espigeonage: (☋If only I could show you my soul)
Yuuya Sakazaki ([personal profile] espigeonage) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-03-29 06:40 pm

but it didn't matter cause no one was hurt

Who: Julien, and whomever wants to come along
Where: Christmas Island
What: Let's go look at the biggest mushroom! Probably won't end in cutting it up, but we'll see!
When: March 29 and 6PM Locke time, March 30 6AM on Christmas Island

Julien had organized this over the network. Everyone had to wear masks against the spores or whatever affected people who went into the jungle. No one else was to touch the biggest mushroom. Everyone was not to kill anything unless it tried to kill them first. He wasn't sure if they'd follow those directions, but it seemed better than going and poking at it alone.

Hopefully the time difference and warmth didn't throw people too much.

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