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Closed - Secret Mission: The Hunt Begins

Who: Doppel!Tony and Doppel!Aaron
What: The beginning of the Santarem monster hunt.
When: Backdated to Monday the 23rd.
Where: Various locations around the Amazon rain forest.

Dropped in the middle of a dense and tangled rain forest wasn't exactly the most ideal of situations, but at least they'd been well supplied. Any requested weapons within reason, as much training as could be crammed into them on short notice, and an unfortunately vague briefing. Hunt and destroy the creature creeping around in the woods.

What it is and how to track it was the first stage of the operation. And perhaps the most irritating. Nevertheless, that was the situation they found themselves in and were tasked with dealing with. Nothing out of their ability range, right?

When doppelganger-Tony stepped out of the transport he momentarily froze, squinting his eyes shut and promptly covering his face. Oh, well, that was going to be troublesome. Who knew rain forests were so full of smells? Don't mind him he just needs a moment.
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"This is disgusting," Aaron agrees, feeling his comfortingly military-issue boots sink into the mud. His hair is cut short, very military, very standard.

He sighs.

"Come on. Orders are orders. We've got to find this thing, wherever it is."
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"I have a skill," Aaron says, "that may help us find it. It'll work best on the most solid ground we can find." He picks a foot up out of the mud and doesn't hide his disgust at the squelch it makes. "There must be somewhere in this place that isn't covered in mud."
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A nod; it's a good idea. He'll squish off through the mud after Tony, wiping his brow with the back of a hand, keeping an eye out for anywhere that looks likely.
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Aaron stops by a tree that looks climbable. "Wait here. I'll see if I can get us a direction and an idea of distance."

He'll shimmy up the tree, grateful for the thick gloves that keep the grime and sap and dirt from the tree off his skin. Aaron doesn't like climbing trees, but he's in the best shape he's ever been in. He'll be up there for a minute or two.
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Aaaand back down the tree he goes.

"That way," he says, pointing to a section of forest that's not immediately distinguishable from the rest of it. "There's a high hill about half a mile away."