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So... I thought I should let you guys know that Xander headed back to Minneapolis.

[Stefan's voice is quieter and more reserved than usual. He doesn't really want to make this post, but who else is going to relay everything? He made a promise, and it's not as if Xander can magically regain all of his Echoes anytime soon. Minneapolis isn't within the boundary.

So he pauses for a few seconds, and keen listeners might be able to hear him sigh.]
He remembers most of us, and that he was a Numbered, but stuff relating to the Network's a no-go. Um, that said...

Purim's tonight. If anyone wants to come celebrate, even if they're not Jewish, let me know. My work's holding an interfaith event in coordination with [one of the Locke City synagogues] in the evening, so feel free to drop by if you're around Locke. Just tell the other interns you're with me.
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[He doesn't answer for a little while. While he and Xander were never close, the man was on the network for a long time, and at this point everyone like that feels like family to some extent.]

That's my synagogue. It's been awhile, but... you know, I could use a distraction.
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[He notes the implication, but he's more than happy to let someone else explain. As he's mentioned to Stefan before, he's not great at the whole religion thing.]

Great, I'll be there. I should probably try to find a babysitter, but in case I can't I'm sure I can figure something out.
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Asking around is... the problem is I don't really want to expose anyone to this situation. Like I said, I'm sure I can figure out something, and I will certainly be there.
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Sure. I mean, if other people will be wearing them, too. I don't want to stick out too much.

[As "the token Jew" or otherwise. But he's not in a very festive mood, lately, and if anything can help take the edge off of recent events, this seems like a pretty good contender.]
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OK, if you say so.

I'm bringing a marker to keep track of my drinks. If I forget to mark a shot, please remind me, and I need to be home before 2:00 AM in at least a semi-coherent state.
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That's really thoughtful; I appreciate it.

Anything I can bring or do in the meantime to help? You've taken so much care and trouble to pull this together, and the more I think about it, the more I'm sure I really need it.
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I don't have a lot of friends, and I think they're all busy tonight. I really should be, too, but I can excuse myself for Purim.

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Oh Stefan. [ Have a worried not!uncle ] Will you be alright? Want me to come round?
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I am always free for my favourite nephew! [ Arnold you aren't even related... ]

Want to go out this evening?
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Hm, lets see... do you have to be extra careful during Purim? Else we can go to [ insert name of a nice organic restaurant here ]?
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Oooh, sorry I didn't realise. Sure, I don't think that will be a problem. Will you need a ride?
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Eh, I can drive the electric car, or I can have Jeeves bring the limo, if you like? I don't think I know where the synagogue is though.

[ He blinks at Stefan curiously ] Oooh? Now I'm interested~
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Directions would be good!

And Purim sounds really interesting - not at all like how I'd expect a religious holiday to be! ... It is a religious holiday right?
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You'll have to tell me what hamenschen is, but you had me at "party" and "free"!

Well, I suppose I'm a bit old to be partying wildly these days.
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[ A theatrical gasp of horror ] You are asking me to stand there and babysit sugar-high bitlets?

... Only if I get to eat some~!
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Hah! [ Arnold snortgiggles ] You sure you want me sugar high as well? Mm, but let's go to [ pick random name of orgainc food restaurant here ] - shall I see you around 6?
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[ Probably. And a good time will be had by all, except the parents who have to take them home after ]

Alright! See you there, Stefan!