bridgeburning: (004)
Badri Barkley ([personal profile] bridgeburning) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-02-26 05:20 pm

[closed] What a cute little freak

Who: Tony & Richard & their wolpertinger, Badri
What: A brief meeting
Where: A street in Locke
When: 27th of February
Warnings: Talk about death

It's a beautiful (if quite cold) day, and the sun has brought many people out into the streets. Among those out in the streets is also a certain young man who seems especially interested in all the animals in the streets. He spends more time crouching down petting dogs, cats, and all other animals that will let themselves be petted than standing, but sometimes also hunts an animal down to catch it and then after turning it over three times pet it.

It doesn't really matter if the pet in question is out with their owner or not.

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