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[closed] What a cute little freak

Who: Tony & Richard & their wolpertinger, Badri
What: A brief meeting
Where: A street in Locke
When: 27th of February
Warnings: Talk about death

It's a beautiful (if quite cold) day, and the sun has brought many people out into the streets. Among those out in the streets is also a certain young man who seems especially interested in all the animals in the streets. He spends more time crouching down petting dogs, cats, and all other animals that will let themselves be petted than standing, but sometimes also hunts an animal down to catch it and then after turning it over three times pet it.

It doesn't really matter if the pet in question is out with their owner or not.
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Cold or not, pets need exercise, and medium-sized dog type pets really enjoy a good run regardless of the temperature. Tony and Richard had decided to take Lady out on a little adventure. Sure she didn't look quite like the other dogs, what with her funny webbed feet and black teeth, and because of the feet she ran with a funny kind of waddle, but that's part of her charm.

They had been locked in a riveting game of fetch until Lady noticed someone offering free pettings, then she was bound-waddling off to go say hi in return with Tony trotting after her.

Hi so I heard you were offering pets are they high quality Lady will be the judge of that.
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With media attention and the negativity against them much better settled, a debate between he and Tony had resulted in this experiment - letting their wolpertinger (who could in no way be mistaken for any kind of normal animal) stretch her legs out in the open.

He had been watching the game of fetch with a small, amused smirk on his face until Lady had wandered away from them, closely followed by Tony and Richard not far behind.

"Yeah, she's a cute one," he murmurs in low response, bright orange eyes faintly narrowed in wary observation. "C'mon, girl. We've told you about talking to strangers."
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The acceptable pettings are greeted with a lot of wiggle dancing and a wildly wagging nub of a tail. A very friendly swandog indeed.

Tony trots up not far behind her, giving the guy a wary look. At least he seemed like he wasn't going to hurt her. Can't be too careful, even with the climate being a little lighter overall, Tony didn't want to see his pet hurt just because she had funny feet.

"She sure is, great swimmer too. But why would you paint 'em?"

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".. Come back over here, Lady," Richard mutters, moving forwards to gently snap the leash back onto the collar around her slim neck. He's wary of strangers when it comes to their unusual pet to begin with, never mind when they aren't making any sense.

"You wanna explain what you're talking about?"
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"Are you... are you on about the wannabe grinches?" The kidnappings were more the tragedy than the fuzzy guys not being green, in Tony's opinion. But maybe his morals are a little different than this guy.

He just seems... really bizarre. Tony frowns, backing up a few paces to join Richard.
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"Really couldn't say," he commented, the firmness in his voice carefully covering the uneasiness he feels as he gently tugs Lady to heel and keeps a careful eye on Tony's movements.

"What about you, kiddo?"
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Well, for being obviously very off his rocker guy's friendly at least? But yeah, he's just going to scoot Lady behind himself, nice as he may seem he'd rather her not be green.

"Well I guess it fit the theme well enough. Wait, you knew they were taking kids didn't you?"

Tony's keeping just out of immediate arm's reach, more curious than threatened by this strange dude.
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He's starting to feel like he's actually having a completely different conversation to the one that Badri is having.

"Takin' kids ain't really a custom at all," he replies dryly, eyes faintly narrowed. "More appropriate for what?"
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"Usually that kind of thing is frowned on, actually." Instead of being bothered by Badri's strange worldview, Tony's fascinated. It's like he genuinely doesn't understand what might be a bad or a good thing in human eyes. "We weren't really sure what was going on ourselves."

Almost like he's not from this world at all.

Idly he nudged Richard. "For the Santa and grinch theme is what he means, I think." Is it sad Tony's totally keeping up with this?