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The blackout blinds cast patterns on the ceiling but you're feeling fine [February 2]

Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Richard Stroud (open to Tony)
What: Things are changing and Lazarus seeks out someone older and wiser.
Where: Richard and Tony's place
When: February 2, Monday
Warnings: Possible swearing, mentions of adult situations

L had been surprised (though maybe he shouldn't have been) when Richard had told him he could come by in an hour. Though Tony's guardian has always insisted that L is welcome at his home, he struggles to take him up on it as often as he could. Boundaries mean different things to the two men, and while L makes it his life's work to push and prod at every locked door and guarded expression in his life, Richard is content to leave well enough alone... even, where L is concerned, things that others would view as a clear signal that the detective is out of his element and sinking fast. It's respectful, but L has gotten used to knowing that when he wants help from Richard, he has to ask for it, so he's swallowed his pride and done just that.

Hopefully, he'll be able to shed some light on recent events... and maybe to offer him some guidance on where to proceed from here.

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It hadn't taken long for Richard to decide that removing the door handles was probably the best course of action. The front door, of course, would have to be replaced (he didn't want people breaking in even if they were capable of self defence) but as for the rest.. it made more sense to just get rid of them until Tony could control his strength.

When it comes to people needing help from him it's never that he's entirely unaware that it's happening. Of course he's seen that Tony has been sliding, but his ways of stepping in are subtle and it's much easier when he lives with the kid and can see how he's doing from day to day. In the case of Lazarus.. it's not that he doesn't care, simply that there's often a lot on his mind.

If he can't look after himself first, he's never going to be in a position to help others, and Richard is never doing quite as well as he pretends to be these days.

"What?" At first, he's forgotten about the door, but as he goes to greet the man and catches on to what's holding his attention he flashes a quick grin and huffs out a laugh. "Oh, that. Yeah. Tony's had another pulse and it's been hell on the doors." The casual way it's said makes it clear he's not angry at all.

You really have to learn to laugh at these things.
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"An increase in strength." Simple enough, really. He steps aside to let the other man in and pushes the door shut behind him, securing the latch above the missing handle.

"We're dealin', but it's easier on the doors this way 'til he's got more control of it."

Not being able to pet their young wolpertinger without risking hurting her is probably more upsetting for the teenager. "Not the worst thing that could'a happened."
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"He'll be alright. We've got this. He's not gonna be on his own while he's dealing with it."

Richard rubs the back of his head, glancing off into the house. The same kinds of thoughts have occurred to him as well, but it's not really something he's wanted to dwell on either. Any wrong move with that level of strength, it uncontrolled, could mean disaster.

"What did you need?"
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One eyebrow lifts, if minutely, as he silently, gestures for L to come in and sit down. He didn't need much more detail to get the idea, but the thought that L would get himself into a situation like that was...

It was more than enough to have him scratching the back of his neck while he puzzled over it.

"You ever heard of a self-fulfillin' prophecy?"
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The source of his being puzzled isn't exactly that and it's certainly not that he finds it funny. He takes a seat as well, leaning back slightly, taking this new development in while he considers the fact that L would come to him for help over it.

"If you've already decided it ain't gonna work out for you, then you'll find a way to make that be the outcome."

He's sure enough of that, despite understanding what L means. "Not that I don't get bein' worried about it."
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Richard leans back, settling comfortably, tilting his head just slightly as he observes the younger man and tries - at least in part - to put himself into his position. They're similar in a lot of ways but very different in others and there aren't many ways for him to think around that.. but as far as understanding being unsure about relationships goes...

Yeah, he can understand that.

"Somethin' like this, I reckon it comes down to how much you want it to work. Bein' brave ain't about not being scared."

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L + Tony?

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Yeah you two talk, meanwhile Tony was in his room minding his own business while playing with an egg. Okay, that might come off as rather weird, especially being as he was very gingerly trying to roll that egg between his hands with an expression of utmost concentration. Why, you might ask, is Tony playing with an egg? Well it's simple, the very same reason all the door handles are removed. If he's not paying attention or even a little careless then he breaks something.

So far he's managed to not shatter this egg, so far. We'll see just how long that lasts.
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Quiet as he was, L still startled him. Enough that the poor egg he'd been trying to be so delicate with is crushed, well, like an egg. He curses a little under his breath, collecting a nearby paper towel he has for that eventuality.

"Yeah, come in," He grumbles as he wipes egg goo and shell from his hands. Well, so much for that exercise. A sigh.
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Thankfully that isn't the case, though given the latest bout of problems that doesn't sound like a wise thing to attempt right now anyway. Durable as he may be, no one wants to deal with that.

Let's not think about that.

"A stove?" He glances at his bed as though expecting to see one, what are you on abou-- oh, the egg. Yes. He shakes his head and flops back onto his bed in defeat. The room is sparse, not nearly as sterling and sterile as L's mind you, just lacking in much in the way to make clutter. The creepy sword, a little corner desk with a journal, couple posters. Otherwise relatively normal teenager fare.

"Man you aren't kidding. I'm afraid to touch anything lately."
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To be fair, it's mostly neat because he doesn't own enough to make it messy. He's very minimalist, more out of habit than choice. There has definitely never been a fire in there to his knowledge, though, that's true.

"Heh, you think that's possible?" He shoots L a teasing grin, folding his arms back behind his head. Pretty harmless like this, at least. "I'm getting worried," He comments more quietly, staring off at the wall with a little frown.
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"I don't punch anyway," He frowns over at L, actually looking a tiny bit hurt at that. He tries very hard not to be mean-spirited you know, especially with what he's turning into. "You've got a point though, I should talk to them. See how they dealt with it."

It's a nice reminder, he doesn't have to be a monster alone. At least there's that.
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Never been one to rough-house, he was always the 'picked on' kid on the playground. Too quiet, and hung on to every word his parents told him. Maybe that was part of why he had such a hard time letting go. Once everything was gone, he didn't have that rough and tumble attitude to fall back on to get him through hard times.

He felt so guilty for so long after that, even knowing he really had no control over what happened. Stuck in a terrified mindless panic anyone would do the same.

"Hm? Not really," He sounds a little glum about that. "Been kinda quiet for a while. So much going on, you know? Don't wanna bug him."

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