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Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] stefanged) wrote in [community profile] savetheearth2015-05-04 11:15 pm

06 | (backdated) log

Who: Stefan and Tony
What: Tony's hunting Stefan down after visiting Misa in the hospital. Stefan, on the other hand, thinks he kind of deserves all of this.
When: backdated to April 23-ish?
Where: Tokyo, near NTT Medical Center

Ever since Misa had been admitted into the hospital, Stefan couldn't bring himself to fully stay away. It was his fault that she had been injured like this. If he hadn't texted her to apologize, then maybe she would've been alright... (But then, a little voice in his head reminds him, someone else would've paid the price.)

He still doesn't know the language here, even though he's absorbed enough to understand the bare basics. Some nights, he wanders back to the hospital, just to check up on her. Although he can't quite bring himself to say hello, he lingers for a while before heading outside. He stands out like a sore thumb, not just because there's dark circles under his eyes and he carries himself like the foreigner he is, but also because he (knows he) doesn't belong here.

Technically, he should be back in Locke with Danny, Walter, and the two doppelgangers he forced back into his home. The brief respite wasn't enough to quell his guilt, though. He'd returned, ostensibly to deliver cupcakes to Misa and finally man up enough to apologize in person. (His doppelganger, on the other hand, was reveling in his newfound affinity for blood, which didn't surprise Stefan. It upset him, but it didn't surprise him.)

So he sighs, stuffing his pockets before he debates on taking the transporter home. Misa doesn't really need him here, not when she needs to recover first.

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