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04 | text + action

Who: Stefan Alesci, you, and a whole lot of doppelgangers!
What: Stefan intends to bring his doppelganger (and Xander's) back to Locke. There may or may not be the smashing of a swan statue involved.
When: March 25th
Where: Locke City + the Castle in Neuschwanstein

I haven't heard from my doppelganger in three weeks. Or Xander's, for that matter. From what I can tell, that's not normal - especially since he hasn't tried to quit my job. Again. Since they're from the castle, I figured I'd pay the area a visit and see what's going on.

If anyone wants to come, I'll be by the teleporter in Locke around
[hour]. I can wait for late-comers too - just let me know so I don't leave without you.

[action / prose]
After waiting for people to arrive, Stefan leads the way to the castle. He hasn't exactly been before (nor did he have any desire to visit), but he acquired directions easily enough. The castle's smaller than he expected. Then again, he wasn't sure what he expected. He'd certainly heard of the castle before - it was the inspiration for the castle in one of his sister's favorite movies!

Finding Xander's doppelganger is easy enough: the guy's sitting in the center of the room, right beside a small swan statue that doesn't feel out of the ordinary. Stefan's throat tightens as he stares at Doppel-Xander. Logically, this is a different person. A different person, albeit, who helped him take the original Xander to the hospital the night Xander lost his Echoes.

There's gratitude Stefan wants to express (because that was one of the most painful nights of his life), and yet... he can't find the strength to express it either. Instead, he kneels down and tries to shake Xander's shoulders.

The guy doesn't budge an inch. Strange. Stefan would've guessed that his mere presence would've been enough to bring the doppelganger back to reality. He frowns, standing up and glancing back towards the statue. (What was so special about that thing, anyways?)

"Well, this's going well."

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