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[text; iphone]

Anyone head to the museum with the statues recently? Heard they added a real live bird. Is that normal?? Idk I don't [ and then he forgets to backspace ] familiar with the artistic community unless you count the homeless lol
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[Gomez comes wandering over to where Alex is sitting on the couch and peers over his shoulder at the iphone. And he promptly complains about it.]

I wish you wouldn't write so much.
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[He skews his ears at Alex and looks away, looking somewhere between annoyed and embarrassed. Or as much as a cat can.]

I can't. I don't know what any of those little mark things mean.
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[The kitten arches his shoulders into the scratching with a little purr. It interferes a little with his speaking, making it more rumbling and, at the same time, making it harder to keep using the understandable language instead of cat-speak.]

Rrrrrr. A fvouhweh? In a what? Ffrihrau auhhu ur-au museum? I mean... what's a museum?
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[Yeah, most of that? Pretty much beyond Gomez's understanding. He doesn't really understand "art" and he definitely doesn't understand sophisticated.]

And there's a fvouhweh? ... er. A bird? In it? Is that "art"?
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[The ears go skewed again in obvious confusion.]

... that's weird. Do they let People in to museums? I mean-- cats?
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[Since Gomez is used to this playing, and because it's his ehhif ding it, he lets it happen, though he's trying to follow along with the conversation, too.]

I don't think the pet store's as good as the museum... I want to know more about this stuff, too.

[He pauses and turns back his ears a little.]

Besides... the pet store will make you put me in that box.
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[That one's appreciated. Gomez never did like that game. He flexes his claws a little in mid-air, half a stretch and half a kneading motion at nothing.]

I dunno... it's better than the box, I guess....

[Leashes are still kind of degrading, though. Stupid ehhif and their rules.]
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So do you!

[Considering he worked all night. Gomez didn't have that much to do. He wriggles, trying to get free of the leg-pulling now. He's had enough.]

I guess a leash is better than the box. So. Okay.
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Okay. When you're laundry's done.

[Save from the paw-tugging, Gomez instead turns about on Alex's lab and settles down there to knead on his knees and purr a little.]