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[ Octavia is, as usual, sitting on her huge-ass pile of treasure. She's also sporting fangs and a pair of glasses with one lens blacked out like an eyepatch, thanks to her losing an eye during CRAB BATTLE. Arr, mateys. ]

First person to make jokes about my depth perception, call me cyclops or otherwise mock my heroic war wound gets mind controlled into licking the floor of the nearest public bathroom, just eff why eye. I am talking business! So I am cutting that shit off before it starts.


So. The unpronounceable German place is oooooooobviously going to come with its own hugeass pink bad guy. A duck or whatever, I guess. And we are going to spend forever twiddling our collective thumbs until it pops out one day and surprises us like some kind of asshole! Right?


[ And she slides dramatically down the treasure pile. But leaves her laptop behind and has to fly back up and grab it. NOBODY SAW THAT OKAY ]

I recently got back memories of being really super great at finding enormous bad guys with very little to go on. The best at it! So tomorrow I am heading for Germany to go find the giant goose monster and kick the shit out of it. And then I will spend the evening being fucking awesome. Anybody whose age ends in -teen should totally join me! Because. Like I said. Awesome. It'll be like a camping party, only way less lame.

[ There's a tiny thoughtful pause before she adds: ]

Say, did you know the legal drinking age in Germany is just sixteen?
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[Behind Liam is what looks like an obvious hotel room, with the open window indicating the tall and bright Las Vegas buildings.]

Wow, those are some shinies you have there.

[He frowns as he looks at her face and eyepatch.]

It sucks about your eye, though. Hope it doesn't hurt anymore?
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