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Arthur Curry | Aquaman ([personal profile] italktofish) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-04-07 05:45 pm

[Video] | Backdated to April 3

Ahoy there, everyone!

[Arthur isn't quite as peppy as usual. Still energetic, but ever-so-slightly subdued. He's also standing in front of several cardboard boxes. It's hard to say what's inside, though one of them is partially opened and ostrich feathers and a sequined cloth are poking out.]

Well, I guess this whole NUMBERED thing finally proved to be TOO MUCH for my SHOWGIRL GIRLFRIEND! She left me!

[There's a sad sigh, but Arthur perks up a little again as he gestures towards the boxes.]

And she left all this JUNK here! I don't need it, and I don't WANT it! So I figured I'd see if any of YOU wanted anything! There's some GOOD STUFF in here!

[He rummages around inside the boxes, pulls out what appears to be a sequined thong, and shoves it back inside very quickly while acting like he didn't pull out anything weird at all. There's a nervous laugh.]


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