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Who: Anthony and Doppelganger!Cesar
What: D!Cesar has summoned Tony to come help him "move something" in a heavy box. Nothing suspicious here at all.
Where: Some grimy abandoned store on the Southern edge of town. Still not suspicious.
When: A couple/few days after the real L is rescued from a closet.
Warnings: Violence, demons, language, business as usual. Doppelgangers are a mess.

Could this week get any worse? )


Feb. 23rd, 2015 04:10 pm
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Who: Liam and Gabriel
What: Returning Jack to his rightful owner and leaving the mountain
Where: Erebor
When: Saturday
Warnings: Liam is a warning of his own

there and back again )
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Who:Hajime, Hajime's doppelganger, and anyone brave enough to save a doppelganger from a rampaging bug monster.
What: Hajime has found his doppelganger. Now he's losing control of his killer bug monster instincts as he tries to take care of said doppelganger. Oops.
Where: Around Neuschwanstein Castle.
When: Sunday morning.
Warnings: Angry bugs.
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[Standing in the middle of the street Saturday night in a less dense part of Las Vegas, Arthur's doppel produced his phone and entered the numbers in, posting video feed.]

I think I know who's responsible for that big light in Germany.

It's some copy of me, but something must have happened to him--because, he isn't right. His eyes are gold, not green and he sports black armor, like some sort of demon.

[Steady and unfettered by the idea of what he was suggesting, Arthur called himself out.]

Whoever you are, I know something's happened to you which has made you 'wrong'. The only thing I can do is get rid of you so you don't cause anymore damage. So, I'm calling you out. [His serious look had turned more malicious, anger showing in his eyes.] Be a man.

If anyone else is suffering from this problem, please let me know. I'll help you take care of these things.
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[For those who have been on the network for a while, they would know that Xander barely uses the video function. This post would be his fifth video he's made and unlike the other videos, he was sitting in front of the 'camera'. Despite looking well-dressed, the dark haired man looks uncomfortable and distraught.]

I must apologize for being distant and quiet lately. As well as my behavior on my previous post. I was afraid of taking responsibility for a minor and the idea of being unable to help them during a dire situation would tear me apart. [He is referring to Anthony Janvier's death.] I don't want any more blood on my hands.

[With a glance to the 'camera', he opens his mouth to say more but leans forward and wipes away his number, ending the recording abruptly.

About thirty minutes later, the doppelganger could be found wandering around Neuschwanstein looking rather guilty about the post he just made on the network.]
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Who: Danny and Walter
What: Just two dudes hanging out at White Castle on Valentine's Day Eve, it's most definitely not a date
When: 2/14
Where: Walter's house, then White Castle
Warnings: teenagers

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[ Have a late fourties man with messy dark hair and a nice suit ]

Ah... is this working now? Oh! Hello! Yes! Nice to meet you all! I'm Arnold, Arnold Benedict. Some of you may know my son Liam! Thank you for looking after him, all this time. Just thought I'd... say hi, as it were! I'm gonna be in the area for a while, and it turns out I'm Numbered too, so... yes! Hello!

[ He looks thoughtful ] There was something else... Oh! Yes, folk in the Art Community might recognise me - Benedict Galleries, is, indeed, run by me. We're always looking around for new pieces to show, and I'm hoping to do an exhibition around here too, one day. So! Any budding artists, I'd be glad to chat! I can be reached on this number - [ Have a neat business card with his details ] and if you see me around, don't be shy! I'd love to say hi.

[ And with a wave he disconnects ]

But if you meet him on the street, you would not recognise him )
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Who: Anthony and Nathan
What: Confrontation regarding poor decisions made while under the influence of Peer Pressure
When: Couple days after this
Where: L's boarding academy
Warnings: Angry teenagers and Serious Talks about alcohol use.

Doppelgangers cause trouble everywhere they go )
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*Guess who's facing the 'camera' in an empty hallway with a familiar tablet in hand? This guy. Hopefully Cesar won't miss that thing for communicating, because Doppelganger!Cesar won't be giving it back any time soon...*

*Doppel!Cesar gives the castle window (his network connection) a small smile, before putting the tablet's screen right up to fill the feed's vision. The screen has... a power point presentation?*
Hello! I'm afraid I physically can't talk, but there's a few things that need to be said.

 Who: Tony, Cesar, and Doppel!L
What: Tony and Cesar come to collect 'L' before he does anything rash.
When: Early on during all the confusion.
Where: Germany, starting in a cafe near the castle
Warnings: Doppel!L and his suggestiveness!
Log Closed.

It took Cesar almost fifteen minutes to tear himself away from the teleporter, and in the end it's a reminder from Tony that does the trick. 'This is just great, and all, but weren't you worried about L?' Yes, he was. There aren't so many cafes in the area that they have to search far, but they still have a cellphone out for directions, and the snow is thick enough that they almost get lost regardless. It's winter in Germany.

By the time they finally get to the right cafe, Cesar is half expecting L to be gone. The bell on the door tinkles when they open it, and they're immediately met by warm air and a comfortable bustle of the late afternoon crowd. He stops a little off to the door's side, scanning the room.
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I'm bored.

[Torin's doppelganger looks it; he's lazily lounging around somewhere that looks to be the castle, and he's holding a sword. Every so often, he'll sharpen it or examine the blade.]

So here's what I'm gonna do.

[He leans forward conspiratorially, still holding that sword. There's a dangerous gleam in his eyes.]

Everyone's got someone who annoys 'em, right? Really gets under their skin. You'd be better off without 'em. That's where I come in. You point me at the target of your annoyance, and I take care of 'em for you. Fast or slow, your call. I don't want anything in return--just something to test these swords with. This stinkin' castle is full of 'em. And if I don't get any names, I'll just have to go find some targets on my own.

[His grip on the sword shifts as he tenses.]

Count on it. Or I'm not the Demon Sword Priest.

[With that, Torin's doppelganger suddenly slashes the sword at the piece of paper he'd been using to access the network, thus ending the feed.]

Cut for Action )


Feb. 11th, 2015 09:02 pm
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Who: DoppelWally and OPEN
What: General doppelganger shenanigans
Where: Neuschwanstein, Locke City, and Las Vegas
When: Week of the 9th
Warnings: Underage drinking, potential violence, discussion of suicide

location options! )
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Who: Misa Amane and you OR Doppel!Misa and you! Specify in subject which you want.
What: Misa goes to the castle to investigate a sudden personality switch/doppelganger phenomena. Doppel!Misa, meanwhile, skulks about the castle grounds trying to avoid conversation and find something interesting to do. Doppel!Misa can also be found in Vegas.
Where: Neuschwanstein, Las Vegas
When: February 10th for Misa, February 10-15 for Doppel!Misa.
Warnings: None yet.

Choose your adventure style )
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This is Dr. Aaron Strider. I'd like to formally announce that LSR Clinic will be closing for good as soon as I can get the paperwork in. It shouldn't take more than a month or so, and the other doctor there will see you if you have any emergencies.

[The eyeroll is audible. Also, his voice sounds...younger. Definitely younger.]

I'm also withdrawing from Number-related activities. It's been very nice working with all of you, but Locke City isn't where I need to be. I'm reenlisting as soon as I can.


Who: DouchebagDouble!Aaron and you in either Neuschwanstein or Locke | bonus: prompt for Aaron himself
What: D!Aaron is trying to enlist but having a hard time getting them to believe his identification isn't fake. He's also less than pleased about having to go back through the teleporter every night. Original!Aaron is just going running.
Where: Locke City army recruitment center OR Neuschwanstein Castle for the copy; all over Locke for Aaron himself
When: Over the course of this week! Any time of day for D!Aaron, morning for original-flavor.
Warnings: He's going to be a real jerk. There's a very real risk of classism and macho pro-Army propaganda. Also, thanks to a recent Echo the real Aaron hasn't told anyone about, he's been de-aged to about 25. So there's that. Also, prose and action are both fine! Specify which Aaron and which location you want in your subject line.

D!Aaron -- Locke City )

D!Aaron -- Neuschwanstein )

Original!Aaron -- Locke City )
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[closed: Lily | Las Vegas, a hospital on the Strip | 2/1, immediately after the rescue operation]
She didn't need to be a doctor to know she was in bad shape. )

[audio (open) | Las Vegas, Adamas family hotel room | 2/8, afternoon]
[It's been a week since that trip to the hospital; Winter isn't feeling quite up to snuff yet, but it's enough to be conscious and functional. April had gotten some good and proper medicine in her (and raised enough hell to make her actually take it, for once, between herself and Lily), and she feels... a little floaty, if quite a bit better than before. Still, she's trying her best to be upbeat, even if she knows she's probably not doing good things for Lily just by virtue of being stuck here in the first place. April's fussing over her when she got off shift didn't help matters, either. She's wondering what to do with herself today; she's spent a lot of time reading, talking to Lily, and assuring her mother that she wasn't doing this on purpose. Eventually, she recognizes that a week of radio silence probably isn't a good thing, and she picks up her phone, dialing her number but not clicking the video on. Her voice is softer than usual, a little scratchy, and she sounds a little spacey, but that's probably the painkillers talking.]

Hi, everyone... sorry I was gone so long. I got hurt in our little rescue attempt a week ago, and I've been recovering for the last few days. I just wanted to check in... I should know better than to just disappear for days at a time. [People worried. Of course, she wasn't going to say that on the network.] I've been kind of out of it, so this is the first time I've felt good enough to talk to people. Does... anyone have news on how everything ended in Lapland?

...I guess part of why I'm posting is because I'm a little disappointed, too. I'd hoped it would be a simple in and out thing, but I almost got killed. This keeps happening, where we end up getting hurt over little things, and we have to keep running around the world to solve all kinds of little problems... it just feels like we do so much, and nobody ever notices. Nobody ever compliments us on the things we do right, even as they slam us and laugh at us for the things we do wrong. We get hurt, and it's like we had it coming. It's... hard to feel good about all this, sometimes, when it feels like so much is against us. I just want to live my life in peace, with the person I love, but it's not that easy anymore. It's never that easy. And it's... kind of frustrating. I feel so wrung out...

Sorry. I don't mean to be so depressing. I just need a little time to recharge, and I'll be back, good as new. So I guess I just want to ask everyone not to worry about me. Give me a little bit longer, and I'll be ready for anything, just like always. And if anyone needs someone to talk to, I'm always here.

[She picks up her phone, thumbs the end call button, and doesn't quite get it the first time; setting it down on the bed, she lets her arm rest against her forehead, sighing heavily. There's a pause, before her voice changes slightly, and she starts to sing softly, clearly something she picked up on the radio.] A hero of war... is that what they see? Just medals and scars, so damned proud of me...

[The sound shifts as she picks her phone back up to check something, and she squeaks quietly before she cuts the feed properly.]

[open | Las Vegas, around the Strip | 2/9, evening and late night, into 2/10]
I'm the hottest ice queen you'll ever meet. Come chill with me~ )
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Who: Marina and DoppelJasmine.
What: Evil girlfriend clone being that.
Where: Hotel lobby.
When: Almost immediately after DoppelLily's post.
Warnings: Nothing yet!

Still less weird than DoppelWinter propositioning her? )
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[Video - network]
[He didn't really want to do a video but. He feels like he owes it to everyone to do one. So here is the face of one (1) Jovan Burzek, looking unusually shy and awkward.]

Hi, everybody. Um, I guess I just...wanted to apologise for all the things I've said. And--and done, to everyone here since getting on the network. It was really rude, and uncalled for, and...if I ever actually hurt anyone's feelings, I didn't really mean to. Sorry.

And, uh...if there's anything I can do to make it up to you, I'll do my best. So...if anyone needs me, I'll be around Locke, trying to move back in with my dad.

action - locke )

action - germany )
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Who: Hajime Aikawa's doppelganger and YOU! (And possibly the real Hajime later if he catches wind of this.)
What: Someone's doppelganger wants to par-TAY!
Where: Various clubs around Locke, Vegas, and Neuschwanstein. Someone's using the teleporter to hit as many clubs as he can so the fun never has to stop.
When: February 9-11
Warnings: Clubbing, booze, terrible cheesy pick-up lines.
Let's have some fun )
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It's me, Emi.

Something really weird's going on, I don't know what's causing it. Something's changing the way we're acting? What if it affects me too? It can't be echoes, can it? It doesn't sound like echoes.

I don't know what to do.

[Those that know Emilia, the real Emilia, should know by now that she usually prefers to use video or voice to communicate with the network. And she certainly doesn't sound so unsure of herself either, or scared. At any rate, at this moment she is at the castle, trying to look as unnoticeable as possible in the upper courtyard.]
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Who: Siiri, Floweregg and you!
What: So the Dians gave Floweregg the idea to fake a Valentine's day card from Åsa to Siiri. Siiri, good at appropriate reactions as she is, takes Arnold up on his offer to help her out if she needs it and gets an engagement ring, then runs around city to gather flowers and whatever else might be necessary for a proposal, and in the evening finally proposes to Åsa.
Where: Locke City, Christmas Island
When: 14th of February
Warnings: Disproportionate reactions.

I. →Arnold Benedict )

II. OTA for both Siiri and Floweregg - also open to Doppels!

All day round, Siiri will be running around Locke, Floweregg on her heels, to gather things like flowers and maybe a card, ingredients for a very nice dinner and a travel guide for Christmas Island which she will devour in a seat in the mall just outside the bookstore, trying to find the nicest place on the island for a proposal.

Approach her while she stares in despair at the vegetable display in the supermarket or frantically tries to find the travel guide or the nicest flowers at a store (etc etc) - or while she carries home a way too large load of groceries with a little dog running around her legs-, or be approached by a bored dog that sneaks around the area while Siiri is preoccupied elsewhere?

III. →Åsa Oxenstierna )
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Who: Stefan and Danny
Where: on the streets of Locke, near a laundromat
When: today? I guess???
Warnings: none that I can think of

this is the first time he's done laundry since he left the old Fenton house )
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Who: Cesar and L
What: They grab lunch.
Where: Cesar's apartment
When: Saturday
Warnings: None (may be updated as thread progresses)
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Who: Arthur, OPEN [Via Network]
What: Testing something out--
Where: In the mountains surrounding Neuschwanstein
When: 2/5/15, Late Night
Warnings: Introspection and orbital lasers!

Two-Parter! )

[He entered the numbers into his phone's text message contacts--]
[Private - To Emilia]

srry emi gonna be out longer

[OPEN, Public]
sorry didnt mean to send another text

[Easily a lie--Arthur had something he wanted to ask about, but years of parenting and a mean brother told him that opening himself up in any way like that was a sign of weakness. As quickly as he decided he wanted to voice it, Arthur clammed right back up and decided to just put his shoulders up and deal with it.]
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Who: Tony and Shou
What: Addressing this echoes problem.
Where: Willow Ridge Boarding Academy
When: Night of the 4th
Warnings: A demon and a vampire what could go wrong? Some nudity and lecherous talk.

There's nowhere we can hide )
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Who: Stefan Alesci & Xander Jarle
What: Stefan's gotten back some strange echoes and he wants to make sense of them all.
Where: Stefan's and Xander's home
When: February 2nd, mid-evening
Warnings: possible language, references to past violence

I expect[ed] a familiar face )
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Richard Stroud (open to Tony)
What: Things are changing and Lazarus seeks out someone older and wiser.
Where: Richard and Tony's place
When: February 2, Monday
Warnings: Possible swearing, mentions of adult situations

I thought it was dark outside )
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Who: Aaron and Gabriel
What: Congratulation Aaron on enduring Liam.  Someone's got to do it.
Where: The clinic
When: End of January

Mae govannen! )
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Who: EVERYONE, santas, grinches and aliens
What: The great big Finale
Where: Korvatunturi Mountain, Lapland, Finland
When: 30th of January

So all these things went down.

And then three things happened in short succession:
↬ Dani and Toushiro connected to the network.
↬ An earthquake shook a large part of the wider area, including the northern half of Finland; small parts of northwestern Russia; northern Sweden and Norway.
↬ All santas and grinches, no matter if they were currently engaged in combat or not, started running towards Korvatunturi Mountain, a mountain with three peaks located northeast of Rovaniemi and roughly 50 American miles away from the numbered cabins and the police station. The only minor exception is that if they come across a sentient person that has no yet completed their 14th year of life, they will take a short detour in an attempt to still snatch them up, numbered or not. Last minute kidnappings!
Once there, they will try to ensure three things: That the heating is not turned off, that the children remain where they are, and that the numbered don't get into the building. Numbered children will be considered children in this, and their opinion won't change even if the numbered in question attacks them with their powers.

Fun facts )

Please direct all questions, including "if I do this what will happen?", to the Lapland plot post. Please also go here for NPC requests and so on.
You may NPC grinches and santas yourself under the following condition: They are no easy opponents. They are stronger than a human (they CAN twist your head off), their teeth and sharp, sturdy nails are nasty, and most importantly they can blip out of time and thus gain a few seconds for action between one moment and the next. The best plan is to attack them as a group, as they have trouble focusing on more than one person at a time. They can sense numbered and children but don't understand speech, and they are not malicious towards children, simply neutral to their well-being.
You may also NPC kidnapped children yourself. Most of them are Finnish or Sami, some Russian, and there's one or two Swedes/Norwegians. Some of them speak a bit of English. They were kidnapped and then deposited in the room where the numbered found them, and oddly enough have felt neither hunger nor thirst nor other human necessities since - they even seem in fairly good health for having been there for days and longer. They are, however, (understandably) scared and confused. Also, most of them are not dressed for the cold but for bed. So getting them out of the building without providing blankets/etc will make them freeze to death.

↬There are two major directions in which this whole venture can go at this point, thanks to Shiro-chan! So it is impossible to give even a rough estimate of how this will turn out, but two notes on future plot things anyway: Location voting ends today, and the doppelgänger trouble start on the 1st!
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Who: Julien and OPEN
What: Morose giant bird lets himself be approached.
Where: Various non-crowded places in Locke, Vegas, and Neuschwainstein; in the air, in parks, in large yards. Your character may have gotten in contact with him and arranged to meet, or just encountered him.
When: Vague points in the last few days of January.

In a world on its way to getting better? )
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Who: Thorir T Thorsson and Arnold Benedict
What: Talking about the upcoming wedding of their daughters and probably leading to lots of other things
Where: Thorir's place
When: Sometime during late January?

Let's just hope that none of the dogs decides to bring out the Arkenstone for this talk. )
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Who: Lazarus Lawliet and Cesar Sanchez-Ortiz
What: Lazarus and Cesar go out drinking and then back to Cesar's place to watch Star Battles, which Lazarus has never seen.
Where: Cesar's place
When: Backdated to January 23, Friday
Warnings: Slightly drunk people, highly suggestive content

I'll carry you home )
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Who: Thorir, Aaron, Julien
What: Let's find the prodigal pigeon and haul him back home
Where: Within the Neuschwanstein boundary; a mountainous place without that many people
When: This weekend

Maybe when you're high you will see/You've gotta come on home to me )
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By now, travelling through the teleporter to the Neuschwanstein area had become regular for Emilia, the attitude of the people here being a major factor in her visiting the area.

It wasn't long, though, before she encountered one of the wolpertinger, this one being some kind of cross between a bat and a swan, essentially a bat with swan wings and fur that reminds her of that of a wolf. So far, though, it was being docile towards her since the first time she saw it and was simply following her around.

She even got an echo out of that first encounter, though... Vampire hearing, apparently.

"A lot friendlier than Vermedi, I must say..." Contacting the network through her phone, a video feed was quickly set up by the vampire. The first thing anyone will see is Emilia's face, before the screen is turned to show the wolpertinger that's just decided to land on her shoulder. "This is a wolpertinger, according to the locals... I think it's safe to say these are actually pretty harmless... I admit I'm curious as to why that is, since the creatures in Locke and Vegas... aren't."
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Who: Fil, Liam and Aaron
What: Fil dragging Liam off to Aaron's clinic in Locke to get him some REAL medical attention
Where: The clinic
When: Around 1/17?
Warnings: Nothing.
Fil was trying, he really was. )
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Who: Tony and Richard
What: A much needed chat and a midnight snack
Where: Richard's house
When: Backdated to about 12/5/14
Warnings: Cute stupid feelings and maybe some talk of gore and shootings. To be updated if necessary.

Against all odds )
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Attention! By popular vote the Big Finale has been postponed!

Who: Everyone!
What: As announced, the NSCG+friends have been called to Lapland! There, they travel North, hunt down some kidnappers and finally discover...
When: 13th-19th 24th of January after Toushiro and Dani's post.
Where: Lapland
Warnings: Abduction of children, scary Santa Clauses, violence, one instance of (not graphically described) brutally murdered reindeer

On the twentieth day after Christmas, my love sent me mixed signals )
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Who: Thorir and you!
What: Goldsick dwarf king on his pile of gold having issues with people trying to talk sense into him, or generally existing on his pile of gold, depending on how he knows them.
When: Christmas Day until mid-January
Where: Las Vegas, inside the mountain
Warnings: Fantasy mental illness

So much for 'I will not become like my grandfather and father' )
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Who: Nick Burkhardt and Randolph Lyall
What: PTZD pseudo-death and emotional confessions
When: Tuesday night
Where: Lyall and Nick's place in Germany
Warnings: Fake!death, more will updated if needed!

someday you will die )
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Who: EVERYONE including visitors
What: This is the second general post for the fourth wall. This post is for network posts/conversations, logs and every other possible interaction, and visitors can top-level.
When: 3rd and 4th of January
Where: Everywhere inside the five echo boundaries.
Warnings: Please warn in the subject line of your threads if anything comes up!

Fourth Wall OOC information! As a reminder: Visitors may tag all posts tagged "-fourth wall" that are posted on [community profile] savetheearth.

Special things happening on the 3rd and 4th:
- 3rd, Lapland: There's a snowmobile race north of Rovaniemi and someone that totally isn't an alien, why would you think so signed up a good number of people that all happen to have numbers. One of them is you, which you learn through receiving your participant data through mail/letter/text/whatever applies. Will you take up the challenge?
- 4th, all locations: Something is off. Numbered will find themselves teleported to random places within the echo boundaries - perhaps you are now in the middle of dark, snowy Lapland, or in the heat of the Australian jungle? In a casino in Las Vegas or a castle in Germany? Or in your friend's shower in Locke?

Prior "-fourth wall" posts:
First general post
Winter's post