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[For all that Emil manages to make his presence known on the Network well enough, it's usually in responses to other things people have to say. Today is one of the rare exceptions.]

I know there might be more... pressing matters, given the current state of affairs. [The doubles of people and just recently the lights over London] But I had... a question, I suppose it'd be best to call it.

[There's a pause, and the camera pulls back to reveal where he's standing. It's clearly some manner of room, but it's one that's very sci-fi. Albeit a rather 70's sort of sci-fi. It looks too, like something that John had echoed back, for anyone who might have had the privilege of setting foot into John's police box.]

I'm aware that hidden rooms are, generally, something that might be common. But I wouldn't have expected to find one inside a clock. Unless there's someone here who might have found one in a similarly unlikely place? Or perhaps recognizes the general layout?
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[At least her double is quite harmless. She would comment of the situation, but something else has caught her attention here...]

What in the world...? Well, I'm not sure what purpose it has... or seen something like this before.
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Perhaps you'll find out in due time. You never know with these echoes.
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Let's hope it'll prove useful, hmm? [Somehow. Well, she thought it was cool if strange anyway.]
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Wha- you and all that are inside a clock?? How?
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It would have to be the biggest clock of all time to make sense... How big is it from the outside?
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There's no way... I know that crazy stuff exists here, but that has to be impossible!
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[She sounds entirely unconvinced. A moment passes and she locks the feed before continuing.]

I don't know. Can I see it? In person?
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Well, it's not that I don't believe you, but... I'd like to see it for myself, if I can. I'm not an engineer or anything, I probably won't understand it, but I still want to have a look.
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Thank you, sir. I'll be very careful.

Oh, but... please don't tell anyone I'm coming. There's some dangerous people I'm trying to avoid.
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That would be helpful!

[She laughs, and switches to video for a moment.]

This is what I look like. My name is Misa Amane.
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The same to you. Is it alright if I come over in an hour or so?

[She can't claim to have much going on.]
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Great! I'll be over soon then. Thanks again.

[[OOC: action tag or handwave?]]
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[[Let's handwave this one to focus on newer stuff, would love to thread with you again in the future!]]
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Usually a clock's just some sort of doorway TO a hidden room, not contain one itself.

It kinda looks something out of a sci-fi novel or haven't pressed anything did you?
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That's good. I learned the hard way pressing buttons on machines that you don't know could have unexpected results.
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To bad we can't build a robot or something to test instead.
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You'd think with aliens around our tech would be much more advanced but it's still the same old stuff.
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Not me, as much as I would like to.

Unless someone is interested in fantasy-style forgework.
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Mostly blacksmith, weaponsmithing, some jewlery work. And when I talk about weapons I mean swords and daggers and stuff like that. Nothing really alienlike.