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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: Lazarus and Cesar go out drinking and then back to Cesar's place to watch Star Battles, which Lazarus has never seen.
Where: Cesar's place
When: Backdated to January 23, Friday
Warnings: Slightly drunk people, highly suggestive content

I'll carry you home )
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet, Nathan Brooks, and Tony Sparado
What: L wants two white-haired young people who are important to him to be friends with each other.
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy
When: January 27, Tuesday
Warnings: Here's hoping they get along!

There's you in everything I do )


Jan. 25th, 2015 02:15 pm
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So, I got to wondering.
I can understand wanting to get as far as fuck away from all this shit even if you don't remember any of it happening to you.
And wanting to keep the people you care about out of danger.

I've seen plenty of people talk about family and friends who dropped off the network.
How many of them are still around? Still in touch?
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I realize there may be other matters of importance being dealt with, but does it disturb no one else that the world as a whole appears to have lost memory of the days between January 2nd and 5th? No one has spoken of it. [AKA, the kid with an eidetic memory is missing days in his mind and it's really bothering him. Also, way to not introduce yourself, Nathan. A+]

[Private to Lazarus]

[But Nathan does remember a few moments of that time, during which he had seen the number tattooed on Lazarus' hand. That at least has stayed in his mind properly.]

I do, however, remember one thing of January 2nd. The question is, do you remember anything of that day yourself?
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[Lily looks... disturbed, to say the absolute least.]

So, the "Numbered Special Commissioned Group" contacted us today, and we've got a... potential problem.

We know that there have been lights appearing over multiple new locations lately. One of them was Lapland, which Winter and I briefly visited around Christmas. [It was cold.]

Nothing much seemed out of the ordinary then, but now? Now we've got a problem.

Since around the time of the lights appearing, children from Lapland and the surrounding area have started to disappear. There's no ransom, and no clue why. However... two preschoolers who were hidden away at the time were able to tell the authorities something: They saw an old man with a beard they're saying looked like Santa Claus, and his helper, was...

[She purses her lips.] Ever seen "How The Grinch Stole Christmas?" Him.

[She shrugs; they've encountered weirder, right? But she still looks immensely bothered. The involvement of children is assuredly doing that.]

Here's where we come in: They want our help. Numbered help. This is clearly connected to us in some way, and those of us with the NSCG have at least proven cooperative, so I guess that helps. We're to be there by the 13th, in Rovaniemi, and they'll take us upstate from there to begin searching and investigation. We're told to bring friends, so...

Please. Come with us. Help us. If we can save those kids... [Or even if they can't, and they can just discover the cause, which makes her shudder.] We've got to do whatever we can. We have the power to, right? We have to do something.
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: L calls it mundane investigative work. Cesar calls snooping around his outspoken neighbor's house still pretty damn risky.
When: Backdated to Friday, January 9
Where: Cesar's neighborhood
Warnings: Typical warnings that come with L? Will update for specifics.

with hands stretched toward the calendar hanging itself )
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I ran into one of our dear aliens, Badri, a while back. He was eating Happy Meal, so it seems that continues to be an odd theme. In the library, of all places. The audacity.

He told me a few interesting tidbits that I thought you might like to hear. I'll break them down.

  • Turns out his friend Geoff has been subtly manipulating everyone. If anyone's ever had a passing thought that they trust him unusually easily, that's because you probably are. Badri said it's not mind control as such, but "suggestion," although I'm not entirely sure what that is. However, if we know about it we might be able to resist it, so perhaps we could come to see him in a different light. Who knows?

  • Badri's power is mental too. Supposedly completely harmless, although I don't know what makes him say that. For those of you who missed that, someone on the network got to see him use it to kill a pidgeon, supposedly by accident. He said he didn't know it would be smart enough to get scared to death. I don't know about you but this doesn't sound like something "harmless" to me.

  • There are more of them, but this definitely didn't come as a surprise. I already thought as much. They're called "the children," but that was all I could get from him on that point.
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[ when the feed turns on, it first shows a rather uninteresting tile wall and a couple of expensive hair care products. the screen jiggles a little, and then a slightly damp Shou is in view, wearing a pair of worn gym pants and his hair wrapped up in a towel. he sets the phone down at the proper height and sighed, leaning back against what was most likely the side of a tub. ]

It's taken me a little bit of thinking to get the whole mess in order, but guess everyone needs to know what was said during that Secretary meeting thing. I'd almost expect it to be talked about sooner... but guess we're just trying to understand it. I know there was a little weirdness going on; they had that really nice alien guy there and he's got a smile that can charm a cat outta it's skin.

[ he frowns and takes the towel off, rubbing his hair a little and then places the towel to the side. ] We've been asking all sorts of questions about why we are here and what caused Wise Snakes and stuff to rise up and all we got were more theories. The aliens had no idea what they were for, but said that they are the thousands of Souls, of some kind of essence of animals that collectively just wants to survive. They've got no idea what causes us, save that we're also composed of one Soul per Numbered and that when the giant colony of Souls - or whatever the fuck they are - started stirring, it caused our Souls to start getting whacked and wanna return to how it was before.

Anyways, they don't know much about them outside that there's about a dozen of them, and they are gonna wake up and they won't stop unless they get killed. They also said something about how Tiny had a lot of information that we and they are lacking and they woulda like to speak to him outside the fact that we've gone killed him.

L and Saretha were there as well. We can probably all answer any questions about it, though gotta say they seemed a little clueless too. At least, they were good at seeming; I'm still not sure if we can trust all of this but that's just me. Oh and there's a new alien with them. A woman by the name Young and she's pretty certain about trusting that dick in charge of the military presence here.
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: Not quite friendship, not quite animosity; everything depends on where it goes from here.
When: January 2, Friday
Where: Tea-riffic Coffee
Warnings: Nothing yet!

I want it all )
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Who: The American Secretary of Defense, numbered, and two surprise guests.
What: An important meeting.
When: 28th
Where: An expensive meeting room in downtown Locke.

The numbered have been told to meet the Secretary of Defense in a conference hotel in downtown Locke City, and are lead upstairs by two discreetly armed body guards and a young man in a suit who introduces himself as working for the city government. All three remain in the background once they enter an expensive looking meeting room on the top floor of the hotel. The Secretary is already there, together with a middle-aged woman, greets them and explains that they are waiting for one more person before they can begin. He then proceeds to ask them about the going-ons, both in general and a bit more personally. He expresses his regret for out of hand the whole situation has become, yet "...I trust in General Terrence Miller to keep the situation stable and safe from now, and we hope that the city's well-being can be handed back into the hands of a restructured police force in January. I am told that it has been a bit difficult to hire policemen and -women from other cities to come here, but that they wish to replace a good number of officers before everything resumes as usual. Taking the evil by the root, so to speak."
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Who: Lazarus, Tony, and Richard. OPEN to close CR!
What: Holiday stuff! Hanukkah ends at sundown, just in time for Christmas to begin.
When: Evening of the 24th, into the morning of the 25th
Where: Richard's house
Warnings: Probably not a lot of angst for once! Just gentle acknowledgment of different seasonal traditions and friendship. There will likely be drinking.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Friends )


Dec. 23rd, 2014 01:15 am
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[Saretha sits, staring with as little emotion as possible at the screen. In addition to dealing with numerous revelations of late, she is... well, more than a little displeased at what's happened to Locke City since that entire ordeal.

But she also knows that admonishing and belittling anyone won't get her anywhere. So she refrains.]


I will keep this short. [But not sweet.]

In addition to keeping in contact with the media of late, I have some news for you all.

I have received a message from the Secretary of Defense, requesting audience on the 28th of this month. I will require two more of our number to accompany me.

[A pause.] And I will not mince words, I have an idea of the sort of person I would like to join in on this. This is important, and we must treat it with great care.

This is a delicate situation right now, and I should not have to tell you that the military oversight in Locke City now is... disturbing, to say the least.

[OOC - In direct reference to this over here on the OOC comm! More than likely, she'll be picking from the folks who have chimed in there.]


Dec. 21st, 2014 08:35 am
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I participated in the run the other day. It was pretty fun. I've always liked the run, but this was the first year I really had an opportunity to take part.

It was amazing, getting to see it in person.

Hopefully Dad thought so. We used to only watch it at home. I suppose he thought he should make a public appearance since he didn't have to stay with me.

I always liked this time of year. It was one of the few times he'd slow down and be around a while. It was nice, except for last year. It was pretty bad last year. Some problems came up, but then again, those problems are also why I got back my first echo. It's actually kind of funny.

Anniversary of my birth today. In a few weeks, anniversary of my first echo. Beginning of my two lives right next to each other.


Dec. 20th, 2014 04:38 pm
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Network! Happy holidays, or if you don't celebrate 'em, I hope your winter's going well. A few things.

First, how many of us are living in the Germany-Austria area? Or visiting very regularly? Are here for more than a day in a given week, like.

Second, the mayor of Fussen talked to me about rumors of ghosts in that one castle you can see not far from the teleporting site, Neuschwanstein. She wants some Numbered to look into it, and good news is she's willing to pay. I don't know if these are the same as the Locke ghosts or more dangerous, but we really should check it out.

Finally, if you don't mind: what is the most pointless, silly pulse you've ever had? I thought bonfire cult rites was mine, but then it turned into how my feathers smell when they're burning.
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Who: Hajime, Tony, Shou, and L. Anyone else who may have been in Aikawa's at the time of the shootout; just contact me and I can probably work you in somewhere!
What: Monsters meeting for sushi and monstertalk, followed by a Yakuza shootout just outside the restaurant.
Where: Aikawa's
When: Evening of December 16
Warnings: Gang violence and giant bugs.
Of all the restaurants in Japantown to try to have a shootout in front of, you pick the one that belongs to the Lord of the Bugmen, good job. )


Dec. 17th, 2014 07:09 pm
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[The video feed opens, and there's Torin with a large blue and yellow parrot perched on his shoulder. The parrot's busily preening the side of Torin's head, and Torin doesn't seem to mind.]

I believe it might be a bit redundant at this point to warn you all to be careful in these dangerous days. It's a pity, what with the holiday season. It's my understanding that this time of year is very important, idealized least, that's what all the movies I'm seeing on TV lately are saying. At any rate, I do like the sentiment--and the bright lights that accompany it.

In the interest of doing something productive with my free time, and, perhaps, that sentimental aspect of the season, I've started taking in abandoned parrots who need good homes. I'd like to ask that anyone who learns of such a parrot to inform me, and I will do my best to ensure that they're taken care of.

The three I have already will be coming along with me to roost at Espresso Yourself while I'm working. They should liven up the place a bit. Especially Pedro.

[As if on cue, somewhere off-camera, a parrot starts shrieking "REDRUM! REDRUM!" Torin sighs and reaches off-camera, and when his hand's back in the shot, there's a grey parrot perched on it.]

Pedro's old owner was a fan of horror movies, apparently. I've been trying to expose him to other things, but it seems The Shining is still his favorite.

[At the sound of the movie title, Pedro starts squawking at Torin, and he doesn't show any sign of quieting down, until Torin starts squawking right back at him. Torin chuckles once the bird settles down.]

They're well-mannered enough if you know how to handle them. It's a shame they were abandoned, but they're in good hands now.
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I see you all managed to keep yourselves busy while I was gone.

As entertaining as it's been to follow without echos, would it be possible for someone give me a rundown of everything the news reported incorrectly since October? I'd take a FAQ, but the most recent date on it is from June.

Assume that I've had my number back for a week, and that I'm familiar with the basics of what's recent.

Is anyone hurt?
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Who: Lazarus "L" Lawliet and Tony Sparado
What: Hard living and seasonal contagions catch up to L at around the same time. Tony talks him into going to the doctor, but their taxi's going to have a rough time getting through a particularly chaotic riot downtown.
When: 12/15, early afternoon
Where: Starting at Willow Ridge Surveillance Center, ending (fingers crossed!) at a clinic.
Warnings: High fever hallucinations, hemming and hawing about how pneumonia is not that big of a deal.

I'm dirt, I'm ice, is that wrong? )


Dec. 14th, 2014 07:43 pm
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so. it's been a fun couple of days, hasn't it? i'm pretty glad that we didn't lose anyone to too much crazy during the attack and such but we all know how that goes. sooner or later we're all going to have a lot of baggage but hopefully there are people within our group that can smack our brains back into our skulls.

anyways, i figured that we should do something about the FAQs thing since it's been forever since anyone really has updated it since the doc left. i'm talking about this here ( link to old FAQs ). we've got some info about what has happened to a point on there and if the rest of us old timers croak or forget, who is going to go back looking for this kind of crap to see what triggered everything, right? so i'm putting the link out, asking people if they want to either build a new faq thing or just put information together so someone else can collect it, or do whatever with it. it's just something we might need later.

btw, anyone know about fixing elevators? also want to help do some rewiring? i've been thinking that if this old school is going to get turned into Numbered HQ, it needs some fancy Jim Bate James Bond redecorating before the New Year's. i also am so buying new furniture.

L. no protesting. i get too cold to sleep comfortably on the floor.
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[Xander sounds tired as he addresses the network.]

As much as I dislike advertising on this, I'm in need of a roommate again. My only requirements that you are at least 18, with a job in Locke, able to clean up after yourself and can handle being around two short-haired cats. The apartment isn't too far from Locke University. If you're interested, please contact me over the network.

[He releases a sigh before it turns in to a weak chuckle. With everything that went down recently, he felt mentally exhausted. A concerned meow is heard in the background.]

...Maybe this is the lack of sleep talking, but does anyone else worry about suddenly loosing their 'pulses' and returning back to normal? I didn't think much of it at first, especially after I lost recollection of this whole thing about a year ago. Now? There's a good chance I might die from the injuries I've sustained or collapse from exhaustion. [Despite the grim subject, he's still chuckling.] Although, I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't cross many people's minds.
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Who: Lazarus "L" Lawliet and Tony Sparado
What: Two friends take some downtime to talk about recent events.
When: Backdated to December 3, two days after this nasty business
Where: Willow Ridge Surveillance Center
Warnings: Talk of suicide

I'm just action and at other times reaction )
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Who: Everyone joining the mafia attack
What: Attack on the mafia meeting
When: Monday night, December 8th
Where: mafia building

An hour before the meeting, everyone who wants to make a stand against the mafia - violent and potentially ill advised though it might be - gathers in a nearby location to make final plans. Nick’s original idea of Xander moving a small number of people through shadows into the meeting to take out Albero is still technically in effect, but only for those who are planning on gunning straight for the mafia boss himself. Or those who want to help take him out specifically, even if not to deliver the final blow themselves.

Thorir’s provided weapons from his shop, for any network members who know how to use them. L’d agreed to handle the coordination of getting everyone in the building to take out as many of the mafia members as they could, and to hopefully confine the chaos inside.

Because once they’re in and fighting, it’s… probably going to be at least a little chaos.

But hopefully, by the end of the night, it’ll at least be done.

[OOC: Linking one more time to the plotting post in case anyone needs it as the log goes on! I’ll post up a thread for those gunning for Albero so the mods can NPC him as needed, otherwise feel free to start your own threads to battle mafia goons!]
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Brian: Welcome to today's shocking installment of Energy Up! I'm your host, Brian Forester. In the recent eventful weeks we've heard a lot about the Numbered, and for the first time ever, we have in our studio someone who has, until now, done his very best to evade all of our attempts to get him here. Introducing the enigmatic owner of Locke City's most dangeous coffee shop... Lazarus Lawliet!

L: Hello.

Interview )

[OOC: Got something to contribute to the segment? Sure you do. Post away in the comments and influence that media presence.]
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[HEY REMEMBER THIS KID? You might not. He's been away for about a month, and been sparse on the network for even longer--not due to lost echoes, but just refusing to engage the network in general. Especially after some very concerning messages he left before going into complete radio silence.

BUT THAT'S OKAY NOW BECAUSE HERE HE IS NOW! Maybe he'll explain his erratic behavior?]

webcam photo )


Dec. 5th, 2014 12:39 pm
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[In Thorir's background, one can see what looks half like a tunnel, half like a normal street with houses on either side, many adorned with geometrical patterns. They are lit by lamps that just seem a bit out of place, hanging under the roof of the street like streetlamps, and a few houses on the street have signs on the door or otherwise look lived-in. It's all very clean and well-kept, though empty.]

As some of you know, there is a numbered colony inside the mountain that has risen under Las Vegas. The entrance is hidden, and we want to keep it that way so that it can remain a safe place for those numbered that don't want to leave America. Everyone is welcome to claim a house or room, there are plenty. A lot of the mountain isn't yet explored and might be unsafe, but there seem to be no monsters hiding in it like in the catacombs in Locke City, and the area that has electricity, wi-fi and mobile signal is safe. We also have running water.

...We'll just have to hope that they don't dig too deeply while building all the things on the mountain.

[He pauses to make it clear that he's changing the topic - it's also announced by his factual manner gaining a dangerous glint.]

I will be participating in the attack on the Mafia. I already talked to Hjalti and he's coming with me. If anyone else from Vegas wants to join us, we'll go to Locke a few hours early so he can pick up some weapons at my store.

That said, if anyone needs firearms, a sword, and axe or daggers for this, contact me and I will set you up with it.
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12/1 | action: Neuschwanstein )

Shaking herself, Winter pushes that train of thought aside. That was a road she wasn't ready to go down just yet. No, for now... maybe someone else remembered what tomorrow was. Someone that could help take her mind off her dark thoughts. Dialing her number into her cell phone, she speaks quietly, if a bit less calmly than usual. "It's already December, isn't it? Time goes by so fast... and it brings some things I would rather not remember. Tomorrow will be a whole year since the police came into the high school. That was... not a good day for any of us." Some of the people that had been taken in weren't even on the network anymore, but still, it was a story to relate. For those that couldn't relate it themselves. "It was scary, knowing that the police were still out to kill us, then. Knowing that we couldn't run. And now it's the same way again. A place we thought was safe - our own homes - isn't safe at all." Her tone shakes a little; there are some scars here that haven't quite healed. She swallows hard, audibly, and takes a deep breath.

"Sorry. I'm not entirely comfortable with what happened a year ago, still. I didn't mean to be quite so depressing, when everyone's thinking about Christmas, and being together with their loved ones, and enjoying the season." All things she should be doing herself, considering the alternative. Which she's been doing now. "Anyway... I think I'm going to do something to take my mind off things. I haven't gone to Vegas in a few days, so I should probably get back to helping fix things like I said I would, or at least being there for people to see. Does anyone want to get together? We can meet up for lunch or something. Let me know..." She trails off; it takes conscious effort not to add something about people not having to if they don't want to. That would be a major backslide on the progress she'd made after all this time. "Thanks for listening to me ramble. Um, good night, everyone."

Ending the 'call', Winter lets herself fall back onto her bed in the hotel room she shares with Lily, curling up slightly. Even if she'd said a lot, she didn't really feel much better - if anything, she'd unsettled herself further. But... that was almost an expected outcome, considering the topic. Sighing, she lets the phone fall from her hands and stares at it for a long while, holding Raquel tight to her chest.

12/2 | action: Vegas )


Dec. 2nd, 2014 12:10 am
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Network, suil.

[Julien sounds tired. The camera shows two smallish gray animals in a large dog crate. They have combined traits of cygnets and puppies but are clearly neither. One is basically doglike, though it has four webbed feet, barely any tail, and its teeth, showing as it gnaws jerky, are black beakstuff. The other creature resembles some kind of griffin, though it's downy and baby-looking now. Both are clearly wary, both are thin and have dirty fur and feathers.]

I managed to trap these two things. Their parents are dead, and they pretty obviously won't make it out on their own, but I think they should tame. They got relaxed enough around me to catch, anyway. But, I don't really want to keep them. Anyone interested? I think I have something lined up if not.

[He swings the camera around to face himself and smiles.]

Careful. I'm pretty sure the first time you get anywhere near something like this, it gets you a pulse.
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Who: Anthony Sparado, Hajime Aikawa, Chinen Shou, and NPC mcfirestarter
What: Cleaning up some loose ends.
Where: Downtown Locke, couple of areas likely
When: December 1st, late afternoon/evening
Warnings: Violence, death, probably profanity.

Private text sent to Shou and Hajime )

01 | text

Nov. 30th, 2014 03:50 pm
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Looks like I picked a pretty bad time to figure out I'm a Numbered one of you, with everything that's been going on lately. Makes me even more grateful my family got out of Dodge a few months ago. Never thought I'd be grateful that they're in freaking Red Sox country (with the inferior team), but here we are.

I guess the burning question on my mind is, what actually happens if we leave town? Every time I head back to school, my ring transforms. Normally, it looks like a silver band, but whenever I come home...

[He's attached a picture of his ring - it's a large, lapis lazuli ring with a silver family crest in the center. It might look a little familiar to characters that've seen Stefan around before (because that ring is massive), but otherwise, it's just an "old family heirloom."]

I figure, it has to be related to all of this somehow. Also, with concerns to leaving town, other stuff on here mentioned possible amnesia? I don't remember a lot, but if I'm going to forget all of this now, it might be better than later - especially since I've got class Tuesday.


Nov. 30th, 2014 04:26 pm
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So did you know that you can make a praying mantis chase a laser pointer.
Cuz I sure didn't.


I leave Locke for a couple of weeks and I got no idea what's going on in this place anymore.
Anyone wanna give me the lowdown on what the local news ain't reporting on? Can't say I trust the media to scratch its own ass these days.
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This is Nick. I don't know how many of you are still on here that know me, but I'm going to cut right to the chase here: I've been working undercover with the mafia for months, trying to get their secrets for the network. And now I finally have something useful.

There's going to be a meeting soon. Albero will be there, along with a large number of high ranking mafia members. I know when, and where, and I know that if we hit it, we stand a good chance of taking them out and making a serious dent in their operation.

I know some of you are going to say that violence isn't the answer. For anyone who wants to try another road, I have a number of recordings of the mafia making plans to frame network members, and of some of the kidnappings that have happened, as well as the location of where the mafia members are getting their modifications. I'll pass them off to someone who wants them, but not until just before the meeting. It's obviously going to blow my cover pretty badly.

I'm going to that meeting. I don't want to do it alone, because I want to make this hurt, and I can't do that by myself. I know I'm not the only one who's been affected by what they've done, and if we want to stop them, to make it so they can't do it to anyone else - this is the best chance we've got.

We need to take it.

[OOC: A plotting post for this is up here!]
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and open to anyone!
What: Watching and waiting for the attack on Espresso Yourself to happen early Sunday morning... and with all hope, Locke City's Finest making some much-needed arrests of Mafia goons.
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy, potentially around the coffee shop if any strong types want to hang around nearby and make sure no goons get away.
When: November 23, 3:15 AM
Warnings: Violence and profanity probs

I'm ready for the fight and fate )

[OOC: I'll post a couple of prompts, but feel free to treat this as a mingle post!]
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[ It's a rather posh set up, like this was some professional solemn news broadcast or something. Though, to be fair, John does think it's very important. He's seated at his desk, arms folded in front of him, and a furrow to his brow. ]

There is a matter I wish to discuss with you.

People have been losing their jobs, been suspended from schools, and hunted down simply for being numbered. It's more than enough that in any other case you could bring it to court but, likely, the law is not entirely sure what to make of us. In the fine print, I suppose we aren't exactly covered.

[ But if you ask him, that's honestly absurd, and that's clear in his tone.

He takes a break to grab a cup of tea and take a sip. There's a shift in his eyes, into something exhausted. He's tired. There's a lot going on and he's not entirely sure what to do. ]

We tend to take the law into our own hands, but I think perhaps it's worth actually trying to work with it. If anyone else would like to try, I would be glad to have some help.

Any inputs or thoughts are welcome. I'd love to hear them.

[ And he cuts the feed. ]
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[The man appearing onscreen this morning is haggard, somber, and distracted. Clearly, he's been awake all night, something he's been doing far too often lately, sitting curled in the middle of what appears to be a cleaned up but ancient school gymnasium's basketball court with his chin on his knees. A few feet away is a blue tarp hiding something sizable and lumpy.]

I know Albero's people are striking Espresso Yourself, early on the morning of Sunday, November 23, at 3:15 AM. They will be there to raze the building to the ground and they do not intend to take prisoners.

[He bites his lip, glancing away from the camera. The calmness he's affected since Anthony's death slips for a second, revealing something like fear. He swallows.]

I've been waiting for a pulse. I was hoping that maybe my other's experience and knowledge could help me, in this regard, but up to this point... it's been all quiet on that front.

[He rises slowly, moving towards the tarp and drawing it away from what it conceals. There are many pounds of dynamite stacked in the middle of his gym, along with several ominous looking canisters.]

I have dynamite and nitroglycerin. I think...

[He takes a deep, shuddering breath.]

I know we can kill a lot of them. Part of me really wants to, and I can't be the only one. But I know... I know that's not what we're fighting for, a criminal record of our own and another reason to be driven out of this city. So...

[He sits again, hard, on the floor, eyes and posture conveying a distinctly dazed quality.]

I think maybe it would be better to use this information to get the FBI on this and catch them in the act, with no blood shed. I'm prepared for both of these scenarios, but honestly... I don't know what's right. I'm so tired. I trust all of you, so... please help me make the right decision.

EDIT: I've been informed that Nick knows about another upcoming opportunity, a chance to hit the Mafia where it hurts. There's to be a meeting of higher-ups in the near future; further details are forthcoming.


Nov. 10th, 2014 09:13 pm
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Suil, network. Minor question, but I figure I know enough people who can answer it! [he's teasing. More seriously:] What are some of the things you start to notice, getting older?

[he's not telling people about his potential lifespan, there's a safer reason to share]

I looked at some selfies from a couple years ago and some today. My skin's changed, it's thinner now. Not as oily. So that might be it. But I think there's more of a hint of, um, lines around my eyes. [With laughing complaint] I'm twenty-five, this is way too early! And like half-Japanese, that's supposed to set them back more.


Nov. 10th, 2014 09:53 am
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It's the second week of November. Who wants to help me come up with a good excuse to tell my mother why I won't be at Thanksgiving this year? Preferably one that sounds plausible and not like she should expect to see me on the nightly news.
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[It felt so strange to know, to feel, that she didn't need to breathe any more, that she didn't even have a pulse now. And yet, despite all that, she wasn't truly dead. Fortunate, as she doesn't want to leave poor Arthur, Dani, Robyn and the rest behind if she were to properly die. If she didn't get that echo and rise again...]

[Well, here she is now, looking alarmingly pale as vampires tend to be, making a video post as usual. Only, she looks a bit unsure of herself. But that will, of course, pass.]

I think it's safe to say that last night's attempt of trying to hunt down impostors of Dani and I ended... badly.

If not for an Echo, I would be dead. ...Or fully dead, rather. I'll spare you the details, but I didn't find those fakers, only wannabe vampire hunters. [For a brief moment, she held a hand to her chest.]

...I'll say one thing. I won't be hunting down those fake vampires alone from now on.

[After that last statement, Emilia shuts off the feed for now. It was the second attempt on her life... and it would have been successful had she not become undead.]

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WHO; Elian & Lazarus
WHEN; November 9, Midday
WHERE; Formerly the Willow Ridge Boarding Academy, currently L's Latest Insanely Ambitious Project.
WHAT; Elian drops by to offer some much-needed assistance to a man with a concerning work ethic.
WARNINGS; Nothing; will update if necessary

The electricity and wires dictating everything you do )
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[In light of several arsons earlier in the week it really wasn't any surprise to see yet another show up in the paper. This time, however, they had a story and photo to go along with it, marking a certain someone a suspect. It was by chance Tony had snapped up the paper off the table and his eyes fell on this rather damning evidence.

Well, it would be damning, if it weren't incredibly stupid and also horribly blurry.

When the feed kicks on he's holding up the photo, expression flat and not amused.]

So, looks like I'm Big Foot now. Y'know they could've at least got the eyepatch on the right eye.

[He points at the patch covering his left eye, where it's very clearly on the right eye of the person in the blurry photo.]

Starting to think I should kick it in Germany for a while. Unless anyone's got a damn good lawyer they wanna lend me?
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[The video starts with a shot of an apartment kitchen, with its counters filled with several containers of sweet and savory baked goods. Someone had gone on another baking spree after recent events, but chose to remain out of the picture. A black tail is seen at the bottom of the frame, swishing slightly as it brushes up against a lower cupboard before a meow is heard and the cat walks away.]

If you were around the last time I made a post like this, then you know what I'm about to offer. For those who don't, I've made a bit too much and I'm willing to share this to the network. I already gave a large portion of what I made to the people working on rebuilding Las Vegas a few days ago. But, I'm unable to leave Locke for the time being since the 'teleporter' is presently inaccessible. Sorry.