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Rakka ([personal profile] charcoalfeather) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-03-24 04:13 pm

let's make a date

Who: Rakka and Raye.
What: A couple tries to go on an actual date for once
Where: Locke City
When: March 23rd

There were many things Rakka thought about nowadays. Certain things were more serious then others. Her developing Precure powers, Fougere and the Heart tree. The Doppelgangers, causing trouble for everyone else-- her run in with the Doppelganger calling herself Raye had left the Haibane pretty shaken, to say the least.

It had been a close call, but Rakka was just happy to be back with the Dians. She could have joined the others in Vegas or Europe, but someone had to remain here. Just in case. And she was fine with staying in Locke, even with the growing tension in the air.

Something was coming, something big. Rakka could tell. It wasn't a stretch to say that everything they'd been through must be leading up to something. Saretha's theory about the aliens and doppelgangers only cemented that idea in her mind. More and more recently, her thoughts drifted, thinking about what may happen in the near future. There could be a war, one day; a fierce enemy that she would fight against, alongside her friends....

Frankly these thoughts were... very stressful, exhausting as well. So she changed her train of thought to other things. Like, well, Raye. Her Raye.

And a thought began to form. She pursed her lips together, hands already around her phone.

She couldn't remember if Raye was busy at the moment; as much as the couple talked, Raye was someone that jumped from situation to situation. It was too late to reconsider, though, she was already dialing her girlfriend's number. The dial tone rung in her ear once, twice, then she spoke.

"... Hi, Raye. Are you there? It's me, Rakka..."

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