Feb. 5th, 2015

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Who: Tony and Shou
What: Addressing this echoes problem.
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy
When: Night of the 4th
Warnings: A demon and a vampire what could go wrong? Some nudity and lecherous talk.

There's nowhere we can hide )
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Who: Arthur, OPEN [Via Network]
What: Testing something out--
Where: In the mountains surrounding Neuschwanstein
When: 2/5/15, Late Night
Warnings: Introspection and orbital lasers!

Two-Parter! )

[He entered the numbers into his phone's text message contacts--]
[Private - To Emilia]

srry emi gonna be out longer

[OPEN, Public]
sorry didnt mean to send another text

[Easily a lie--Arthur had something he wanted to ask about, but years of parenting and a mean brother told him that opening himself up in any way like that was a sign of weakness. As quickly as he decided he wanted to voice it, Arthur clammed right back up and decided to just put his shoulders up and deal with it.]