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[the video, showing two people who haven't been seen on the network for some time: namely, Natalie Tamura and Fuyuka Terasawa. In the latter's case, she appears slightly different, in that she now wears a pair of glasses when before she had none. Bardiche hangs around her neck.

It's Fuyuka who speaks first]

Ah... hello everyone. It's been some time, hasn't it? For those of you who don't know me, my name is Fuyuka Terasawa, and this is my good friend, Natalie Tamura. Several months ago, well... we forgot our echoes, and it seemed our time together was at an end. But it appears destiny had other ideas.

[despite it all, Fuyuka smiles slightly, hand coming up to the pendant hanging around her neck] Bardiche returned to me several weeks ago, and the same was true for Natalie's device. I'm... eager to find out what's progressed in our absence. It seems a great deal is looming on the horizon...

[Thats when Natalie pipes up, practically shoving her face in the camera.] That's why we want to do whatever we can to help! I- well, I wasn't able to do as much as I would have liked, or maybe not as much as I could before... I want to fix that, now that I've been given another chance. With all the people who could be in danger, that has to be our responsibility, right?

[Fuyuka nods in turn to that, smiling at Natalie as she tries to get her to sit back down]

My sentiments exactly, Natalie... it's really great to be back amongst you all.

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Dec. 29th, 2014 05:02 pm
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[there's a pause as the recording begins, with some... uncomfortable murmuring that indicates the speaker is nervous about saying this. Finally, however, she speaks]

This past month has been... well, it has been quite busy for us all. Personally speaking, I've had a significant case that I finished, I observed the battle with the mafia, and there were the riots in Locke.

There are still things I want to inquire upon. Like the way things that are being handled in the wake of said riots, but...

[there's a long, audible sigh]

I feel as though it's time I tried to relax. Unfortunately, that's not an area in which I'm particularly versed. Some might call me a workaholic... and that feeds into a vice that I'm trying to distance myself from.

So, then. Would... anyone have any suggestions for leisure activities in accordance with the New Year? I would prefer suggestions that do not involve excessive amounts of alcohol.

09. video;

Nov. 16th, 2014 03:46 pm
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 [ Well, Walter seems to be bleeding again.  Minor bleeding -- looks kind of like cat scratches -- but what's alarming this time is the color. The blood is pitch black. ]

So. This is now a thing.

I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones with --

[ He's cut off by someone caterwauling offscreen. "IT'S BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUE" ]

Tavia, calm down! It's not... not that big of a deal...

[ Walter wipes some of the blood away and stares at it for a long couple of seconds. He doesn't look like he believes what he just said. ]

...anyw-- oh my gosh -- !!

[ This time he's interrupted by what sounds like a mix between a honk and a hiss. Whatever it is, it sounds ANGRY. It's hard to believe, but yes, Octavia can get louder. And she does. ]

How did it get in your hair?!

[ With that, he hastily shuts the connection down. ] 
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Who: Natalie and Fuyuka
What: A change of direction
Where: Their hotel room in Vegas
When: October 27th

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Oct. 12th, 2014 07:40 pm
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[Liam's looking rather excited and shocked today when he turns on the laptop in his hotel room. It's apparent that he wants to look at the camera to speak to the network, but he's also unable to take his eyes off of whatever it outside the window to the side... which in this case is everything.]

Guys, guys... you will not believe this! I can see like... forever!
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Who: EVERYONE! including Mrs Kaufmann and Rose Bonbright
When: October 11th, starting 6 p.m.
Where: The museum that is attached to the town-hall of Füssen, specifically the Kaisersaal.
What: Mingle and happy welcome!

Through the usual channels, the mayor of Füssen has invited any and all numbered - no matter if they are only visiting for the evening/weekend and actually reside in Locke or Vegas or if they are staying for longer - to attend a little reception at the Kaisersaal in the town museum which is attached to the townhall.

Aka this snazzy room just with the chairs grouped around tables and no stage, though four musicians play quartets on a low podium at the side of the room. It's a very distinguished affair don't screw it up, you can do it, numbered! No, we don't know who believes that, either.

Mingle and eat and have fun!

And a note: Drinks are free! But the youngsters will get carded, and alcohol like beer will only be served to 16+ people, while spirits and other higher percentage booze will only be served to 18+ people.


Sep. 11th, 2014 12:33 am
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I guess the last week sort of gave me the answers I was looking for before, didn't it?

[ It is perhaps one reason she's just doing this by voice this time. A touch of paranoia makes her not want to share where she is at the moment. ]

They would hurt children, or endanger them. Who or what's involved doesn't matter otherwise to these people, does it? I can't endanger my students. [ That last part is t remotely questioning in tone; it's firm. ] So I won't.

I've taken an extended leave of absence from my school. I explained it as some family problems but I figure that won't hold up for very long. I have family outside the barriers I could go to, just forget all about this... It's tempting, really.

But... I don't think I can just do that. If I ever came back to remember things, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I'll be going to Vegas for however long I need to, and... I know there are kids, or even just teenagers, who will be having to abandon their schools for awhile thanks to all this.

If anyone needs it, I'd like to help. I might have only just taught elementary, but I should still be able to tutor people in subjects. It... might not be much, but it's something, I hope.


Aug. 29th, 2014 06:08 pm
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[The video feed opens, and it's clearly underwater. There's a shot of a tunnel, one that looks like it's partially blocked by rock and sand, but then it quickly turns to face Arthur.]

Ahoy there! I'm sure you've seen on the news how Las Vegas FLOODED, and since I'VE been in Vegas, You know I had to check it out! And I found something OUTRAGEOUS!

[Arthur looks like he's about to burst with outrageous excitement. The video feed pans again, and that sure is a lobster. Or a crab. Some mix between the two. Whatever it is, it's on the ground there at the bottom of wherever the flooded area he's investigating is. It's also enormous, and it's about 300 meters long.]


[Really, he's looking way more excited than any man should look while underwater next to a giant crustacean. He's close enough to touch it now, and he turns the camera back to face both him and the lobster-thing behind him, like he's takling a selfie, giving himself a chance to smile and wave. He then turns it back to face the creature.]


[The creature actually stirs slightly at that yelling, though it does not wake. The camera feed shakes from the movement, as though the creature stirring is making the water a little choppy for Arthur. Anyone in Vegas in the vicinity of the flooded area may be aware that there was just a very slight tremor at that exact moment.

Someone should probably tell him not to do that again.]
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Lyall here. I'm very sorry to all my students expecting to see me at the high school this week, but I've been informed I no longer work there. I'll still be happy to tutor if anyone needs it, and the substitute will have all of my lesson plans and labs.

[And a personal text to Nick, sent shortly before the network one:]

They fired me.


Aug. 26th, 2014 02:12 am
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[ Appearing before you is a young woman someone may have seen a few times here and there replying to people, or perhaps running into on the street - but she's never posted her own entry before. She gives a small smile. ]

Hello, there. My name's Natalie - I've been... Numbered for quite awhile. Since the snake, really... and this whole time I've been sort of a coward. I've been afraid to come here, to... put myself out there at all.

With the mafia, and everything... you'd almost think that would be a good idea to keep up. However, I just... can't do that anymore.

[ She gives a long sigh, leaning back. ] The other night, I was attacked, but it wasn't by the mafia. It was... a monster, I guess is the only way I can think of to describe it? A friend of mine is also numbered, and she's encountered them before too... She told me its name.

A "Vermedi."

I was just waiting for a bus. They're... out there. I don't know if I was just unlucky, or if they're after us too, but... I thought people should know.

[ She frowns, looking down. ]

The other-me, the one who I'm getting memories and powers from. She was a lot stronger than I am. She knew what to do under pressure.

I'm just a teacher. I work with children. All I can think about then is... wondering if I should even be there, now. If I'm just a danger to them. I don't know what to do, and I don't expect anyone else to have the answers there, but... I know I can't run away from this anymore.


Aug. 24th, 2014 04:33 pm
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Hello everyone. The last time I spoke to you, many of you asked me to look into the situation involving the criminal attacks that have been plaguing our number. I'd already been acting to investigate this myself, but it is for that reason, and for the reason of our safety that I am speaking to you now.

There is someone leaking information about us to the mafia.

It cannot be doubted that this is the case. The people who have been attacked are all Numbered, or connected to someone who is. There is no way that anyone could have attacked that combination of people without someone feeding them information gleaned from the Network, as not all of the people affected by these attacks have their status known to the public.

We all need to be careful, but I would like to make something clear: Abandoning the use of the network is not the solution here. It is our one means of communication with one another, and whatever damage that can be done has already been done. If we divide ourselves and cease to communicate, we will be at a disadvantage to people who are clearly our enemies.

Of course, we cannot act as if nothing is wrong, either. Stay vigilant. Stay focused. Watch what information you give out and whom you share it with. And protect one another.
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Who: Amy Dylandy, Natalie Tamura
What: A chance meeting, a dangerous hunter
When: August 15th
Where: Business District

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Looks like I got caught up in the case myself... I should have listened when they warned me, but no, of course I didn't listen.

In the interest of fair disclosure, I guess I'll introduce myself. My name's Kevin. Kevin Steele. I work for the FBI, and I'm assigned to keep an eye on the city and make sure nothing untoward happens. But now I'm part of everything, just the same as all of you. At least I'm not coming in totally blind, but... well, there's not a whole lot else to be said for it.

Don't mistake this for a truce - if something happens, I'm going to be on top of it immediately. And I'm not going to tolerate any idiocy in what is now my city. I just want to make sure that's clear now. Don't do anything crazy, and you won't have problems from me.

So, now that I've said that... I'm working my way through the backlog, but I'm certain there are things that weren't in the briefing that I need to know. Anyone have any ideas?
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Who: Fuyuka Terasawa, Natalie Tamura
What: Infiltration and Revelation
Where: ThunderCorp compound and Natalie's apartment
When: June 23rd

Fuyuka was lucky )

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[ It's hard to tell what's brighter - Octavia's smile or the exceptionally ridiculous dress she's currently wearing. They certainly take away attention from the giant jumble of oversized machinery set up in her basement, anyway.

Her hands are clasped behind her back, as though she's hiding something. HOW MYSTERIOUS.

I have maaaaaaaajorly super important and vital news. On a scale of one to eight, this is like. Two eights. Firstly: Alan helped me figure out what my eye lasers do. Turns out they make people super unlucky! Who knew.

[ Alan staggers into the shot looking slightly rumpled, apparently willing to confirm this. Unfortunately for him, he does so by tripping over the mess of machinery and promptly disappearing from view. ]

...He'll be fine. That's my alchemiter and stuff, bee-tee-dubs! And it is hells of awesome. Check it out. I can take two items, like a knife and a gun, and make a...

[ She finally reveals what she's been hiding behind her back: a gun with a knife fused to it. ]

...knifegun! That shoots tiny little knives. See?

[ She shoots the knifegun to demonstrate. The tiny knife-bullet ricochets off the basement wall with a ping and heads straight for the unluckiest sap in the room - Alan. Who now has a teeny little knife embedded in his butt. Screeching from both parties ensues as Octavia slams her laptop shut, ending the video. ]
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[ Hey. Linda's using video this time! This is pretty weird, unless you're one of the few people who've actually talked to her with video before. Most of the time she just does text. ]

Okay. I've been sitting on this for about a week, because I was hoping that staring at it long enough would make me suddenly realize what this thing is. But I'm not having any luck, so...

[ She holds up a necklace that's mostly a red jewel on a chain, shifting it around a bit to make sure that most of it is in the view of her webcam. ]

Does this thing look familiar to anyone on here? Because I keep staring at it and I'm drawing a blank, but I got it back during that pulsing, so... [ It's obviously important, which is why Linda's keeping it with her instead of just sticking it in her drawer and forgetting about it. Though speaking of pulses...]

Also, speaking of pulses, has anyone else gotten a skill that they completely sucked at before the pulse? I used to be terrible at singing, but ever since that light a week ago I've suddenly been able to sing... well, not amazingly, but way better than just decent.

It really feels, well, weird. Like some sort of law of physics has been broken or something. I mean, I know the weird part is normal for everyone, but for some reason this seems weirder to me than, I don't know, suddenly getting green skin would've. At least I would've been expecting something like that, after some of the other stuff I've heard about here.

So yeah, how many of us got 'simple mundane skill we sucked at before' instead of a superpower from these things?
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[Gabriel was sitting at his computer in a wife beater with shorts. He turned on his webcam and pointed it directly at what looked to be a massive pile of plain fried donuts, his arms crossing as he looked from the pile to his computer screen over and over and over again.]

Hey, guys. Ever echo a ton of donuts before?

[He reached down, picked one up and then ate it whole, swallowing quickly enough that it was just one bite. He moved on and ate another one as he waited for responses.]
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Who: Natalie Tamura ([personal profile] starlightheart), OPEN
What: Blackout - Raising Heart Sets Up
Where: Downtown Locke
When: After 9:30PM, June 11th
Warnings: None, yet.

Natalie shouldn't have been out this late in the first place. )

[OOC - For whoever might respond, note that there will be an encounter with one of those glowing balls of light. ... Natalie and Raising Heart will both have a reaction to this.]
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[The Winter on the screen looks... more than a little haggard. There are bags under her bloodshot eyes, and her voice is strained. But... she seems whole, at least. It's extremely late at night, though, isn't it?]

Hi, everyone... we're back. I know it's quite late now, but... we t-took more than a few liberties with the speed limit on the way back. What with finals tomorrow, there's... no room for error. I'm glad we made it back, but... ugh. That drive wiped me out. I- oh, one second. Lily! Here, let me help with that-! [Her voice drops out for a second as she walks away, apparently to help with something; she returns a moment later.] Sorry, it's been a little busy - with how late we got back, we're having to rush just a little bit, and... our week's been a little trying.

Anyway, I wanted to a-ask a question... I've been having a little trouble sleeping lately. Some things happened, and... well. That's n-not really the point, I guess. Does anyone have... any tricks for getting a good night's rest? I haven't really slept in about a week, aside from a nap sometimes. I can't really f-function on that little. So... sorry to ask such a weird question, but I kind of need it. It might be a few minutes before I can get back to people; we need to unpack tonight. I'm n-not sure I'm... going to sleep tonight either, though so, it should be okay. Um, thank you in advance. Good night, everyone.

[The feed clicks off; Winter's attention returns to the group of people she's just finished traveling with, still trying to get their things sorted out and their feelings together. She is... torn whether to return home right away or to stay with Lily and make sure she's all right; she's certain her mother is worried sick, but at the same time she can't get her girlfriend off her mind. So even when she looks like she's paying attention, she's still a little distracted.]
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Who: Winter and her companions
When: May 11, afternoon and evening
Where: Villa Precure
What: Reminiscing about things left behind. And mostly just... taking a breather. (And maybe dinner.)

She's a little bit homesick, even though almost everything came with her. There are... just a few missing pieces. )

[video (open) | May 12th, morning]

[That leads to a post the next morning; Winter's looking a little sheepish, but her cheer from last night hasn't really worn off yet.]

I made too much macaroni last night... does anyone want some? I don't t-think it'll keep long enough to bring some back to Locke City, but if anyone around here would like some, I don't mind sharing. I'd tell you where to come to, but... I s-suspect everyone already knows. I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day! I would like to hear what everyone did, if you don't mind.

[A pause.] I don't have any new information on our "investigation" just yet... we'll have to do a little more digging, I think. Right now, we're just taking a break, I think. It's been a long couple of weeks, and... even if we haven't found m-much yet, it's still tiring work roaming the city. If anyone knows anything new, I'd like to hear about it, too.

Um, that's everything I wanted to say today... [She waves before she cuts the feed.]
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[Today you are graced by yet another glorious view of Matt, today outside. He is sitting on his aunt and uncle's back deck, by the light of a few citronella candles. There is dramatic music playing. He has a handful of index cards, that he flashes at the screen one by one. They read as follows:

So a lot of people have been asking me about Persona and stuff.

I think a lot of you don't believe me.

Those guys suck.

A bunch of you want me to show you, though.

It can't hurt right?

Okay I'm going to give you 30 seconds to walk away because it's disturbing.

No one under 13 OK?

So College got cancelled.

I'm devastated.

Who would cancel a show like that?

What would you have to be smoking?


I think it's been 30 seconds.

Last chance.

And he puts the cards down.]

Seriously, don't blame me if you watch after this. It's kinda dark.

Cut for Persona 3 summoning )

I can't believe they cancelled it. It was just getting good again.
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Who: Fuyuka, Natalie
What: Taking stock
Where: Natalie's apartment
When: May 4th

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