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Who: EVERYONE + Returnees
What: Day 1 of the Invasion!
When: ICLy: The 29th! OOCly: April 29th to May 4th
Warnings: Please warn in your subject line if anything that deserves a warning occurs; this includes R-rated things as well as things worthy of a content warning/trigger warning.

The Central info post

Description: A minute after midnight EST, some people around the world who used to be numbered yet have lost their echoes since suddenly have all their pulses returned to them.

At 4pm EST, a child's laughing voice resounds in the air all around the world, remaining for over a minute and staying longer where it gets caught in the echo between buildings, mountains, or other echoing surfaces. Not long after, people in areas where the moon is visible (like those in Europe) will see pink lights on the moon, like a pink aurora borealis from above going all the way around the moon, and then the whole moon changes shape. Literally. It unfolds into a giant serpent that soon can be seen from everywhere around the world as it moves to wrap around the world, tossing and turning head and tail as if trying to hit and bite nasty flies. ...And if someone gets out a telescope, they'll realize that the serpent is doing exactly that: There are tiny spaceships attacking it and trying to pass by it, but for now it is holding up. ....You might maybe rather get to safety than get your telescope out though, because the serpent sometimes smashes down into the earth in its tossing and turning, and while it doesn't hit inhabited areas that still causes tsunamis and earthquakes. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and Erich von Däniken will announce that it's totally aliens!!! SEE THEY CALLED IT. Ancient astronauts that gave the earth culture are coming back to us!

What this day is for: This day is mostly for reconnecting with returnees and dealing with the last wave of plot echoes. It is also for catastrophe relief efforts for areas that are hit by tsunamis or earthquakes. The only echo boundary that will be devastated in this way are the Galapagos Islands. Characters that can fly or have special swimming abilities are especially invited to help with rescuing people and delivering first aid. (Icly, the talks with the first wave aliens also happen here and they will be wrapped up or dropped after the 4th of May. You are still welcome to jump in and talk to an alien!)

How this works:

- Day 1 does not have any alien encounters past those in this log.
- There will be no toplevels on this post. Please start your own threads freely! Please format the subject line like this: "Location(s)/Network | ota/closed/etc". Please keep in mind that each character may change location twice per day (=a maximum of three different locations) and that the moon/space location is still off limits on the 1st Day.
- This post can be used for both network and action threads.
- Keep in mind that returnee characters must have checked in and must request their echoes if they get any.
- Please direct all questions to this thread on the General Invasion Guide
- For the returnee registration, please go here.
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[Paper crumpling and a shaking video feed.

A voice scraping.]

There's a monster in the warehouse with Robyn.

[Pulled tighter upward, dry crack:]

-- Help, I can't find the people who -- ! I can't find the people who went to -- went to find Robyn, there's a Vermaxi in the warehouse - [Swallows, releases to impatient shake - ] -- There's a Vermaxi in the warehouse with Robyn, does anyo - any - anyone already - do they already know -- ?!

((OOC: This would be already after people were well on their way to either attempt to rescue Robyn or intercept the first group. Thread-jack and what have you as necessary!))
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[Robyn had just wanted to go spend some time with her aunt, they were going to get ice cream and have a grand old time. The last thing she expected or wanted to have was a group of mafia goons suddenly swarm her on the street and pull her into a black van that had just swerved up to the curb. The thugs had come, swept Robyn up and had disappeared just as fast as they come. She tried her best to fend them off but well... She was a sixteen year old girl with the power to summon rose petals randomly and run kind of fast. She wasn't prepared or capable or defending herself from something like this.

Over twenty four hours had passed since that happened. Of course, Robyn had no idea what time it was, she had completely lost track of time a few hours in. She hadn't even heard much from the thugs after they brought to god knows where. When they arrived they had sat her down in a chair, tied, gagged and blindfolded her only to back off and leave her without another or word or an explanation as to why they were doing this. She could hear them speaking in hushed tones, but none of them would answer her muffled cries.

So she did the only things she could: she squirmed and tried to break free to no avail, she screamed, she cried, she slept a little but not much. She was too terrified to do that for very long.

Eventually Someone did approach her. Told her that they'd let her go if she helped them deliver a message. ...Robyn agreed. They untied her hands, removed the gag and blindfold and shortly after they gave her a laptop. It didn't take her long after that to connect to the network.

[ As soon as he's sure that Robyn seems to have connected to the mystery numbers network, a man steps forward. Anyone who has ever Googled him should recognise him, since he's pretty distinctive-looking, but he's going to introduce himself for the benefit of people who haven't. What a lovely man. ]

Well, hello. Assuming my friend here is telling the truth and you can all see me - and she better be -

[ He places a hand on Robyn's head. It's an unmistakably threatening gesture. Robyn flinches at the touch, but she's not in a position to stop him. ]

- then I assume you all know who I am. Albero. Mr. Albero. And I have a proposal for your, ah... collective.

[ He grins, lowering his shades just enough to peer over the top of them. ]

Get out of my city. You're in the way. Pack your freak bags and get the hell out. You do that, and I won't come after you. The unpleasantness will stop. You stay here? Me and the family keep having our fun. And believe me, my unsavoury friends, we have been having a lot of fun with this. You're great entertainment! Bravo. But all good things must come to an end, huh?

[ He ruffles Robyn's hair, still grinning in an incredibly unpleasant manner. Fresh tears well up in her eyes. ]

To prove I can keep my promises, I'll be letting my new friend here go home by the end of the day. As long as nobody tries anything stupid, anyhow. Sounds good, right, princess?

[Robyn whimpers and looks away, her eyes fixed on the ground as tears stream down her cheeks.]

[ He crouches so that he's at Robyn's level, still smiling into the camera as he takes is hand from her head and instead grips her shoulder. Rather too hard, unfortunately - hopefully she doesn't bruise easily. ]

[Robyn bit her lip and shook her head frantically. She tried to stop herself from making a sound, but despite her efforts she let out a pained groan.]

I suggest you all consider my offer. [And to Robyn:] End it.

[Robyn's arms shook and she slowly raised trembling hands to the laptop again, her fingers fumbled on the keyboard but she didn't actually shut down her connection to the network. Albero stepped away from the computer to speak to a few of the men that had been holding Robyn over the last day, leaving her alone with the network open for now. Does anyone want to say hi?]

[OOC: Used red for Robyn bits!]
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Who: Cultists, an alien, and YOU, the (un-)invited numbered!
What: Gossipping. Weird lobster worship. Speeches. Fingerfood and other snacks. Dealing with cultists in general. The beginning of the geographical changes in Las Vegas and appropriate PANIC.
When: 22nd
Where: Thomas & Mack Center; The University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Warnings: People from the ranks of the cultists have committed murder and other crimes in the past; those deeds will, if mentioned, be treated in a glorifying manner or at least be condoned.

But don't put water in your dessert, that's gross. )
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Who: Thunder Corp and anyone who wants to be involved in the machine theft!
Where: A little-used road in the middle of nowhere, heading towards the echo boundary
When: Nighttime, August 6th
What: Hijacking (and later, testing) Project Jump!
Warnings: Violence, most likely.

Boop de doop. )
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(ooc: backdated to July 26th,  around 12:30 AM) 

[After Jovan's post Cecil has been awkwardly touching a few cultists in Vegas and learning things. Petunia's daughter has asked him to share with the class, and so he does:]

The cultists plan a great sacrifice and cleansing tomorrow. I fear Mrs. Petunia Bonright's life is in grave danger. They see her as a corruptor of reincarnates. It is likely, though not certain, that the so-called sacrifice will involve water. Mrs. Bonright is a kind lady. Please, help her if you can.

If you are a minor or powerless, stay away. The cultists are not safe. For the same reason, under no circumstances try to date any of them.
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When: 10pm on the 25th and all the way through the 26th. (This post mostly went up this early to provide the OOC thread and Eileen's contact, so don't stress about having to start logging things.)
Where: All over Las Vegas
What: The woman who offered the numbered a place to stay when visiting Vegas got kidnapped by the cultists, and Jovan told everyone about it. Now it is their turn to take action!
Warnings: Violence.

☑ An OOC thread for all your questions regarding what your character might know through their job, find when doing a certain thing, be able to figure out with their powers, etc.
☑ After Jovan's post went up sometime after 10:45, Eileen will be available through phone calls. She will be available through Petunia's landline (redirected to her own phone) and with some delay also call those numbered whom she knows to be in Vegas and whose numbers she might find in her mother's address book through her own mobile.
☑ All action that takes place between 10pm and 8am.
☑ All action that takes place between 8am and 2pm. (Will be opened up once a sufficient amount of things has happened/been agreed on to declare 12 hours passed and if the plot hasn't been resolved by then.)
☒ All action that takes place between 2pm and 8pm. (Will be opened up if the plot hasn't been resolved by then.)
☒ All action that takes place between 8pm and midnight. (Will be opened up if the plot hasn't been resolved by then.)
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Who: Characters in Locke, most pertinently the characters chosen for the takedown, and Geoff Benwick
When: May 31st, Saturday, around 4PM
Where: The streets of Locke City's urban areas
What: A car monster is on the loose in Locke, rampaging the streets, destroying property - and showing no further consideration for the citizens of the city.
Warnings: Violence, death.

[ OOC: For an overview, please see this plot post. Evan's player is organizing a failed takedown attempt here for anyone interested! Remember that there are two human casualties as a result of the car's rampage, including Network teenager Kaworu Nagisa.

The car monster is rampaging without concern for damage, either to itself or to anything around it, but it is avoiding damage that will take it out of action. Ramming property, causing car accidents, and leaving the road entirely to continue its race along the streets are all kosher. Geoff Benwick is in aerial pursuit, attempting to coordinate with reincarnates and law enforcement alike.
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Who: OPEN.
When: March 9th, Sunday, daylight hours.
Where: The business district of Locke City.
What: An enormous snake monster is pissed.
Warnings: Violence.

[The alien explodes silently - but it explodes.

First in a small cloud of hot (rose-scented) gas - those there to watch its final moments will want to step back.

A ripple in the air pulses - heavily - from where it once was, with absolutely no sound and color, but penetrating force. Anyone standing within two miles of the point of origin will feel a push, with those closest guaranteed to be knocked off their feet and temporarily dazed. Cars swerve and crash. Staff in the nearest office buildings launch into disarray. There’s no shielding from the blast - it can be felt through walls, through structures, in the air, and underground.

And it is felt underground.

The entire business district starts to shake, abruptly, jarred to a stir by some movement. It rises over the span of a long half-a-minute to the magnitude of December’s earthquake.

Tuning Towers experiences the worst of it - windows are smashing and objects are shaking loose and falling from the upper floors.

It finally ends - with screaming - as the head of an enormous pink snake breaks the lobby floor.

It flows its way quickly out of the hole it’s made, breaks itself another hole ever so politely through the main entrance doors, which were not meant to accommodate a twenty-foot-tall-and-wide exitor, and as it draws the last of its tail out after it, the quaking dies down.

It’s now roaring its way through the streets of Locke City’s business district - all several hundred meters of Wise Snake, emerged in the flesh (or stone?).

No regard for the walls of buildings, streetlamps, civilians, stopped and blindly pulled-over vehicles, anything else on its course - in a frantically-awakened, unrestricted rampage.]

[ OOC: This is part two of the Season 1's finale. The first - the assault on the farmhouse - is here; pertinent plot posts one and two. ]
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Who: Characters listed under Part 2 of the IC plan.
When: March 9th, Sunday, daylight hours.
Where: The alien’s farmhouse.
What: After several weeks of planning, a group of reincarnates attack the alien’s farmhouse base in the hopes of destroying the alien.
Warnings: Violence.

[ OOC: This is part one of two of Season 1’s finale. The other pertinent plot post.

The following NPCs will be played by mods:
- Skullsy and Moulder.
- The alien.
- The alien's steed.

The rest of the NPCs can be played by players or mods.
- The chimeras: descriptions provided in the Underground team's first thread.
- Sniffer dogs: straight-forward. Besides their altered noses, they attack like regular dogs.
- Corrupt cops: pick one main attribute OR several minor attributes from a domesticated farm animal or an animal that might be found on a farm.
corrupt cop with one main attribute of a horse: extremely powerful legs that allow the cop to break bones with a single kick, run very quickly, and stand for long periods of time without ache.
corrupt cop with several minor attributes of a horse: teeth that continually grow, horse hearing, and night vision.

Examples of domesticated farm animals: cattle, swine, poultry, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses.
Examples of animals that might be found on a farm: cats, dogs, owls, rats.

Characters who engage the alien in battle will not escape unscathed. If you intend to have your character participate in both the farmhouse attack and Wise Snake’s rampage, please plan accordingly. We will operate on a trust system and may ask for clarification on the logistics of a character’s participation in both if we find it necessary. ]
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Who: Anybody who signed up on the OOC post!
Where: The streets around Tuning Towers, under the streets around Tuning Towers, and Barnaby's apartment.
When: Saturday night, 11/16, around 3AM.
What: The teams head into the sewers and subways, and eventually the Tuning Towers basements, in search of the source of the buzzing. See the OOC post linked above for more detailed info.

[[There is also a public network thread for radio chatter that anyone may participate in. Format is restricted to voice and it's happening at 3AM on a Saturday, but otherwise go wild.]]

OOC info follows. )
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Who: Any and all!
Where: The site of Tuning Towers (and/or en route accordingly), at the heart of the business district in Locke City's downtown.
When: September 22nd and onward.
What: Following that mysterious buzzing sound to its strongest point! Perhaps you made plans with numbered associates for a trip downtown, or perhaps you went a-wandering alone to follow the noise yourself - surely you'll hardly be the only one.

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[OOC: Some of you may remember this post, we got the go ahead, all who replied and new people very welcome! Just let me know what your character will be doing! Handwave is fine as well, let me know! Further plotting of all kinds welcome! CONCERNED CITIZENS UNITE!]

I'm sick of tiptoeing around the water. It's time we took it back.

Anyone who has pictures, video, any evidence about those wiseguys dumping chemicals into the water, let's start sending them out to the media.It has to be anonymous, careful, and all at once. How is up to you. Send them to environmentalist groups and anyone else you can think of too-- let's see them try to keep everyone quiet.

I have a few media contacts and I know there are others. If you think you can help, let everyone know.

We might not know what it is, but we can let people know something's going on. If everyone's watching the site, they'll have to explain themselves or stop.

Nick's volunteered to get prepaid phones and voice changers for anyone who wants to do anonymous phone tips. Text him if you're up for it. Keep it casual.

Shou, you still up for this? 
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Who: See tags
When: 08-30; 5PM and onward
Where: The mysterious (not)abandoned mines outside of town
What: Kanti has finally called everyone together to
Warning: Content warnings will be tagged as the threads progress. Prepare for possible violence at the least.

There's a world going on underground! )

((OOC: The details of what to expect in the mines have been posted in the Gdoc so check that out before you post. The info is a bit too long to be posted here. People not involved in exploring the mines can feel free to tag in the Pre-Trip Preparations thread if it's suitable.

Sorry for posting it this early, but I work late tomorrow and I don't want anyone to have to wait up for me.))
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Who: frankly anybody, even if you're new
What: Going to explore a mine! Finding a Sage who claims to know what's going on! Except...
Where: abandoned coal mine
When: Wednesday during the day. SKIP CLASS, I GUESS.

I figure we'll just start with Chris' team doing exploration, until the modly folk decide to show up with the Sage himself, and then... go from there.
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[The webforum is in all ways ordinary, aside from its users. Using a free, public system in its default state with no embellishments, it is titled only 'Let's Negotiate' and contains only one post with those two words repeated.

Anonymous posting is disabled, but there's the sign up button.

What's the worst that could happen?

(( Remember; viewing the website will not cause an Echo, but replying will.

Also remember that this is not on the network and operates exactly like an actual, generic webforum and does require sign-up. Therefore, please note what details were entered (mandatory is an e-mail address, a username and a date of birth) and if they are accurate. Player accounts cannot make new posts, but they can reply to Topic: Let's Negotiate with whatever they like.))