Feb. 20th, 2015

dominateartimus: (Save your sympathies for below)
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[For those who have been on the network for a while, they would know that Xander barely uses the video function. This post would be his fifth video he's made and unlike the other videos, he was sitting in front of the 'camera'. Despite looking well-dressed, the dark haired man looks uncomfortable and distraught.]

I must apologize for being distant and quiet lately. As well as my behavior on my previous post. I was afraid of taking responsibility for a minor and the idea of being unable to help them during a dire situation would tear me apart. [He is referring to Anthony Janvier's death.] I don't want any more blood on my hands.

[With a glance to the 'camera', he opens his mouth to say more but leans forward and wipes away his number, ending the recording abruptly.

About thirty minutes later, the doppelganger could be found wandering around Neuschwanstein looking rather guilty about the post he just made on the network.]