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Who: Everyone who has a reason to hang out where the Mobile Suits train
What: Mobile Suit training, breaks and conversations on the side, or whatever else comes up when you combine giant robots and people.
Where: Lapland
When: The last few days before the end begins, aka second half of April

Catch-all log for, but not limited to, Mobile Suit pilots and people who want to watch giant robots, deliver lunchboxes and and and...

Please throw up your own thread starters!
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[the screen turns on, showing Amy wearing a black and orange pilot suit and attempting to look as professional as possible]

Ah, hello. A lot of you probably know me by now, but... I have something I need to bring to everyone's attention. We have a lot that's going on right now, and a lot of danger is definitely headed our way. We have to be ready to face it... and I know that some of us out there may be Numbered who don't have a means of fighting back. People who don't have special powers or abilities, but want to fight by their friends' sides...

[Amy pauses and takes a deep breath before continuing]

Haro... pan outwards.

[there's a quick acknowledgement from Amy's cameraman, and the view expands to show that Amy is standing inside of a hangar. Standing behind her are numerous magneta colored mobile suits.]

I have a way for us to join the fight. They were found in the orbital elevator, and we moved them across echo zones via the Ghost Zone. You can call them the GN-XIII, and I can show people how to pilot them. They're of the same basic technology my brothers and the others used to pilot. I can't promise everyone will become amazing pilots overnight, but... I can help you join the fight. I can help give more people a fighting chance against... against whatever's coming.

Obviously, I would prefer to extend this opportunity to people who don't have special powers. It'd be... extremely superfluous to give them to people who already stand a fighting chance. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, we'll be testing these and I'll be giving pilot lessons in the Lapland area.

[ooc - so, hey! Like Amy says, this is an opportunity open to Numbered who don't have special powers and want to be able to fight in the days ahead. I discussed this with Kira and the whole thing is good to go, so if you'd like to throw your character's hat into the ring and they'd be a good fit for it, here's your chance to pilot a giant robot! Amy's from Build Fighters, but the basic concept of piloting a machine is the same, so she can show your character the ropes. The capabilities of each machine are described in the link above.]
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Ahoy there, everyone!

[Arthur isn't quite as peppy as usual. Still energetic, but ever-so-slightly subdued. He's also standing in front of several cardboard boxes. It's hard to say what's inside, though one of them is partially opened and ostrich feathers and a sequined cloth are poking out.]

Well, I guess this whole NUMBERED thing finally proved to be TOO MUCH for my SHOWGIRL GIRLFRIEND! She left me!

[There's a sad sigh, but Arthur perks up a little again as he gestures towards the boxes.]

And she left all this JUNK here! I don't need it, and I don't WANT it! So I figured I'd see if any of YOU wanted anything! There's some GOOD STUFF in here!

[He rummages around inside the boxes, pulls out what appears to be a sequined thong, and shoves it back inside very quickly while acting like he didn't pull out anything weird at all. There's a nervous laugh.]

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Who: Julien, and whomever wants to come along
Where: Christmas Island
What: Let's go look at the biggest mushroom! Probably won't end in cutting it up, but we'll see!
When: March 29 and 6PM Locke time, March 30 6AM on Christmas Island

scarecrow and fungus, they ran through a stoplight/but it didn't matter cause they were on foot )
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ATTENTION: My horse is missing.

Please, PLEASE, if you're in Locke City, keep an eye out for a large black mare with a white diamond splotch on her forehead.


Thank you.

action; walter or doppel!walter )
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Action for Tony )

[Hajime's doppelganger is upset. The thing about being a giant bug disguised as a human is that once you go bug, you can't go back to being a human without the one playing card the real Hajime has, and the doppelganger's far too scared of the real deal to hazard trying to steal it. So have a giant bug somewhere outside the castle, slumped on a bench in an exaggerated, swooning position of woe. He's also managed to find an eye-searing Hawaiian print shirt that fits a giant bug, even if there are spikes poking through it at odd angles. At least he's left a convenient visual cue that this is not the real Hajime.]

So what are you supposed to do if you can't really go out in public without making people scream? I'm so bored.

[He's whining. There is so much whining. Un-Hajime-like levels of whining. Whining that would put a five year old child to shame. Whining that just might draw the real thing to kick his ass again.]

And I'm hideous.

[He's also available to bother in person for anyone near the castle, because it's not that hard to figure out where he's theatrically sprawled out.]


Feb. 27th, 2015 03:02 am
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I was wondering if anyone would let me stay somewhere else.

Robyn....forgot a few weeks ago. She still remembered me and I told her about being numbered, but she doesn't remember any of the Network stuff. She said it's still fine for me to stay with her, but...

But if something follows me home, I don't want it to be her home when she wouldn't be prepared for it.


Feb. 24th, 2015 11:24 pm
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I'm tryin' to work out if I oughta be worried that I've had no fucked up double of my own show up.

[Richard is one of the apparent (lucky) few to not have a clone of himself walking around and messing with his life, but there's no way for him to know that.]

If this is gonna be a thing, I'd prefer to deal with it sooner rather than later. No way to tell though, right?


Feb. 17th, 2015 09:14 pm
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Hey everyone. I know things are really complex right now. We finally got past all that business in Lapland and it seems like a whole new problem has cropped up. Right now we're not even sure who is who or what's even going on, and I realize that's pretty stressful.

So, I was just wondering if anyone would be up for doing something to take the edge off together. I'm not saying we let our guards down or anything, and I know any of those doubles of us would be able to see this, but I don't think there's any harm in talking about things that help us relax, right?


It's funny, you know. I've been told I'm physically incapable of relaxing more than once, so I can imagine how weird this must feel coming from me. Buuut... I think it'd be helpful all the same. Even if we just talk about the small things, I think it'd be pretty helpful.


Feb. 16th, 2015 08:22 pm
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[ there's a minute or two of someone muttering in the worse gutter trash talking Japanese that anyone could ever gutter trash talk in Japanese, intermixed with some heavy nasty words in Chinese and all wrapped up in the kind of accent that makes his words even harder to understand. but at the end of it is a heavy sigh and then, Shou is speaking in English. ]

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm staying in my pillow fort until this all blows over.

[ pillar of the community? wanting to protect people? sorry, he just wants to not deal with dopples at all. oops. ]

If anyone wants to join me, you're welcome so long as you know the secret magic word.
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Who: Misa Amane and you OR Doppel!Misa and you! Specify in subject which you want.
What: Misa goes to the castle to investigate a sudden personality switch/doppelganger phenomena. Doppel!Misa, meanwhile, skulks about the castle grounds trying to avoid conversation and find something interesting to do. Doppel!Misa can also be found in Vegas.
Where: Neuschwanstein, Las Vegas
When: February 10th for Misa, February 10-15 for Doppel!Misa.
Warnings: None yet.

Choose your adventure style )
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This is Dr. Aaron Strider. I'd like to formally announce that LSR Clinic will be closing for good as soon as I can get the paperwork in. It shouldn't take more than a month or so, and the other doctor there will see you if you have any emergencies.

[The eyeroll is audible. Also, his voice sounds...younger. Definitely younger.]

I'm also withdrawing from Number-related activities. It's been very nice working with all of you, but Locke City isn't where I need to be. I'm reenlisting as soon as I can.


Who: DouchebagDouble!Aaron and you in either Neuschwanstein or Locke | bonus: prompt for Aaron himself
What: D!Aaron is trying to enlist but having a hard time getting them to believe his identification isn't fake. He's also less than pleased about having to go back through the teleporter every night. Original!Aaron is just going running.
Where: Locke City army recruitment center OR Neuschwanstein Castle for the copy; all over Locke for Aaron himself
When: Over the course of this week! Any time of day for D!Aaron, morning for original-flavor.
Warnings: He's going to be a real jerk. There's a very real risk of classism and macho pro-Army propaganda. Also, thanks to a recent Echo the real Aaron hasn't told anyone about, he's been de-aged to about 25. So there's that. Also, prose and action are both fine! Specify which Aaron and which location you want in your subject line.

D!Aaron -- Locke City )

D!Aaron -- Neuschwanstein )

Original!Aaron -- Locke City )
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[Video - network]
[He didn't really want to do a video but. He feels like he owes it to everyone to do one. So here is the face of one (1) Jovan Burzek, looking unusually shy and awkward.]

Hi, everybody. Um, I guess I just...wanted to apologise for all the things I've said. And--and done, to everyone here since getting on the network. It was really rude, and uncalled for, and...if I ever actually hurt anyone's feelings, I didn't really mean to. Sorry.

And, uh...if there's anything I can do to make it up to you, I'll do my best. So...if anyone needs me, I'll be around Locke, trying to move back in with my dad.

action - locke )

action - germany )
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Who: Siiri, Floweregg and you!
What: So the Dians gave Floweregg the idea to fake a Valentine's day card from Åsa to Siiri. Siiri, good at appropriate reactions as she is, takes Arnold up on his offer to help her out if she needs it and gets an engagement ring, then runs around city to gather flowers and whatever else might be necessary for a proposal, and in the evening finally proposes to Åsa.
Where: Locke City, Christmas Island
When: 14th of February
Warnings: Disproportionate reactions.

I. →Arnold Benedict )

II. OTA for both Siiri and Floweregg - also open to Doppels!

All day round, Siiri will be running around Locke, Floweregg on her heels, to gather things like flowers and maybe a card, ingredients for a very nice dinner and a travel guide for Christmas Island which she will devour in a seat in the mall just outside the bookstore, trying to find the nicest place on the island for a proposal.

Approach her while she stares in despair at the vegetable display in the supermarket or frantically tries to find the travel guide or the nicest flowers at a store (etc etc) - or while she carries home a way too large load of groceries with a little dog running around her legs-, or be approached by a bored dog that sneaks around the area while Siiri is preoccupied elsewhere?

III. →Åsa Oxenstierna )


Feb. 4th, 2015 12:48 pm
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I want to ask about love and problems with it, but not where everyone can see. If you have time, could you message only me so I can ask? I'm free always except for mealtimes! And more advice is better!
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[The video opens on the good old Something Old Antiques and that happy dorky couple waving enthusiastically at the camera.]

Hey guys, its us! The Dians!

Listen, we've been thinking a lot lately.

About you guys.

We don't know if we've mentioned it recently, but... [There's a nervous pause from both of them before they turn the smiles back on.] You mean a lot to us.

You're our best friends in the world.

Without you guys... well, I don't know what we'd do.

But, you know. Echoes are weird.

Super weird.

And sometimes people forget everything.

And that sucks.

So, uh, we've made contact with the Masquerading Thieves around Locke...

Whoever those brilliant masked people are.

And they're funding a little project we've set up.

Basically, we're hoping on hiring a third party, a lawyer or something, to handle some files.

This'll ensure that we have some way to send messages to ourselves if we lose our memories.

Make sure we can still contact our old friends.

Make sure our old friends will trust that we're friends.

Stuff like that.

So, we'll... see how that goes. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations on lawyers, or messages they want to send to "themselves"... [Air quotes]

...You can count on us.

{001} Video

Feb. 1st, 2015 01:45 am
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Wow, a secret network! This whole story keeps getting more and more mysterious!

[She had never imagined finding something like this so soon after arriving in the States. Though nearly breathless with excitement, Misa attempts to keep herself in check and remain at least a little bit professional. Beaming at the discovery is impossible to cover up, but she manages to avoid blurting out the first question that comes to mind in favor of a thought-out response.]

Hello, my name is Misa Amane! I’m new here and I’d love to have a conversation with anyone who has been here a while, or has information about what’s been going on. The news has been pretty crazy, but if you want to share your stories then I’m here to listen!

[There, that sounded pretty good, right? She hopes that no one too weird answers, but at least with this number she doesn’t have to meet them face to face right away. Besides, an insider scoop is definitely worth the risks. This is going to get her name on the map for sure.]
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By now, travelling through the teleporter to the Neuschwanstein area had become regular for Emilia, the attitude of the people here being a major factor in her visiting the area.

It wasn't long, though, before she encountered one of the wolpertinger, this one being some kind of cross between a bat and a swan, essentially a bat with swan wings and fur that reminds her of that of a wolf. So far, though, it was being docile towards her since the first time she saw it and was simply following her around.

She even got an echo out of that first encounter, though... Vampire hearing, apparently.

"A lot friendlier than Vermedi, I must say..." Contacting the network through her phone, a video feed was quickly set up by the vampire. The first thing anyone will see is Emilia's face, before the screen is turned to show the wolpertinger that's just decided to land on her shoulder. "This is a wolpertinger, according to the locals... I think it's safe to say these are actually pretty harmless... I admit I'm curious as to why that is, since the creatures in Locke and Vegas... aren't."
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )


Jan. 10th, 2015 11:33 am
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[The view is from the floor, of the ceiling of Julien's room in the hotel, which has a poem taped to it. You can hear the sound of his very deep breathing, noisier and more labored than usual.]

I can't get up. There was a pulse - something's gonna - [A white wing is briefly visible, flapping. It's another moment before he says anything.]

It hurts.
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Who: EVERYONE including visitors
What: This post has three functions:
- 1. The third general post for the fourth wall. This part is open to all, and can be used for all network posts/conversations, logs and every other possible interaction, and visitors can subtop-level.
- 2. Roy Locke's party in Las Vegas. This part is open to all, and is log only; visitors can subtop-level.
- 3. 1 minute past midnight. This part is only open to current StE characters and can be used for all network posts/conversations, logs and every other possible interaction.
When: 5th and 6th of January
Where: Everywhere inside the five echo boundaries.
Warnings: Please warn in the subject line of your threads if anything comes up!

There are three top level comments in this post; please reply to them and not the post in general.

Fourth Wall OOC information! As a reminder: Visitors may tag all posts tagged "-fourth wall" that are posted on [community profile] savetheearth.

Prior "-fourth wall" posts:
First general post
Winter's post
Second general post
Stefan's post
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Who: EVERYONE including visitors
What: This is the first general post for the fourth wall. This post is for network posts/conversations, logs and every other possible interaction, and visitors can top-level.
When: 2nd of January
Where: Everywhere inside the five echo boundaries.
Warnings: Please warn in the subject line of your threads if anything comes up!

Fourth Wall OOC information! As a reminder: Visitors may tag all posts tagged "-fourth wall" that are posted on [community profile] savetheearth.

Special things happening today: A sudden surge in Vermini and Vermedi activity! Some of them are aggressive towards the numbered and will attack, but some seem rather interested in herding or baiting people with numbers towards other people with numbers... They clearly want as many numbered as possible to be together or at least not be alone today.
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Who: Everyone!
What: Run for a good cause!
Where: Locke City
When: throughout the 18th of December

Each year, there is a Christmas charity run in Locke. Businesses from the area (from large ones like Thunder Corp to tiny ones like the Italian pizza place around the corner) pay a set amount of money for every participant that finishes the run. Everyone may participate. There tend to be two or three causes that the money that is earned through it will go to, one local and one (inter)national one. This year it is research for medical engineering and local NGOs that work with people who lost friends or family to the various catastrophes of the year.

Tents and little stalls have been set up along the run's route by businesses that donate, selling food and drink to everyone (most of them donating their earnings to charity as well) and using the moment to advertise for themselves a bit. But churches and various NGOs have stalls or tents as well, selling food and beverages and informing about their cause, and it generally has the atmosphere of a little fair.

Though the curfew will cut the festivities short in the evening, people are in a happy, light mood, enjoying the break from the dire atmosphere and displaying a "our spirit may not be broken" attitude. The run has way more participants this year than usually, despite the slight decrease in residents that Locke has seen over the last year. In the dispute about the run, if it should happen despite everything or not, the opinion that it should prevailed, and clearly people are fully behind that decision.

It must however be noted that the military and also the police are very present, not intervening but simply standing in streets and corners, watching over the proceedings.

- Any business, number-run or not, may have sponsored between one and as many as you want runners and have a tent or stall somewhere. Many of them have hired students or other extras for their stalls/tents, but regulars will work there as well.
- Characters might spot Geoff in the crowd sometimes, talking pleasantly to local politicians or owners of large businesses.
- Any character of any age may run! Children up to 15 years of age must only finish half the run to be counted.
- One of the organizers is secretly numbered in case issues appear or someone wanted to help with the run.
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[Xander sounds tired as he addresses the network.]

As much as I dislike advertising on this, I'm in need of a roommate again. My only requirements that you are at least 18, with a job in Locke, able to clean up after yourself and can handle being around two short-haired cats. The apartment isn't too far from Locke University. If you're interested, please contact me over the network.

[He releases a sigh before it turns in to a weak chuckle. With everything that went down recently, he felt mentally exhausted. A concerned meow is heard in the background.]

...Maybe this is the lack of sleep talking, but does anyone else worry about suddenly loosing their 'pulses' and returning back to normal? I didn't think much of it at first, especially after I lost recollection of this whole thing about a year ago. Now? There's a good chance I might die from the injuries I've sustained or collapse from exhaustion. [Despite the grim subject, he's still chuckling.] Although, I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't cross many people's minds.


Dec. 2nd, 2014 12:10 am
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Network, suil.

[Julien sounds tired. The camera shows two smallish gray animals in a large dog crate. They have combined traits of cygnets and puppies but are clearly neither. One is basically doglike, though it has four webbed feet, barely any tail, and its teeth, showing as it gnaws jerky, are black beakstuff. The other creature resembles some kind of griffin, though it's downy and baby-looking now. Both are clearly wary, both are thin and have dirty fur and feathers.]

I managed to trap these two things. Their parents are dead, and they pretty obviously won't make it out on their own, but I think they should tame. They got relaxed enough around me to catch, anyway. But, I don't really want to keep them. Anyone interested? I think I have something lined up if not.

[He swings the camera around to face himself and smiles.]

Careful. I'm pretty sure the first time you get anywhere near something like this, it gets you a pulse.

01 | text

Nov. 30th, 2014 03:50 pm
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Looks like I picked a pretty bad time to figure out I'm a Numbered one of you, with everything that's been going on lately. Makes me even more grateful my family got out of Dodge a few months ago. Never thought I'd be grateful that they're in freaking Red Sox country (with the inferior team), but here we are.

I guess the burning question on my mind is, what actually happens if we leave town? Every time I head back to school, my ring transforms. Normally, it looks like a silver band, but whenever I come home...

[He's attached a picture of his ring - it's a large, lapis lazuli ring with a silver family crest in the center. It might look a little familiar to characters that've seen Stefan around before (because that ring is massive), but otherwise, it's just an "old family heirloom."]

I figure, it has to be related to all of this somehow. Also, with concerns to leaving town, other stuff on here mentioned possible amnesia? I don't remember a lot, but if I'm going to forget all of this now, it might be better than later - especially since I've got class Tuesday.
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What: Rose Bonbright has organized a bus and sent out invitations to all numbered that she has contact information of, asking them to inform everyone else about the trip to the Nuremberg Christmas Market that she's organizing. There was also a sign to the same end at the Hotel in Reutte where some numbered are staying. And today is the day! The bus leaves around 11am Central European Time (5am EST) and leaves Nuremberg late at night when the market closes down.
Where: Germany - on the bus and at the Christmas Market
When: 29th of November
How: Please just start your own threads and tag around, there's no top level comments this time!

Christmas has come to town )

[Please keep in mind that Nuremberg is outside of the echo boundaries and all echoes will thus be at 10%. Memories of the network will still be present but feel a bit unreal and kind of fuzzy. The network is not accessible from outside of the echo boundaries.

People don't have to take the bus back to the Neuschwanstein Area, they can also take the train if they want to afterparty or stay a few days.]
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Who: Lyall and anybody interested in capturing the not-werewolf impersonating him
When: Backdated to November 15, evening
Where: The streets around Locke High School
What: Going hunting and then hopefully catching

After getting together the interested parties via the network, upon his release from that idiotic "for his safety" jail time, Lyall is ready to get rid of this monster once and for all. There have been more sightings since his release, and he's sure it won't take long before another attack-- and then another arrest. And he'd really rather not spend any more time behind bars just yet.

So they're at the high school Saturday night, meeting up after dark, Lyall pacing around the parking lot and sniffing about for which direction to start in from there. Sacrificing any ability to fight whatsoever for the ability to communicate and have actual hands, he's not going wolf tonight. Hopefully, anyway, considering it's not a quick change just yet. He's brought the leftover rope and twine from the ages-ago trip into the mines, in the hopes of using it to catch the bastard rather than letting him get away, or actually hurting him, stuffed into an old backpack. Otherwise, he looks business as usual, up to and including a scarf. At least now it's cold enough outside to warrant one.


Nov. 13th, 2014 08:19 pm
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[Backdated to the 9th]

[Her writing is a bit messier today, but still perfectly legible.]

Has anyone seen Danny today? At all?

I think he's going to leave Locke.
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Hey, what's up?

[The is clearly Yelena's but it's obviously sounding a bit more subdued than usual. It's in audio only, and isn't all that long.]

Okay, with people back here in Locke being out for our blood and all, I figure that maybe some of you could stand to learn how to fight, since I'm pretty good at MMA. Y'know, assuming you haven't gotten back fighting skills already.

I got a place in Locke big enough. Plus, I'm not a known Numbered, so... Any takers?


Nov. 11th, 2014 12:42 am
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[It's been a while since this voice has been heard. Dani sounds nervous and worried..but is trying to hide it..badly.]

Um...I guess I found out what those eyes are for. I don't think I like them at all now.

It's really bad...Honest! And so are those bad people we ran into. We didn't do anything wrong and they...They..

[She trails off and is silent.]

A-anyways...be careful because people are not being nice anymore...
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[Usually when Lyall's number shows up on the network, it's either an audio post, or from his laptop-- neatly typed in Arial in a Word document. This afternoon, though, it's paired with his small, neat handwriting on lined paper, appearing slowly as he's making an effort to keep it tidy and not shaky. Apparently his circumstances have changed a bit.]

In case anyone needs me, check at the police station. I've been brought into holding "for my own safety" after Anthony's well-publicized death, but it's a fairly thinly veiled excuse to get me off the streets because they think I'm behind the vandalism and attack at the school. Besides, "my own safety" could be seen to somewhere other than a cell.

I'm just glad they left me a pen and a notebook.

Once I'm out again, I'm afraid I may have to put aside my usual penchant for pacifism and suggest we do something about the imposter wolf. One of the students was actually bitten last night! I'm sure I could sniff him out, if someone would be willing to come actually help me deal with him.

[He's pretty sure he won't lack for volunteers. Now he just has to worry about getting out, and not getting out too soon, since he has a plan for tomorrow night, at least....]
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[Rakka looked down at the screen glumly, she was likely using her phone for this. Over her shoulder, a sign for the café she was evidently sitting outside of hung on a metal railing. On that metal railing was a crow, the black, feathery beast keeping an eye on the winged girl below.

Rakka herself looked exhausted, likely a side effect of both the time zone change and the booze the group of teens she was with had been going through. Right now though, she was musing over a cup of coffee.

...It was my birthday, yesterday. [She mused sadly.] After everything that happened, I forgot about it.

[She tried to shrug it off, to smile and be there for others. But after having seen her friend get shot up, and subsequently leaving without a word to Germany, Rakka's spirits were low.

She took a slow sip from her coffee.
] Everyone here is nice though. [Another sip and a frown.] ...I miss when it was like this in Locke City.


Oct. 5th, 2014 08:57 pm
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Who: Åsa and Siiri
What: Candlelit romantic dinner for two totally not a date at all what made you think that
When: Friday 3rd October
Warnings:  Two idiots.  Shouldn't be anything else.

two blondes walk into a seafood restaurant )
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I just want you all to know that the thing with THE GIGANTIC LOBSTERCRAB was NOT MY FAULT!

[Honestly! Really! Would this face lie to you?]


[So maybe everyone else had the right idea in getting him to leave it alone when he found it. Imagine that.]

And when it DID wake up, I COULDN'T TALK TO IT! I TRIED to see what it wanted and to see if I could get it to CALM DOWN, but I had ABSOLUTELY NO LUCK!

[He's pretty saddened by that, actually.]

I mean, I KIND OF got through, but all I got was that it was REALLY SCARED and it was like A BUNCH OF LITTLE VOICES going ON AND ON AND ON and I couldn't really make much SENSE of it all, except that maybe it just wanted to SURVIVE but it was like I was TALKING TO A WALL or maybe a REALLY DENSE SEA CUCUMBER THAT HAD BEEN OUT DRINKING ALL NIGHT ONLY NOT JUST ONE CUCUMBER BUT A BUNCH OF THEM!

[There's a sad sigh.]

And there was a LOT of other destruction, no doubt about that...EVERYONE was running scared at some point...so with all THAT in mind, I thought I'd SHARE something with you all!

[He takes a deep breath.]


[And he starts making whale noises. Sad whale noises. These whale noises are very loud and full of SORROW...even if they're still just loud whale noises and the "sorrow" part of the equation is likely to be lost on most of the listeners.]
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[ Have a view of Walter's impeccably clean bedroom, network. Except today, it has a little addition. Several, actually -- the room is infested with what appears to be dozens of lizards. They're on the walls. They're on the furniture. One is even on Walter, who is looking bug-eyed and frantic. He gestures wildly at the mess, as if there's anyone who could have possibly missed this blizzard of lizards. ]

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[ Neil is... actually right around the pool where the symbol connected to Project Jump rests. Certainly doesn't look dressed for taking a swim. ]

Soooo... hey. Quick question.

Anyone else tried that stupid machine? It take any longer, shorter? No one's lost a limb or anything, right? Or ear, or pinkie, or...

[ He shakes his head. ]

Just. Y'know. Curious.


Sent my smaller robot. He's in one piece, and went pretty quick!
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[A new post, a new font, a new format! He truly appreciates the help he got from that last post, and I'm sure the network will appreciate it, too!]

Hi, dinosaur guy again. I actually hate to do this, but: I need a favour.

There any chance someone could rent a moving van for me? I need to move a large animal (me) to somewhere on the outskirts of town. Preferably at night, or close to it. Somewhere with running water ideal, but not necessary. Probably going to happen Wednesday or Thursday.

I won't be able to pay you back immediately, but if you need a dinosaur for something like, I don't know, parties or heavy lifting or exterminating, whatever, I could do that.

If that doesn't pan out, then plan b: Who here has good PR and would like to accompany a large animal (me) on a hike out to the edge of the city, Wednesday or Thursday? Because either way I'm going to get out this week, it's just a matter of how more than when.

On an unrelated note, I need to pierce one of my ears and the equipment and my earring are too tiny for my huge dinosaur hands. So I need someone to help me with that too. Please.