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Third flower | Video | within an hour of the lights going up over London

 [Gabriel's flat is in unusual disarray, a bag out on the bed which he's shoving clothes into, half out of sight of the camera.  He continues packing as he speaks, short and terse, unusually dishevelled and obviously anxious.]

London lit up.  I have to go home.  My parents are there.  [And, for those who don't remember how old Gabriel really is, his parents are in their early 80s.]

If anyone needs somewhere to stay, I might be able to set you onto somewhere.  Let me know.

[And that's that; he cuts the feed.  Replies will come later and from a very different place: the flat above his parent's house in London.]
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[He'd seen the light on TV, but didn't connect London to Gabriel until just now.]

Oh shit that's right, um... anything can I do for you man?

[He'll wait anxiously by the laptop for a reply while Gabe is traveling.]
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[Less frazzled is good. It was a little disconcerting to see him upset like that. Liam looks a little thoughtful, though.]

Well, are you staying a while? I could like get you stuff from your place, if you like. Or... something like that.

[It's clear he wants to help out, but isn't sure how. Gabriel had been a big help to him in the past.]
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Yeah, sure, you name it. You want me here in Locke or over there?
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Ohhh okay, I get you. I can probably come up with something to make that easier if I think about it. There might be something in the shed here at the cabin, but I have to go look.
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What language was that? Spanish? I thought it was "gracias" for "thank you"?
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...That's a new one. I thought you were an Elf? Don't you speak Sindarin like the rest of us?
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[Liam pauses thoughtfully, waiting to see if a pulse would kick in. After a long moment he frowns.]

Well that's not fair. I don't think I get to have that.
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[uh oh. not another place. and a big city at that!]

Give a shout if you need anything?
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I'll manage. [He more or less did it when Thorir was stuck in the gold pile, he can do it again and longer. He thinks.]

I still check in on Locke regularly myself.
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It's okay, I can handle it. [Thankfully it's mostly been quiet and calm around the mountain, despite Fil stressing himself over it.]

So you go and do what you need, alright?
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[Julien hangs out filling the doorway, watching with his involuntary faint-smile look. There's concern in his voice.]

I can clean up in here when you're done.
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You're welcome.

Of course I will. Your parents have a spare room for you, right? [They've got to be old, Julien realizes.]
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[Gabriel really is lucky there, Julien thinks wistfully.] Good. Once you're settled in I'm sure you'll get visitors. I've never seen London!

I'll be fine. Your 'flat' is nicer than the barn I was in in the Alps. ...thanks again for letting me stay.
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Heh. Maybe I can buzz Big Ben. -You have your toiletries? I hope all those clothes fit. [Julien is shorter than he was - he can stretch up to be quite tall, but standing comfortably upright he's around six feet - but he's heard Gabriel got taller.]

It's still nice of you. Or a cold ploy to make sure your plants are watered whenever you're not here, whatever.
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[Yep. It's serious. Julien comes farther into the room. He can't offer to carry the bag, he'd slow things down...]

The teleporter ought to have a new sigil. If not, or it takes longer, you'll take a plane?
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Right. I can see if there's anything soon and record some flight numbers, that'll cut down on time if it comes to that.

[He nods.] All right. Don't worry about me, I don't need keys anymore.
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[Goes wrong with Julien? He decides not to get into that.]

I know his phone. You don't have to worry about here.

Think this is enough for a few days? Let me know the sigil situation, if there isn't one and it'll take a while before a flight you can come pack more.
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"Oh hey, you're... Gabriel right? Arnold, Arnold Benedict - Liam's dad. Sorry man, it looks like you're plenty busy, but I overheard... look, Thorir mentioned you were one of those helping to look after Liam. We've got offices in London - you need anything, you call and you tell them Mr Benedict sent you, alright?"
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[ A grin and wave ]

Oh, I'm new. I came by to visit Liam and apparently got elf-ears out of the bargain! Although I was thinking that maybe there's been other things too, but since I wasn't normally within the... whazitcalled... echo boundaries? That I just didn't notice til now.

One of Liam's mates - Julien - he reckons the picture I got after seeing him was an Echo.

[ He shrugs ] But yeah, you need anything, you ask. I told Thorir the same too - you guys kept an eye on my son when we couldn't, so... thanks.
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I saw the lights.

[He's not sure what to think of the whole affair, but London's still close to home for him. More so, for the fact that it's only recently that he'd come to the sate.]

I might not be able to help much, but if there's something I can do, let me know?
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I'm not certain I could move again, so soon. But I might be able to manage visiting now and again, if things... happen.

[Not that he's yet managed anything really impressive by way of weaponry, the way he's seen other Numbered do. But such is the way of things, and besides, there are ways to help that don't involve such impressive displays of power.]
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I hope you didn't leave any appliances on, rushing out like that.

Everything in good order?
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Ah, well, if you're in Julien's hands, you're well-cared-for. Believe me, I know. And might be a little jealous.

You know, I've never actually visited London. I should sometime.
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What kind of place?