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The blackout blinds cast patterns on the ceiling but you're feeling fine [February 2]

Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Richard Stroud (open to Tony)
What: Things are changing and Lazarus seeks out someone older and wiser.
Where: Richard and Tony's place
When: February 2, Monday
Warnings: Possible swearing, mentions of adult situations

L had been surprised (though maybe he shouldn't have been) when Richard had told him he could come by in an hour. Though Tony's guardian has always insisted that L is welcome at his home, he struggles to take him up on it as often as he could. Boundaries mean different things to the two men, and while L makes it his life's work to push and prod at every locked door and guarded expression in his life, Richard is content to leave well enough alone... even, where L is concerned, things that others would view as a clear signal that the detective is out of his element and sinking fast. It's respectful, but L has gotten used to knowing that when he wants help from Richard, he has to ask for it, so he's swallowed his pride and done just that.

Hopefully, he'll be able to shed some light on recent events... and maybe to offer him some guidance on where to proceed from here.

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