Jan. 12th, 2015

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[ when the feed turns on, it first shows a rather uninteresting tile wall and a couple of expensive hair care products. the screen jiggles a little, and then a slightly damp Shou is in view, wearing a pair of worn gym pants and his hair wrapped up in a towel. he sets the phone down at the proper height and sighed, leaning back against what was most likely the side of a tub. ]

It's taken me a little bit of thinking to get the whole mess in order, but guess everyone needs to know what was said during that Secretary meeting thing. I'd almost expect it to be talked about sooner... but guess we're just trying to understand it. I know there was a little weirdness going on; they had that really nice alien guy there and he's got a smile that can charm a cat outta it's skin.

[ he frowns and takes the towel off, rubbing his hair a little and then places the towel to the side. ] We've been asking all sorts of questions about why we are here and what caused Wise Snakes and stuff to rise up and all we got were more theories. The aliens had no idea what they were for, but said that they are the thousands of Souls, of some kind of essence of animals that collectively just wants to survive. They've got no idea what causes us, save that we're also composed of one Soul per Numbered and that when the giant colony of Souls - or whatever the fuck they are - started stirring, it caused our Souls to start getting whacked and wanna return to how it was before.

Anyways, they don't know much about them outside that there's about a dozen of them, and they are gonna wake up and they won't stop unless they get killed. They also said something about how Tiny had a lot of information that we and they are lacking and they woulda like to speak to him outside the fact that we've gone killed him.

L and Saretha were there as well. We can probably all answer any questions about it, though gotta say they seemed a little clueless too. At least, they were good at seeming; I'm still not sure if we can trust all of this but that's just me. Oh and there's a new alien with them. A woman by the name Young and she's pretty certain about trusting that dick in charge of the military presence here.
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: L calls it mundane investigative work. Cesar calls snooping around his outspoken neighbor's house still pretty damn risky.
When: Backdated to Friday, January 9
Where: Cesar's neighborhood
Warnings: Typical warnings that come with L? Will update for specifics.

with hands stretched toward the calendar hanging itself )
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[Written in his cell phone, Arthur broke his period of silence as innocently as one ever could. He was seated on a big cushy chair in front of his cell, which was leaned on a table in front of him.]

I'm between job applications and my hand's crampin' up as a result. Anyone want to hang out, tonight? I managed to pass for 21 at the package store last night, so, y'know--

[He stared dumbly at the screen, realizing he said this aloud and where folks could seriously hear him and remember.]

We got a bunch of stuff. Er, y'know... Dependin' on what anybody'd like to play, right? Emi's house is mostly empty so it wouldn't be a big deal if we were a little loud, y'know?

(OOC: This is a prompt prep for an IC gamenight! Details will be provided if your muse is interested!)