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Caution is not cowardly.

Who: Nathan and Doppel-Cesar
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy
When: March 17
What: Doppel-Cesar decides to assess another one of the prominent people in L's life. It's important to know who might present a threat, right?
Warnings: None to start, will update if this changes.

Nathan tries to go about things as normally as he can. Doppelgangers are running about and causing havoc, two new Echo boundaries spring up in quick succession . . . Part of him wonders at the increased rate of the latter. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Either way, what is triggering it all?

They're important questions, but in the end, regular life still goes on. Strange happenings don't put a stop to the necessity of day-to-day activities. He still needs to eat, to sleep, to keep his apartment stocked, and -- of course -- to work. And that's exactly what he's doing, performing some routine system upkeep, streamlining some code. Seated in front of multiple monitors, he cuts a rather unimpressive figure: stark white hair, a frame so diminutive that to mistake him for a child at first glance would not be shocking.

And while it may look like he isn't paying attention to anything but the screens in front of him, he's listening for any out-of-place noises. It's an instinct of his, this measure of hyper-awareness, honed over so many years of worrying over potential threats to his physical well-being. Some would call it paranoia. Nathan might even agree, but he can't fight this natural inclination. Is it really so bad to be prepared?

In any event, the approach does not go unnoticed. Not between the sounds and the visible reflection on one of the monitors.

"Yes?" Just a single word, delivered in his default flat and quiet tone. He doesn't turn around yet, for all intents and purposes appearing to speak to the reflection. It's not his intention to be rude, but he needs to finish up this last bit of coding before he properly addresses the visitor. This is better than ignoring him entirely for a moment, isn't it? That the visitor might not be able to speak does not occur to him.
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No voice speaks up. No footsteps approach. There's a faint brush of cloth as whoever it is moves around, but even that is very slight, and the silence stretches beyond the range of a comfortable pause.

The Doppelganger lowers his arm from its {Hello?} sign, realizing that this isn't going to be one of those easier cases. Should he bring up his tablet? This kid hasn't turned around. Is he even supposed to be in here? Has Cesar just wandered across some unruly student helping himself to the school's databases....?
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The younger man turns around in his chair, and the first impression he gets is--L. Those eyes... It's not L himself, but it's a startling similarity, and it's gotten his attention. The next impression he gets is slight surprise, because he recognizes him: it's that kid, the one that L was talking on over the network. Not that either Cesar has ever seen him directly, but so long as doppelgangers were around, that sort of thing was no longer an obstacle, wasn't it?

The taller man's eyes have widened, and there's a slight, involuntary relaxing in his shoulders. There's no other signs of recognition, and he nods, bringing his tablet up and lit.

'Sorry to disturb you. Lazarus asked me to drop something by to update some records. Who are you?'

He holds the screen in one hand to show, and roots around his pockets with the other hand. After some searching he produces an innocuous flash drive, which he holds up in the dim lighting. This kid is young, and otherwise mostly unknown. He doesn't know how dangerous this game is. Not very dangerous, hopefully? If it were Tony, that would be one thing, but this kid looks uncertain in ways Tony wasn't.
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Cesar turns the tablet back around in his hands, but doesn't immediately type anything. He recognizes the sentiment behind the blank stare by now, having experienced it several times already. What will happen? Will it be something he can see?

Yes. Cesar's eyebrows lift, but it seems more or less mundane. Something of sentimental value? What could it mean?

Now he types, 'Interesting toy. You're numbered? I am too.' He toys with the idea of acting surprised, but doesn't entertain it very seriously. It's too late to go back and change his expressions believably, now.
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Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz. Pleased to meet you.

It's a moment where some might have lied, and in a way he has lied: it's the name that goes with his face, but not with his person. This might someday change, but for now, he's wearing it as an imposter, and no one will know unless the original appears out of nowhere to ruin things for him.

He won't. Cesar curves his mouth up in a small, friendly smile.
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The smile spreads, and he seems inexplicably amused. Rather than explain, he switches the flash drive to a hand he can reach forward, and offers it to Nathan.

It should be digital receipts for school supplies. He said to just add them to the main folder, and that he'd sort through anything important later. Could you check to make sure I picked up the right drive?

He knows he did. This drive has exactly what it should have, and even as he's warmed by the visual similarities between this kid and L, he's sweating: if the computer's antivirus software pops up immediately on connection, he's going to have to feign surprise and embarrassment. Will it be convincing? He can only hope so. He'd hoped that he wouldn't find anyone when he came by, but--well. It's obvious how that one's turned out already. Is any of this going to make it back to L?

If it does, maybe he can blame it on his original. Somehow.
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His face falls, and he tries to force a blush. It's not hard to feel his face heat up from the pressure of the situation.

Wow. My bad. I had a virus on my computer some weeks ago, and I hadn't realized there was a drive in the pile that was infected. Good thing your computer caught it.

I'll come back later with the right drive.

He approaches a little, hand reaching hesitantly forward: he wants the drive back, virus and all. His face is still warm, and there's a strain around his eyes that's a little more than an embarrassing, self-recriminating encounter would give, even with the mortification that a lot of people might have at a time like this. His grip on his tablet fidgets, trying to adjust to something where sweaty palms won't let the whole thing slip.
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'Clean it up'? If he means delete the virus, then that wouldn't be a problem. It's not as though the doppelganger doesn't have backups, even if he still senses something amiss. The younger man is too intent, and as familiar as his gaze is, he has to remind himself that this is L's gaze when he's focused on a hunt. For the here and now, this is not a good thing.

He nods, mouth twitching into a smaller, politer smile. He takes his hand away from its reach, using it to type.

Sure. Thanks.

The hand stays at the tablet for a few seconds, and then drops back to his side.
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Cesar's watching like a hawk. He hears every push of each key and click, and there's a span of seconds where what he's hearing doesn't match up with what Nathan is walking him through on the screen. And yet... it could be perfectly innocent, couldn't it? It isn't, he's almost sure of it, but there's enough of a possibility that he can't completely discount the idea that this kid just can't actually click what he's aiming for, and has been bumping the wrong keys.

Good thing the times he was making those mistakes probably weren't actually affecting the files on the flash drive itself. Right?

Deleted. The kid turns back to him, and Cesar takes the flash drive, tucking it back into a pocket. He brings a hand to his lips and then lowers it flat, and then lifts his tablet.

Thank you. I'll run a few virus sweeps when I get home, too, in case there's anything left there that I don't know about.
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He nods with a clear sentiment of 'of course', smiling again, and taking a step back. He's as eager to get out of here as Nathan is for him to leave, and he turns the tablet around in his hands, and then does it again.

There's nothing more that needs to be said. He turns, giving a small 'Goodbye' gesture, and leaves.
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