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Caution is not cowardly.

Who: Nathan and Doppel-Cesar
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy
When: March 17
What: Doppel-Cesar decides to assess another one of the prominent people in L's life. It's important to know who might present a threat, right?
Warnings: None to start, will update if this changes.

Nathan tries to go about things as normally as he can. Doppelgangers are running about and causing havoc, two new Echo boundaries spring up in quick succession . . . Part of him wonders at the increased rate of the latter. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Either way, what is triggering it all?

They're important questions, but in the end, regular life still goes on. Strange happenings don't put a stop to the necessity of day-to-day activities. He still needs to eat, to sleep, to keep his apartment stocked, and -- of course -- to work. And that's exactly what he's doing, performing some routine system upkeep, streamlining some code. Seated in front of multiple monitors, he cuts a rather unimpressive figure: stark white hair, a frame so diminutive that to mistake him for a child at first glance would not be shocking.

And while it may look like he isn't paying attention to anything but the screens in front of him, he's listening for any out-of-place noises. It's an instinct of his, this measure of hyper-awareness, honed over so many years of worrying over potential threats to his physical well-being. Some would call it paranoia. Nathan might even agree, but he can't fight this natural inclination. Is it really so bad to be prepared?

In any event, the approach does not go unnoticed. Not between the sounds and the visible reflection on one of the monitors.

"Yes?" Just a single word, delivered in his default flat and quiet tone. He doesn't turn around yet, for all intents and purposes appearing to speak to the reflection. It's not his intention to be rude, but he needs to finish up this last bit of coding before he properly addresses the visitor. This is better than ignoring him entirely for a moment, isn't it? That the visitor might not be able to speak does not occur to him.

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