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[the screen turns on, showing Amy wearing a black and orange pilot suit and attempting to look as professional as possible]

Ah, hello. A lot of you probably know me by now, but... I have something I need to bring to everyone's attention. We have a lot that's going on right now, and a lot of danger is definitely headed our way. We have to be ready to face it... and I know that some of us out there may be Numbered who don't have a means of fighting back. People who don't have special powers or abilities, but want to fight by their friends' sides...

[Amy pauses and takes a deep breath before continuing]

Haro... pan outwards.

[there's a quick acknowledgement from Amy's cameraman, and the view expands to show that Amy is standing inside of a hangar. Standing behind her are numerous magneta colored mobile suits.]

I have a way for us to join the fight. They were found in the orbital elevator, and we moved them across echo zones via the Ghost Zone. You can call them the GN-XIII, and I can show people how to pilot them. They're of the same basic technology my brothers and the others used to pilot. I can't promise everyone will become amazing pilots overnight, but... I can help you join the fight. I can help give more people a fighting chance against... against whatever's coming.

Obviously, I would prefer to extend this opportunity to people who don't have special powers. It'd be... extremely superfluous to give them to people who already stand a fighting chance. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, we'll be testing these and I'll be giving pilot lessons in the Lapland area.

[ooc - so, hey! Like Amy says, this is an opportunity open to Numbered who don't have special powers and want to be able to fight in the days ahead. I discussed this with Kira and the whole thing is good to go, so if you'd like to throw your character's hat into the ring and they'd be a good fit for it, here's your chance to pilot a giant robot! Amy's from Build Fighters, but the basic concept of piloting a machine is the same, so she can show your character the ropes. The capabilities of each machine are described in the link above.]
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Who: Saretha, Amy, Raye, and a robotic cheesepuff
What: A discovery
Where: The orbital elevator, Neuschwanstein
When: March 31st

What we leave behind )


Mar. 15th, 2015 09:08 am
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[before the Santarem lights]

Christmas Island is so humid. It's nice though, not too hot...

Anyway. Guys, you know stuff's going on here, right? People've been going into sort of fits and wrecking their stuff. It's got so bad the military's come in to start locking them up. And I keep seeing mushrooms everywhere. I'm told they're new. They're bigger the farther I go over the jungle, I've seen them as big as my head.

The sigil to get here on the teleporter is a mushroom. Think this could be bad?
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[ Arnold looks thoughtful, and Benedict his dopple can be seen huddled in an emo corner behind him ]

Hey... network. Your echoes, or pulses, or whatever... do they... normally make sense? Because all of mine seem... I dunno. Very disjointed. This most recent one is like... just a poem! Or something. A very, very depressing one.

[ And then there's a glow on the screen and he looks down, stares, and screeches, flailing, and a glowing rock goes sailing across the room as he tips backwards off his chair to land on the floor. Benedict jumps to his feet with a startled yelp spinning and brandishing a letter opener in his hand before blinking in confusion ]


'M fine.


Feb. 17th, 2015 09:14 pm
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Hey everyone. I know things are really complex right now. We finally got past all that business in Lapland and it seems like a whole new problem has cropped up. Right now we're not even sure who is who or what's even going on, and I realize that's pretty stressful.

So, I was just wondering if anyone would be up for doing something to take the edge off together. I'm not saying we let our guards down or anything, and I know any of those doubles of us would be able to see this, but I don't think there's any harm in talking about things that help us relax, right?


It's funny, you know. I've been told I'm physically incapable of relaxing more than once, so I can imagine how weird this must feel coming from me. Buuut... I think it'd be helpful all the same. Even if we just talk about the small things, I think it'd be pretty helpful.


Feb. 9th, 2015 04:53 pm
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[Reclining back, smirking at the camera is... Lily? It at least rather looks like Lily, but there are... distinct differences. Her hair is much looser than Lily's normally is, and a bit darker. She wears something quite unlike Lily as well - a form fitting black dress. Where has she gotten everything for this, much less the computer she's speaking from? Well, it may just so happen that she has a means of easily swiping stuff from places without anyone being any the wiser.]

Oooooh, there we go. Hello~ It's been a few days.

[She leans forward, propping her chin lazily on one hand, and chuckles.]

Aren't all of you miserable fucking losers just the cutest. You know what I'm tired of? Being one of those losers.

Scrambling around the globe for a bunch of ungrateful, snot nosed little brats... and for what? Just what has any of that gotten me, gotten any of us?!

I'm done with that bullshit. We have all of this power, and we just cower in the shadows!

[Her smirk turns sadistic, and she flashes her teeth.] It's high time we did something much, much more fun with our power...

What do you say~?

[OOC: Needless to say, this is Doppelganger Lily, who does not yet realize she isn't as such, especially since Lily herself hasn't posted to the Network since the Lapland rescue, since the doubles do not initially realize they're copies. As per the Plot Post, her Number is indistinguishable from Lily's own. The real Lily won't notice this immediately since she's busy hovering over Winter after her injuries in Lapland, but she WILL be along in this post... after I've had some fun, first.]
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )
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[Lily looks... disturbed, to say the absolute least.]

So, the "Numbered Special Commissioned Group" contacted us today, and we've got a... potential problem.

We know that there have been lights appearing over multiple new locations lately. One of them was Lapland, which Winter and I briefly visited around Christmas. [It was cold.]

Nothing much seemed out of the ordinary then, but now? Now we've got a problem.

Since around the time of the lights appearing, children from Lapland and the surrounding area have started to disappear. There's no ransom, and no clue why. However... two preschoolers who were hidden away at the time were able to tell the authorities something: They saw an old man with a beard they're saying looked like Santa Claus, and his helper, was...

[She purses her lips.] Ever seen "How The Grinch Stole Christmas?" Him.

[She shrugs; they've encountered weirder, right? But she still looks immensely bothered. The involvement of children is assuredly doing that.]

Here's where we come in: They want our help. Numbered help. This is clearly connected to us in some way, and those of us with the NSCG have at least proven cooperative, so I guess that helps. We're to be there by the 13th, in Rovaniemi, and they'll take us upstate from there to begin searching and investigation. We're told to bring friends, so...

Please. Come with us. Help us. If we can save those kids... [Or even if they can't, and they can just discover the cause, which makes her shudder.] We've got to do whatever we can. We have the power to, right? We have to do something.
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Who: Amy, Amy's mom, Saretha
What: Violence in the streets
Where: The Dylandy Bar, Locke City
WWhen: Mid-morning, the 14th

Caitlin Dylandy had buried a husband and a son, but had held on despite it all. )
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Who: Everyone joining the mafia attack
What: Attack on the mafia meeting
When: Monday night, December 8th
Where: mafia building

An hour before the meeting, everyone who wants to make a stand against the mafia - violent and potentially ill advised though it might be - gathers in a nearby location to make final plans. Nick’s original idea of Xander moving a small number of people through shadows into the meeting to take out Albero is still technically in effect, but only for those who are planning on gunning straight for the mafia boss himself. Or those who want to help take him out specifically, even if not to deliver the final blow themselves.

Thorir’s provided weapons from his shop, for any network members who know how to use them. L’d agreed to handle the coordination of getting everyone in the building to take out as many of the mafia members as they could, and to hopefully confine the chaos inside.

Because once they’re in and fighting, it’s… probably going to be at least a little chaos.

But hopefully, by the end of the night, it’ll at least be done.

[OOC: Linking one more time to the plotting post in case anyone needs it as the log goes on! I’ll post up a thread for those gunning for Albero so the mods can NPC him as needed, otherwise feel free to start your own threads to battle mafia goons!]
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[The man appearing onscreen this morning is haggard, somber, and distracted. Clearly, he's been awake all night, something he's been doing far too often lately, sitting curled in the middle of what appears to be a cleaned up but ancient school gymnasium's basketball court with his chin on his knees. A few feet away is a blue tarp hiding something sizable and lumpy.]

I know Albero's people are striking Espresso Yourself, early on the morning of Sunday, November 23, at 3:15 AM. They will be there to raze the building to the ground and they do not intend to take prisoners.

[He bites his lip, glancing away from the camera. The calmness he's affected since Anthony's death slips for a second, revealing something like fear. He swallows.]

I've been waiting for a pulse. I was hoping that maybe my other's experience and knowledge could help me, in this regard, but up to this point... it's been all quiet on that front.

[He rises slowly, moving towards the tarp and drawing it away from what it conceals. There are many pounds of dynamite stacked in the middle of his gym, along with several ominous looking canisters.]

I have dynamite and nitroglycerin. I think...

[He takes a deep, shuddering breath.]

I know we can kill a lot of them. Part of me really wants to, and I can't be the only one. But I know... I know that's not what we're fighting for, a criminal record of our own and another reason to be driven out of this city. So...

[He sits again, hard, on the floor, eyes and posture conveying a distinctly dazed quality.]

I think maybe it would be better to use this information to get the FBI on this and catch them in the act, with no blood shed. I'm prepared for both of these scenarios, but honestly... I don't know what's right. I'm so tired. I trust all of you, so... please help me make the right decision.

EDIT: I've been informed that Nick knows about another upcoming opportunity, a chance to hit the Mafia where it hurts. There's to be a meeting of higher-ups in the near future; further details are forthcoming.


Oct. 23rd, 2014 07:20 pm
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Hello, everyone. I realize I've been mostly quiet this past month, but I've had a lot to think about.

As you might... As you might know, my brother, Neil Dylandy, was killed during the attack of that monster in Vegas. He died, protecting both myself and a friend of ours, a-and I wouldn't be here today if not for him.

[a pause of at least seven seconds follows, through which Amy can likely be heard, sounding like she's trying to hold back tears]

I'm not the only one dealing with something like this right now. We've lost others. People we won't get back. That's why I felt like it was time I spoke up. My brother wouldn't want me to throw away the chance I've been given... to realize my dreams, and do my best to survive all of this.

I've been angry. So angry. I thought that maybe if neither of us hadn't become Numbered, he'd still be alive. And then I realize I wouldn't have been able to get to know him better like I did, and wonder if that's selfish of me. But I... I don't want to live like that. I know Neil would be angry at me for feeling that way.

You've all helped me grow in the short time I've been a Numbered. I used to be so full of myself, and I only cared about what I wanted to do. I'm only starting to make friends right now, but I don't want to lose what I've gained. I want to be a part of this... not for Neil's sake, but for my own.

Don't give up. Not for the sake of the people we've lost, but... for ourselves. That's all Neil would want me to do, I think. I'm n-not... I'm not going to be quiet anymore.

[and the last sound before the audio cuts out is a long, weary sigh... like saying this took everything she had for the time being]
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Who: Saretha, Amy
What: Getting acclimated
Where Las Vegas, Amy's temporary residence
When: September 23rd

Read more... )

Who: Neil, Amy
What: Siblings
Where Same location
When: September 25th

Read more... )


Sep. 12th, 2014 08:29 pm
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[Having written the numbers on the glass of an office building's window in Locke, Arthur coughed into one gauntlet-clad hand with a grave expression on his face. He was wearing his armor and over his shoulder, there was a sort of twisting bundle of air that bent in the shape of a sword handle. The hood of his armor was up to conceal his face from other people, but for the most part it was kind of a wasted gesture for anyone who would have looked for him in the reflection on the glass.

Fortunately, the little complex he was standing in had been completely vacant at that time.]

I'm really glad I booked that bus to get in at night-- I, um.

[His voice was notably a bit more formal than anyone might have recalled, taking on a remarkably British accent.]

So... Does anyone have a place I could stay at tonight?
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[ Neil is... actually right around the pool where the symbol connected to Project Jump rests. Certainly doesn't look dressed for taking a swim. ]

Soooo... hey. Quick question.

Anyone else tried that stupid machine? It take any longer, shorter? No one's lost a limb or anything, right? Or ear, or pinkie, or...

[ He shakes his head. ]

Just. Y'know. Curious.


Sent my smaller robot. He's in one piece, and went pretty quick!
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Who: Amy Dylandy, Natalie Tamura
What: A chance meeting, a dangerous hunter
When: August 15th
Where: Business District

Read more... )
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[open | Any afternoon, Monday forward | Near the business district]
Do you see that girl, in the window? Waving like an idiot? )

[closed to Lily | Wednesday, daytime | Locke City business district]
'The house needs something. Something tall, that holds a lot of-' 'Denied.' )

[open | Friday afternoon | Network (video)]
But there comes a point where Winter just can't hold herself back anymore - she's got something she can be happy about, and she's going to share it, dammit! So in the afternoon, she pulls out her Kindle and, sitting on her floor, enters her number and clicks the camera on. There are boxes behind her that look more than a little like moving boxes, and a familiar blue plushie on her shoulder. Wherever she is, there's not a whole lot to see beyond an off-white wall, a sea of things yet to be unpacked, and at least one box claiming to be assemble-it-yourself furniture that has not been addressed. There might be assorted clothing sitting on the floor, but she's in a good enough mood not to care about that. Winter herself is sporting a bandage on her face, and another one you can just make out through her shirt sleeve on her left arm.

"Hi, everyone! Um, I kind of had a small announcement to make. If anyone's looking for me, please don't visit my home. I, ah... don't live there anymore. I have a pl-place of my own now! We found a little house, a bit past the business district, that was going cheaply after March, and since school is starting soon, and I can't live at home forever... I moved here." The briefest of pauses, then, "Not just me. Lily and I live here. Just us, and there are no more bedrooms. So don't ask!" Still grinning. "There isn't enough space to have a party or anything, but I wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to stop by. We haven't finished unpacking, so there isn't much to see... but still, the offer is open. I th-think there are boxes big enough to use as tables."

She stops again for a moment, glancing into space. Is she forgetting...? "Oh! If anyone wanted to check on me, after our... incident... the other day, I'm okay. Just a couple of scratches. Nothing terrible. Everything will heal, but I might have a scar or two. That's the price, I guess. I'm trying not to think about it. We're okay. That's what matters.

"If anyone wants to come visit, we're not hard to find - we're at-" She lists an address. Really, it's in a pretty good place. Surprisingly good for two teens. "Please, come and see us! I'm happy to have company. It'll help make this place feel like home faster, I think. So... I hope to see someone soon." Winter waves lightly at the camera before clicking off the feed.
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Who: Robyn and friends! (Most people she's talked to are probably considered her friend.)
Where: Her Apartment. (Okay... The apartment belongs to her dad.)
When: Early Evening, August 12th
What: It's her sixteenth birthday and it's party time.
Warnings: None at the moment!

It's her birthday and she'll cry if she wants to! ...Except she probably wont )


Jul. 14th, 2014 08:00 pm
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Ah, well, I finally had my brace taken off. I've still got rehab to go to, but I feel pretty free all the same.

That said, I have some other good news! I've started working at Espresso Yourself and Aikawa's on top of my other job as someone's personal assistant, so if any of you frequent those places, I'll do my best to provide excellent service. It's a point of pride, after all!

[if you think Amy sounds like she's trying to "sell" herself, you're probably not alone]

That said, um... I'm trying to get past the whole "not getting involved with this number business" thing. I want to get to know people better, learn more about everyone. So... consider this a new introduction, of sorts.

Also... does anyone know anything about plastic model kits? It was important to the girl whose memories I've been getting, but it's sad to say I don't really know much about them. I figure if I'm gonna learn anything from her, I'd best start learning what I can on my own first...
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[Today, Anais is recording a video of a giant, bird-shaped robot.]

... Is it sad I kind of miss him just being Birdgod? But the weirdest thing goes on with him. I can pilot him from the inside. And he just does whatever I do...

Is this normal for giant robots? I mean, I thought it was supposed to be an actual robot. With controls. He just does what I do, no machinery at all.

It's weird.

He stores pretty conveniently, though.
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Everyone's power is out. I got caught outside when it happened. I'm trying to get home...

There's something out there. I can't see it clearly, but I can sort of... it's like you know something's there, but it's fuzzy. And I think I'm hearing things...

I'm worried about my mom. She was at the bar when everything went dark and I can't call her on the phone. I'm trying to get home but I'm worried I'll get lost.

Can anyone help me?


Whether anyone came for her or not, Amy knew she had to get home by some means. )

fyt me irl

Jun. 15th, 2014 03:26 pm
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WHO: Raye Satterfield, Saretha Kaiser, witnesses and anyone who wants to observe
WHEN: Sunday evening. The 15th
WHERE: A section of the Dead District far away from the Thunder Compound and LSR clinic
WHAT: Saretha Kaiser, eager to attempt to trigger more Echoes by recreating events from her past life, has challenged Raye Satterfield to a duel. Raye, eager to feed Saretha a knuckle sandwich, has accepted.
WARNINGS: Violence, strong language, grievous scenery abuse. You know what? Let's just go with Warning: Kill la Kill.

u wot m8? r u havin a giggle ill hook u ryt in the gabber i swer on me mum )
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[ Saretha sits before the camera. A little closer up than before, and she's wearing Junketsu. Because she always seems to make a point to do so when posting on the Network, now. She seems to be paying little attention to the camera at first, instead sipping a cup of tea.

She pauses, lowering the cup.

One thing has become crystal clear since that car. The meeting. The blackouts. Those things within the blackouts. Should we sit and rest on our laurels, the monsters will come to us, whether we are prepared or not. We have power, and the ability to grasp even more.

As such, I think it prudent those of us with the ability and ambition to do so seek to prepare ourselves for coming storms. Some may do this, and that is commendable - but there is always room for improvement. For advancement.

Far be it for me not to provide an example, however...

[ Her expression snaps considerably sharper. As if she's trying to glare a hole in just one person in spite of addressing everyone. ]


[ A beat. ]

Or perhaps... Matoi Ryuko?

I believe even more now that there are matters we should settle.


Action, closed )
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[Monday afternoon. Winter's on the screen, looking better than before but still not 100%. This... isn't her room, though. Where is she...?]

I have... a little bit of a problem. I had a talk with someone a couple of d-days ago, and I'm not sure what to do anymore. There are things I want to do, but I don't want to put... my important people at risk. I've already almost lost someone dear to me because I was careless. I never- [She has to stop for a second; it came out a little too choked for her to continue.] I never want to have to experience that again. But I...

I'm sorry, I'm no-not really making sense. I want us to return to Las Vegas, once everything is said and done. There are still too many people that are going to be at too high of a risk without... someone to help keep them safe. But can I do that? Am I... being too selfish by wanting to go there again? Am I putting them at risk? I know I'm not forcing anyone to go, but... it's so dangerous, just like it was here. I don't know if it's something I can ask anyone to do. But I can't go alone. I'm not strong enough to do anything by myself. I know that, by now. Still... if I don't have to put them in harm's way, I want to. My friends haven't done anything wrong, either - they shouldn't have to pay for my desires.

I don't... I'm not sure what to do. Part of me knows that, sooner or later, someone has to go, and there's no real reason it can't be us. I just don't know if I can r-really ask them to follow me again, after what happened last time. Am I being too selfish? Or am I just overthinking it? Or... mmn.

I guess I'm just not confident about all of this. Not after what happened before. I don't... know what to do.

[After a second, she makes a frustrated sound, before shutting off the feed.]
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Who: Lily + various others.
What: Catch-all log thread for this week in which Lily catches up with or runs into people she hasn't seen in months, be it ones she needs to see, wants to see, or would have rather avoided.
Where: Locke City - Most likely the Tsukuyomi residence, school, or in-between. Anywhere else depends on how willing Winter or Jasmine are willing to let her wander off on her own right now. HA.
When: Anywhere from June 2nd to June 7th. Or so.
Warnings: Depends on whether or not Amy incites a cat fight. I mean - for now, mentions of injury and bite wounds. ... And probable half-dressed embarrassment.
WHY: Wanted to throw Lily against some people face-to-face now that she's back in town. Ended up realizing this would end up with way too many log threads, so to keep things organized - I made this! This is closed to people I'm grabbing for various threads, but if you wanna annoy her feel free to give me a buzz!
Format: Feel free to ignore however I start anything and roll with whatever format you prefer - I'll match.

Finals are the easy part of this week. )
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Who: Characters in Locke, most pertinently the characters chosen for the takedown, and Geoff Benwick
When: May 31st, Saturday, around 4PM
Where: The streets of Locke City's urban areas
What: A car monster is on the loose in Locke, rampaging the streets, destroying property - and showing no further consideration for the citizens of the city.
Warnings: Violence, death.

[ OOC: For an overview, please see this plot post. Evan's player is organizing a failed takedown attempt here for anyone interested! Remember that there are two human casualties as a result of the car's rampage, including Network teenager Kaworu Nagisa.

The car monster is rampaging without concern for damage, either to itself or to anything around it, but it is avoiding damage that will take it out of action. Ramming property, causing car accidents, and leaving the road entirely to continue its race along the streets are all kosher. Geoff Benwick is in aerial pursuit, attempting to coordinate with reincarnates and law enforcement alike.
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[Today you are graced by yet another glorious view of Matt, today outside. He is sitting on his aunt and uncle's back deck, by the light of a few citronella candles. There is dramatic music playing. He has a handful of index cards, that he flashes at the screen one by one. They read as follows:

So a lot of people have been asking me about Persona and stuff.

I think a lot of you don't believe me.

Those guys suck.

A bunch of you want me to show you, though.

It can't hurt right?

Okay I'm going to give you 30 seconds to walk away because it's disturbing.

No one under 13 OK?

So College got cancelled.

I'm devastated.

Who would cancel a show like that?

What would you have to be smoking?


I think it's been 30 seconds.

Last chance.

And he puts the cards down.]

Seriously, don't blame me if you watch after this. It's kinda dark.

Cut for Persona 3 summoning )

I can't believe they cancelled it. It was just getting good again.
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Who: Hajime Aikawa, Jackson Isaka, and any other unfortunate patrons of this Denny's.
What: Jack's been stuck as a horrible birdmonster for too long and wants to go out to do things. Hajime won't let him go alone. Somehow, they end up at Denny's.
When: The evening of May 10 at some ungodly hour.
Where: A random Denny's in Locke.

Closed to Jack )

Open Action )
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[It's text today for Liam, since there's something he doesn't want the network to see.]

Okay I realize aliens are historic and important, and I should probably be more excited right now, but what the fuck is happening to my ears? They're growing or something.

[Growing points, but whatever, let's not advertise that.]

I think I screwed up somewhere. They were sore so I put on a chili pepper extract that I use for my calve muscles after hikes, and now they're just burning like all hell. What can I do to get this stuff off them? Bread?


Apr. 16th, 2014 08:03 pm
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[the video feed comes on; it's obviously something recorded with a smart phone, and not something live. Amy is taking extra special care not to show her face]

So... after the whole alien thing, I woke up with all of this... stuff.

[the "camera" swings around to show something on a desk; it's a plastic robot model kit.]

I had another pulse that came with this thing. I was controlling it, in some kind of... space battle. There were others with me, but I can't remember them very clearly...

I'm not sure what to make of it. I can't tell if the toy was some kind of... avatar or representation the game was like in the first memory I had, or if I was actually inside something. And the stakes seemed a heck of a lot higher than some glorified video game.

Aside from that...

[she moves her phone to her bed, where a slick, black, orange, and gray outfit with a visored helmet is lying on it]

I don't know what this is. It looks like some kind of weird costume! Like you'd wear to a sci-fi convention or something... There's also some kind of circuitry or something inside the helmet...

So. Yeah. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm not expecting anyone to, but...


Apr. 16th, 2014 04:40 pm
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[A text post from Owen? Never. But after kinda traumatizing a newbie with a mirror he's being careful today]

So, everyone being kinda surprised that aliens can be pretty chill? Remember: the Space Elves on Galaxy Quest were our first contact, and they were pretty cool. Even with their inability to understand our human feels.

Not that scifi is really my genre, but it's never cool to be a species-ist.
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[ The video is on a laptop camera, of moderate quality, with Marina sitting in a chair looking into it, annoyed. Behind her, the bed is somewhat visible, and on it is the edge of some armor, just the armor portions, fairly lacking in actual coverage. Sure, the armor's magical, and Marina's well aware that they all survived some shit that was pretty bull, but... with this? ]

So, who here knows much about armor? I've got this little... breastplate and shoulder armor combo thing here, and it's not much but I don't even know how to put this shit on. Like, it got magicked onto me in the past, and it's not doing that now, so I'm trying to figure out how to do that, and if it's even worth it.

It doesn't look very comfortable, but if it's magical, I think I want it.

[ She shifts the laptop to look more fully at it, and walks over to hold up the pieces. They've got the appropriate straps, but frankly, she's kinda lazy.

Marina walks back up, and sits herself down again in front of the camera. ]

Also, I got more giant robot memories, and it seems kinda... like it'd clash with the whole, y'know, magical knight thing. Right? It's some weird shit.


Apr. 12th, 2014 11:01 pm
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My name is Amy Dylandy. You may know my brother, Neil. He's apparently been communicating with you already.

I've been able to remember these numbers since that thing's rampage in the city, but I haven't exactly been sure of what to make of it till now. I guess part of me wanted to pretend it wasn't really happening.

I guess I really can't do that now, can I?

So, I suppose I'm a part of this thing now. Consider this my introduction. I'd like to ask a question to start off.

What is a "Gundam"?

[locked to Neil Dylandy]

This is probably a big surprise, brother, but so was seeing you on the news. I'm sorry I kept this bottled up for so long, but I had no idea how to bring it up before now.