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[video] backdated to a few days ago because i'm terrible

[Jovan appears on the screen, wearing old glasses that very few people on the network have seen before, and generally looking quite timid and sheepish.]

I...I think I might have made a mistake. I just wanted to re-enroll at LCU, but I had to go get my death certificate revoked first, and now there are reporters swarming my house constantly asking how I'm alive again.

Does...does anyone know what to do? I can't just leave to let my dad get swarmed by these people all the time, but I also need to get back to school and get my degree...
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[Well, this is a surprisingly non-terrible Jonvan here. Maybe this is his doppelgänger.]

Have you considered telling them it's the doing of... whatever gives Numbered their powers?
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You may not have much of a choice there...
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[Stefan inwardly groans. Just how much damage control is he going to have to do this month?]

So uh, I don't have much precedent for this, but how many people know? Roughly? [He is going to be so PISSED if one of his churches call for the Rapture, Jovan.]
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[He pauses for a few seconds--] I think I could help you with that. Hang on, could you send me your address?
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[Stefan immediately plugs the address into his GPS. With his super-speed, he can run there faster than he can drive...]

I'm gonna talk to them. I've been told I'm pretty persuasive. [Amending, his tone softening:] It'll be fine. I'm pretty big in the religious community here.
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I hope so too.

[He hangs up, going ahead and making his way to Jovan's house. The crowd is unruly - and he's not even going to bother with those cultists, but the reporters? The reporters have made it onto his list. In the blink of an eye, he moves the cameras away from Jovan's house as he tries to stare into their eyes and "persuade" them into discovering a bigger and better news story.

It takes him a few minutes, but slowly and surely, the crowd's starting to quiet down as various news outlets get "breaking updates" on the misinformation that must've spread.]
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[It takes him a bit longer than he'd like to convince the last reporter - mainly because she's flirting with him (gross). Once they're taken care of, he sighs and turns towards the door.

He doesn't even know how to deal with the cultists, but he can see Jovan from the curtain, so he mouths:]
You're welcome.

[Hopefully the kid won't ask for an explanation, because Stefan doesn't think he can actually give one.]
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I appealed to them and their reporters' desire for the truth. That's all.

Though I don't know what news story they'll use to replace yours. Different stations'll go with different answers, so keep your eyes open.
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Tell them the truth. Not all reporters are willing to report something absolutely absurd.

I kind of wish being legally dead were the only reason I can't go to college, though. It's just been one thing after another... the mafia, then the military, then almost getting killed, and now things are starting to get crazy again...
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[Among the reporters outside the house, there's a number of cultists who demand to see their new messias. Yes. Those cultists. As time passes by they start to perform purification rituals around the house. All of this may or may not bring a lot of Vermini along.]
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Master Jovan!

[They stop their chanting and crowd around him, every single one of them trying to touch Jovan.]
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Master Jovan, you are the first! [cries one of them while they crowd even closer, and the others take up the chant:] The first to come, the first to return, the first to go the way before us, the first, the first of the risen!
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He wants to go back to school. [One of the repeats, and almost immediately a fight breaks out between them.]

We should support him!

No, they will tarnish his soul, he should not go there!

It's the order of things in this world, and he follows them!

Out of respect!

He shouldn't! Yes he should!

[If there is a wish to run away, he should do that now because they're currently preoccupied with fighting.]
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Other than being a Numbered, I don't think there's any other explanation. I'm not sure if that would really decrease the media attention that much though.
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Re: [voice]

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That would probably be worse. At least you'd be part of a known weirdness.