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Wander || Walter Price ([personal profile] waltharius) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-03-22 03:02 pm

11. text and action;

ATTENTION: My horse is missing.

Please, PLEASE, if you're in Locke City, keep an eye out for a large black mare with a white diamond splotch on her forehead.


Thank you.

action; walter

[ Walter can be found searching frantically for said horse while driving his mother's car. He is not nearly as calm as he seemed in the PSA, but that's the beauty of text. He's a mess of tears, snot, and panic, and even worse at driving than usual. Pedestrians and fellow drivers, beware! He can be found just about anywhere in the city, because he's not calm or rational enough to perform an organized search. ]

action; doppel!walter

[ The thief hasn't actually gotten all that far, but to be fair, it is hard to get around unnoticed in a city while riding a horse. As soon as he gets far enough from the ranch he's probably going to stick out.

His ultimate goal is the teleporter, but he could easily be intercepted. Maybe even convinced to give the horse back. ]

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