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I'm tryin' to work out if I oughta be worried that I've had no fucked up double of my own show up.

[Richard is one of the apparent (lucky) few to not have a clone of himself walking around and messing with his life, but there's no way for him to know that.]

If this is gonna be a thing, I'd prefer to deal with it sooner rather than later. No way to tell though, right?
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Tell your friends and family to call your phone if you act weirdly, so you'll know.
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[It worries her. Shouldn't nobody be able to use the network number of any other person - no matter if the person writing down that other person's number is numbered themselves or not.]
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[If he talks like that, he should at least have an idea re: who did the thing.]
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[Giving him a Look (or well, her phone).]

Perhaps. But for what reason?
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I haven't had one show up either. So let's hope our luck continues to hold?
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I'm so glad I don't have any superpowers or magic like some people.
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Um. What's yours if you don't mind telling?
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Sounds cool. I'm just a lot shorter and somewhat harder to get hurt. None of that cool stuff.
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He could be laying low. I'm trying to find mine, but he's surprisingly good at going unseen.
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No, I have one. I've talked to people.

[He sighs.] Yes, it's me.
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I went off to the Alps. A part I could reach. The Neuschwanstein area, it's pretty large.
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I started looking a whole lot more like an animal. Just about the rest of the way.
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We're in the same boat, it seems. I shudder to think how mine might act.
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[he winces at the language - not that the other can see it - but chooses not to bring it up.] All I can think of in my case is a rather unpleasant old man, and there's enough of those in the world as it is.
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I'd rather not. But at least it should be clear enough that it wasn't me, I hope.

What of yours? If they exist.
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Good lord.

I haven't a katana, but I must admit my relief.
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My greatsword had appeared out of nowhere, but it seems safe enough. As much as a weapon can be, anyway.

It has some other useful qualities.
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It can cut portals.