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one last rest

Who: Rakka and you! (And also Reki)
What: Rakka's last few days before the end begins. Fluffy moments are had and a secret is brought to light
Where: Around Locke City
When: Anytime from the 18th to 28th, before the invasion starts.

A; Network post on the 19th [Video/Open]

[The video, as it starts, is murky for some reason. The screen is dark, and clouded by strange... shapes floating in view. The general shape of Rakka's face could be seen, pretty close to the screen, but it was heavily obscured.]

Um, hello....? Is anyone...?

[Her voice could be heard at least. It was quite clear until it became mumbling, likely directed at herself.

Then, that ends. And then there's a sound like... sipping. Most of the murkiness dissipates, and soon Rakka, and her sheepish smile, could be seen much more clearly.

I'm sorry, I wanted to try getting through to the network with a cup of coffee. So, anyway, I'm back in Locke city. [A little wave.] Hi! Uh, if anyone was wondering where I went, I was in Tokyo, trying to help with the giant Kappa that was rampaging everywhere.

...I also got to see my parents for the first time in a while.

[She lets that sit for a moment. Worry flashes across her face.] ...Anyway. I haven't been on the network for a while, so, how is everyone?

B; [Closed] to Raye and Reki on the 21st

[Reki didn't like coming into Locke city, no matter how easy it was to do so. The city was the hub of all the strangeness that plagued the world; the place where it all originated. The reincarnates, the aliens, the monsters that were awakening.


It pained Rakka-no, no. She wasn't Rakka, she was Reki. She couldn't be Rakka, she wasn't even a real human, just something made of magical feathers. Feathers, mind, that weren't even like her's. What a ripoff. Every time she dragged herself back to that castle, for reasons not even she fully understood, she was reminded of that. In a way, she was happy about it. The monster was so horrible at making clones that it basically made people that weren't their originals.

Still, the city gave her memories. Memories that possibly weren't real at all, but, they were real to her. She shook her head of these thoughts as she made her way down the street from the Boarding academy. She wasn't here to just reminisce. There was a good, damn reason for coming here. Quickly, Reki managed to locate her targeted destination, an apartment, home to the one person she would come all this way to talk to.

She was wary, admittedly nervous as she walked up the stairs and found herself before the front door. Hands clenched. There was no way to tell what would happen, so... just get it over with. She raised a hand, rapped her knuckles against the door, and waited.

C; Around town [OPEN]

[After the havoc and tension of Tokyo, being back in Locke city was a small blessing, now that the chaos had died down to more tolerable levels. Rakka missed it, possibly more then her original home. She wouldn't put much thought in that though.

If you know Rakka, you'll know where to find her while she's taking in this bit of quiet time. Ever since the Dians were run out of town by their doubles, Rakka had found a new place to stay: in the apartment of Raye Satterfield. She would admit, it was a fixer-upper, but she liked it there. Being with Raye was what mattered most, and they could make due.

Sometimes, Rakka could be found taking walks. She would head over to the park to try and catch a glimpse of the Heart Tree floating overhead, and also flip through her phone while enjoying the quiet. Or, she would go to a small bookstore once owned by a Numbered and browse the titles, especially the fantasy ones.

No matter what, she could be instantly recognized from her appearance, and the fairy, Fougere, who followed her.

D; Wild card! Do whatever with Rakka before the invasion starts!

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