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034 ♦ closed action + open video

[A | closed: Lily, Jasmine, Marina | 3/16, 3/18, 3/20; afternoon | local gym]
It made sense at the time. April had said that going swimming - only in reasonably sanitary bodies, of course, no lakes for another month or six - would be a good way to make sure everything is still well-toned, and that she's still going to be functional in an emergency. And Winter liked swimming, she just hadn't had time for it lately. Not that anyone's surprised by that, of course. After being chased out of Vegas by someone wanting very much to feast on her in ways that weren't actually metaphors, Winter had retreated to Locke City with Lily, Jasmine and Marina in tow. She'd returned to her house to find... a lot of dust, and an angry message from the post office not to leave for long periods without turning in a vacation notice. It had, she supposed, been a month since her injury had kept her from returning to check the mail on a regular basis...

Since she couldn't just use a pool in one of the Vegas resorts, and everywhere else was too cold to even think about swimming outside, Winter had resolved to go to the gym. It wasn't like weights might not be good for her anyway, since being a Precure was all about physical strength alongside the magical absurdity. Winter had planned, the last time they'd seen Marina and Jasmine in person, to start making going to swim a few times a week part of her schedule. Her wide open schedule. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays were now physical therapy and training days.

And this week, on any of those three days, Winter is going to be heading down to swim until her arms are tired. Partly because her handy dandy doctor had suggested it, and largely because she likes the water and she wants to swim. Of course, she still can't really go anywhere unaccompanied, so... she's being good, and not trying to get away from her keeper. Which, for once, isn't necessarily Lily. Which is, in turn, something she appreciates. She loves Lily, but... she feels so ugly like this. Part of her still thinks she looks like someone forgot that can openers don't work on people, and anything that bares her midriff almost instantly makes her take half a step back in automatic rejection. So having someone other than her fiancée coming along with her means, to her extremely self-conscious mind, that someone else accepts her like this. Which helps a lot more than she knows how to say, sometimes.

Not that any of that means she doesn't feel a lot like swimming with her shirt on. She might need a little, ah, reassurance there.

[B | video | 3/16, evening | Winter and Lily's house]
[As night fell, Winter returned home to relax for the rest of the night, a little tired and kind of wrung-out, but feeling pretty good about things. The water had refreshed her in a lot of ways, almost as much as hearing that she's still pretty even with the damned scar in full view. And now that she feels kind of re-energized, it's probably not a bad idea to update the network that she's still alive. Now that her hair's dry, she figures now is as good a time as any, and as she sits on the couch brushing her hair, she kicks the video feed on, smiling softly. She's changed out of her swimsuit, into something that looks soft and flannel and totally not matching her eye color, what are you talking about?]

Hi, everyone... I'm sorry I kind of dropped off the face of the earth for a little while there. I got hurt badly in the operation in Lapland, and I had to go to the hospital... I've been recovering for some time, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I know some people were worried about me, and I wanted to make sure everyone knows I'm okay. That we're not so easy to remove from the equation.

It feels like I've missed so much since I checked in last, and yet... there are some things that are more important. I've learned that, now. There were lights in the sky, and a crisis halfway around the world, but even though those are things we need to address sooner rather than later, I just... I feel like I should be paying a little more attention to things I see more often. Things that are more important to me. Saving the world is important, and there are still things only we can do. That hasn't changed. But I think I understand now that, sometimes, saving something - or someone - that is your entire world is... kind of important, too.

[She says it with a completely straight face. She's come to peace with the fact that she should probably be dead. But in that moment, Lily's safety was more important than her own. And she learned an important lesson as she drove without hesitation or regret. One that just might be important enough to share with everyone else, too.]

But I didn't get on the network to harp on people and sound like I'm someone fancy. In case anyone new is here after the lights in the sky, I'm Winter Adamas; you've probably seen Cure Diamond on the news, which is also me. Welcome to the network, where the memories don't matter and reporters are your new worst friend. For everyone else... what did I miss? I want to hear from everyone about the last six weeks!
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Being in Locke is kind of weird in a way. It still feels not quite safe. There remains a looming threat, and yet... It does feel good for them to be back here. To be back home, at least for the time being. Any other Echo zond is just a moment away, after all. For now though, investigations and seeking out the opponents they will need to fight rests secondary - Cure Moonlight cannot act in full without her partner fully ready, both mentally and physically.

As such, Lily's accompanying Winter today. For company and protection both. She knows by this point she must be a little overbearing, but she's quick to remind Winter that the other young woman has never actually gone away since the last time Lily was hurt, a good nine plus months ago. Of course she tries to put it jokingly, but as Lily's sense of humor leaves much to be desired, she banks on Winter being able to read her intent.

Back a year ago, Lily herself wouldn't have been caught dead in a swimsuit. Relationship confidence can do a lot to change that, and as such shes not really missing a beat as she wades into the water. However...

She looks back, eyeing Winter. "See, like we were talking in Lapland. Somewhere warmer." Even if that somewhere is an indoor pool. "And I did manage to get you into a swimsuit."

A beat, and she gives her a reassuring smile. "Sort of. It's going to be hard to swim with that shirt on, Winter."
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Oh come on Winter, it's not that cold. At least in here. Were you outside, the Jersey March might not be too agreeable to her when it comes to water, but... not a concern, for the moment.

If she's not looking at Lily, she might at least feel the motion of the water as her fiancee comes back around. She's smiling still, but makes her voice gentle as she speaks. "You don't have to, no. I'm not going to make you, Winter. But..."

A slender hand goes out, reaching to clasp onto her shoulder. "It's not like I don't know what you're worried about, though."

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[Video] /you can assume Emi's been visiting her

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We can't have anyone thinking that we're all pushovers, can we? Hey Winter, I see you're well enough to be let out of the hospital finally.

[She simply smiles a little at that next part. Arthur is the most important person to her. Someone she would give up everything for. Speaking of her boyfriend, there's the doppelgänger of his running around.]
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I was worried there, you know. I should have known that something like that wouldn't keep you on the sidelines for all that long.

[Her smile fades here, and a more serious expression forms on her face.]
Have you been filled in on the weird doubles of us? There's been a bit of an incident involving Arthur's and my own.
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3/16; Video

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Winter! Hi!

[Rakka had been quite worried. She was there in Lapland when the injury happened, and she still felt semi responsible for it. Still, she smiled happily, seeing her friend alright after all of the fighting that happened.]

It's great that you're doing alright. There's been so much going on while you were away. We've got doppegangers running around, and causing trouble!
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That's great! I've been really worried about you, we all have. [She was pretty happy, seeing that Winter wasn't dead or seriously hurt anymore helped that. Many things were happening, but she could take comfort in the fact that one of her friends was safe and sound.

...ah. blinkblink
] O-oh, you heard about that too. It was kind of hard not to.

Oh... I, uh, met Raye. The other Raye...

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It had taken Jasmine a long while to find a swimsuit that worked with her wing. Eventually, she settled on an appropriately colored black and red one-piece that allowed it to extend out of her shoulder, and that left her to figure out how to actually swim with it on. And then, she'd gotten hurt herself, and swimming was her prescribed physical therapy even with the rapid way she'd healed.

So she'd been natural to accompany Winter. And honestly... she was proud of how strong her soon-to-be sister-in-law was. After they'd both done a number of exercises, they'd ended up sitting next to each other poolside.

"Ah... you did pretty good today Winter," she said. "You almost outpaced me, and I'm superhuman!"
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"... That's good," Jasmine said with a laugh and a warm smile. "I'm... I'm really glad you can still find all of that, Winter."

She leaned back on her arms, staring up at the ceiling. "Sometimes, I really wonder... how I can still, you know? I mean, finding out I was a bad guy in a former life, then nearly dying... it's a wonder I'm not a mess."

Then, she looked towards Winter. "But then I think for two seconds and I realize the answer to that question."

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Marina had been making gym time ever since Winter had gotten them started on it anyways. For a while, she was worried that she'd lost some of her fitness that she had playing tennis in high school, as busy as they were trying to save entire cities, and figure out where they could live next without getting killed by something. Sure, that all probably provided its own sort of exercise...

Working out felt natural though. More than it had when she was playing tennis, in fact, and she could feel herself getting stronger.

So, she also made a day to accompany Winter, and make sure she didn't go and get herself hurt like a doofus, swimming with her, realizing that she seemed to be moving through the water more naturally now, while keeping one eye on Winter as well. "I really do hate this chlorine, but it's not bad otherwise."
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"I'm gonna have to see what it does to blue hair, though, if I keep swimming in it. We're like, different shades too." Marina floats along, until it's shallow enough that that's just silly and rolls around to stand, shaking her head.

Lily and Jasmine were, no doubt about it, going to be careful around Winter, after she'd gotten hurt so severely. Marina wasn't any good at that anyways though, so why not just treat her like normal? Anyways chicks dig scars or something. "I've gotten so weirdly used to it."

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I am glad to see you're alright. [The words are emotionless and flat, but they're genuine nonetheless. He doesn't like people being hurt, after all. And this is certainly a new voice so far as Winter is concerned.]
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No, we haven't; your caution is understandable and I'm sorry. [Well, messed up socially again. Must be a day that ends in "y".] I am Nathan. Not new, precisely; I received my Number back in November, but never connected until January. I believe the Lapland incident was occurring during that time. You would have been busy. [Or already injured. One of the two.]

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[That she feels comfortable enough to show herself on the network again is a good sign; he'll take it.]

Aside from the general Numbered insanity you probably already know about, things have been pretty tame, really. [Everyday life is just that, really. Not exactly that exciting.]
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[....] You are okay, right? [Yeah, sorry. You've engaged worry-mode a little bit, here.]

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