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Who: Arnold & Aaron
What: So Aaron has a question about the ring of his
Where: a coffee shop somewhere
When: EDITED: LAST WEEK sometime
Warnings: DEPENDING ON WHAT ECHO (S) POP UP possibly mentions of werewolves and blood and people dying?

Arnold wonders why Dr Aaron asked to meet him. He is very grateful that Liam is well, and extremely thankful for all of the good Doctor's work, but unless something terrible has come up in later bloods? He sits at the coffee shop and tries not to wring his hands in worry as he waits, settling for fiddling with his pen, and eventually starting to sketch on a napkin while waiting. He is early. But.. what if something is wrong?
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hmm, can we actually backdate it by about a week?

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Aaron is early, too, but only by five minutes. He drops easily into the chair across from Arnold, and flashes him a smile.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," he says dryly, underscoring the fact that they're both early.

His voice is the same, but his face is different: Aaron looks about ten years younger than the last time Arnold saw him. He, of course, neglected to mention this over the phone.

Aaron and his secrets.
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"No," he replies briskly. "I was a Man, I'm sure of it. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what's happening. But speaking of Elves, there's something I want to ask you about."
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"I've got to ask him, too," Aaron admits. "The thing is, I've got a memory, but it's incomplete. I remember giving something to an Elf, something important, but I don't remember who it was. Is it all right if I show you?" he asks.

"I'll understand if you say no, or you want to wait. Seeing it might trigger a pulse."
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Aaron reaches around his neck and undoes a clasp. He takes the chain off, and slides a ring off of it. It looks old, but not worn; there are snakes and flowers and you know what you know what the ring of Barahir looks like.

Deftly, Aaron sets it on the table between them.

"Do you know it?"
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Aaron takes a moment to stare. "You mean to say that the person you were was cousin to Finrod Felagund?"

If that's true, he thinks, then Arnold's past self is much, much older than Aragorn. Mind-bendingly so.

Good god.
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"Famous?" Aaron repeats. Thank god Julien isn't here, or Aaron would never hear the end of it. He's about to nerd out. He's about to nerd out hard.

"Mr. Benedict, with all due respect, that's like someone casually saying their cousin was Uther Pendragon. Finrod is kind of a big deal."
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"I thought the Lay of Leithian was a myth at first," says Aaron, "and that the characters were about as historical as Achilles or Gilgamesh, but when this ring appeared, I remembered some of its history independent of the Lay. I think the stories I know are real -- they're just very, very old."
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arnold, /no/

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"Twist my arm to tell it," says Aaron, breaking into a laugh. "It's a beautiful piece of poetry, if you've got the patience to sit through the whole thing. I'm afraid, though, that it put Liam to sleep."
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"That's something we have in common," says Aaron with a small smile. "I used to sneak out to go to open mic nights in high school. It drove my family up a wall."
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"Well," Aaron says, clearly pleased, "we'll have to meet up some evening or other so I can tell it to you properly. I'll put your patience to the test," he adds playfully. The Lay will take hours.
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He laughs aloud. "Imagine that," says Aaron, shaking his head. "We could see how many walk out before it is over. We could take bets on how long the audience would last. It's as long as the Odyssey, Arnold. Maybe longer. I haven't compared them yet."
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"Julien's quite fond of calling him a nerd, and the term is not inaccurate," Aaron replies good-naturedly. "He didn't just memorize it. He translated it from the original Elvish into the common language most people shared -- and preserved the structure. I know it in two languages."
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Aaron's smiling like he's not sure when he's going to be able to stop. Arnold's set him completely at ease -- only Glorfindel has managed to get Aaron's guard down faster. Something about Elves, man.

"He had strong feelings about this particular poem," Aaron says. "The fact that he had a ring that was mentioned in it might be part of that but doesn't explain it completely." He shrugs. "Who knows?"

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