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let's make a date

Who: Rakka and Raye.
What: A couple tries to go on an actual date for once
Where: Locke City
When: March 23rd

There were many things Rakka thought about nowadays. Certain things were more serious then others. Her developing Precure powers, Fougere and the Heart tree. The Doppelgangers, causing trouble for everyone else-- her run in with the Doppelganger calling herself Raye had left the Haibane pretty shaken, to say the least.

It had been a close call, but Rakka was just happy to be back with the Dians. She could have joined the others in Vegas or Europe, but someone had to remain here. Just in case. And she was fine with staying in Locke, even with the growing tension in the air.

Something was coming, something big. Rakka could tell. It wasn't a stretch to say that everything they'd been through must be leading up to something. Saretha's theory about the aliens and doppelgangers only cemented that idea in her mind. More and more recently, her thoughts drifted, thinking about what may happen in the near future. There could be a war, one day; a fierce enemy that she would fight against, alongside her friends....

Frankly these thoughts were... very stressful, exhausting as well. So she changed her train of thought to other things. Like, well, Raye. Her Raye.

And a thought began to form. She pursed her lips together, hands already around her phone.

She couldn't remember if Raye was busy at the moment; as much as the couple talked, Raye was someone that jumped from situation to situation. It was too late to reconsider, though, she was already dialing her girlfriend's number. The dial tone rung in her ear once, twice, then she spoke.

"... Hi, Raye. Are you there? It's me, Rakka..."
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Things had really been going to shit recently. Again. Or maybe it had never really stopped in some way or another. Either way, it was bad.

Saretha had raised some good points about the doppelgangers, the monsters and those stupid aliens and in her home, Raye had reached nearly the same conclusions Rakka had. That something big was coming and that whatever it was, it was going to be something even bigger than anything they'd come up against so far. And that Raye would have to fight it. For her friends and her family, the one she'd just discovered who she would fight alongside, and the one she'd lost who still depended on her to make sure there was a world for her to grow up in.

Her phone rang, disturbing her gloomy thoughts that distracted her from her channel surfing and then they seemed to lighten even further when she saw the ID of the person calling. Even more when she hears the quiet voice on the line. As always, Rakka being there seemed to make things a little easier to bear.

"Yeah, I'm here. What's up?"
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Raye's expression twists into a bit of a scowl at that voice sounding off in the background. The little loudmouth that had teamed up with Rakka ever since Lapland had apparently found a knack for getting on Raye's nerves ever since he'd first shown up. Still, she bites back a comment about it... for now. For Rakka's sake.

"Not really. Kinda just getting up but I think I might actually have a freaking day free."
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It was because Fougere was a punk ass little jerk, that's why. No other reasoning was possible or needed! Er... whatever.

For now, she just ignored the dumb little voice in the background, focusing instead on Rakka.

"A...?" Wait, that's right. They'd never actually been one of those, had they? Not really. Sure, they'd spent plenty of time together but it always seemed to be moments in between whatever crisis was going on at the time. When had they really ever just... gone out to have fun together? "A date, huh?"

She sat up a bit, a little surprised at the stupid grin on her face.

"Sure, sounds good." She was trying to keep nonchalant about it but, was that a little excitement creeping into her own voice. "Uh... so, a movie or something?"
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She really did feel a little guilty about the whole thing come to think of it. True, things seemed to keep getting in the way, but... she shook her head. No point in beating herself up over it now. All that really mattered was that they had their chance now.

... And she was kind of excited at the idea, fall things considered. They'd already gone a few steps past a movie date but she couldn't help a little flutter of nerves.

"Yeah, uh... huh. Crap. I don't even know what's playing." There's a thoughtful pause. "Do... you wanna just meet up and pick something?"

Honestly, the movie wasn't really that important to her.
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"Guess it'll just be a surprise, then." A small laugh from her as well, and she starts to add that she's headed out and then... pauses.

She glances down at herself, looking at the t-shirt and sweats she's wearing and, although she can't see it, takes a second to consider the unkempt mess of hair on her head. Yeah, that's... that's not gonna work out.

"Uh... meet you there at two?"
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"Yeah, cool. I'll see you then."

Okay, she had some time but she couldn't waste any of it. Okay, fine, they'd already gone past the whole first impressions thing but... still. She wanted to do this whole date thing right.

A fast shower and she headed into her room, grabbing a few things and then she paused, tossing a glance toward one specific drawer. One that very rarely ever got opened up. A moment of thought and she reached out, yanking it open.

Time ticked on by and right on time, Raye was waiting at the movies. Probably. It might take a glance or two to actually spot her.

Her usual look had been traded in for today. Replaced by a red off-the-shoulder top, over black jeans and boots. Adding to that are a couple of studded, leather bands loose around her wrists and. It was definitely more than she'd ever worn before, even to the "fancy" party from a few months back, even her hair is done up a little and she'd even put on makeup. Not much, but definitely enough to throw in a little color. More noticeable might be the black polish on her fingernails.

Either way, she'd spent the last few minutes worrying a little if she'd overdone it.
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It really wasn't hard to spot that glowing halo coming her way, even from the corner of her eye and she steps away from the wall to turn and greet her and--


Rakka never failed to look good in Raye's eyes. From her regular street clothes, to her new Precure outfit, to even her pajamas or whatever while she struggled with that static hair in the morning. She'd even knocked her socks off in that dress she'd worn the night of that masquerade but despite all that, seeing her walk up right now kind of left Raye blinking dumbly for a few seconds.

And then she realized Rakka had just said something to her. Damnit!

"Oh. Uh, yeah, hi. You look..." okay, just... use words, you can do that, use words to say something good here, "... nice."

You friggin' idiot!
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"Yeah, well... it's kind of a thing for special occasions."

It definitely wasn't a look she rolled out every day, it took an amount of effort to impress that she simply didn't really feel like putting into her every day life. Except, now, for Rakka.

Maybe it was "just" a date, but it was technically their first date and... Raye had wanted to go that extra mile. It wasn't really a joke when she'd said it was a special occasion thing. To her, this definitely qualified.

And judging by the smile on Rakka's face, it had paid off. Smiling back, she wrapped her hands around Rakka's in return and leaned into give her a quick kiss not really giving a good god damn who might be around to see them.

"Thanks." She paused, smiling at her for a second before seeming to remember why they were even there. "Oh. Uh, so I guess we should actually pick something to see, huh?"

Not that she couldn't just stand there all day looking at Rakka if she really wanted to or anything....
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The feeling was definitely mutual, and seeing that happiness in Rakka's face just made it more so. She loved seeing Rakka smile. From her normal, small, quiet smile to the much rarer bright one she was sporting right now. Too rare, really. Raye sometimes wondered about that, the sad look that always seemed present in her eyes. But not right now.

Instead, she held onto Rakka's hand as they made their way over to the posters, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with her. She scanned over the posters and grimaced a little at Rakka's suggestion, sharing her thoughts on the matter.

"Uh... maybe no aliens right now." Another glance. "There's 'Pissed Off Car Chases 12' I guess but I dunno if you're into those movies. Did you see the other ones?"
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There's a zombie clown in that movie!

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"I got all of them. Maybe we can check them out sometime if you're curious." Because of course she has those movies.

Zombieland? She gave the poster a skeptical look. She liked zombie movies and everything, but... she wasn't really sure it'd make the best date movie. Or if that was Rakka's thing... although, some of those cartoons of hers could get kinda messed up sometimes.

"Well, it's supposed to be funny. I'm good with it if you are."
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She glanced over when she felt Rakka's weight settle against her, light as a feather to her, and gave her a smile. In return, she gave her hand a gentle squeeze and ran her thumb over her fingers lightly while they considered the movies.

"Yeah, sounds cool. Let's check it out." She turned and started toward the box office and... trying not to wince mentally. Her dad had left a pretty decent life insurance policy behind, but... she'd been going about seven months without income now.

Fuck it. She was just gonna blow it on something else stupid anyway.
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Raye could certainly agree with that much, and that they were times that didn't come often enough without something hanging over their heads. It was nice just being here with Rakka without any immediate crisis they had to deal with. Although... if she had to admit, there were other times she enjoyed just as much.

Those were for after the movie though.

She did miss a beat when Rakka brought up paying. It would be silly to refuse, Rakka had been the one to ask her out here after all, and she could certainly handle it but... well, she wasn't here just for Rakka's money, and she didn't want to make it seem that way.

"I... I can handle it." She gave Rakka a small smile, reaching up to rub the back of her neck with her free hand. "I'm not totally broke yet."
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Raye glanced over and was immediately hit by a small pang of guilt. Argh, good going! Rakka was just worried about her, and here she was letting her stupid pride speak for her. As usual. Again.

She wasn't ever really good at accepting help or support. She'd spent her life being the one giving it without any herself, and accepting it from others now... it was different. She didn't want to come to depend on Rakka, and she didn't want to seem like she was just there for her money but... maybe refusing her help at every turn wasn't fair to her.

"Okay." She said after a moment, returning the gentle squeeze and inching back from the counter to let Rakka approach first. "I mean, if you wanted to."

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