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[Well, somebody has a nice tan... well, maybe a bit of a burn too, but hey that's the price to pay for a nice vacation. ]

So I got this hat. Do you think it hides my ears okay, guys? I'm hoping it will last until I can start with winter hats.

[adjusts the hat on his head to demonstrate.]

Also I've been out of town for a bit, so I'm sort of out of the loop... what I miss?

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Aww, really? You might want to wait to hand them out. People will cool off! When they're still angry it's usually better to let them be for a while.

You know, you'd look cute with a flower crown.
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Just hold the lei over your forehead, c'mon. Please?
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[The biggest grin! Julien doesn't actually have teeth, that white stuff in his mouth is two solid blocks, one for his upper jaw, one for the lower. Internal beak.]

Awesome. Yes. Thanks!
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[Julien covers his lower face (and neck, and chest) with the wrist of one wing, though amusement is clear in his eyes.]

Anyway, I'm glad you're back. Try and be careful going out, this mafia stuff is troublesome.