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[Gwyneth knows what the number means. She is composed and sharp-eyed as she addresses the camera.]

A strange thing happened today. I was assaulted by a hairless dog with certain deformities. When it died a cloudy black mass emerged from its body and dispersed, and the dog looked like the average stray. Now I find myself aware that the world is different, though it’s hard to say how.

That was a numbered episode, I believe. Hello, Numbered.

I take it none of you are responsible for the orbital tower shifting position. Would you know who is?
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Ahoy there, everyone!

[Arthur isn't quite as peppy as usual. Still energetic, but ever-so-slightly subdued. He's also standing in front of several cardboard boxes. It's hard to say what's inside, though one of them is partially opened and ostrich feathers and a sequined cloth are poking out.]

Well, I guess this whole NUMBERED thing finally proved to be TOO MUCH for my SHOWGIRL GIRLFRIEND! She left me!

[There's a sad sigh, but Arthur perks up a little again as he gestures towards the boxes.]

And she left all this JUNK here! I don't need it, and I don't WANT it! So I figured I'd see if any of YOU wanted anything! There's some GOOD STUFF in here!

[He rummages around inside the boxes, pulls out what appears to be a sequined thong, and shoves it back inside very quickly while acting like he didn't pull out anything weird at all. There's a nervous laugh.]

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Who: Feivel and/or Nat and YOU
What: Just opening doors from the ghost zone into places and then?????
When: First half of April, pick your date!
Where: Anywhere!

Exploring the ghost zone is great. It's a weird and new place and a certain set of siblings is having a field trip. Most of the time, they're together, but sometimes they split up or one of them goes alone.

They peek out through almost all doors that they find, unless Nat's Force senses tell her that something bad is behind the door (and then sometimes Fe opens it anyway). Maybe they look out at a street where your character is just standing, but maybe they open a door right into their bedroom too, or something else entirely...

((Please make a note in your subject line regarding if you want to encounter Feivel or Nat or both of them))
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This is Marina Santana. Not the one you've known for a year and a half now, though. The other. A doppelganger, an evil clone, a shoddy piece of the Earth's attempt at defending itself, whatever you might want to call us.

Before you continue reading, fair warning that this is wordy and, if I may be honest, a bit depressing.
tl;dr I like confusing myself )
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[the screen turns on, showing Amy wearing a black and orange pilot suit and attempting to look as professional as possible]

Ah, hello. A lot of you probably know me by now, but... I have something I need to bring to everyone's attention. We have a lot that's going on right now, and a lot of danger is definitely headed our way. We have to be ready to face it... and I know that some of us out there may be Numbered who don't have a means of fighting back. People who don't have special powers or abilities, but want to fight by their friends' sides...

[Amy pauses and takes a deep breath before continuing]

Haro... pan outwards.

[there's a quick acknowledgement from Amy's cameraman, and the view expands to show that Amy is standing inside of a hangar. Standing behind her are numerous magneta colored mobile suits.]

I have a way for us to join the fight. They were found in the orbital elevator, and we moved them across echo zones via the Ghost Zone. You can call them the GN-XIII, and I can show people how to pilot them. They're of the same basic technology my brothers and the others used to pilot. I can't promise everyone will become amazing pilots overnight, but... I can help you join the fight. I can help give more people a fighting chance against... against whatever's coming.

Obviously, I would prefer to extend this opportunity to people who don't have special powers. It'd be... extremely superfluous to give them to people who already stand a fighting chance. If you want to throw your hat into the ring, we'll be testing these and I'll be giving pilot lessons in the Lapland area.

[ooc - so, hey! Like Amy says, this is an opportunity open to Numbered who don't have special powers and want to be able to fight in the days ahead. I discussed this with Kira and the whole thing is good to go, so if you'd like to throw your character's hat into the ring and they'd be a good fit for it, here's your chance to pilot a giant robot! Amy's from Build Fighters, but the basic concept of piloting a machine is the same, so she can show your character the ropes. The capabilities of each machine are described in the link above.]