not exactly ruffled, but certainly unhappy. Although she's dressed in the same casual clothes she wore before, it seems she's added some kind of necklace to the ensemble judging by the long string looped around her neck.]

A bag tried to eat me. But then it spat me out again and ran away before I could kill it. [She puffs her cheeks out angrily. It had the gall to try to eat her, but it couldn't even stick around for her to try to attempt the same? Rude!] What was that?

[She gives a small huff before something else seems to occur to her.] Oh, and-- I found something after the bag ran away. It's another bag, but it doesn't try to eat you. It's got a weird paper in it, but I can only read some of the letters. And... it doesn't look like any of the letters everybody else uses.

[This time she tilts her head to the side, looking confused.]

When did I learn how to read those?
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[He's been avoiding this topic for a while now. He'd brought it up only once, but it's been bothering him since he remembered the panic that the bootlegger!Jacuzzi had gone through. And realizing that things weren't going to get any easier for him and his anxiety, well, this is important. And he knows he's going to panic so he's outside today, at the park, sitting on a bench and fairly secluded so he doesn't bother anybody at home.

His handwriting is shaky.]

If we get echoes back for powers and items and memories and they can change our personality, too, I need to know something.

If you're sick and the past you was sick--do you think you can get an echo that just made you sicker?
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Who: OPEN!!! Anyone and everyone is welcome here, please drop in!
When: March 15th.
Where: The Thorsson backyard.
What: Sparring! Characters who have no weapons yet but want to try out something, or who want to try out new weapons, are welcome as well!
Warnings: Violence.

Imagine that there was a network post asking for people to come to a afternoon of sparring and training/trying to force echoes. There was a specific emphasis in the post for people to not bring powers or firearms into the mix, only all kinds of short range weapons - swords, axes, knives, maces, halberds, anything really. A part of the idea, as was explained, was not only to provide a place to try out different weapons but also to have multiple people use weapons in a small area, allowing for battle echoes.

So the day has come! The place is the backyard of the Thorsson's downtown store/private buildings, a relatively large areal closed off with buildings belonging to the family on all sides.

There are all kinds of weapons - real ones and some larp weapons as well - on a table in a corner of the backyard that cannot be used for sparring since swings, a sandbox and a bench are located there. Protective gear like chainmail and helmets can be found as well. Some refreshments in form of apples, juice boxes and bananas, all in open boxes, have been placed next to them along with water in bottles.

So those that brought no weapons can borrow those proffered, and those that brought their own ones can try out others as well.

[OOC: Please post your own thread starters and tag each other!]
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Some long-ass setup. )

[ voice ]
[ Just above a whisper: ] Hi there. [ He glances around again. No sign that the people around him have noticed. A little louder, then. ] On old Olympus' towering tops, a Finn and German viewed some hops...

[ Another quick glance about and-- no? Nothing for that, either? (Those who are going or have gone through medical school might recognize that as a mnemonic for the twelve cranial nerves.)

He lets out a shaky sigh of relief. ]

That proves that, I guess.

[ He sucks in a breath. ]

Well, then. I've got a question. Does anyone remember knowing a warrior named Thor? Like the god of thunder from Norse mythology, but not... exactly. Or- or a frozen wasteland. Blue giants with the power to freeze?

That was my 'memory', my... 'Echo' or 'Pulse.' What I find most peculiar about it, though, is that I remember fighting-- fighting against these giants with knives and magic. Have any of you remembered the same? Doing something so... astonishing, but completely unfathomable? I just-- I can't imagine doing any of tha-- oh! Oh!

[ action, open to one party ]
[ There's a woosh of indiscriminate sound as Daniel drops the phone to his side, rushing to hail down a taxi before it passes by. In his haste, he collides into another person and staggers backwards.

It's a Numbered person.

Of course, he doesn't know it and they wouldn't know he's one, either, but here's a hint: he's dropped his phone and while, miraculously, it hasn't shattered, the phone call was ended. Thus, the app behind it is the one in full view on the screen and that happens to be the notepad window with a bunch of Network posts on it, easy to see.

At the moment, Daniel's more concerned about damage control on the person he rushed into. ]

Shit-- sorry. Are you alright?
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Who: OPEN.
When: March 9th, Sunday, daylight hours.
Where: The business district of Locke City.
What: An enormous snake monster is pissed.
Warnings: Violence.

[The alien explodes silently - but it explodes.

First in a small cloud of hot (rose-scented) gas - those there to watch its final moments will want to step back.

A ripple in the air pulses - heavily - from where it once was, with absolutely no sound and color, but penetrating force. Anyone standing within two miles of the point of origin will feel a push, with those closest guaranteed to be knocked off their feet and temporarily dazed. Cars swerve and crash. Staff in the nearest office buildings launch into disarray. There’s no shielding from the blast - it can be felt through walls, through structures, in the air, and underground.

And it is felt underground.

The entire business district starts to shake, abruptly, jarred to a stir by some movement. It rises over the span of a long half-a-minute to the magnitude of December’s earthquake.

Tuning Towers experiences the worst of it - windows are smashing and objects are shaking loose and falling from the upper floors.

It finally ends - with screaming - as the head of an enormous pink snake breaks the lobby floor.

It flows its way quickly out of the hole it’s made, breaks itself another hole ever so politely through the main entrance doors, which were not meant to accommodate a twenty-foot-tall-and-wide exitor, and as it draws the last of its tail out after it, the quaking dies down.

It’s now roaring its way through the streets of Locke City’s business district - all several hundred meters of Wise Snake, emerged in the flesh (or stone?).

No regard for the walls of buildings, streetlamps, civilians, stopped and blindly pulled-over vehicles, anything else on its course - in a frantically-awakened, unrestricted rampage.]

[ OOC: This is part two of the Season 1's finale. The first - the assault on the farmhouse - is here; pertinent plot posts one and two. ]


Feb. 27th, 2014 01:58 pm
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Who Åsa ([personal profile] vaimo ) and Siiri ([personal profile] hustru ) / Floweregg
What They got a puppy!!
When last week of Feb
Where Siiri's apartment
Warnings Teeth rotting fluff

She's probably not called Charlotte even if she wishes she was )
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[ The man shown on the feed looks anxious and rather frazzled; while he holds his phone in one hand fairly steadily, the other can’t seem to stop messing with his hair, his fingers smoothing through it as though it will somehow help. It doesn’t. Keith can’t understand just what it is that’s happened in regards to this strange network; this is the only way he can think of to find out. ]

Ah, hello! I realise that you all likely have to put up with a lot of confused messages such as this. I apologise for adding to them. But, you see… I arrived in Locke City a few weeks ago, and have just started out as a police officer. But as I'm sure you can understand, things are rather…

[ Just before he gets to finish that sentence, he’s interrupted by a rather large golden labrador jumping up into his lap, and suddenly Keith drops the phone so that he can deal with the sudden addition to this broadcast. Eventually he speaks again, though his phone is now face down on the floor. ]

S-steady, John, steady!

[ A few seconds longer and a rather loud bark later: ] What I meant to say is that if someone could explain this current state of affairs to me, as well, I would be in your debt. I've never seen anything like this before.

Despite my confusion over this network and suddenly being able to connect in this kind of way, please allow me to help you, as well! I will do my best to serve you all in any way that I can. After all, as a police officer, it is my duty to assist the people of Locke City!

[ And perhaps someone can dispel him of some of his oblivious enthusiasm...? ]
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Finland lost 2-1 to Sweden and Siiri is buzzed. )

At least we had no Bieber to get rid of through this. [One of her labmates talked about that in detail, and it just seems incredibly relevant right now (to a degree this might be the alcohol talking). There is also no context provided in her words. At least her accent might tip someone off about her being Finnish, it's heavier than normal now, so someone following the winter Olympics, especially someone following the hockey ones, might be able to guess that she is talking about the semi-final that went down the same morning.]

We'll still get bronze. [She's probably more fired up about this than she'd normally be, but considering where she lives right now it just seems more relevant than normally. Even more so if Canada keeps up the good work.]
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[There's a new girl on the Network - or at least, that's what it looks like at first. Two poofy pigtails on either side of her head in a darkish color, and some light, simple clothes that aren't particularly suited for the current weather... She appears to be curled up in an alleyway somewhere, her eyes filled with tears.]

Elly can't see the Network anymore. She told me I can't talk to anyone who can't see the Network, b-but that means I can't talk to her, either!

[Her voice, however - that may be familiar to some. Is that...


I-I finally figured out how to turn into a human, but now I can't talk to Elly! I wanted-- I wanted to be like her, but...

If I can't talk to her anymore, what's the point-?

[Her voice is stammering, filled with half-sobs, her shoulders bouncing with the effort of trying to keep her breathing even. And with the cold as it is... It's surprising she isn't freezing out there to begin with.

At this rate, it might take a bit before she can explain things more clearly.
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[Kara's staring seriously into the camera when it clicks on, hair pulled up into a messy bun and arms spread business-like across her desk. on her left is an impressive stack of children's valentines (you know the kind, the ones with cartoon characters you buy in boxes for the class party) and on her right is an equally impressive bag of fun size chocolate.]

Greetings, fellow clubmates! I am sorry to be taking up your attention like this, but considering the date I am afraid that it cannot be avoided.

[the way she's speaking makes it seem like this is a life or death scenario, but then she keeps going and...]

In only a few days' time the Day of Valentines will be upon us! We do not celebrate such a holiday at home, but I have done the research on it and know very well that not receiving an affectionate greeting card can cause irreparable damage to one's soul and ruin lives!

[that's how it seemed in the many, many movies she watched that touched on the subject, at least]

I do not wish for my dear Numbered friends to suffer such a tragic fate! There were a great deal of charming cards and sweets on sale which I have taken the liberty of purchasing, and I implore you to allow me to write you at least one of them!

We may arrange for a drop-off point if you are leery of having your identity revealed, but please do not let pride keep you from accepting it! There is only so much time in which I can make these deliveries. I promise that my penmanship is excellent and any good tidings I write will stave off the horrible life-crushing feelings!
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 Has anyone tried to set up self defence classes for people on the network?  Or arranged for people to go to one?

I just thought that with things being as they are it might be a good idea for people who don't have powers - those who won't get them or who don't have them yet.  Or even people that do!  It's always a good idea to have something extra up your sleeve after all!

Would anyone be willing to run classes for people?  I'm sure we have people who were talented in that sort of thing before the echoes started, and I bet there's even more people with all the echoes counted in!  I don't mind finding somewhere for us.

Private to Siiri )
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[Killian is grinning! For once! He's excited and really this is just great]

Guess who's got a second job?

[He jerks his thumb towards his chest]

You know that kinda-big hardware store, Thorsson's? Apparently they've got a smithy in the back of one and the owner himself saw my jewelery work and hired me to make jewelery and stuff for them. It's just part-time so I'm still working at the stables and I'll still take private commissions but yeah. If you need me and I'm not answering my phone or the network, try there.


Jan. 27th, 2014 03:53 pm
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How does one go the best about forcing an echo?

And, relatedly, is there a way to control what exactly is echoed?

[She knows that she is threading dangerous waters here, but she also needs a very specific thing that she knows her former self possessed.]

[Also, action option: Blaine will be visiting Chloe's farm around noon, poking around the area to find the shorter female. She wears normal, non-descriptive, though not quite her usual clothes (well, the thick brown jacket is normal, but the white pants and knee-high boots are definitely not something that she's been around town in before), and has a fairly large bag over her shoulder. Whoever might be there for whatever reason: Feel free to run into her!]


Jan. 20th, 2014 12:18 am
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Who: Åsa ([personal profile] vaimo ) and Siiri ([personal profile] hustru )
Where: Siiri's flat
When: January 23rd
What: Testing out theories and trying to force echoes. Also fluff, so much fluff.
Warnings: Some awkwardness and fluff. Will update if necessary.

Asa stared )