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Maglor Makalaure Canafinwe Feanorion ([personal profile] bythewaves) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-02-26 12:15 am


Who: Arnold & Aaron
What: So Aaron has a question about the ring of his
Where: a coffee shop somewhere
When: EDITED: LAST WEEK sometime
Warnings: DEPENDING ON WHAT ECHO (S) POP UP possibly mentions of werewolves and blood and people dying?

Arnold wonders why Dr Aaron asked to meet him. He is very grateful that Liam is well, and extremely thankful for all of the good Doctor's work, but unless something terrible has come up in later bloods? He sits at the coffee shop and tries not to wring his hands in worry as he waits, settling for fiddling with his pen, and eventually starting to sketch on a napkin while waiting. He is early. But.. what if something is wrong?

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