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[Liam's not looking well when his face shows up on the mirror. The deep bags under his eyes suggest that he hasn't been sleeping, and when he speaks he sounds a bit... cranky.]

So guys... I'm lost here. I need like, a news update or something. My brain is fried. What's going on? Crazy machine making people disappear, mafia stuff... what am I missing?

[He runs a hand through his hair and lets out a tired breath.]

Is everybody okay now? You know, sort of?

[A pause.]

Also anybody got any tips on getting some sleep? Or... nightmares?
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No worried, I have a pillow to smother you! [She grins patting the pilow she had in case she wanted to take a nap herself.]
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[SIGH.] I meant it as a joke. I wouldn't let you pass out here if I didn't want to look out for you.
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I know you do. Despite out little differences and stuff [Mainly him hating Killian] we are still friends after all.
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[Annnnnnd Ariel is just watching him because that is what she does. Not in a creepy manner, but a more or less, is he okay manner. she also offers Jack pets, if he wants them since her cats are currently locked up to keep the destruction and Naya's soul crushing hatred of Liam down to a minimum.]
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[Ariel hadn't been napping so much since she was trying to kick the pain meds hold of her, but she had been listening to music with earbuds in, and sort of zoning out. She at first doesn't notice Liam tossing and turning, but when Jack hops up, she sits up Just in time to watch Liam bolt up. With a quick tug, she pulled the earbuds from her ear while looking him over.]

Whoah, you okay dude?
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[She isn't about to comment on any tears that may or may not be there.]

You want something to drink? More tea or water maybe?
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[Give her a moment to process this.]

Fire...demon? What the hell have you been dreaming about?