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04 | text + action

Who: Stefan Alesci, you, and a whole lot of doppelgangers!
What: Stefan intends to bring his doppelganger (and Xander's) back to Locke. There may or may not be the smashing of a swan statue involved.
When: March 25th
Where: Locke City + the Castle in Neuschwanstein

I haven't heard from my doppelganger in three weeks. Or Xander's, for that matter. From what I can tell, that's not normal - especially since he hasn't tried to quit my job. Again. Since they're from the castle, I figured I'd pay the area a visit and see what's going on.

If anyone wants to come, I'll be by the teleporter in Locke around
[hour]. I can wait for late-comers too - just let me know so I don't leave without you.

[action / prose]
After waiting for people to arrive, Stefan leads the way to the castle. He hasn't exactly been before (nor did he have any desire to visit), but he acquired directions easily enough. The castle's smaller than he expected. Then again, he wasn't sure what he expected. He'd certainly heard of the castle before - it was the inspiration for the castle in one of his sister's favorite movies!

Finding Xander's doppelganger is easy enough: the guy's sitting in the center of the room, right beside a small swan statue that doesn't feel out of the ordinary. Stefan's throat tightens as he stares at Doppel-Xander. Logically, this is a different person. A different person, albeit, who helped him take the original Xander to the hospital the night Xander lost his Echoes.

There's gratitude Stefan wants to express (because that was one of the most painful nights of his life), and yet... he can't find the strength to express it either. Instead, he kneels down and tries to shake Xander's shoulders.

The guy doesn't budge an inch. Strange. Stefan would've guessed that his mere presence would've been enough to bring the doppelganger back to reality. He frowns, standing up and glancing back towards the statue. (What was so special about that thing, anyways?)

"Well, this's going well."
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video and then action eventually I guess!

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[ It's Arnold but not actually Arnold! He's way too miserable looking for that, hands wringing in worry ]

Stefan? Um. I'm not... I'm not Arnold but... but, if you're going into the Castle. Um. I ... I need to go back there again. I... know my way around? I don't like it there but I get... I can't stay here either. And ... I don't ... Arnold and I, we worry.
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/crawls back in here so very late I'm sorry

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Well. I... I do, kinda... I don't like it there but I can't stay here, either. It keeps... I dunno. It's like a constant itch. It only goes away there. But most of the other dopples are mean. I don't... it might not be safe if you go alone.
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Yes. [ Benedict rubs his arms and nods ]

We... all seem to be? It's like... we can't be comfortable if we aren't there.

[ A relieved smile ]

Alright. When were you going?
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No, that's fine! [ Benedict smiles, relieved ] I'll tell Arnold, or he'll worry. But I'll be there waiting.
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But he does, and me too. You're... our... nephew, almost. So. Yeah.

I'll see you soon.

[ And he'll be there waiting, fretting and wringing his hands and pacing ]
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[ To hear Stefan call him, the copy, 'Uncle', brings a huge beaming smile to Benedict's face, and he settles with that (he will kill for Stefan now, without any of Arnold's compunctions) ]

Hey Stefen. Yeah, whenever you're ready.
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[ Well... he could just not call him anything, but Benedict is pleased anyway.

On the other side Benedict doesn't even have to think, his arm coming up and pointing, the call so very strong the closer he gets. ]

This way. [ He is visibly fighting not to simply take off and head straight for the swan. He's human, damn it. He's not some puppet that simply goes wherever ]

Be careful and keep quiet. Some of the others aren't... very nice, and they might be around.
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We... are all drawn back here. [ Benedict admits, shifting uneasily as he leads Stefan through the corridors, always heading down without ever missing a turn ] It's like... we have to come back. We can't stay away for long. It sucks.
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Not really. [ Benedict shrugs ] I... I just hate it here. I come back but I don't stay. Once... once the urge is satisfied, I leave. Arnold is... he's good at trying to keep me from thinking about it.
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He... he's probably down by the statue. It... the pull comes from there. It... makes us feel... safe. Where we're meant to be.
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Yeah... in the basement? Dungeon? Right down at the bottom. There's a statue of a swan. It... it's comfortable to be there. Like... you're where you belong. Part of something bigger. But...I don't belong there. [ almost a plea in that voice ] I belong with Arnold, not down here.
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[ Benedict smiles at Stefen fondly ]

Alright. Come on then - this way. [ He picks up the pace, leading them unerringly to where the statue lies - he almost seems to get faster as he gets closer, eyes glazing a little as he steps into the room and simply... stops, like a homing pigeon coming in to roost ]
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I'm completely fine if doppel!Aaron is killed here!

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"Don't touch it."

Aaron Strider, with his hair cut military-short, steps into the room with a military-issue machine gun held in his hands. Being Aaron's doppel, he doesn't actually give a damn what historical artifacts he destroys as long as he achieves his mission. This mission, in particular, is survival at all costs. That means protecting the statue.

He has the gun aimed at Stefan, but doesn't shoot. He just takes a slow step forward.

"Lay one finger on that statue and I'll fill you with lead."
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Waugh the week was murder HERE I AM.

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Tony, who had wordlessly followed along with Stefan's little crew until now moved forward as well, drawing a sword. Also dressed in military attire, and tugging off the eye patch he'd been using to try to blend in.

It'd worked well enough, it seemed.

He broke from the group and moved to join Doppel-Aaron, sword pointed at Stefan as he moved.

"We will not allow you to damage the statue."
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"Unacceptable!" Aaron snaps. "We can't trust anyone with it but one of our own. Step away from it."
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The doppelganger's gaze remains unwavering, ice-cold and intent. Almost like staring down a predator.

"As he said. You will not touch the swan. Step back."

Failure to comply is very likely to end in someone on the end of the sword, or Aaron's bullets.
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"Don't ask questions!" Aaron snarls, stepping closer, not lowering his gun for a moment. "All you need to do is comply."
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"That is none of your concern," Tony's copy echoes, eyes narrowing. While Aaron steps forward, Tony keeps close to the statue, ready to act should Stefan make a lunge for it. "If you think we have qualms about cutting you down where you stand you'd be sorely mistaken, I'd leave if I were you."
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Operative Strider doesn't give a single damn about historical artifacts, so he doesn't bat an eyelash before he opens fire, sinking about a dozen bullets into the antique, historically important floor at Stefan's feet.

"Do you think I'm fucking around?" he roars.
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"You want them? Take them," Surely Aaron's gunfire is enough to convince Stefan to step off and stop pressing the issue. Seeing a possible different route to the problem Tony instead moves over toward the other doppelgangers, sizes them up, and lightning fast lashes out aiming to knock doppel-Xander flat out.

He will be far more complacent while unconscious.