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First Blade | Action/Locked | Backdated to Feb 25th

It was supposed to be her day off. Celine had been woken that morning by a call from her boss, asking her to come in to cover for two waiters who had called in sick. This always seemed to happen on her days off. She finally agreed after some coaxing, dragging herself out of bed and through the drudgery of preparing for the day. As much as she didn't want to, the extra money would be welcomed.

She arrived just as the doors opened, already in dressed in her uniform, checking her appearance one last time in a small mirror and plastering a fake smile on her face as she entered.

She would be handling two sections and the unusual busyness kept her well occupied the entire day. It was two hours before closing and she was already exhausted, relinquishing her post at the front to another co-worker so she could get off of her feet for a few minutes. She sat down in a chair in the back, fidgeting and twirling her pen between her fingers as she listened for the bell above the door. Fortunately things had died down for the most part. There were just a few checks to give out to the few remaining customers. Then she could go home-

Unfortunately, the bell did ring. She thought it might have been a customer leaving but the sound of faint voices reaching her ears a moment later. Celine didn't get up for several more moments, tucking her pen back in her pocket. Hopefully this would be the last customer for the evening.
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Unfortunately, the vampire Emilia Stacojiu had decided, purely on a whim, to have a look at this particular establishment. Perhaps she'll bring along Arthur on a date here if she likes it enough...

Eating food had no benefit for the vampire, but her sense of taste was still the same as it was, so was her sense of smell.

Her German was poor, but she managed to communicate to the person at the door well enough. If only someone here spoke French.
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Indeed she had, and fortunately someone here could speak French. She doubted anyone knew her mother language, unfortunately.

By the time Celine had arrived, Emilia had decided on trying Blutwurst, something she might be able to gain nourishment from, even if it was pork blood. But she wasn't expecting to see a young woman that looked almost exactly like the silver haired one from one of her echoes. The only real difference was the black hair. As she looked up at her, there was the familiar sensation of an echo. "...Oh? Now isn't this a familiar face."

Ah yes, she was serving her, wasn't she? It felt... right.
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Remilia knew the signs of an echo well, and that got a small bit of surprise from her.

"My, did you get a unfamiliar memory just now? I believe we have met, but not in this life."
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"Hmm, you have a number, yes? One that you can always recall, no matter what?"

The vampire felt it would be best to point that out. It was the one defining trait that all Numbered had. Nobody knows how it works or the cause of it and the Numbered abilities. Whether it was God or some other being, Emi didn't know.

"I was, yes. That or you were really tall."
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"Oh, that was a bit of a joke. You don't seem different in height than your other was at all." She flexes a wing a little. She was kind of obviously Numbered, so she is not used to hiding her nature when it was plain to see. "Keep it a secret if you prefer... But we all have one."
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"Hmm, perhaps I'll try the blutwurst." Of course a vampire would order blood sausage. Emi was unsure about being numbered at first herself, but she changed her mind.

A mundane life sounds so dreadfully dull...
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"No need to be so cold... Now, how good is your tea?" Emi wasn't sure what that was about, but it looked like Celine was expecting something. She wouldn't have guessed that it was muscle memory.
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"I would like one of your spiced teas..."

She gave Celine a small, confident smile. She still remembered the 'tea' her other gave Remilia.
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Ah well, she can still just come back another day. And she will, because this place meets her admittedly high standards. She supposed asking that they make the blutwurst with human blood was a bit much. Congealed blood was still blood.

Emi didn't follow, she simply left once she was finished. But that wasn't the last this restaurant saw of her. Emi had come back, both alone, with her boyfriend on a couple of occasions, but Celene still seemed rather cold.
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Emi couldn't shake the feeling she got after meeting Celine, but she kept coming. Sometimes with one of her friends, or her boyfriend. She knew that memory will still be there as long as Celine was Numbered.

"Blutwurst, and that lovely tea. Like the first time I came here, yes?"
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"Your other had a watch, I saw it," Emi said, choosing to ignore the statement about the food, which was actually pretty good by the way.

"So, I decided to get you one. Maybe it'll give you an echo." In that memory of her serving tea, Sakuya had the watch on her hip. The way Celene fidgeted brought that to mind. It's silver, like the one in that memory...
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"Emilia. Emilia Stacojiu." As in not French at all, but she can speak it fluently. Part of the reason she comes here was the bond she felt towards Celine, and she would like to investigate it.

In any case, she slides the silver pocket watch towards Celene. "...There must be some reason why you put up with my curiosity."
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And Emilia felt it. How could she not? The result was a full body shudder from the vampire as that chill washed over her, rendered silent by the unexpected shock of it all.

She wanted to find out if she could cause an echo deliberately. Now she found out, and frankly, she kind of wished she hadn't.
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"Who better to show you? Let's meet up when you're free."

She watched, eyeing that timepiece as Celine placed it in its expected spot.

"Any time after dusk would be fine for me."
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Emi of course inputs her number in Celine's phone, then slides it back towards her.

"There. You might soon notice I'm from far afield..."
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Good, that was settled easily enough. For now, she will wait for her order, but before that.

"Somewhere in town will do. I won't make you have to go far."

A Saturday evening sounds good to the vampire, she had nothing planned anyway. "Saturday evening, then."
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Re: (correction, the watch is on Celine's right side. Not her left)

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Emilia might be able to help with that. Well, buying Celine the tools she needs and a box to keep everything in.

"Good, good. I think I'll send you a message over the network." She simply smiles at the next response.
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True to her word, the vampire will contact Celine on the way to the meeting point, wherever Celine wants to meet her.

But for now, she will enjoy her food and her tea...