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{002} LOG: Sightseeing in Neuschwanstein, Slumming in Vegas [OPEN]

Who: Misa Amane and you OR Doppel!Misa and you! Specify in subject which you want.
What: Misa goes to the castle to investigate a sudden personality switch/doppelganger phenomena. Doppel!Misa, meanwhile, skulks about the castle grounds trying to avoid conversation and find something interesting to do. Doppel!Misa can also be found in Vegas.
Where: Neuschwanstein, Las Vegas
When: February 10th for Misa, February 10-15 for Doppel!Misa.
Warnings: None yet.

Option 1: Normie

Misa had never imagined that she might wind up in Germany of all places, barely a week after her long anticipated journey to the United States. But thanks to her introduction to teleportation technology (what) here she was, possibly having left her stomach back in the States. But despite the lingering queasiness and spinning in her head from having just undergone the impossible, Misa approached the castle at a brisk pace. There was too much excitement to do anything else. Echoes, Others, a teleporter, and now doppelgangers? Every day Misa half convinced herself that she was on the receiving end of the most elaborate prank in human history. But she wasn't, because this was all real, and she was going to be the one to solve these mysteries and bring them to the public! Starting with why a man who looked an awful lot like Lazarus had shown up on the network in Germany (and wearing a Hawaiian T-Shirt), when Misa knew him to be elsewhere (and of a different aesthetic). If the answers to this new phenomena were anywhere, they would be at this castle.

Option 2: Doppel

This place was exceedingly boring. Too many people talking and nothing to do; Misa's personal hell. Doing her best to avoid the various loud groups surrounding her, Misa hugged the wall and kept her head down, throwing off every don't talk to me vibe she knew. She was not drunk enough to deal with being in this place. One of those things needed to change.

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