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02 [ text & a small handmirror ]

[ There's now video of a small ferret on the network, staring intently at the mirror. If you aren't familiar with Lyall's ferret Stella, you are now. The familiarity is about to grow. After a long, long period of consideration, the presence of several other animals on the network, several lessons in basic spelling and phonetics ("just write what sounds right"? yes, this could be awful) and literal weeks of nagging... put simply, she's caved. Not happily, but if it'll get Lyall out from under her paws...

She looks balefully into the mirror, refocuses her attention on the laptop next to her, then... starts typing. Very slowly. Hey, fine motor functions isn't her forte just yet. Or phonetics. ]

i no wat yu lot ar sayin too me
so heer we ar

thats al
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[There's another of those animals on the network sticking his whiskers in the screen-- or in Stella's mirror, anyway-- looking curious.]

I can't read. But aihhah. Uh, hello.

[Interestingly enough, all but that one word in the middle sounds like ferret-speak to Stella. It sounds like English to anyone who speak's English. The Speech is weird like that.]
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[She talked back! Gogo looks both surprised and pleased, whiskers forward and eyes big.]

This is so weird... I've never talked to anything like you before. What's a charity case? So you understand ehhif but can't actually talk?
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Ferret. Okay.

[He's absorbing lots of new words from all that. Talk folk. Two-leggers. Charity. Ferret. He flicks an ear and cocks his head at her.]

There's nothing wrong with living with ehhif. I mean, I kind of like it. You get free food and petted, and you're inside so the hhau’fih outside can't chase you. I guess it does get kind of boring, though.