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and i would walk five hundred miles

WHO; Elian Price and YOU!
WHAT; Elian is making full use of his own teleporty-ish powers, as well as trying to just push himself in general to explore newer places. Come travel with him, and/or come across an old man?
WHERE; All over!

Elian likes to think he's adapted well, over the years. That he's changed with the times as best anyone could ask for, given his long life and all the things that have happened to him. What he doesn't think he's adapted to is, perhaps, his own fears- the long reluctance to really press forwards and take a hand in the world again, when the last time he did so left him feeling so lost and listless.

So he's trying to change that.

Rather than relying so heavily on his students and friends - which isn't to say he's abandoned them, by any means, he left that invitation open to the Network before and did mean it - he's wandering. With a greatsword slung in a golf bag across his back, a smaller satchel by his side serving to carry other immediately personal effects, he's bumping up at the very edge of the various Echo boundaries and noting things down in one of his many notebooks, and mostly ignoring what odd stares he may get in the process.

He's old. He's allowed to be eccentric.

((OOC; Okay, yeah, I've dropped the ball and am trying to get some last bits in before game-end - fel free to PM me or Plurk me if you have anything in mind, otherwise, I am literally open to Elian being basically anywhere. Can make a more specific starter if requested!))
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Willow Ridge Boarding Academy- March 26

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Since Cesar's Doppelganger's repeated efforts to reinvolve himself in L's life and the escape of his own back to Germany, the man's been spending as much time as possible at his school. It makes him feel better to be closer to Nathan, even if he's no fighter; the message is that if Cesar wants to get to those who are precious to him, he'll have to go through L, and he's counting on the Doppel's claim that he would never intentionally hurt him.

Though he looks grey and moves with more effort, his work ethic doesn't suffer; he's as busy and as productive as ever, maybe even more so, given all he's trying to distract himself from. Though he's mobile and brisk-paced, it's not too difficult to track him down, and he is never far from Nathan.
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Nathan wants to keep apologizing for all the distress he's causing, even if he's really not the one to blame. Everyone is going to so much trouble to make sure that he's safe; he kind of wishes he were less useless as protecting himself.

Honestly, the work at the school has probably never gotten done with this kind of speed and efficiency before, since Nathan is just as eager as Lazarus to distract himself from thinking about potential awful scenarios. Two people with their skill levels at this? So much work is getting done.

He doesn't exactly mean to keep watching Lazarus out of the corner of his eye, but it happens. The older man is not in good shape in the midst of all this and Nathan is admittedly worried. (Nathan isn't in the best shape himself, but he's doing better than Lazarus and he's far less concerned with his own state.) But he keeps himself from saying anything. It won't allay Lazarus's worries enough to get him to take a break.

So he just. Keeps to himself, mostly. That's fine, right? Of course it is.
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Lazarus has gotten used to Elian's frequent drop-ins, and he appreciates them. Maybe it's because he knows that his Other had an older man in his life who was important or the lack of trustworthy parental figures in his own life, but it's comforting to have one around on a regular basis. Elian has become a fixture and he's made the old school feel even more like the building Nathan and Lazarus both seem to remember from their echoes, so he encourages his presence.

Even during times like this, when he's making someone many decades older look vital as hell by comparison. He glances up from his computer with deeply shadowed eyes.

"It's probably been a little while. You should really lie down, Nathan," he suggests quietly. "Good of you to drop by, Elian, was... there something in particular that you needed?"
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Nathan has no complaint with Elian's presence. There's something calming about it, probably for similar reasons to those of Lazarus. His upbringing hadn't been stable, he too had the memory of being looked after by an elderly man. Something about Elian being here just feels right.

He ducks his head sheepishly at the question. Decent rest? Well, it had been . . . Much too long, probably. A span of days probably qualifies as too long. He blinks at Lazarus. Um . . .

"He was addressing both of us . . ." Almost half-hearted and just as quietly, like a child having been caught doing something forbidden. His voice goes to a normal volume when he addresses Elian. "I am fine, really. I don't feel that bad."

Or maybe he's trying to avoid having people worry over him excessively. Those dark circles under his own eyes certainly contradict the idea that he's okay.
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As inherently troubling as it is for someone to visit without reason for a fastidious soul like Lazarus, he has to admit that maybe it's for the best. Elian seems to have a good sense for when others are starting to reach their limit and get overwhelmed, and this wouldn't be the first time he's gently intervened when younger people are unintentionally but effectively running themselves into the ground.

Youth is a good thing to have on one's side, but it doesn't inoculate from every neglect and abuse a person can think to visit on his body, and sometimes it's beneficial to be reminded of that.

Almost automatically, he starts to nod; Lazarus has always responded well to guidance of a nurturing ilk. "I'll do so once Nathan's had some rest..." he responds reluctantly; though he can't deny that he needs sleep, he isn't happy about falling asleep and leaving the younger, weaker man alone without protection. "I'll call Tony, and make sure he's around to keep an eye on things. Luca could help too, I'm sure," he says, referring to the school's former-Mafia custodian and groundskeeper.
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They're not the healthiest of individuals as it is; Nathan in particular is quite frail. He may have put on a few pounds now that he can afford to eat better, but he's still very much underweight. Poor sleep habits aren't going to help him in the long run, either. How exactly he's supposed to sleep when he's a potential target, he's not sure, but he really should, shouldn't he? It would make everybody happier and maybe Lazarus could gets some rest too that way.

And since he's decidedly not the argumentative sort . . . He nods is acquiescence. "Alright, I suppose I really should . . ."
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Lazarus isn't much of a sentinel, but he's a determined one, and never having had siblings or children of his own, a lot of that latent protectiveness comes out in regards to Nathan.

"Yes, that can be arranged..." he says, distractedly running a hand through the tangles and snags in his shaggy, dark hair. "But since you are here, I would like to see the notes. I think I can confirm or deny fairly quickly," he assures the man, knowing that anything that takes too long is liable to get shot down in favor of sleeping.
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Nathan also debates asking to at least see them before he lies down. But the agreement seems to be that he gets rest first, so perhaps it's better if he doesn't. Two to one, he's out-voted and such. Is that how this works?

He stands, and his weariness is unmistakable. Or maybe his legs are just halfway asleep from sitting in the same position for too long, which is more rest than any other part of him has gotten in the past few days. His hair falls into his eyes a little bit, but he pushes it back.

"I suppose that would be a good idea, yes." He is a bit hungry, but after so many years of struggling to get enough food, he's more accustomed to feeling that way than feeling full. Even now.
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L is already turning back to his computer, using the time it takes to retrieve the notes with no expectation that any kind of event will occur... but then Elian speaks, and his eyes snap back toward the man.

"Elian? Are... you OK?" he rises, observation and intuition working in perfect tandem to tell him that something is very wrong.
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London, some public park

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[He's perched on top of a ping pong table made of stone and metal located in a corner of the park, sitting cross-legged with a sketchbook in his lap, a number of lenses on the table before him. Every once in a while, he rearranges them and notes the change in set-up down, but for the last couple of minutes, he has abandoned them in favour of eating a sandwich and watching another person noting down things in his notebook.

Or maybe he's looking at the greatsword.]

What are you studying?
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Which would be?

[There's impatient annoyance in his voice, though he is doing his best to keep it down (tone, his mother would say and he can hear her tsk-ing in his mind). But seriously, people being unspecific is about as annoying when it is done on purpose as it is when it is done because people are just lazy or not use to being precise.]
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[He studies what Elian shows him for a good two minutes before nodding slowly.]

And what phenomenons are you speaking of?
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More lunatic than senile.

[If he was smiling and didn't sound as factual as he does, this might be a joke. It may still be a joke. Who knows?]

So who got a robot?
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[Peering at Elian almost as if he could pull that thing out of thin air any moment.]
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Near Locke City Univerity

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Something that L had said had stuck with him. Did he want Tony to be able to go to college? University? If things kept getting worse - as they seemed to be if recent news was anything to go by - would those options even be open to him when he was so obviously different to everyone else? Wanting something didn't mean that it would happen and he could want all the best things for his adopted kid as much as he liked.. but the fact of it was, unNumbered people may just decide that he didn't have the right.

Eccentric might have been the case, but that wasn't really what he was focusing on.

"Nice sword," he commented, something about it ringing a bell in the back of his mind. Someone mentioned a greatsword to him recently...
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"I hear that. Got a katana of my own that nothin' can break." At least, nothing he's come across yet, including a demonic sword belonging to his equally demonic adopted son.

He gives the sword another look.

"Any reason why it's blue, or just one a' them things?"
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"Yeah, more or less." That's a specific kind of question that makes him wonder if he's talked to this guy before, but weapons appearing out of nowhere isn't exactly an unusual thing amongst the Numbered.

"But I wasn't gonna ask." Still, he takes a closer look at the designs now they've been pointed out. "I'm guessin' that you've already looked into it."

Or he doesn't give a damn, but he's not really getting that kind of vibe.
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Christmas Island has its share of pristine beaches, interrupted mostly by little crabs, little birds, and some ubiquitous trash. Very large dinosaur-looking prints progress down the sand and into the surf, where a very large white thing is swimming.

Somehow Julien is really good at it, flying underwater like a rayfish with his wings pumping, surfacing every minute or so long enough to take a breath. He is... completely unrecognizable except in coloring, and in his wings and feet and tail.
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Julien's eyes are wide set and work strangely. Even with his inner eyelids closed against the saltwater he noticed Elian some time ago. It's just not enough of a reason to stop right away.

When he does decide to rest he folds his wings and sits up at the surface, sunken somewhat more than a duck. To an extent his feathers are waterproof but he still looks very very wet, rocking and tipping as waves move under him.

"Can I help you?" he asks wearily. It's hard to tire him out. Swimming can do the trick.
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/slides in here all late-like for a London adventure

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"OUTRAGEOUS!" Arthur is quite pleased that this adventure really did lead them to London. "So what do you want to do first?" And as long as he didn't set off some kind of international incident or get thrown out of a bar, everything would be fine, right? "Ooh! Do you want to go try to make some of those STONE FACED GUARDS with the FUZZY BLACK HATS laugh?"
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aw yes

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"Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with a MAP TO ADVENTURE!" There's a pause. "And I SUPPOSE running into those guards MIGHT BE A BAD IDEA IF PEOPLE HERE ARE STILL MAD AT ME OVER THAT BUS INCIDENT!"

Arthur, no, don't talk loudly about such things. People are staring.
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"A BOAT! That's an OUTRAGEOUS idea! I could talk to all the wee little English fishies!" Which is probably better than some of the "I could swim myself" alternatives, certainly. Even if his enthusiasm is getting even more stares.
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Let's say in the middle of the month, camping area at the edge of Locke

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Danielle was heading on back to the bus stop when someone suddenly appears in front of her. It's pretty startling, and she jumps with a rather noticeable squeak. However, she noticed the notebook, and there's a realization. Notes. Notes she gets and her brain catches up with what she just saw.

"...testing out an echo, huh?"
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"Well, it's not the worst thing to suddenly appear in front of me," she admitted with a shrug. The worst would be the whole Wise Snake debacle. Then that time with the possessed car. She looked at the sword thoughtfully. "Were you the one with the teleporting sword?"
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Danielle shrugged, smiling a tad sheepishly. "Running away screaming doesn't work so well. The last time I did, I kind of blasted things randomly." Admittedly she hadn't been running at the time, but there was screaming. It had certainly been one way to realize she could shoot lasers from her fingertips.

He certainly does. And not that patronizing sort of friendly she's used to from old guys. Then again, she's had a fairly good run when she's encountered numbered, especially the older ones. "It's a pleasure to meet you in person then, sir. I'm Danielle, the clone girl." As far as she was aware, she was the only actual clone about.
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"Only the giant snake monster that really kind of deserved it at that point." She grinned a bit. It may have been an accident, but at least it was a helpful accident. "No one else though."

She takes his hand easily, making sure to have a firm grip, though not crushing. Not that crushing was a problem before, at least she remembered her lessons well. Her father said that everyone needed a good handshake, even little girls who did curtsies.

"I would hope it's not common. Not everyone can avoid the identity crisis. Though I may have had an etiquette lesson or two."