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Who: Walter Price, the residents of the Alesci household, and OPEN!!!
Where: Locke City -- specifically his new home, on the way to/from work/Agro's stable, etc!!
When: April 20th-28th, or thereabouts

CLOSED to Alesci house occupants, early 4/22

[ Walter is adjusting to his new living space, his new housemates, and... his new life, really. The first week was a little surreal, with his sudden shift back to the land of the healthy, but he's adjusting! And preparing for Danny's birthday. Since he wants the cake to be a surprise, he starts baking at ridiculous o'clock the day of, and by the time the cake is ready, he's exhausted. But by then he's determined to start Danny's day off perfectly, which means breakfast. He even found a tray for breakfast in bed.

Once he starts the eggs, he collapses into a chair, rationalizing a minute or two of eye rest. Which turns into several minutes of sleep. Which results in scorched eggs and a ton of smoke. If the smell doesn't wake anyone up, any smoke alarms in the kitchen will. ]

OPEN to anyone in Locke City

[ Elsewhere/while, Walter can be found throughout the city. His route to and from work has been altered and is a bit lengthier, which just gives him more opportunity to stop and chat. The horns on his head are a little attention-grabby, but he's used to so much worse, so covering them? Not happening.

He still visits Agro at the ranch regularly, and without a car, he's pretty dependent on public transportation. Tripping over you? Onto you? All extremely likely, especially on a cramped bus. ]

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